Daily news (September 23): Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection / True Form Midna (First 4 Figures)

Today’s Daily news: latest trailer for the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, production video for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – True Form Midna statue by First 4 Figures, Splatoon 2 in Famitsu magazine, another retail release for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou, latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video, and latest Tour in Mario Kart Tour!

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Daily news (March 11, Round 3): BitSummit The 8th Bit / Adam’s Venture: Origins

Today’s Daily news: BitSummit The 8th Bit postponed, Adam’s Venture: Origins announced for the Nintendo Switch, GDC 2020 presentations to be livestreamed, latest videos for Winning Post 9 2020, Battle Mode for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou, and Streets of Rage soundtrack on Bandcamp!

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eShop news (Dec. 22, Round 2): Celeste / Degrees Of Separation

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: over 500 000 units sold + upcoming content for Celeste, trailer + details + screenshots for Degrees of Separation, DevBlog post for Alchemic Cutie, latest character profiles and screenshot for Double Cross, latest video clip for Hive Jump, and video for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou!

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eShop news (Dec. 13): Godly Corp / HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Godly Corp and HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON announced for the Nintendo Switch, debut trailer and screenshots for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou, Animated Jigsaws: Wild Animals announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest screenshot for Baldo’s Tale, latest update for Dawn of the Breakers, and latest video clip for Sundered: Eldritch Edition!

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eShop news (Dec. 12, Round 2): Battle Princess Madelyn / Double Cross

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: gameplay footage for Battle Princess Madelyn, trailer for Digerati Indie Bundle: INK & HackyZack, latest screenshots for Double Cross and Nippon Marathon, release date and price for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou, major Software update for WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom, video clip for Sundered: Eldritch Edition, soundtrack sample for Shimmering Lagoon, Japanese release date + videos + screenshots for Forgotton Anne, and livestream recording for Carcassonne!

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eShop news (Oct. 15): SkyScrappers / Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: SkyScrappers announced for the Nintendo Switch, Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou tidbit, footage for Chicken Wiggle Workshop, screenshot and video clip for Zarvot, latest illustration for Incredible Mandy, latest screenshot for WILL: A Wonderful World, timelapse for Kingdom: Two Crowns, and latest video clips for Shakedown Hawaii, Feudal Alloy, and Sneaky Ninja!

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eShop news (July 17): Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou / Hollow Knight / WILL: A Wonderful World

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: minor details and first screenshots for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou, trailer for the latest DLC pack for Hollow Knight, WILL: A Wonderful World and Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut announced for the Nintendo Switch, BackerKit now live for My Girlfriend is a Mermaid?!, latest development pic for Feudal Alloy, latest illustration for Nairi: Tower of Shirin, and latest video clips for Bad North and Planet Alpha!

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JP News (May 24): Fire Emblem Echoes / The Battle Cats POP / Alchemic Dungeons

Today’s Japanese news: latest batch of DLC now available for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, The Battle Cats POP downloaded over 500 000 times in Japan, release date and trailer for Alchemic Dungeons, latest episode of NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time, Famitsu preview for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, some Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star merchandise, and livestream recordings for Monster Hunter XX and Megami Meguri!

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eShop news (August 15): The Battle Cats POP! back on the eShop in Europe, more

Update: The Battle Cats POP! is back on the Nintendo eShop in Europe, but still cannot buy it from the web eShop.
Today’s Nintendo eShop news: The Battle Cats POP pulled from the Nintendo eShop in Europe, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom coming to a Nintendo platform, and update coming soon for Hot Rod Racer!

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[Europe] eShop highlights for June 2016: BoxBoxBoy! / Dual Core

Nintendo uploaded its monthly video for the Nintendo eShop highlights today. For June 2016, Nintendo chose to highlight a total of 6 games, including BoxBoxBoy! The Battle Cats POP!, and more!

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