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Warframe (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 35.5.6)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Warframe on Nintendo Switch (originally released on November 20th 2018 in Europe and North America, and November 21st 2018 in Japan).

Archives: launch to March 2023, April 2023 to December 2023

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Warframe – Ver. 35.5.6

  • Release date: April 10th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 11th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Dante Changes

As promised last week, we have made more adjustments to Dante as part of our continued effort to address player feedback regarding the balance changes made in Hotfix 35.5.3

Dark Verse:

  • Made Dark Verse’s Line of Sight (LoS) checks more reliable to bring it in line with Tragedy. 
    • Following the improvements to Tragedy’s LoS last week, we’ve applied the same logic to Dark Verse to ensure enemies within LoS are properly considered to prevent cases where being only partially visible would not trigger the check. This is part of the greater LoS improvements detailed in the “Line of Sight Improvements” section below. 


  • Returned the Status Damage increase applied to enemies hit by its Paragrimms. 
    • At Max Rank, the Status Damage Increase is 50% (scaleable with Ability Strength).
    • This was an undocumented/unintended element of Pageflight at release that we decided to remove, but in doing so, we broke our promise of “not touching damage” with Dante, so we’ve returned it, and it now has proper documentation in the ability UI!


  • Because of the return of Pageflight’s Status Damage increase, we have added a 1 billion damage cap to Tragedy, purely as a preventative measure against game errors. This is our highest damage cap in the game, a testament to how powerful Pageflight and Tragedy can be with the right setup. We will monitor feedback and performance over a longer time span before reviewing again.


Updated Overguard Interactions With Vex Armor, Rage, & Hunter Adrenaline  

As announced last week, we’ve changed how Overguard interacts with effects that benefit from receiving damage on Warframe to make it more co-op friendly. Specifically, Chroma’s Vex Armor and the Rage and Hunter Adrenaline Mods. The conversations regarding Dante’s abilities with Overguard became a driving factor to look at these interactions and find ways in which we can make them work to benefit co-op play. Overall, these changes aim to create a harmonious arrangement between the often unpredictable Overguard gains from allies and Vex Armor, Rage, and Hunter Adrenaline.

The following changes are in addition to their existing functionality. 

Chroma’s Vex Armor

Previously, Overguard would prevent Chroma from benefiting from his Vex Armor buffs (since it blocked damage on Health and Shields). So, we’ve made the following change to allow players to receive the buffs through all sources of Overguard: 

Now: Melee kills now grant a 15% Armor increase and ranged kills a 15% increase to Weapon Damage (doubled to 30% for ranged weak point kills). 

This has the additional perk of self-sufficiency where players have far more control over the buffs, instead of having to rely on the unpredictability of damage dealt by enemies. 

Rage and Hunter Adrenaline 

Previously, Overguard granted by allies could prevent you from gaining Energy from these Mods (since it blocked damage dealt to Health). So, in an effort to create a more co-op friendly experience between the two, we’ve made the following change:  

Now, Rage and Hunter Adrenaline can convert the Damage on Overguard granted by allies to Energy while Shields are inactive. 

More specifically, they will trigger when the last source of Overguard originates from an ally (includes Warframe Specters with Overguard abilities spawned by allies). This allows shield-less Warframes, such as Inaros and Nidus, to be able to regenerate Energy via these Mods when they would have previously been blocked by Overguard granted by allies.

Here are the exact stat details:

  • Rage: +40% (same effectiveness as the base functionality) of Damage on Overguard granted by allies to Energy while Shields are inactive. 
  • Hunter Adrenaline: +45% (same effectiveness as the base functionality) of Damage on Overguard granted by allies to Energy while Shields are inactive.  

NOTE: Warframes that grant themselves Overguard, like Kullervo or Rhino, will not be able to trigger Rage and Hunter Adrenaline from their own Overguard. Only Overguard granted by allies is eligible because this is the only interaction that is potentially disruptive to your build (i.e your ally puts Overguard onto your Rage-Build Nidus). 

Necramech Rage and Kinetic Diversion (Archwing) have also had the same changes applied to them with Overguard interactions: 

  • Necramech Rage: Convert +15% of Damage on Overguard gained from allies to Energy. 
  • Kinetic Diversion: Convert +40% of Damage on Overguard gained from allies to Energy. 

General Overguard Change:

  • Frost’s Icy Avalanche Augment Mod will now grant Overguard to non-player allies in radius (i.e. Sentinels, Companions, Specters). 

Line Of Sight (Los) Improvements 

As announced last week, we have revisited LoS checks on other Warframes to bring them in line with the new and improved version of Dante’s LoS added in Hotfix 35.5.4. 

To reiterate, there are now two variations of LoS checking: 

  1. The first type of check sees if any part of the enemy has been drawn on the screen, so that any part of an enemy, big or small, is considered visible/eligible to pass the LoS check.
  2. The second type of check is for enemies that are not on screen. We now check for LoS to the enemy’s head, torso, and feet instead of only to their body which will increase reliability there as well.

For Abilities that hit enemies in a full circle around you, both checks are used: Once to evaluate enemies that you can see and then a second sweep to check targets to the sides and behind you that aren’t visible.

The following Warframe abilities have received the aforementioned improvements: 

  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind (Rendered Check)
  • Excalibur Umbra’s Radial Howl (Rendered Check)
  • Dante’s Dark Verse (Rendered Check)
  • Helminth’s Sickening Pulse (Rendered Check)
  • Hildryn’s Pillage (Rendered Check)
  • Mag’s Pull (Rendered Check)
  • Nova’s Null Star Augment (Rendered Check)
  • Hildryn’s Aegis Storm (Raycast Check from floor where Hildryn is hovering)
  • Khora’s Whipclaw (Raycast Checks from multiple points around the whip’s impact)
  • Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillar (Raycast Checks from top and center of pillar)

The above changes also tangentially fixes the issue of low FOV preventing LoS checks from occurring (this was most reported for Dante’s Dark Verse, Hildryn’s Pillage, Khora’s Whipclaw, Mirage’s Prism, and Mag’s Pull). 

More LoS Improvements in Future Update: 
The following Warframe abilities will be receiving the same treatment in a future update, since they require Cert update (more information on what this means here) in order to launch across all platforms. 

  • Ember’s Fire Blast
  • Gyre’s Rotorswell
  • Vauban’s Tesla Bank Augment
    • While a Cert update is required to apply the new LoS checks onto Vauban’s Tesla bank, we have in the meantime fixed the AoE from the mines getting blocked by non-static objects.The Augment was preventing the mines from behaving as they do in their non-augmented state where they check for cover for static objects (level geometry), so we’ve rectified that so that it is subject to the same checks as Tesla Nervos AoE.
  • Zephyr’s Tailwind (Dive Bomb) 

As written directly above, we are not done with improving LoS and will continue to assess where further improvements can be made. New reports related to LoS will be investigated for future Hotfixes/Updates. Thank you, Tenno! 

Nezha’s Divine Retribution Change

Divine Spears now have a set base radius of 14m (scaleable with Ability Range) instead of the previous 50% Ability Range reduction while the Augment is equipped. 

After reading player feedback, reducing Divine Spears’ range by 50% rendered the Augment quite limiting and carved heavily into Mod Slot space to accommodate for it. So we’ve instead given it a base Radius to keep it within reason, but also to bring it back to a much more manageable level without dipping into extremes (as it was prior to the changes). 


Arca Titron “Slam Capacity” Trait Changes

Arca Titron was an outlier to the Slam Attack rework in Dante Unbound, as its Unique Trait allowed for ludicrous damage numbers. We aimed to change its damage output to a more reasonable level, but as a result made the weapon too underpowered. 

To address this, we’ve made the following changes to the Titron based on the community feedback we received after the adjustments we made to the buff in last week’s Hotfix: 

  • Reduced the max charges from 10 to 5. 
    • We wanted to make it easier for players to achieve max charges so that they can benefit from the Slam Damage and Range increase more often. 
  • We’ve also adjusted the Slam Damage and Range per charge increase to accommodate for the change of max charges: 
    • Increased the Slam Damage increase per charge to +250% (was +100%) for a total of +1,250% (was +1,000%). 
    • Increased the Slam Range increase per charge to 2m (was 1m) for a total of 10m (same as before!). 
  • Fixed Slam Capacity’s guaranteed Electricity Status proc to Slam Attack not occurring. 

Deep Archimedea Fixes

  • Fixed Void Angel scaling in difficulty based on the squad’s total death count, instead of for the downed individual as intended. 
  • Fixed still earning Reward Points from matching Loadout after swapping off of the options during the mission vote countdown timer. 
  • Fixed being able to awaken multiple Void Angels at once after multiple teammates have fallen and need to be revived. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the “Alchemical Invulnerability” elemental icons on enemies in Alchemy missions. 
  • Fixed being unable to complete Deep Archimedea missions due to Stalker spawning in. 
    • This was due to Stalker spawning on the other side of locked doors, preventing players from completing the mission. We’ve disabled Stalker spawning into (including Stalker Beacon) Albrecht’s Laboratories missions to prevent this and similar issues from reoccurring in Deep Archimedea and the base missions. 
  • Fixed several script errors caused by the Loadout options (notably when Host migration occurs). 
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the “Barbed Glyphs” Mirror Defense mission Deviation. 
  • Fixed unlocalized text appearing in the Deep Archimedea screen for Loadout options. 

General Fixes 

  • Fixed players being unable to matchmake for Omnia Fissure missions located on the Zariman or Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed the possibility of Distressed Pipes in Alchemy missions spawning under the floor in the new tiles that were released with Dante Unbound – making them untargetable unless with Slam Attacks. 
  • Fixed being unable to trade Mods in the Dojo immediately after Ranking them up. 
  • Fixed Residual Arcanes not triggering while riding Merulina. 
  • Fixed Akjara having strange shot patterning that leads to poor Accuracy. 
    • With no added Multishot, the bug was causing it to shoot its projectiles as a line to the right of the point of aim. With Multishot, they would shoot as a line to the left of the point of aim. Now, it should correctly shoot its projectiles in an averaged radius around the point of aim. 
  • Fixed loss of function after casting Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance while dual wielding a Secondary Weapon with a Glaive Melee. 
  • Fixed Onos’ Evolution V not unlocking after completing a Solo mission with an Incarnon Weapon equipped in every slot (as required) if the player had an Exalted Weapon active while extracting. 
  • Fixed destroyed Murmur Sarcophages not always counting towards the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” Cavia Bounty Challenge. 
  • Fixed Lohk Surges not spawning reliably to complete the “Find and Activate X Lohk Surges” Cavia Bounty Challenge. 
  • Fixed the Heart of Deimos Quest not progressing if the player reaches the Requiem Cipher door while the “Kill Infested” objective is still active. 
    • Now, the door to the Requiem Cipher will remain locked until after defeating all the Infested enemies to prevent this issue from recurring. 
  • Fixed Styanax’s Tharros Strike infused onto another Warframe via Helminth not having any visible projectiles. 
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror Clones obstructing player’s view (instead of fading out when in reticle) after casting Eclipse with the Total Eclipse Augment Mod. 
  • Fixed being able to have more than 4 players in a Railjack mission. 
  • Fixed Warframe with cyclable abilities missing stats for each of their effects in the ability screen. Specifically:
    • Wisp’s Reservoirs
    • Titania’s Tribute
    • Chroma’s Spectral Scream
    • Xaku’s The Lost
    • Vauban’s Minelayer
  • Fixed the UI backtracking after opening the Archon Shards screen via the Arsenal and quickly selecting the “Archon Shards” button in the Helminth screen. 
  • Fixed Challenge descriptions box in Profile appearing black when switching tabs. 
  • Fixed the glass material on Lavos’ vials and Helmet being too bright in GI lighting areas. 
  • Fixed the Vehicles Arsenal (for Archwing, K-Drive and Necramech) having much darker lighting than the standard Arsenal in the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed a crash related to Yareli’s Merulina getting destroyed after spawning. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Host migration occurring in a secret part of Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed the Chains of Harrow Quest “Equip Kinetic Siphon Traps” prompt missing instructions on how to acquire them. 
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Carnivex Skin causing her to hold Bows awkwardly in one of her idle animations. 
  • Fixed Onos appearing on Yareli’s left arm instead of the right as intended while using the Loyal Merulina Augment Mod. 
  • Fixed the Onos having too much flickering in its beam motion. 
  • Fixed the Narmer Faction name not being localized in the mission node popup. 
  • Fixed information pop ups in the Foundry appearing on items that don’t have the crafting components being shown. 
  • Fixed environment flickering issues in one of the Albrecht’s Laboratories tiles. 
  • Fixed a gap in one of the doorways in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed being unable to destroy the grates in certain areas of the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed several script errors in Cavia Bounties. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.5.5

  • Release date: April 5th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 6th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

The last Hotfix unintentionally changed this week’s Deep Archimedea missions, modifiers, deviations and risk variables, so we’ve reverted it back to its previous state. It will properly refresh as scheduled on Monday at 0:00 UTC. You will not lose any Research Points in the revert. 


  • More fixes towards Conduits in Armatus Disruption missions having glowing blue orbs. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.5.4

  • Release date: April 5th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 6th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Dante Changes & Fixes 

Tragedy Line of Sight (LoS) Changes & Fixes: 
As a result of yesterday’s Hotfix and the understandable feedback we’re receiving, we wanted to address the clearly broken state of Dante’s Tragedy LoS checks. It was not implemented to our standards, and that is on us. We know that this has been an unpopular change, which was greatly aggravated by the fact that a) it launched in a defective state and b) that LoS checks in general suffer from broad inconsistencies. 

Our first step is improving how LoS checks work with Tragedy to fix the inconsistencies and ineffectiveness. We’ll use our learnings from this incident to review other cases of LoS check issues for a future update.  

  • Improved Tragedy’s Line of Sight checks per enemy to be much more forgiving and reliable to fix the many cases players reported of not being able to hit enemies at all. Now, it considers not only the enemies that Dante sees but also those visible on screen/via the camera—so any part of them, big or small, is considered visible/eligible to pass the LoS check.  
    • To break that down a bit deeper: 
      •  Enemies positioned directly behind or in front of Dante 
        • We have made it so that enemies within 5 meters of Dante are automatically considered visible; no LoS checks are required. 
      • Enemies barely in cover or who had just run to cover
      • Enemies positioned at a different height to Dante where they are still partially in view 
    • Enemies that are not caught by the “Is the enemy on screen?” check (behind or to the sides of you) use an improved target detection where we now check for line of sight to the target’s head, torso, and feet. Previously we only checked for their torso. This will improve the reliability of hitting enemies even when they are not directly on the screen.
  • Fixed Tragedy not hitting/affecting ragdolled enemies that are in LoS.
    • This was a particularly brutal bug considering the number of abilities, weapons, and other effects that can cause enemies to be ragdolled. This issue also contributed to the many scenarios in which Tragedy did not apply at all. 

With the changes above, this is where Tragedy’s LoS should have been originally. As mentioned above, we are also taking what we’ve learned from Dante and will be making general improvements to LoS checks as a whole in a future update. We provided details on how we plan to do that in the post we made today, but in short we will be making LoS checks across the board far more reliable than they are currently. 

Light Verse and Triumph Overguard Increases: 
The second pillar of feedback we want to address is our changes to Dante’s Overguard capabilities. We went too deep with the initial decrease and are, therefore, bumping up the Overguard gain from Light Verse and Triumph to a middle ground between their pre- and post-balance states.   

  • Increased the Overguard gained from Light Verse from 250 to 350 at Max Rank.
  • Increased the Overguard gained from Triumph from 2000 to 3000 at Max Rank.

We knew we could tackle LoS improvements and Overguard bumps today without hesitation. However, this is just the tip of the feedback iceberg, and we know there’s more that’s been shared beyond what we can accomplish today regarding both LoS, Overguard, and more. So we’ll continue to digest and evaluate feedback, and we encourage you to keep sharing in the dedicated Dante Feedback subforum.

We value your input and how it helps us iterate and improve together. Thank you, Tenno.

Deep Archimedea Fixes: 

  • Fixed Clients being unable to interact with Void Angels to revive fallen Host for the second time in a mission due to the context action missing. 
  • Fixed the Loadout options resetting daily instead of weekly (at usual reset time) as intended. 
    • All conditions for Deep Archimedia are on a weekly reset, so the Loadout Modifiers follow this standard. 
  • Fixed the message to defeat the Void Angels to revive downed players lingering on screen for Clients. 
  • Fixed [PH] tag appearing in the additional Search Pulses tooltip in the Netracell screen. 
  • Fixed a script error that could occur between missions. 


  • Fixed a crash caused by the “Complete an Exterminate mission in 6 minutes” Cavia Bounty challenge. 
  • Fixed the Void Angel in the Angels of the Zariman Quest, as well as those in Void Armageddon missions, not having an objective marker.
  • Fixed the lighting in the interior of the Orbiter (not on Drifter Camp) changing from bright to dark as you move around when the Dynamic Lighting or Sun Shadows settings are  disabled. 
  • Fixes towards some surface artifacting occurring in the Drifter Camp.
  • Fixed the splash sound FX from throwing Amphors at Crucibles being heard throughout the level. 
  • Fixed given Grimoire to friendly NPC (i.e. Rescue Target, etc.) causing Secondary ammo pickups to stick to the player. 
  • Fixed Blueprints that have crafting costs that exceed a player’s owned Credits appearing at the top of the Foundry list when sorted by “State”. 
  • Fixed glowing blue orbs appearing on the Conduits in the Armatus Disruption mission. 
  • Fixed broken lighting throughout the Grineer Sealabs Assasination (Titania) tileset. 
  • Fixed [PH] tag appearing in the TennoGuide when instructed to visit Onkko after completing The War Within Quest. 
  • Fixed some hitching when loading into Venus missions. 
  • Fixed crashes caused by Keyglyphs being reassigned to players after Host migration. 
  • Fixed a script error in Isolation Vault Bounties. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.5.3 (Deep Archimedea)

  • Release date: April 4th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 5th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Embark on perilous research expeditions in Albrecht’s Laboratories! Deep Archimedea is a weekly challenge with three missions that must be completed in a single sequence. Rewards are given based on a number of factors, with the core principle being the higher the risk the higher the potential reward. Read on to learn more!

Before we get into the nitty gritty here, we’re excited to get Deep Archimedea into your hands and will watch for feedback as players engage in this challenging gamemode.

Please use our dedicated Bug and Feedback Subforums now that this mode is live!


  • Completed the Whispers in the Walls Quest 
  • Rank 5 with the Cavia Syndicate 
    • Upon hitting Rank 5, a special transmission from Necraloid will play, directing you to him in the Sanctum Anatomica for Deep Archimedea. If you were already Rank 5 before the update, when you load into the Sanctum Anatomica it will play automatically and Necraloid will be accessible there to begin Deep Archimedea. 

Difficulty Level 
Deep Archimedea has an extremely high difficulty level and is designed to really put you and your Arsenal to the test.

Enemy Levels: 

  • Normal: 250 – 275 
  • Elite Archimedea: 375-400 (more information on Elite Archimedea in its dedicated section below)

NOTE ON LOADOUT RESTRICTION: In addition to a variety of difficulty modifiers, there are no opportunities to change your Loadout in between missions. Meaning the Loadout you start Deep Archimedea with is the Loadout you will use throughout all three missions.

While it can be attempted solo, we highly recommend you go into Deep Archimedea with a Squad that has carefully prepared their Loadouts and is ready to take on the challenges ahead. 

Where & How To Access

Deep Archimedea begins at Necraloid in the Sanctum Anatomica! Find him stationed on the second level of the Sanctum Anatomica. 


How To Begin

The following simplifies how to jump into Deep Archimedea in three steps, but the sections that follow go into much greater detail on what you can expect in preparation for the missions ahead. 

1. Interact with Necraloid to open the Deep Archimedea screen & use Search Pulses to unlock: 


Players can exchange 2 of their 5 weekly Netracell Search Pulses to access the week’s Deep Archimedea. Doing so gives you unlimited chances to play Deep Archimedea missions, with each reward tier being earned once before each weekly reset on Monday @ 0:00 UTC. 


You can view and interact with the Deep Archimedea screen prior to unlocking access each week, but you won’t be able to start the missions until you have sacrificed your Netracell Search Pulses.

Additional Search Pulses for week of Deep Archimedea’s launch: 
We have given players an additional 5 Netracell Search Pulses for this week with Deep Archimedea’s release to ensure anyone meeting the requirements can participate in Deep Archimedea for its debut! These are in addition to the usual 5 weekly Pulses, so 10 in total if you haven’t used any yet on Netracells this week. These additional Pulses will expire at the next reset on Monday, April 8th @ 0:00 UTC. 

2. Select Individual Parameters (if any) 
You have the option to select Individual Parameters which will be applied to all three missions – these increase the overall difficulty in exchange for Research Points, which can unlock Reward Pools. Learn more about unlocking Deep Archimedea rewards in the “Research Points & Rewards” section further down. These Parameters are not required to begin Deep Archimedea, should you not be up to the extra challenge. 

Individual Parameters consist of Loadout Modifiers, Personal Modifiers and Elite Archimedea – we cover each of these in detail in their own dedicated sections below. 

3. Select the “Begin Research” button
Doing so will begin the mission countdown. Enter the Laboratories to start the missions with all of the parameters you had activated. Good luck, Tenno! 

Mission Restrictions 

Deep Archimedea missions, similar to Netracells, have the following restrictions on by default: 

Empowered Enemies: 

  • Enemies have their Health and Shields increased by 100% and an additional 50% for each squad member, up to a maximum of 300%. 
  • Increased chance of Eximus. 

Respawn Restrictions: 

  • No Self Revive: Self-reviving is disabled. Instead, 30s after a Tenno has been slain, a dormant Void Angel bearing the glyph of the fallen Tenno, will appear in the mission . Awaken and defeat the Angel to revive the dead Tenno. Each subsequent Void Angel will be much stronger.
    • These Void Angels will only have one health bar and do not include the Ethereal Void Angel stage to defeat them. 
    • Known issue: Clients unable to interact with Void Angels twice in a single mission to revive fallen Host – we are looking to have this fixed hopefully by next Hotfix! 
  • Last Gasp Penalty: Activating Last Gasp Focus ability reduces the timer by 2 seconds. 
  • Bleedout Shortens: The bleedout timer shortens after each revive, to a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Mortis Strikes: After being dead for 3 minutes you will incur a Mortis Strike. After 3 Mortis Strikes you will not receive any more rewards for this run. A timer will be displayed while you are dead to track time until your next Mortis Strike.
    • All mission rewards earned before receiving 3 Mortis Strikes will be retained, including mission completion rewards.
      • Ex: if you received your 3rd strike in Mission 3, you would still retain earned rewards from Mission 1 and 2. 
    • The Mortis Strike timer only begins once a player’s bleed out timer expires and they have fully died. 
    • The Mortis Strike timer accumulates while a player is dead, awaiting revival. The counter is cumulative and does not reset upon revives, so try to stay alive, Tenno! 

Consumables Restrictions: 

  • Cooldown Increase: Each type of Restore has a 3 minute cooldown timer applied. This cooldown affects all sizes of Restore type. 

Individual Parameters

There are two kinds of Individual Parameters that can be selected by the player: Loadout and Personal Modifiers. 

Enabling any Individual Parameter increases potential Research Points by one for all three missions (totalling 3 Research Points per Parameter) in exchange for making these already difficult encounters even deadlier. Increasing your Research Points can unlock additional Reward Pools. We cover Research Points in more detail in the “Research Points & Rewards” section.  

These Parameters are applied based on your Loadout equipment. Match your Arsenal Loadout to any of the Warframes, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, or Melee Weapons listed in the Deep Archimedea screen to increase your Research Points by one Point per equipment per mission. 

In order to activate any of the Loadout parameters, players must change their equipment in the Arsenal. Matching Warframes, Primaries, Secondaries, and Melee weapons will activate their correlating parameters automatically. Deactivate them by changing your equipment to something other than what’s listed. 


Loadout parameters reset weekly Monday at 0:00 UTC.  

Personal Modifiers
These Modifiers affect players directly, providing a challenge in exchange for increased Research Points. These are applied individually, allowing a player to increase the challenge for themselves without affecting their teammates.

In order to activate/deactivate any of the Personal Modifiers, simply select them in the Deep Archimedea screen. 


Here is the list of all of the possible Personal Modifiers: 

  • Gear Embargo: Gear cannot be used.
  • Powerless: All Abilities are disabled until you kill 50 enemies. 
  • Secondary Wounds: Gain 1 Puncture Status Effect every time you take damage.
  • Lethargic Shields: Shield recharge delay increased 500%
  • Ammo Deficit: Ammo restored by drops and gear is reduced 75%
  • Fractured Armor: Casting an ability reduces armor by 10% for 10s. 
  • Untreatable: Pickups do not heal, and Health Orbs cannot be picked up  
  • Abbreviated Abilities: Ability durations reduced by 75%.
  • Concussive Drain: Taking health damage also consumes 5% of max energy per hit.
  • Transference Distortion: Transference into Operator and Drifter is blocked.
  • Terminal Velocity: You do 0 damage while not moving.
  • Framecurse Syndrome: Activating an Ability inflicts 50 damage upon you.
  • Knifestep Syndrome:  Lose 2 Health when moving. Jumping pauses the effect.
  • Energy Exhaustion: Lose 2 Energy per second for each enemy within 10 meters of you.
  • Ammo Scarcity: Ammo depletes steadily. Battery weapons recharge slowly.
  • Exposure Curse: Shields are removed. 
  • Sanguine Syndrome: Every time you take damage, you also suffer a Bleed Status Effect.
  • Vampyric Syndrome: Lose Health every second. Killing enemies restores Health.
  • Conductive: Take Electrical damage every few seconds.

Mission Deviations & Risk Variables 

Each Deep Archimedea mission has its own Deviation and Risk Variable – modifiers which make these missions substantially more difficult. Each individual Elite Archimedea mission also has their own additional Risk Variable to contend with.


Deviations live up to their name – they deviate from the bounds of a standard mission type, forcing new strategies to adapt to their conditions. They are variations of mission elements you may already be familiar with, designed to keep even the most experienced Tenno on their toes. 

Here is the list of all of the possible Deviations:

  • Necramech Influx: Necramechs appear with greater frequency.
  • Fissure Cascade: Fissures rip into the mission, causing the Enemy Level to go up by 1 every 10s. Destroy them to stop the level from increasing further.
  • Damage Link: Enemies within 10m of each other form a Damage Linked group. Any damage done to an individual is distributed evenly to the entire linked group.
  • Sealed Armor: Enemies take 90% less damage from non-weak point hits.
    • Weak points will be highlighted with this Deviation active. 
  • Parasitic Towers (Survival): Life Support Towers only activate after 20 enemies have been killed within a 15m radius of them. 
  • Hostile Support (Survival): The Life Support Tower delivery system is disabled. Necramechs spawn every 90 seconds, and drop 6 Life Support Modules when killed.
  • Hazardous Areas (Survival): Activate Life Support Towers to clear Hazardous Areas for your squad.
  • Hazardous Goods (Alchemy): Amphors will inflict their associated elemental damage while being carried.
  • Alchemical Invulnerability (Alchemy): 10% of enemies are equipped with an impervious Elemental Barrier that can only be destroyed by an Amphor of the corresponding element.
  • Eximus Amphora (Alchemy): Eximus units always drop Amphor but they are the only units that drop them.
  • Eroding Senses (Mirror Defense): The Auricle and Vitreum take damage over time, collecting the required Vosphene Glyphs will halt the degradation and partially heal them.
  • Glyph Inflation (Mirror Defense): The security system requires twice as much Vosphene Glyphs to activate. 
  • Glyph Trap (Mirror Defense): Some Vosphene Glyphs are booby trapped with a portal that Teleports those that touch it 250m away. After the portal is revealed it lasts 45s.
  • Radioactive Breakdown (Mirror Defense): All enemies are invulnerable and can only take damage when they are inflicted with Radiation Status. Chryrinka Pillars appear randomly and inflict Radiation Status.
  • Barbed Glyphs (Mirror Defense): Each Glyph inflicts a small amount of damage when collected.
  • Coordinated Front (Assassination): Eximus units support The Fragmented Tide and its final form. 
  • Relentless Tide (Assassination): The Fragmented Tide never stops attacking.
  • Angelic Cohort (Assassination): Void Angels fight alongside the final Fragmented form.
  • The Fragmented Two (Assassination): Face two Fragmented forms in the final battle.
  • Engorged Gruzzlings (Disruption): All Gruzzlings are Eximus. 
  • Parasitic Conduits (Disruption): A Conduit’s timer is paused unless a player is within 10m, more players in range will accelerate the timer. Conduits will slowly drain the shields of any players in range.
  • Double Demolishers (Disruption): Two Necramech Demolishers will attack any Conduit, but their health is reduced.

Risk Variables 
Risk Variables are more focused on enemies and weapons, designed to make the endless waves of enemies more merciless than ever before. Tenno will want to check Risk Variables before diving into a Deep Archimedea to ensure they’re prepared for whatever lies in front of them. 

Here is a list of all of the possible Risk Variables:

  • Hostile Regeneration: Enemy health slowly regenerates.
  • Vampyric Liminus: Slow moving, immortal, Duviri Liminus drain Health and Energy from allies who get too close. 
    • While immortal, they are affected by CC effects. They also deal increased damage to players with Overguard. 
  • Adaptive Aberrations: Enemies gain resistance to Elemental Damage that has been inflicted upon them. Resistance is lost if no damage is taken from that element for 5s.
  • Bolstered Belligerents: All enemies have Overguard equal to 50% of their max health.
  • Ranged Engagements: Only enemies with ranged attacks are present.
  • Close Quarters: Only enemies with melee attacks are present.
  • Fortified Foes: Guardian Eximus units may be encountered, including Guardian Eximus Necramechs.
  • Myopic Munitions: Enemies will only take damage if a player is within 15m of them.
  • Postmortal Surges: Slain enemies burst with Void energy.
  • Elemental Potency: Enemies deal +100% Elemental Damage and have +85% resistance to Elemental Damage.
  • Eximus Reinforcements: Additional Eximus units will be deployed.

Additional Endless Mission (Survival & Mirror Defense) Mechanic : Reduce Mission Timer 
Summoning and defeating a Rogue Necramech Eximus unit will reduce the mission timer by 45 seconds of Survival and Mirror Defense missions. To summon a Rogue Necramech, locate the dispensers that Rogue Culverins use to summon Rogue Necramechs in Albrecht’s Laboratories missions. Interact with the terminal there to summon a Rogue Necramech unit. There is a 50% chance that the unit spawned is an Eximus! Once you have used a terminal, all Necramech dispensers are put on a 60 second cooldown. 

Elite Archimedea

For the truly courageous Tenno, Elite Archimedea is standard Deep Archimedea cranked up to 11, with increased enemy levels and an additional Risk Variable per mission.

How to unlock and Enable: 
Completing all 3 Deep Archimedea missions with a Research Points of 25 or higher will unlock Elite Archimedea permanently. From the Deep Archimedea screen, it’s as easy as selecting the “Elite Archimedea” button to enable it.


Research Points & Rewards

Players can earn up to 5 Rewards (plus resources) each week from Deep Archimedea, depending on their total Research Points. 3 Rewards are available from Deep Archimedea, while all 5 are available from Elite Archimedea should players be up to the challenge. 

Rewards from each Reward Pool can only be earned once per week, so the only way to earn more rewards is to increase your possible Research Points before heading into your missions. 

Research Points:
Research Points determine the rewards that are granted at the end of each successful Deep Archimedea mission. They can be increased by enabling Individual Parameters and Elite Archimedea. 


While Deep Archimedea can be attempted an unlimited number of times in a week, Research Points do not stack across attempts. In other words, each attempt is independent from the previous. Rewards are earned based on the singular attempt at hand, not the sum of your attempts over the week.  

  • Completing all 3 missions of a Deep Archimedea awards 3 Research Points.
  • Completing all 3 missions of an Elite Archimedea awards 10 additional Research Points, for a total of 13.
    • Elite Archimedea is unlocked after completing a Deep Archimedea with at least 25 Research Points, which requires players to complete Deep Archimedea with all Individual Parameters enabled.
  • Each Research Modifier adds an additional 1 Research Point per mission, for a maximum of 24 bonus Research Points earned by completing all 3 missions with every Individual Parameter enabled. 
  • The maximum number of Research Points possible is 37 (13 from Elite Archimedea, 24 from Individual Parameters). 

Reward Pools: 
Enabling Elite Archimedea and all Individual Parameters gives a maximum of 37 Research Points for unlocking rewards! There are five Reward Pools that can be unlocked via Research Points, and three additional resource bundles. These Reward Pools have their drop tables spread across three different tiers: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.  


Silver Rewards
These rewards share their reward pool with Netracells, so obtaining both Silver Rewards is just like you had used your 2 Search Pulses to take on 2 Netracells. 

NOTE: The Netracell Drop Tables were changed with Dante Unbound, so the following list is the newly updated list of rewards. There’s a full breakdown of what exactly changed in the “Netracell Drop Table Changes” section of the Dante Unbound patch notes.

  • Crimson Archon Shard 
  • Azure Archon Shard 
  • Amber Archon Shard 
  • Melee Arcane Adapter 
  • Melee Crescendo
  • Melee Duplicate 
  • Tauforged Crimson Archon Shard 
  • Tauforged Azure Archon Shard 
  • Tauforged Amber Archon Shard 

Silver Rewards are available at 5 and 10 Research Points, which means the minimum to receive them is:

  • 5 Research Points: Complete all 3 Deep Archimedea missions with 1 Individual Parameter enabled. 
  • 10 Research Points: Complete Deep Archimedea with at least 3 Individual Parameters or Elite Archimedea enabled. 

Entrati Lanthorn Bundle
Completing a Deep Archimedea run with at least 15 Research Points will earn you a bundle of 15 Entrati Lanthorns.

  • 15 Research Points: Complete Deep Archimedea with at least 4 Individual Parameters or Elite Archimedea enabled.

Gold Rewards
These rewards contain the same items as the Silver Rewards, but with improved drop chances for the rarest rewards! The chance of receiving a Melee Arcane Adapter is reduced, resulting in an increase to the Melee Crescendo and Melee Duplicate Arcane drop rates. Additionally, Archon Shards are twice as likely to be Tauforged compared to the Silver Rewards!

NOTE: The Netracell Drop Tables were changed with Dante Unbound, so the following list is the newly updated list of rewards. There’s a full breakdown of what exactly changed in the “Netracell Drop Table Changes” section of the Dante Unbound patch notes.

  • Crimson Archon Shard 
  • Azure Archon Shard 
  • Amber Archon Shard 
  • Melee Arcane Adapter 
  • Melee Crescendo
  • Melee Duplicate 
  • Tauforged Crimson Archon Shard 
  • Tauforged Azure Archon Shard 
  • Tauforged Amber Archon Shard 

Gold Rewards are available at 20 and 31 Research Points, which means the minimum to receive them is:

  • 20 Research Points: Complete Deep Archimedea with at least 6 Individual Parameters or Elite Archimedea enabled.
  • 31 Research Points: Complete Elite Archimedea with at least 6 Individual Parameters enabled. 

Vosfor Bundle – Exclusive to Elite Archimedea
Completing a Deep Archimedea run with at least 28 and 37 Research Points will earn you 20 Vosfor (28 Points) and 50 Vosfor (37 Points).

  • 28 Research Points: Complete Elite Archimedea with at least 5 Individual Parameters enabled.
  • 37 Research Points: Complete Elite Archimedea with all Individual Parameters enabled.  

Diamond Reward – Exclusive to Elite Archimedea
This final reward is the absolute best, guaranteeing either a Tauforged Archon Shard or a Legendary Melee Arcane (Melee Crescendo, Melee Duplicate)!

The Diamond Reward is available at 34 Research Points, which means the minimum to receive the reward is:

  • Complete Elite Archimedea with at least 7 Individual Parameters enabled to reach 34 Research Points.

Dante Balance Changes

In the time that Dante has been available to play, he has quickly become a fan favorite! We recognize how much of a blast it’s been to play this quill-wielding Leverian wizard, which is something we have kept at the forefront while determining the following balance changes. These changes are not meant to suspend the fun factor but to maintain our philosophy on why we nerf things in Warframe (automated play, disruptive to squad, or overly dominant). 

After much review and feedback consideration, we recognized that it’s not the damage Dante can deal that needed to be addressed, but rather his accumulation of Overguard. We still believe Dante is in a strong place even with these adjustments, as our goal from the start was never to nerf him into the ground. However, finding balance isn’t found simply in the nerfs, but also in the buffs! So we have also given a little bit of love to Wordwarden and Triumph. 

  • Increased Wordwarden’s weapon damage on warded allies from 30% to 50%. 
    • The Wordwarden felt a bit lackluster in comparison to the rest of Dante’s abilities, so we gave it a boost to encourage players to experiment and engage with it more. 
  • Final Verse’s “Tragedy” now only affects enemies within Line of Sight.
    • This felt like the most reasonable change to Tragedy since it could be cast back to back without much forethought on positioning. So to make it a more active ability, enemies must now be within range in your Line of Sight to be impacted by it. 
  • Reduced the amount of Overguard gained from Final Verse’s “Triumph” from 5000 to 2000 at Max Rank. 
    • For a bit of compensation, we increased Triumph’s base Overguard Regeneration per second from 50 to 100 at Max Rank (can still be modified with Ability Strength). 
  • Reduced the amount of Overguard gained from Light Verse from 500 to 250 at Max Rank (can still be modified with Ability Strength). 
  • Added Overguard Cap stat to Final Verse’s “Triumph” description to make it clear that there are cases where the cap for Light Verse and Triumph can be different (ex: when using the Precision Intensify Mod). 
  • Final Verse’s “Pageflight” no longer applies increased Status Effect Damage to enemies hit by its Paragrimms. 
    • This was an undocumented element of Pageflight, but for the sake of transparency we wanted to inform you of its removal. We believe its removal strikes a better balance and synergy with Status Damage inflicted by Tragedy.
    • NOTE: This is not a removal of the Status Vulnerability added to enemies by Pageflight. We are only removing the unintended additional damage taken from Status Effects. 

You can continue to share your feedback in the dedicated Dante Feedback sub-forum.

General Dante Changes & Fixes: 

  • Updated Dante’s Final Verse ability videos to better showcase the custom HUD.
  • Made improvements to cast animations for Dante’s Final Verse to allow for smoother Ability chaining. 
  • Fixed the Archon Intensify Mod triggering upon casts of Dante’s Light Verse regardless if players were actually healed. Now Light Verse will only trigger Archon Intensify if Health is restored. 
  • Fixed Tome skins being upside down when equipped on Noctua.
  • Fixed Dante Specter casting Final Verse interfering with the player’s custom Dante HUD that displays which Verses are active. 
  • Fixed several crashes caused by shooting an enemy with Dante’s Noctua while riding Kaithe or K-Drive. 
  • Fixed being unable to shoot weapons after casting Fractured Blast (infused onto Dante via Helminth) at the end of Final Verse’s “Triumph”. 
  • Fixed bug where Melee weapon would briefly appear at the end of each of Dante’s ability casts if it was equipped in hand. 

GI Lighting Changes & Fixes: 

  • Increased the overall luminosity of the Orbiter to better account for shadows and player’s Decorations.
  • Improved lighting in the Orbiter Arsenal by balancing the shadows so that they aren’t so dominant. 
    • This was a prevalent feedback point from players as it was causing colors to appear darker than what is seen in the color palette, making it rather difficult to fashionframe. 
  • Improved lighting in the walkway of the Transference room to fix the lighting looking blocky.
  • Improved the lightning when transitioning between the Landing Craft and the Orbiter in the Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed broken lighting on the portal between the Landing Craft and the Orbiter in the Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed issues with reflections and gaps in the GI Lighting volumes. 
  • Fixed reflection volume line appearing in the glass materials in the Helminth room. 
  • Fixed Decorations with reflective glass-like surfaces showing up as bright low-resolution circles. 
  • Fixed the Arsenal, Transference Room, and Helminth Room not being lit properly when Dynamic Lighting is disabled in settings. 
  • Fixed several Decorations having very little lighting on them when the Graphics Preset is set to low, notably: 
    • Prex Cards
    • Argon Pegmatite
    • Agkani Stone
    • Ludoplex 
  • Fixed issues of GI lighting volumes clipping through into other levels in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed the water surface in the Helminth room having an unnatural blue tint caused by GI lighting. 

Arca Triton’s “Slam Capacitor” Buff Changes & Fixes: 

With the changes we made to Slam Attacks in the Dante Unbound Update, the Arcan Triton in particular benefitted from the overall buff to Slam Attacks thanks to its Unique Trait “Slam Capacitor.” Since Slam Attacks are now entirely Radial Damage, scale with Mods, and have a 2x Multiplier applied across all Melee weapons, Slam Attacking with the Arca Triton was leading to ludicrous damage numbers (even reaching into the billions). 

With that in mind, we’ve made the following two changes to bring it back to a more balanced state:  

1. Changed Slam Capacitor’s Slam Damage buff from multiplicative to additive. 

  • Before: Each Slam Capacitor charge multiplied base Slam Damage by 2 up to a max of 10 charges, which would total out to a 1024x multiplier. A combination of the multiplier at max and the buffs we made to Slam Attacks allowed players to ramp up to those unruly damage numbers in no time. 
  • Now: Each Slam Capacitor charge additively stacks the base Slam Damage up to a max of 10 charges. For comparison sake, it calculates similarly to the Seismic Wave Mod, but at max charges grants a +1000% damage Slam Damage increase.

2. Changed Slam Capacitor’s charge duration from 20 seconds to infinite. 

  • Before: Charges expired after 20 seconds unless they were refreshed by killing enemies or using them.  
  • Now: Charges are now stored indefinitely, meaning you can use them at any point without having to constantly refresh them. 

While we were investigating the Arca Triton for the above changes, we found other elements that we can change/fix: 

  • Slam Attacks performed in Stance Combos for the Arca Triton no longer consume Slam Capacitor charges.
    • They were always ineligible to receive the buff in the first place, which meant they were consuming charges without any benefit. So now, you can continue to perform your Combos without worrying about the charges being consumed accidentally. 
  • Fixed an issue where one player doing a Slam Attack with the Arca Triton would clear everyone else’s Arca Triton charges in the Squad. 

Missed Notes from Update 35.5.0:
Observant Tenno may have noticed some Abilities are no longer interacting with Crowd Control immune foes the same way. This is due to a change that went out with Dante Unbound, but was unfortunately missed in Patch Notes. These particular interactions fell outside of the intended design of CC immunity, so we have removed these outliers to restore expected behaviors. 

Enemies with Crowd Control immunity (ex: Overguard) have had the following interactions removed: 

  • Frost’s Ice Wave Impedance Augment (specifically the frozen trail that slows them)
  • Rhino’s Stomp (slow effect)
  • Primary Obstruct (weapon jamming)
  • Exodia Epidemic (enemy suspension)
  • Zenurik Temporal Drag (slow effect)
  • Wisp’s Breach Surge (blind)
  • Halikar (disarm)
  • Mesa’s Muzzle Flash (blind)
  • Proboscis Cernos (stun and pull)
  • Mag’s Counter Pulse Augment (robotics disabling and disarm)
  • Mag’s Fracturing Crush Augment (immobilization) 
  • Malicious Code (immobilization) 

Player Overguard Changes:

  • Players with Overguard will no longer be pulled towards Trauma Clamps in the Undercroft. 


  • Added a “listen” context action in Dante’s Leverian for those who have already picked up his Prex Card.
  • This allows players to re-listen to Drusus’ dialogue that was triggered upon picking up the Prex!


  • Doubled the Reactant drop rate in Void Cascade Omnia Fissure missions. 
    • We were receiving reports that it was taking a long time to crack Relics due to low drop rates, so we’ve increased it to alleviate the issue.
  • Inaros can now cancel Sandstorm with a Melee attack!
  • Casting Yareli’s Surging Blades will no longer root you in place. 
    • Aquablades already received this change with Dante Unbound, but now her Augmented version also received this treatment. 
  • While the “Divine Retribution” Augment Mod is equipped, the base range of Nezha’s Divine Spears is reduced by 50% (at all Mod Ranks).
    • We didn’t want to change the Mod in a way that would alter the functionality that makes it so effective, so we instead added a range reduction to keep its power within a reasonable level. 
  • Enemies put to sleep by Aero Set Mods are now open to Melee Finishers. 
  • Changed the Polarity of the Dreamer’s Bond Aura Mod from Madurai to Universal, as promised in the Whispers in the Walls: 35.1 Update where it was introduced! 
    • What this means is that it will increase Mod capacity regardless of the Polarity of the Aura slot. 
    • Since this Aura Mod is awarded from completing the Earth to Venus Junction, we wanted to make it that much more new player friendly and useful across Warframes. 
  • Enemies that are already in a ragdoll state will no longer be impaled by Ruvox’s Heavy Slam Void Spikes.
    • This fixes several scenarios in which enemies could be insta-killed from a combination of the Void Spikes and other abilities with ragdoll effects (such as Nezha’s Divine Spears or Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm).
  • Onos Changes & Fixes: 
    • Increased Impaler Ferocity’s damage buff from +10% to +200% for 10 seconds. 
      • This is a fixed amount and does not stack up to 10x like the previous “+10% up to 10x stacks”. 
    • Increased Swift Deliverance’s Projectile Speed buff from +30% to +50%. 
      • We also fixed an issue where this buff was only being applied to while aiming. 
    • Fixed the “Sequential Skullbuster” Evolution perk not resetting its consecutive headshot stacks after missing a hit on a new enemy. 
    • Fixes to the Onos’ Incarnon Form Projectile ring and shot trail VFX positioning. 
    • Fixed a floating mesh lingering from the Onos while in Incarnon Form after swapping between it with the “Show when Holstered” option is toggled on. 
    • Fixed the Onos’ transition to/from Incarnon sound FX being out of sync with the animation. 
    • Fixed the Onos’ holster position being on the thigh instead of on the hand.
    • Fixed the Onos not being visible while riding K-Drive/Merulina. 
  • Clarified Chroma’s Guardian Armor Augment Mod description to specify “squadmates” instead of “allies” since it only affects player controlled characters. 
    • It now reads: “Chroma’s Health takes 50% of damage dealt to squadmates within Affinity Range. Squad kills restore 5% of his Health over 3s and increases Vex Armor duration by 1s”. 
  • Increased the amount of Affinity gained from killing Rogue Bonewidow Eximus to match other Eximus units. 
  • Updated the Incarnon Evolution descriptions to provide more instructions about accessing Incarnon Evolution Challenges.
    • Now reads: “Challenge complete. Select Upgrade to unlock the next challenge.” 
  • Updated Inaros’ Ability preview videos to accurately showcase his rework. 


  • Fixed issue that could cause players to matchmake into the incorrect Cavia/Holdfasts Bounty difficulty (selecting Steel Path but loading into Normal). 
  • Fixed Glaives failing to throw while airborne if players held down jump while attempting their throw.
  • Fixed Clients being able to earn Bounty completion rewards for Cavia Mirror Defense Bounties if they leave the mission after only one wave. 
  • Fixed Qorvex losing Disometric Guard stacks every 5 seconds by Status Effect procs caused by the game thinking that he was being inflicted by a slowing Status. 
  • Fixed a combination of Protea’s Dispensary and Onos’ Incarnon Form causing Primary Weapons to exceed their Maximum Ammo amount. 
  • Fixed ability stats in the Upgrade screen not updating to show modified Energy cost. 
  • Fixed Banshee’s Sonic Boom ability stripping armor without the Augment equipped. 
  • Fixed the “Incarnon ready” sound FX playing when swapping to/from an Incarnon Form weapon or Transferencing back to your Warframe with an Incarnon Form weapon equipped.
  • Fixed using Transference to return to Warframe while capturing a Conservation animal causing a loss of function and inability to complete the Conservation. 
  • Fixed Caliban’s Fusion Strike visual radius fading out before the actual duration expires.   
  • Fixed the second Railjack Void Fissure mission in a row (when started from Railjack Navigation) not rewarding a Relic reward. 
  • Fixed the screen on the back of the TennoCon 2024 Syandana not properly taking Energy color.
  • Fixed entering an early segment of the Whispers in the Walls Quest as Dante resulting in a progression stop.  
  • Fixed the Foundry showing a Blueprint as craftable even if a player has insufficient Credits. 
  • Fixed being able to equip both Vexing Retaliation and Guardian Armor Augment Mods on Chroma. 
    • Only one Augment is allowed to be equipped per Ability.
  • Fixed being unable to fire weapons after casting Xata’s Whisper from a Xaku that has Dante’s Noctua ability injected via Helminth. 
  • Fixed Halls of Ascension not rewarding Drift Mods. 
  • Fixed remaining Grakata ammo determining how much ammo of Kahl-175’s Corinth has upon pickup in The New War Quest. 
    • Now it will always have full ammo upon pickup!
  • Fixed the option to reduce Clan Tier via the Clan Management screen missing. 
  • Fixed block forward combo sound FX playing for all squad members regardless of distance when using a Staff Melee weapon with the Clashing Forest Stance equipped. 
  • Fixed a stray out-of-bounds volume partially sticking out of a staircase in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. This caused the screen to go black while traversing over this particular spot. 
  • Fixed issue with enemies spawning into the ground in a specific room in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed Yareli’s Merulina duplicating after Host migration when the “Loyal Merulina” Augment Mod is equipped. 
  • Fixed Rogue Bonewidow, Rogue Bonewidow Eximus, and Demolisher Bonewidow requiring 20 scans to fully unlock in Codex.     
    • They now only require 3 scans each to complete their Codex entry. If you have completed at least 3 scans or more before this Hotfix, the entry should now be automatically completed! 
  • Fixed the subsumed version of Grendel’s Nourish not using the “Altered” description of the stats in the Upgrade screen. 
  • Fixed Ceramic Dagger Incarnon’s Gun and Blade Evolution Perk using the wrong description and Breacher’s Opportunity being blank. 
  • Fixed Styanax’s Final Stand ability using default Spear colors if the Styanax Tonatiuh Skin is equipped. 
  • Fixed the feathers on Styanax Tonatiuh’s shield not using custom tints during his idle animation.
  • Fixed holster positioning issues for pistol and dual pistols on the Styanax Tonatiuh Skin.
  • Fixed a square appearing at Inaros’ feet when casting Scarab Shell with the Sands of Mars Ephemera equipped. 
  • Fixed sections on the underside of Khora Urushu’s helmet and on her posterior not properly taking Energy color.
  • Fixed the neck of Sevagoth’s Ezriel Helmet not being anchored to the body or adjusting based on movement. This was causing the Helmet to clip through the body like a solid piece. 
  • Fixed the scale of Yareli’s Batomorpha Helmet not matching the size of her other Helmets. 
  • Fixed a texture issue on the back of Yareli’s Batomorpha Helmet.
  • Fixed The Archwing Quest appearing at the bottom of the Codex instead of being listed by completion order. 
  • Fixed Kahl’s Grakata disappearing from his hand after a cinematic in the first stage of The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed waypoint in the Heart of Deimos Quest leading players in the wrong direction after returning to the Necralisk from the “Descent to the Heart” stage. 
  • Fixed overlapping UI elements when attempting to Claim or Retrieve Resource Extractors in the Navigation menu. 
  • Fixed the name of a node in the Star Chart overlapping on top of its own UI if there are multiple modes available (ex: Omnia Fissure, Nightmare, etc.). 
  • Fixed a softlock occurring when trying to remove a Clan from an Alliance. 
  • Fixed the music in Disruption missions doubling up or stopping entirely after Host migration. 
  • Fixed special objective markers for certain enemy types (Demolishers, Demolysts, and Gruzzling) appearing when spawned in the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed Clatharc Planter decoration appearing black when placed in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed loss of function upon Confronting Kullervo if the player spoke to the Warden in Duviri while mid-teleport to a Materlith.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Swarm Kavats HUD buff using Dante’s Pageflight buff icon. 
  • Fixed the “Entrati Crystal” fixture in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset not being localized. 
  • Fixed extraction cutscene showing Inaros’s Sarcophagus after entering the extraction zone with Inaros’s Passive active. 
  • Fixed a crash related to Gauss’ Mach Rush ability. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability at the end of a mission. 
  • Fixes towards a crash caused by Gruzzling’s Sands of Khra ability. 
  • Fixed a rare crash in Armatus Disruption missions.
  • Fixed a crash caused by casting Yareli’s Sea Snares right before entering Bleedout.
  • Fixed several misplaced punctuation issues in some of the entries in Dante’s Leverian. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.5.2

  • Release date: March 28th 2024 (North America, Europe) / March 29th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Updated the Onos and Ruvox Blueprint description to indicate that they also drop in the Armatus Disruption mission on Deimos.
  • Improved teleport volumes in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset to prevent issues with players getting spawned in weird spots. 


  • Fixed Armatus Disruption not rewarding the highest amount of Vessel Capillaries per Necramech Demolishers destroyed in the normal/Steel Path ranges:
    • Normal: 2-4 Vessel Capillaries (only 2-3 were being rewarded before this fix). 
    • Steel Path: 5-7 Vessel Capillaries (only 5-6 were being rewarded before this fix).
  • Fixed the TennoCon 2024 Display (from the TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack) having the wrong dimensions, causing it to appear stretched. 
  • Fixed receiving the incorrect Standing amount (compared to what was advertised in the Bounty UI) from Steel Path Bounties in Albrecht’s Laboratories and the Zariman. EDIT: We’re aware that this issue is still occurring. We discovered that there is a bug with public matchmaking that causes Steel Path players to load into the normal version of the Bounty, so you end up receiving the “normal” amount of Standing instead of Steel Path. There seems to be a 50/50 chance that this occurs, so the best workaround at the moment is pre-made Squads, which we understand isn’t always a realistic option. But rest assured we’ll be tackling this early next week once the team has returned from the long weekend we have here in Canada. 
  • Fixed Clients playing Dante not dealing full damage from Final Verse’s Tragedy. 
  • Fixed cases where Mirage’s Eclipse damage buff was not applying to Melee Weapons.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones unintentionally being able to indefinitely fire Onos’ charge beam.
  • Fixed Loki’s “Damage Decoy” Augment Mod not applying Radiation Status Effect on enemies. 
  • Fixed using Loki’s Switch Teleport ability on friendly AI resulting in other AI turning hostile against it. 
  • Fixed Nidus’ “Parasitic Vitality” Augment Mod not scaling with Ability Strength. 
  • Fixed squad kills not contributing towards the Host Chroma’s “Guardian Armor” Augment Mod, which meant it wasn’t restoring the Host’s Health and didn’t increase Vex Armor’s Duration as intended. 
  • Fixed Saryn’s Toxic Lash only applying one instance of Toxin Damage to weapons with Multishot instead of a second hit of Toxin Damage every damage instance as intended. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Mirage casting Sleight of Hand within proximity of Yareli’s Merulina with the “Loyal Merulina” Augment Mod equipped. 
  • Fixed progress not tracking for the Onos and Ruvox’s Evolution IV challenge (Open X Conduits in Disruption on Armatus, Deimos), making it impossible to unlock. 
  • Fixes towards being unable to leave Submersible Archwing areas (throwing you back into the water instead of putting you on land) and often experiencing a loss of function after attempting. 
    • Note: It may take a couple of attempts before you are able to successfully exit water volumes after this fix. 
    • Also, if you are playing on a controller, approaching the exit with the analogue stick will allow you to exit the water after a couple attempts. However, using the context action to exit still causes the same issue to occur. 
    • We will continue to look into ways to fix these issues, but they may be code fixes which require a Cert update to deploy. 
  • Fixed non-Legendary Arcanes showing up in the Netracell screen.
    • These were removed from the Drop Tables in Dante Unbound to better balance the overall drop table. Read the full details in the official update patch notes!
  • Fixed certain Incarnon Secondaries missing the new special reticle introduced with Dante Unbound when in Incarnon form.
  • Fixed killed Rogue Bonewidows not contributing to the “Eliminate X Rogue Voidrigs” Cavia Bounty challenge. 
    • We will be updating the title and description of this challenge to reflect this change in a future Hotfix! 
  • Fixed Dante missing his own custom animations while dual wielding Glaive and Secondary Weapon. 
  • Fixed an issue with Onos’ projectiles which prevented them from being absorbed into Mag’s Magnetize bubble and causing them to literally bounce off of it into the stratosphere. 
  • Fixed extreme camera shake when using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability. 
  • Fixed issue where Lohk Surges spawned in the same room could have the same buff. The buffs will now be more randomized!  
  • Fixed a rare crash when picking up a Decree Fragment right as you dismounted Merulina in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a crash related to Qorvex’s Passive.
  • Fixed Styanax Tonatiuh Skin green color sometimes appearing when changing Helmets. 
  • Fixed seeing broken fur textures when viewing Kubrow Accessories in the in-game Market if your Kubrow is not equipped or is roaming the Orbiter.
  • Fixed the Lua Planter and Pitcher Planter Decorations missing textures when placed in the Orbiter and/or Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed a teleport volume in the Albecht’s Laboratories tileset spawning players out of the map. 
  • Fixed the Tranq Rifle unintentionally killing Avichaea instead of tranquilizing them (RIP). 
  • Fixed ability tooltips in the Upgrade screen missing their descriptions (only showing stat information). 
    • Also fixed weird spacing occurring the the tooltip for locked abilities. 
  • Fixed the Grimoire missing its Unique Trait description. 
    • Now reads: “Alternate Fire releases a voltaic orb that travels slowly then explodes after 6 seconds, shocking an enemy every second within 6m. Shock will chain to 2 additional enemies within 6m.”
  • Fixed Mod slots in the Upgrade screen showing as red instead of green for Mods with the Universal Polarity (ex: Dreamer’s Bond). 
  • Fixed the Fog of War Ephemera not playing nicely with GI Lighting. 
  • Fixed Vessel Capillaries being sorted to the bottom of the End of Missions results screen. It will now be sorted higher to the top. 
  • Fixed overlapping reward UI when killing the last Necramech Demolyst in Disruption.
  • Fixed seeing a PH text when attempting to trigger the Onos’ Incarnon form when on Merulina. 
  • Fixed seeing PH text in the Dojo and Relay Quick Access wheel.
  • Fixed several script errors related to Void Fissure Tears triggering. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Grendel’s Feast ability.  
  • Fixed a script error caused by Dante’s Passive and Final Verse’s “Tragedy”. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Nyx’s Psychic Bolts ability. 
  • Fixed a script error in the Duviri Void Mirror objective. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Rogue Voidrigs in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed a script error occurring from a combination of the Manifold Bond and Electro Pulse Mods. 
  • Fixed a script error when trying to contribute to the Vault of a Clan in the same Alliance. 
  • Fixed some languages missing localized text in certain menus. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.5.1

  • Release date: March 27th 2024 (North America, Europe) / March 28th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Adjusted GI Lighting in the Orbiter to improve lighting on various Decorations. 
    • Also fixed an issue with the glass shelves appearing translucent in the Personal Quarters. 
  • Removed the ability to use Noctua in Archwing/Submersible Archwing.
    • This matches the standard for other similar Exalted weapons.
    • This change also fixes cases of Dante losing access to his Secondary weapon and Abilities when in Submersible Archwing with Noctua active.
  • Added a duration cap to Chroma’s Guardian Armor Augment Mod.
    • This Augment was intended to offer players a way to extend its duration but was released uncapped, resulting in some pretty impressive numbers. For the sake of balance, we have capped this bonus time at your current modded Vex Armor duration.


  • Fixed being unable to trade newly Unveiled Rivens.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Tributa Dojo Decorations to load in the wrong order, which would affect the displays players created using them.
  • Fixed context action to access Deep Archimedea appearing in the Sanctum Anatomica.
  • Fixed issues with the new GI Lighting in the Obiter, Railjack, and login screen that caused crucial real-time lights not to appear based on certain Video Settings. 
  • Fixed the Rogue Bonewidow’s Morgha having an extremely high fire rate for Clients compared to Host. 
  • Fixed returning from a Host Migration with Noctua equipped resulting in an unmodded version of Noctua replacing Dante’s secondary weapon.
  • Fixes towards Fog of War being white instead of its original default gray with the new GI Lighting system in Orbiters. 
  • Fixed Elemental FX applying to the entirety of the Tequihua Polearm Skin instead of just the striking end. 
  • Fixed Entrati Lanthorns dropped from the Gruzzling counting as progress towards the “The Hunt is On” (Find X Syndicate Medallions) Nightwave Act. 
  • Fixed a loss of function that could occur when accessing your Incubator’s Imprint list.  
  • Fixed getting stuck auto-meleeing after interacting with the stay/leave screen in the Circuit. 
  • Fix Slam Attacks not benefiting from Melee Slam Damage Mods. 
  • Fixed the “Ammo Pickup” secondary stat not being visible inside of the Magazine tooltip.
  • Fixed Rogue Bonewidow not appearing in the Codex. 
  • Fixed Onos having animation misalignment issues during its Incarnon Form blast attack.
  • Fixed being able to walk out of the map in the Albrecht’s Bureau and The Abandoned Vessel Captura Scenes.
  • Fixed a case of leaving the Leverian resulting in a black screen and players having their game be black and white. We will neither confirm nor deny if this brought you back to Warframe 1920.  
  • Fixed issues with the Onos’ beam effect having sporadic motion.
  • Fixed being unable to progress in the Rising Tide Quest if attempting to repair Railjack without being in a Clan (which was an old requirement from back in the day that snuck back in somehow!). 
  • Fixed clipping halfway into the ground when deploying Archwing as Chroma while Effigy is active. 
  • Fixed Protea’s utility belt clipping through many Syandanas. 
  • Fixed getting an error when attempting to purchase something from Cephalon Simaris. 
    • Error message read: “The transaction could not be completed. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later”. 
  • Fixed some minor visual glitches that could occur on some Weapon attachments. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by the “Return to Duviri” context option that appears in the Undercroft lobby when more than 50% of the Squad is still in Duviri (introduced in Dante Unbound).  
  • Fixed a crash caused by the new Armatus node on Deimos. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Dante’s Final Verse ability.
  • Fixed a crash caused by hovering over the Tenno Guide while in a mission. 
  • Fixed a crash in Captura while in any of the Duviri Landscape Scenes.
  • Fixed several script errors caused by Gruzzling enemies. 
  • Fixed a script error that could break the Chat window if you opened it while being disconnected. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by the Batch Remove option in the Friends list. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Yareli’s Merulina. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Loki’s Damage Decoy Augment Mod. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Incubator UI. 
  • Fixed several script errors caused by Dante’s Final Verse ability. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Rhino’s Roar ability. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by viewing Crew Members at Ticker. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Gauss’ Mach Rush ability.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Chroma’s Vex Armor ability.  
  • Fixed a script error caused by Inaros’ Scarab Swarm. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Rogue Necramechs in the Whispers in the Walls Quest. 
  • Fixed a script error in the Netracell caused by carrying the Knifestep Keyglyph and using Transference/Merulina/Necramech. 
    • Additionally, fixed Knifestep not activating consistently while moving. 
  • Fixed a script error when sorting by Owned/Rarity in the Arcane list accessed from the Upgrade screen (this was causing a loss of function). 
  • Fixed a script error when interacting with the Steel Path Bounties in Cetus, Fortuna, and the Necralisk. 
  • Fixing a script error caused by removing Noctua off Dante via Helminth and then casting his other abilities. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Dante’s Pageflight ability. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by one of the plaques in Dante’s Leverian. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by the new Map Legend (introduced in Dante Unbound). 
  • Fixed several script errors (notably while riding Merulina/controlling Necramech)  in the Effervo, Assassination mission on Deimos. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.5 – Dante Unbound

  • Release date: March 27th 2024 (North America, Europe) / March 28th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Added the Chroma Drevni TennoGen Skin by Volkovyi to the Nintendo Switch Market!
  • Fixed The Fragmented’s abilities impacting performance on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a harmless memory leak that would occur when shutting down the game on Nintendo Switch. 
  • Fixed a rare crash for new Nintendo Switch users during login. 
  • Improved performance of the Undercroft portals in Duviri on Nintendo Switch. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to skeletal skinning for Nintendo Switch. 
  • Fixed Hold to Sprint being on by default on Nintendo Switch. 
  • Made optimizations to the Sanctum Anatomica’s particles to help reduce the performance issues that were occurring in this area on Nintendo Switch. 
  • Made fixes towards performance issues (framerate drop) caused by casting Gyre’s Coil Horizon in the Netracells. 

Dante Unbound contains a multitude of additions, changes, and fixes! We highly encourage you to read the following patch notes in full for the best understanding of the contents of this update. But if you are looking for a specific topic, we have provided some of main headers and subheaders for each section below (there is even more to explore in between!) – simply CTRL+F the keywords to jump to its dedicated section: 

  • New Warframe: Dante
  • New Incarnon Weapons
    • Onos
    • Ruvox
  • New Deimos Node: Armatus (Disruption) 
    • Disruption Quality Of Life Changes
  • New Enemy: Gruzzling
  • Albrecht’s Laboratories & Sanctum Anatomica Changes
    • “Research Dante” Store 
    • Albrecht’s Laboratories Tileset Expansion! 
    • Weekly Archon Shard Offering Moved to Sanctum Anatomica 
    • Netracell Drop Table Changes
  • Styanax Tonatiuh Collection
  • Tennogen Unbound
  • New In-Game Market Additions 
  • Archon Shard Expansion: Ascent Fusion
  • New Warframe Augment Mods
  • Warframe Ability Changes
    • Inaros Rework
    • Mirage Eclipse & Prism Changes
    • Gara Passive Change
    • Nourish Helminth Change
    • Loki Ability Changes
    • Yareli Ability Changes
    • Customization For Warframes With Invisibility Abilities
  • Omnia Void Fissures
  • Steel Path Additions
    • The Steel Path: Zariman & Cavia Bounties
    • Steel Path Incursion Expansion: Zariman And Albrecht’s Laboratories
  • New Player Path Improvements
    • Cephalon Simaris Introduction
    • Mote Amp Acquisition
    • Junction Changes
    • Mastery-Rank Locked Inbox Messages
    • Railjack Market Bundle Changes
    • Quest Changes
  • Melee Attack Changes
    • Melee Ground Slam Attack Changes
    • Melee Finisher Improvements
    • Auto-Melee Fixes
  • UI Quality Of Life Changes
    • New UI Sorting Categories 
    • New Fast Travel Menus: Orbiter, Relays, & Dojo
    • Upgrade Screen Changes
    • Warframe, Weapon, And Railjack Stat Ui Rework 
  • Duviri Improvements 
    • Top Quality of Life Changes
    • Circuit Assassination: Corrupted Jackal Changes 
  • Enemy Bonewidow Necramech Rework
  • GI Volume Lighting Updates
  • Kubrow Fur Updates
  • Haztech & Smelter Suit Drifter Conversion
  • General Additions
  • General Changes
  • Optimizations
  • Top Fixes
  • General Fixes


Seeker of knowledge. Keeper of history. Daring researcher of Leverian lore. Dante composes arcane tales to support allies and devastate enemies.

Passive: Chronicler’s Mark
Noctua scans targets, recording information for your Codex. Status Chance increases by 50% on fully scanned targets

Ability 1: Noctua
Wield the power of Dante’s chronicles. Customize Noctua with Tome Mods that enhance Warframe Abilities and reward strategic combat. Primary attack releases pages that tear into lethal pieces on hits. Its alternate attack releases a wave with infinite Punch Through.

As an Exalted Weapon, the Noctua can be customized (Tome Skins can be equipped onto Noctua!) and upgraded in the Arsenal. It also has a Unique Trait; there is no restriction to how many Tome Mods can be equipped onto it. 

Ability 2: Light Verse
Dante’s vitalizing composition grants him and his allies Overguard and increases their Health.

This is Dante’s Railjack ability. 

Ability 3: Dark Verse
Dante’s composition draws blood from nearby enemies, inflicting Slash Damage upon them.

This is Dante’s Helminth ability. 

Ability 4: Final Verse
Dante must compose two other Verses before his Final Verse.

TRIUMPH: Two Light Verses cast in succession invigorate allies with a buff that increases Health and grants Overguard. Kills and assists briefly regenerate Overguard. 

TRAGEDY: Two Dark Verses cast in succession attack enemies. Any Damage Over Time they have suffered accumulates in a single blast. 

WORDWARDEN: A Light Verse followed by a Dark verse supports allies with copies of Noctua. Noctua copies synchronize their attacks with their designated ally’s attacks. 

PAGEFLIGHT: A Dark Verse followed by a Light Verse summons Paragrimms that swoop at enemies, making them vulnerable to Status Chance and drawing enemy attacks away from allies. 

Dante’s Leverian
Tenno, Drusus desperately needs your help. Visit him in Dante’s Leverian (accessible via the Codex) to learn of Dante and why Drusus is requesting your aid. Dante’s Prex Card can also be yours, if you can blow off the dust in his Leverian to find it.  


Entry Requirements: Access to Dante’s Leverian via the Codex requires you have completed both The Deadlock Protocol and Whispers in the Walls Quests. Once you have done so, Drusus will send you an inbox message inviting you to join him in the Leverian. For players who have already completed these Quests, you shall receive this inbox upon downloading the update and logging in. 

How to Acquire Dante 

  • Armatus (Deimos) Drop Tables: Dante’s Blueprint and Component Blueprints have a chance to be rewarded from the new Disruption Deimos Node, Armatus (more information in the “New Deimos Node” section below). 
  • Loid’s “Research Dante” Store: Dante’s Blueprint and Component Blueprints can also be acquired at Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica using Vessel Capillaries (earned from Armatus). 
  • In-game Market: Dante is available for Platinum individually or as part of the Dante Collection. 

Maximum Loadout Slot Increase:
With the release of Dante, the maximum number of purchasable Loadout Slots has been increased from 24 to 25. 


Albrecht’s Void experiments revealed the true destructive potential of this fist weapon. In Incarnon form, perform Heavy Slams to impale nearby enemies with spikes.

How to acquire the Ruvox: 

  • First and foremost, in order to acquire the Ruvox you must first complete the Whispers in the Walls and The Deadlock Protocol Quests to gain access to Armatus! 
  • Armatus (Deimos) Drop Tables: Ruvox’s Blueprint and Components have a chance to be rewarded from the new Disruption Deimos Node, Armatus (more information in the “New Deimos Node” section below). 
  • Loid’s “Research Dante” Store: Ruvox’s Blueprint and Components can also be acquired at Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica using Vessel Capillaries (earned from Armatus). 
  • In-game Market: Ruvox is available for Platinum individually or as part of the Dante Collection.*

* Players can purchase this item without the Quest prerequisites, but Whispers in the Walls must be completed to unlock its full potential.  


Albrecht’s Void experiments revealed the true destructive potential of this wrist-mounted cannon. In Incarnon form, draw in ambient power to deal steadily increased damage to enemies. At full power, release a blast of Heat.

How to acquire Onos: 

  • First and foremost, in order to acquire the Onos you must first complete the Whispers in the Walls and The Deadlock Protocol Quests to gain access to Armatus! 
  • Armatus (Deimos) Drop Tables: Onos’ Blueprint is rewarded from the new Disruption Deimos Node, Armatus (more information in the “New Deimos Node: Armatus (Murmur Disruption)” section below).
  • Loid’s “Research Dante” Store: Onos’ Blueprint can also be acquired at Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica using Vessel Capillaries (earned from Armatus). 
  • In-game Market: Onos is available for Platinum.*

* Players can purchase this item without the Quest prerequisites, but Whispers in the Walls must be completed to unlock its full potential.   

Drusus Leverian owes a debt to Parvos Granum, who seeks a total takeover of the Leverian. Without enough donations, funding ran short, and he took a deal with Parvos that could spell the end of the Leverian. Visit Dante’s Leverian to discover just exactly what’s been happening, to both listen to Dante’s story and Parvos’ power grab to remove Drusus from his own museum.

Murmur Disruption can be accessed via the ARMATUS node on Deimos from either the Star Chart or the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica. It can also appear as a Bounty at Fibonacci. 

How to Unlock Node: Complete The Deadlock Protocol and the Whispers in the Walls Quests. This is due to the fact that they provide substantial lore context to the mission!

What to Expect
Reaching out to the Tenno to act as field associates, Drusus asks you to retrieve high-value Entrati artifacts from Albrecht’s Conduit system to bolster his financial resistance. Enter the Laboratories once more to defend the Arterial Conduits from hulking Obol-adorned Necramech Demolishers and the Key-consuming Gruzzlings (learn more about this new enemy in its dedicated section below!) to earn new rewards.

How To Play
The Gruzzlings hold the keys known as Dockets, each correlating to the Void Tongue symbols of Xata, Lohk, Khra and Vome, instead of the square, triangle, circle and diamond seen in regular Disruption missions. Any enemy destroyed can drop a Docket, like regular Disruption, but you can eliminate roaming Gruzzlings to earn a guaranteed Docket drop.

Insert the Docket into a Conduit, and expect burdens: enemy buffs or environmental dangers. Or, perhaps Loid will reverse a detriment to become a boon as you face off against any Demolishers.


Rotation Rewards: 

  • Dante’s Main and Components Blueprints
  • Ruvox Blueprint, Blade Blueprint, and Glove Blueprint
  • Onos Blueprint
  • Endo 
  • Void Relics

Visit the Official Warframe Drop Tables for more information.

New Resource: Vessel Capillaries
A crucial sub-component in the construction of Albrecht Entrati’s vessels, these Capillaries are earned by destroying Necramech Demolishers.

  • Normal: 2-4 Vessel Capillaries per Necramech
  • Steel Path: 5-7 Vessel Capillaries per Necramech 

New Loid Vendor Menu: Research Dante
Vessel Capillaries can also be traded to Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica for the rotation rewards listed above (Dante Blueprints, Ruvox Blueprints, Onos Blueprints). Additionally, players can purchase Riven Transmuters here for 50 Vessel Capillaries. These were originally exclusive to Eidolon drop tables, but now have an alternative acquisition path via Loid! Learn more about this new shop at Loid in the “Research Dante Store” section below. 

Disruption Quality Of Life Changes
With the introduction of the new Disruption node on Deimos, we took the opportunity to make some quality of life changes to the mode overall. 

While players highly engage with Disruption, requests to de-emphasize the audio component are at the forefront. With accessibility in mind, Disruption has received a few quality-of-life changes so all players can easily manage the game mode. The intention is to better support those who have difficulty with the audio cues. 

  • Locating the Demolishers is now easier! When the beeping is heard, you’ll receive an objective marker leading you to your foe.
    • The closer you are to the Demolisher, the less the marker will fade out.
    • When you’re within line of sight, the enemy marker becomes permanent.
  • The red Conduit is now yellow to promote visual clarity between icons and the Demolisher.
  • The Conduits for the original Disruption nodes have received a sound refresh! 
    • When you insert a key into a Conduit, the insert noise is much more pronounced.
  • Players that have “Enable Hint Transmissions” disabled will no longer hear the tutorial transmissions for Disruption. 

Greedy creatures born from The Indifference, these little Murmur tricksters love to steal Conduit Dockets and other coveted items from Albrecht’s Laboratory.

 In the new Deimos Node, Armatus (Disruption), the Gruzzlings can carry around the Dockets necessary to activate the Conduits. 

In any other Deimos/Albrecht’s Laboratory missions (including Netracells), these avaricious beings contain within them one of the following:

  • 3x Entrati Lanthorns
  • 1x Echo Voca
  • 1x Common Entrati Melee Arcane:
    • Melee Retaliation
    • Melee Fortification
    • Melee Exposure 
    • Melee Influence 
    • Melee Animosity
    • Melee Vortex

“Research Dante” Store 
A new store has been added to Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica where you can acquire the following items for Vessel Capillaries:

  • Dante Blueprint and Component Blueprints
  • Onos Blueprint
  • Ruvox Blueprint and Component Blueprints
  • Riven Transmuter
  • New Captura Scenes:
    • The Abandoned Vessel Scene
    • Dante’s Retreat Scene
  • New Simulacrum Room: Sanctum Simulacrum 
    • Simulate a battle in the Sanctum Anatomica! This Simulacrum allows enemy difficulty to be set 25 levels above the standard maximum. 
  • 100,000 Credits

Albrecht’s Laboratories Tileset Expansion! 
Several new tiles (roughly 15!) have been added to the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset! Explore new passageways, rooms (maybe even some secret ones), and more with this environment expansion. 

One of the tiles was featured in the Warframe: 1999 TennoCon 2023 demo, first one to find it gets bragging rights. 

The new tiles also feature the GI lighting and volumetric fog systems, to create a more realistic feel as you navigate through the new areas of this Entrati labyrinth. 

New Somachord Tones 
New Somachord Tones have been added to Albrecht’s Laboratories! Scanning them will unlock the following Whispers in the Walls tracks for your Orbiter’s Somachord: 

  • Murum Vull
  • No God Above Knowledge
  • Platform 7
  • Sanctum Anatomica
  • See It In The Flesh
  • The Fragmented
  • Vashtav
  • Yara Jeliira
  • The Master Returns

Weekly Archon Shard Offering Moved to Sanctum Anatomica 
Weekly rotating Archon Shard Offerings have been moved out of Chipper’s Store and are now available from Bird3 in the Sanctum Anatomica! The Archon Shard is specifically in their Shiny Treasures offerings.  

The weekly Archon Shard becomes available once you’ve reached Rank 5 with The Cavia Syndicate and can be purchased for 30k Cavia Standing. 

Having them at Chipper meant players had to repeat Break Narmer missions weekly to acquire the Stock needed to purchase them. In an effort to make Archon Shards more accessible and to refresh the gameplay path to acquiring them, they have been moved to the Sanctum Anatomica. With this change, we’ve adjusted some of Chipper’s lines to remove mentions of Archon Shards. This chipper line lives on in our hearts: “Got archon shards if you’re interested. Only one previous owner. Ha ha HA!”. 

Netracell Drop Table Changes
In the same vein as the above change to make Archon Shards more accessible, we’ve made the following changes to the Netracell Drop Tables. 

1. Removed all non-Legendary Arcanes (as listed below) 

  • Melee Exposure 
  • Melee Animosity 
  • Melee Retaliation 
  • Melee Influence 
  • Melee Vortex 
  • Melee Fortification

2. Adjusted drop rates in light of the removal of the above Arcanes 

Overall the majority of the rewards have had their drop rate increased by roughly ~40-50%, with the exception of the Melee Arcane Adapter which has been slightly reduced to accommodate for the increased rates for Archon Shards and Legendary Arcanes. 

Here are the new drop rates for each reward: 

  • Crimson Archon Shard – 17.50% (was 9.17%) 
  • Azure Archon Shard – 17.50% (was 9.17%)
  • Amber Archon Shard – 17.50% (was 9.17%)
  • Melee Arcane Adapter – 15% (was 20%) 
  • Melee Crescendo – 10% (was 5.62%) 
  • Melee Duplicate 10% (was 5.62%) 
  • Tauforged Crimson Archon Shard – 4.17% (was 2.50%) 
  • Tauforged Azure Archon Shard – 4.17% (was 2.50%) 
  • Tauforged Amber Archon Shard – 4.17% (was 2.50%) 

The Official Warframe Drop Tables have also been updated with the above changes! 

General Albrecht’s Laboratories and Sanctum Anatomica Changes & Fixes: 

  • You can now embrace the Cavia members in the Sanctum Anatomica! The new “Offer Comfort” option appears in their options when interacting with them. For those of you who know, you can agree that they need all the comfort they can get!
  • Fixed the Albrecht’s Laboratories Bounty drop information missing from the Official Warframe Drop Tables.
  • Added new animations to Murmur faction enemies so that they react to Limbo’s Stasis, Rhino’s Stomp, and Mag’s Crush abilities. 
  • Yareli will now be automatically dismounted from Merulina when injecting Atropos Probe to the Vitreum scanners. 
  • Weapons will now be hidden during the animation to inject the Atropos Probe into the Vitreum scanner. 
  • Crucibles in Alchemy missions will now dissolve in/out instead of just spawning/despawning out of thin air. 
  • Added purchase detail diorama for the Decorations available at Bird3 in the Sanctum Anatomica. 
  • Rebalanced The Hollow Vein and The Anatomizer to be less of a bullet sponge, and made The Anatomizer pose more of a threat in missions.
    • Reduced the total health values of these foes to make them easier to take out, especially for Eximus variants. Their large health pool was in place to help their survivability since they have no Shields or Armor, but the result was a little too tanky for our liking.
    • Increased the attack frequency and grenade area of effect for The Anatomizer to make it a more active presence in battle. Also slightly increased the range at which it will engage with players.
    • Also fixed Anatomizer being self-staggered by their own grenades. 
    • Fixed The Hollow Vein’s beam attack damage being tied to frame rate (damage per frame). 
      • The higher the frame rate, the more damage it dealt. So we’ve decoupled it from frame rate and given it a defined tick rate to prevent this from happening.
  • The Hollow Vein is now vulnerable to Warframe abilities, staggers, and knockdowns. 
    • This enemy is already fairly strong and the resistances it had were mostly invisible to players, which made it even more difficult to deal with. 
  • Rogue Bonewidows can now be spawned into Albrecht’s Laboratories by Rogue Culverins. Meaning, there is now a 50/50 chance that either a Rogue Voidrig or Bonewidow spawns (and an additional chance for them to be Eximus units as well). 
    • Enemy Bonewidows have also been reworked! Read more on that in the dedicated “Enemy Bonewidow Necramech Rework” section further down in these patch notes. 
  • Fixed the Anchorhold door in Netracell missions not opening if Host migration occurred after it was hacked but not triggered to open, leaving the returning players unable to start the mission. 
  • Fixed Steel Path missions started via the Sanctum Anatomica Elevator not spawning Acolytes. 
  • Fixed Sentinels breaking open Murmur Sarcophages not counting towards the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” Bounty challenge.
  • Fixed the containers in Persto (Deimos) not dropping Life Support Capsules. 
  • Fixed Voca pickups not counting towards the “The Hunt is On” Nightwave Act and the “Find X Syndicate Medallions” Riven Challenge. 
  • Fixed Murmur faction enemies who could not be disarmed not taking damage from Disarming abilities (ex: Loki’s Radial Disarm). 
  • Fixed the Anatomizer being able to be disarmed (ex: Loki’s Radial Disarm).  
    • Since the Anatomizer only has a ranged attack, when it is disarmed it has no way to melee attack as a fallback, so it is no longer affected by disarming abilities/attacks. 
  • Fixed Netracells having the incorrect enemy level if a Cambion Drift bounty is started before speaking to Tagfer. 
  • Fixed Mocking/Scathing Whisper getting killed along with the rest of the enemies when the alert level hits 0% in Netracell missions.
  • Fixed Lumbering and Shuffling Fragments never ending up in Grendel’s belly and instead completely despawning when Feast is cast on them. 
    • This was caused by a lack of recovery animations on these enemies, which we have now added! With that, they can also now be properly Regurgitated. 
    • Known issue: They do not have any velocity to them when Regurgitated and will spawn back on top of Grendel when cast. 
  • Fixed a crash when walking up to Loid in the final stages of the Whispers in the Walls Quest. 
  • Fixed script error caused by aborting during the stage of the Whispers in the Walls Quest where you first pick up the Grimoire. 
  • Fixed a random wall from the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset appearing in unintended locations, causing holes in the map. 
  • Fixed Mocking/Scathing Whisper stretching weirdly in reaction to Warframe abilities. 
  • Fixed Rogue Culverins not firing at players while readjusting positioning. 
  • Fixed Tagfer missing his specific voice lines to react to you accepting or rejecting the Netracell mission. 
  • Fixed Host using the wrong throwing animation to toss Amphors at Crucibles in Alchemy missions after Host migration. 
  • Fixed interacting with and exiting the POM-2 terminal in the Sanctum Anatomica triggering Parazon Mods. 
  • Fixed Atropos Probe stands not updating their light from green to red if picked up by Yareli while riding on Merulina. 
  • Fixed Atropos Probes not appearing in Yareli’s hand for several seconds after if picked up while she’s riding on Merulina.
  • Fixed being unable to throw Alchemy Amphors while riding Merulina. 
  • Fixed throwable items (ex: Voidrig’s Necraweb Canister) missing their arch projection/trajectory preview lines in certain areas of the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset. 
  • Fixed an issue where you would need to relog or run a mission after completing The New War Quest to access the inbox message that unlocks the Whispers in the Walls Quest. 
  • Fixed more instances where the Heat Vents in Alchemy missions would spawn very far away from players.   
  • Improved how tiles in Albrecht’s Laboratories are randomized to prevent cases where certain tiles would never appear. 


The warrior spirit reincarnates in the image of a god. His collection includes the Tequihua Polearm Skin, Huitzilin Syandana, and Chimalli & Tequihua Decoration for your Orbiter.

Styanax Tonatiuh Skin
The warrior spirit reincarnates in the image of a god.

Includes Auxiliary Attachment: The Styanax Tonatiuh Embellishments are an Auxiliary Attachment that can be equipped/unequipped in the Arsenal.  

The jade green mosaic on the chest and shoulder area also features a new material that leverages an improved clearcoat feature that’s been added to the shader. It provides that “iridescent” effect when the light hits it at certain viewing angles.

Tequihua Polearm Skin
Each strike proves that the serpent is both creator and destroyer.

Huitzilin Syandana
Spread your monolithic wings.

Chimalli & Tequihua Decoration
You will honor Styanax Tonatiuh when you display these cherished armaments. 

Gifting Bonus: Gift this bundle to another player and receive the Chimalli & Tequihua Decoration as a Gifting Bonus in return!

The Styanax Tonatiuh Collection can be purchased from the in-game Market for Platinum. Each item can also be purchased separately. 


The first batch of TennoGen for 2024 delivers 6 brand new creations from talented community artists, available on all platforms!

Sevagoth, Gyre, and Yareli have each received their first ever TennoGen pieces! They arrive with a brand new Syandana, Sword Skin, and Landing Craft Skin to ensure they touch down in style.

Console and iOS can purchase these items for Platinum via the In-Game Market individually or through one of two bundles: 

TennoGen Unbound Bundle 1 Includes: 

  • Sevagoth Ezriel Skin skin by Goosmo
  • Ezriel Syandana by Goosmo 
  • Ezriel Sword Skin by Goosmo

TennoGen Unbound Bundle 2 Includes: 

  • Gyre Kuvael Monarch Skin by Erneix
  • Yareli Batomorpha Alt Helmet by Ventralhound
  • Mantis Vammatar Skin by Ventralhound 

TennoGen Unbound is Warframe’s first new TennoGen release since the launch of both Warframe on iOS and Cross Platform Save! When it comes to Cross Platform Save, Mobile (iOS & Android when it launches) is sorted into the “Non-PC Platforms” category. Therefore, TennoGen purchased on any Non-PC Platform (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile) can be used freely across any other Non-PC Platform once Cross Platform Save is set up.

For example, any of these TennoGen Unbound items can be purchased on Nintendo Switch, and accessed on iOS, PlayStation, or Xbox.

As stated in the “TennoGen and Cross Platform Save” article from November 2023, TennoGen purchased on PC can only be used on PC. TennoGen items purchased for Platinum can be accessed via Cross Platform Save on licensed platforms. 



Dante Collection
Write a new chapter for the keeper of history. The Dante Collection includes the Dante Warframe, Ruvox Melee Weapon, and the following:  

Dante Cantist Helmet
For those midway upon their journey. 

As with all newly released Alt Helmets, its Blueprint will be added to the Nightwave Cred Store in the future. 

Oranist Chest and Shoulder Plates
Armor reminiscent of gilded vellum pages. 

Rencowl Syandana
A Syandana reminiscent of scriptoriums. 

Noctua’s Paragrimm Decoration
A Paragrimm ascends from Noctua’s pages to accompany you in your Orbiter. 

Gifting Bonus: Gift this bundle to another player and receive the Noctua’s Paragrimm Decoration as a Gifting Bonus in return!

The Dante Collection is available to purchase from the in-game Market! All of the items in the Collection can also be purchased separately. They are also part of the Dante Chronicles Pack. 

Inaros Eternal Bundle
Honor Inaros with items reminiscent of his desert home. This bundle includes the Sands of Mars Ephemera, King Inaros Glyph, and Inaros Sarcophagus Decoration. 

Sands Of Mars Ephemera
Let the familiar sands of Mars accompany you. 

Inaros Sarcophagus Decoration
Inaros feels welcome in any space that displays this protective sarcophagus. 

  • Since Inaros’ Passive has changed and he no longer enters his Sarcophagus (more information on that in the “Inaros Rework” section below), you can now have it as a token of remembrance of its former life as a tomb of revival. 

King Inaros Glyph
Proudly display the Warframe known as the God King.

All of the items in the Inaros Eternal Bundle can also be purchased separately.  

In addition to this brand new Inaros-themed bundle, we have also reworked him! Visit the “Inaros Rework” section to learn about what’s changed. 

Void Adornment Bundle VI
Make the most of the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Banshee Voidshell Skin, Loki Voidshell Skin, Nekros Voidshell Skin, and each skin’s matching material structure.


Banshee Voidshell Collection
Adorn Banshee in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Banshee Voidshell Skin and the Sonar Ripples material structure.

Loki Voidshell Collection
Adorn Loki in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Loki Voidshell Skin and the Murkray Scales material structure.


Nekros Voidshell Collection
Adorn Nekros in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Nekros Voidshell Skin and the Necrotic Stitch material structure.

Redliner Emote
Taunt your enemies with this new emote that was featured in the Gauss Prime trailer!

Observant Vitreum Decoration
A watchful eye for the Orbiter.

Also available in the Dante Chronicles Pack!

Ostarus Headgear  
Manifest the joys of blossoming flowers and hopping Rablits in any season.

A new Auxiliary cosmetic will be hopping into the in-game Market on April 3rd @ 2 PM ET! Adorn your Warframe with a pair of floppy ears that are sure to make even the most confident of Rablits jealous. 

They feature the tech implemented in our new Kubrow Fur Updates to give them a true fluffy feel.


Unlike its seasonal predecessor (Lepus Headgear), the Ostarus Headgear is a permanent Market item and, once purchased, is yours to wear all year round!  

Note On Seasonal Items: 
The Lepus Headgear will continue to return each year to the in-game Market for Credits in its usual time-limited fashion. There are currently no plans to make other seasonal items into upgraded and permanent in-game Market items, but we may reassess that in the future. 

Community Art Pack I
A bundle of glyphs highlighting various Warframes, created by Community Artists CalamityDeath, Kirdy, Ritens, UpsideDownSmore, and StudioCyen.

  • Community Kullervo Glyph
  • Community Chroma Glyph
  • Community Equinox Glyph
  • Community Titania Glyph
  • Community Revenant Glyph


This is the first of a new series of bundles – Community Art Packs! These packs will focus on various Warframes and characters, with art crafted in the style of community artists.

Learn more about the artists who created the glyphs in our article here:

11 Year Anniversary Community Glyph Bundle
A bundle featuring glyphs from Community Artist DarikaArt.

  • Community Cavalero Graffiti Glyph
  • Community Little Duck Graffiti Glyph
  • Community Mother Graffiti Glyph 


These glyphs will also be obtainable through our 11 Year Anniversary Twitch Drop campaign. More information on the campaign can be found here:



The process of Ascent Fusion allows for three Archon Shards of the same type to be fused together to create a single Tauforged Shard. 


  • Helminth Archon Shard Segment: The Blueprint is earned for completing the Veilbreaker Quest. 
  • 3 Archon Shards of the same type. 
  • Helminth Coalescent Segment: The Blueprint is purchased from Bird3 in the Sanctum Anatomica. 
    • If you already have the Helminth Coalescent Segment on your Helminth, both Coalescent AND Ascent Fusion are now available to you! 
  • 100 Stela: Resource earned from Albrecht’s Laboratories. 

How to unlock Ascent Fusion
The Helminth Coalescent Segment Blueprint can be acquired from Bird3 in the Sanctum Anatomica after reaching Rank 2 (Researcher) in the Cavia Syndicate. Once you have built and claimed it from your Foundry, return to the Helminth Room in your Orbiter to install it.

For players who already have the Helminth Coalescent Segment Blueprint installed, Ascent Fusion is ready for you to use!  


How to use Ascent Fusion 

Step 1. After installing the Segment, interact with the Helminth chair and select the “Archon Shards” button. 

Step 2. Select the new Ascent Fusion icon located on the right of the Archon Shard embed UI.

Step 3. Hover over one of the three slots on screen to select the Archon Shard type you’d like to fuse together. Once you’ve selected an Archon Shard, the rest of the slots will be automatically filled with the same type from your inventory (only types with 3 or more Shards will be selectable). The Tauforged Archon Shard fused from the base Shards will appear in the center. Hover over the Tauforged Archon Shard to preview its stats and bonuses.

Step 4. Select the “Fuse” button to complete the process. 

  • Fusion Requirement: 100 Stela for each Fuse.

11 new Warframe Augment Mods are available from Syndicate Offerings! 

Stats below are shown at Max Rank.

Elusive Retribution (Baruuk – Elude)
Every attack Baruuk Eludes increases his Melee Attack Speed and Melee Critical Damage by 5% up to 6 stacks. Stacks last 6s.

Available in the Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka offerings.

Guardian Armor (Chroma – Vex Armor)
Chroma’s Health takes 50% of damage dealt to allies within Affinity Range. Squad kills restore 5% of his Health over 3s and increases Vex Armor duration by 1s.

Available in the Cephalon Suda and The Perrin Sequence offerings.

Recrystalize (Citrine – Crystallize)
Enemies killed by crystalline growths stagger and spread the crystals to enemies within 16m.

Available in the Red Veil and Steel Meridian offerings.

Wrath of Ukko (Kullervo – Storm of Ukko)
Wrathful Advance moves the storm of daggers to the teleportation location and increases its duration by 6s.

Available in the New Loka and Steel Meridian offerings.

Valence Formation (Lavos – Passive)
Upon Ability cast, applies the Ability Element as 200% Elemental Damage to your weapons with guaranteed Status for 20s.

Available in the New Loka and Red Veil offerings.

Damage Decoy (Loki – Decoy)
Decoy can be cast on enemies. Enemies who attack that decoy receive 5 random Status Effects, and the reflected damage is increased by 350%.

Available in the Arbiters of Hexis and Red Veil offerings.

Divine Retribution (Nezha – Divine Spears)
When a speared enemy suffers from a Status Effect, the Status Effect spreads to all speared enemies. Spear explosions apply 1.5x Status Damage.

Available in the Cephalon Suda and Steel Meridian offerings.

Parasitic Vitality (Nidus – Parasitic Link)
Nidus and any ally he’s bound to gain 4% Max Health per Mutation during Parasitic Link.

Available in the Steel Meridian and The Perrin Sequence offerings.

Axios Javelineers (Styanax – Axios Javelin)
A pair of Styanax Specters spawn to throw javelins, creating vortexes on impact. Impale an enemy to increase vortex duration by 5s.

Available in the Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka offerings.

Warrior’s Rest (Excalibur Umbra – Passive)
Umbra’s Ability Strength increases by 15% but he no longer fights independently alongside his Operator.

Available in the Arbiters of Hexis and Red Veil offerings.

Loyal Merulina (Yareli – Merulina)
You no longer ride Merulina. Instead, she follows her and casts Sea Snare on nearby enemies. 2s cooldown.

Available in the Cephalon Suda and New Loka offerings.


In addition to the highly anticipated Inaros rework, a few other Warframes have had their abilities tweaked with this update. Here’s a list of what this section will cover: 

  • Inaros Rework
  • Mirage’s Eclipse & Prism
  • Gara’s Passive 
  • Grendel’s Nourish (Helminth only) 
  • Loki’s Decoy and Switch Teleport 

Upon downloading the update and logging in, all players will receive an inbox message with the following items to help you experiment with new builds and Helminth infusions for these Warframes:

  • 2 x Forma
  • Helminth Resource Bundle, enough to feed your Helminth once per Resource type!
    • 750 Oxium
    • 6000 Rubedo
    • 50 Ganglion
    • 12,500 Polymer Bundle
    • 3,000 Cryotic
    • 4,000 Plastids
    • 5 Cetus Wisps

Inaros Rework
Awaken the king of the desert once more and command the sands with far more ferocity than ever before! 


  • Inaros still heals from performing Melee Finisher Kills on enemies. This is unchanged.
  • Inaros’ special bleedout state where he could pull enemies toward his Sarcophagus and leech their Health has been replaced.
    • Now: When Inaros dies, he turns into a Sand version of himself with normal movement and a Melee attack. Land a certain number of hits on enemies before time runs out in order to respawn, but the more often you die, the more enemies you have to hit!

Ability 1: Desiccation 
Largely unchanged, but we have fixed issues with certain enemies not being vulnerable to Melee Finishers! Now, this should be more consistent.

  • Desiccation is now Inaros’ Railjack Ability (was previously Devour). 

Ability 2: Sandstorm (Was Devour)
Devour has been removed entirely and replaced by an improved Sandstorm.

  • Inaros becomes a Sandstorm whirlwind, now with faster animations and movement, so it feels less punishing.
  • Inaros is now invulnerable while spinning in Sandstorm. 
  • Sandstorm now has a duration instead of being a channeled power. (Will not block Energy Regeneration while in Sandstorm mode). 
    • You can still choose to end the power early if you like.
  • Instead of throwing enemies everywhere around the level, it drags enemies beneath your feet so you can use Melee Ground Finishers if you choose.
  • Inaros regenerates 50 Health per second (base, scales with Ability Strength) for each enemy held in his Sandstorm.

Ability 3: Scarab Shell 
Inaros’ fourth ability has been split into two different abilities that are easier to use and reflect its two main features.

  • Increased Armor from 240 to 350 (at max) and can now be scaled with Ability Strength. 
  • Scarab Shell can be charged up by spending Health to give you Armor. There is now a unique indicator on your HUD that shows the current charge level of Scarab.
  • Charging Scarab Shell no longer stops you from moving around.
  • The “Negation Swarm” Augment Mod has been retired, its special effect is now part of the base ability: While Scarab Shell is active, hostile Status Effects are ignored at a small cost in Armor.
    • This mechanic was initially part of the “Negation Swarm” Augment Mod, which has been reworked entirely.  
    •  Please see “Augment Changes” below for more info on the retired Negation Swarm.
  • Balanced for Conclave: Scarab Armor does not deal AoE damage while charging. 

Ability 4: Scarab Swarm

  • Scarab Swarm no longer requires you to charge up the ability by investing Health.
  • On cast, enemies in a cone are attacked by scarabs that do 1/10th of Inaros Max Health as Corrosive damage per second.
  • Enemies that die while affected by Scarab Swarm turn into a Swarm Kavat (maximum of 3 Swarm Kavats can be active at once).
    • The maximum amount of Swarm Kavats can be increased to 5x with the Dessication’s Curse Augment Mod. 
  • Swarm Kavats can move and attack independently, and their attacks cause additional enemies to be afflicted by the Swarm.
  • Balanced for Conclave: Swarm Kavats do not spawn and the Health scaling is halved.  

Inaros Augment Mod Changes:

  • Desiccation’s Curse: Instead of enemies turning into a sandy copy of their former selves on death, they become Swarm Kavats capable of applying Scarab Swarm on their targets.
    • Mod description reads: “Killing a blinded enemy with a Finisher has a X% chance to summon a Swarm Kavat that will spread Scarab Swarm.” 
  • Elemental Sandstorm: No changes!
  • Negation Swarm has been replaced by Negation Armor: When Inaros takes fatal damage, consume Scarab Shell to heal and become briefly invulnerable. Inaros is affected by a strong Bleed Status when this ends.


Mirage Eclipse Rework 

After a great amount of input from the Community, Mirage’s Eclipse ability no longer determines the buff (Solar or Lunar Eclipse) to apply based on the environment’s light level, will always be at maximum strength, and is now a Tap/Hold ability! 

In its previous state, Eclipse was quite unreliable. One step in any direction could suddenly switch the buff or lower its strength, which left players little control over its benefits. It also did not function correctly in every area of the game, notably in Open Landscapes and Albrecht’s Laboratories where only the Solar Eclipse buff would be active at full strength – even at night time. 

The changes listed below affect both Mirage and Eclipse applied via the Helminth (with some notable exceptions listed below its Diminished Effectiveness). 

How it works: 

  • Tapping Eclipse provides the Lunar Eclipse buff (Increased Damage Reduction). 
  • Holding Eclipse provides the Solar Eclipse buff (Increased Weapon Damage). 

Scaling change: 
Since the ability no longer depends on level lighting to determine the buff type, the buffs themselves also no longer scale based on light level. Instead, their previous maximum effect is now the base (affected by Ability Strength): 

  • Solar Eclipse now has a base 200% increased Weapon Damage. 
  • Lunar Eclipse now has a base 75% Damage Reduction. 
    • We have lowered the Damage Reduction cap to 90% (previously 95%), to bring it in line with other Damage Reduction abilities (Gara’s Splinter Storm, Citrine’s Preserving Shell, etc.). 

Helminth Diminished Effectiveness Change: 
Eclipse has been one of the most popular Helminth abilities, so by fixing its unreliability related to light sources and making its buffs guaranteed, a rebalance was in order to compensate. This change does not affect the ability for Mirage, only when applied via the Helminth.

  • Solar Eclipse has a base 30% increased Weapon Damage.
    • This was previously 150%, it was reduced to match the Diminished Effectiveness of Rhino’s Roar.
  • Lunar Eclipse has not changed. It still provides a base 75% Damage Reduction.
    • The Damage Reduction cap also remains the same at 75%. 

Mirage Prism Changes
In its current form, Prism’s damage scaling is affected by environmental lighting at Mirage’s position, which is impacted by the same inconsistency issues that Eclipse suffered from. The team has reviewed Prism and made similar changes to Eclipse: 

  • Removed damage scaling based on environmental lighting.
  • Prism now has extrinsic synergy with Eclipse
    • If Solar Eclipse (Weapon Damage) is active, Prism’s damage is increased by 100%.
    • If Lunar Eclipse (Damage Reduction) is active, then the Energy per second cost of Prism is reduced by 50%. This Energy cost is calculated after Ability Efficiency is considered, allowing it to exceed the normal cap for Efficiency.

Gara Passive Change
Similarly to the Mirage Eclipse/Prism changes, we realized Gara’s Passive also relied on “standing in light” and, therefore, would have the same issues as Mirage regarding GI Lighting and inconsistent lighting areas. We have removed the scaling with illumination (standing in light) and made the following changes:

  • When casting an ability, there’s a base 15% chance to radially blind nearby enemies for 10s. 
  • Each cast without a blind increases your chances by 20% until it creates a radial blind.

Nourish Helminth Change 

Nourish is by far the most used Helminth ability, so we felt it was necessary to reduce its effectiveness slightly for the Helminth version only. Our goal is to remove situations where it feels like “You’re playing wrong if you’re not using Nourish”, without making the ability unusable.

Nourish when Infused via Helminth now has the following alterations: 

  • Base Energy Multiplier has been reduced from 2x to 1.6x.  
  • Base Viral Damage Buff has been reduced from 75% to 45%. 

Everything else related to Nourish through the Helminth remains unchanged.

Loki Ability Changes

Previously, Decoy had a fixed amount of Shield (400) and Health (200). Now, Decoy converts 15% (base, scales with Ability Strength) of enemy Health and Shields within 15m (base, scales with Ability Range) into its own Health and Shields! 

This should make Decoy much more useful in higher-level missions, as it can survive a lot more exposure to enemy attacks!

Switch Teleport: 

  • Loki now gains a brief movement speed buff (50% increase for 5 seconds) after using Switch Teleport (scales with Ability Strength and Duration).   
  • Switch Teleport will also no longer root you in place after the teleport. 

Yareli Ability Changes

Aquablades & Riptide: 

  • Yareli is no longer rooted in place when casting Aquablades and Riptide! Now the casting animation is upper body only to allow you to stay nimble and mobile. 


  • Added a shake animation and VFX to Merulina’s damage absorption UI element in the HUD, to better indicate when it’s been destroyed. 

Customization For Warframes With Invisibility Abilities

Warframes now have Invisibility customization – no longer will you have to be strictly transparent! 

Warframes with Invisibility abilities (Loki, Ivara, Ash, Octavia, and Voruna) will now find customization options in the Arsenal under Appearance > Attachments > Auxiliary Attachments. 

Instead of Invisibility being completely see-through, players can customize it from being more translucent/semi-transparent to non-transparency with an Energy glow gleaming from your character. 

Semi-Cloak Option

Glow-Cloak Option

An alternate, opaque glow, for when the Warframe is cloaked. Does not alter enemy perception. 

Invisibility colorization is affected by the primary Energy color of your Warframe.


A new type of Void Fissure is available! Found on Star Chart nodes previously untouched by Void Fissures, the new Omnia Fissure allows Tenno to crack Lith, Meso, Neo, or Axi Relics – whatever they choose! 

There is one Omnia Fissure available at all times on both standard and Steel Path difficulties. Tenno must have access to the respective node on the Star Chart in order to access the correlating Omnia Fissure, including any Quests necessary for the node:

  • The War Within Quest for Lua Conjunction Survival Missions
  • Angels of the Zariman Quest for Zariman
  • Whispers in the Walls Quest for Albrecht’s Laboratories 

Omnia Fissures can be found on:

  • Lua: Yuvarium (Conjunction Survival)
  • Lua: Circulus (Conjunction Survival)
  • Zariman: Everview Arc (Void Flood)
  • Zariman: Tuvul Commons (Void Cascade)
  • Albrecht’s Laboratories: Cambire (Alchemy)
  • Albrecht’s Laboratories: Persto (Survival)


The Steel Path: Holdfasts & Cavia Bounties
The Steel Path is now available for Holdfasts and Cavia Bounties. Accessing the Steel Path variants is possible through a selection UI when speaking to a Bounty Giver.

How to change Bounty difficulty:
When interacting with a Bounty giver, select “Bounties” and change the difficulty at the top left of your screen, below your rank and Daily Standing Cap. 


With Steel Path Bounties, you’ll earn 50% more Standing from The Cavia bounties, while The Holdfasts will net you 50% more Voidplume Quills, rounded up (e.g. Tier 5 SP Bounties will reward 8 Plumes)!

As always, you’ll find many similarities between these Bounties and other Steel Path missions across the Origin System. Enemies are tougher and higher-level, you’ll earn one guaranteed Steel Essence upon Steel Path Bounty completion, and the Acolytes will “torment” you within Zariman & Albrecht’s Laboratories Steel Path Bounties.


Steel Path Incursion Expansion: Zariman And Albrecht’s Laboratories

Steel Path Incursions are a familiar feature in the Origin System, with five Star Chart nodes being chosen each day that reward an additional 5 Steel Essence each on completion. With Dante Unbound, an additional sixth Incursion will make an appearance daily.

This new addition will work the same as existing Incursions, but will only appear within the Zariman and Albrecht’s Laboratories, meaning a daily incursion will always be on one of these Tilesets. The existing five Incursions will not see any changes and will not appear on Zariman or Albrecht’s Laboratories nodes.


Following our work in Abyss of Dagath and Whispers in the Walls, we have more New Player Path improvements. This batch of changes touches a variety of aspects of the game, including Junction Requirements, Quest Difficulty, and more. 

Cephalon Simaris Introduction

We are adding Synthesis to the Junction path (see “Junction Changes” for more details), and have made the following changes to improve a Tenno’s first introduction to Simaris. 

  • Moved the “talk” interaction placement for Cephalon Simaris so players don’t have to get quite so close.
  • Updated tutorial dialogue option to better indicate that it is a tutorial.
    • It now reads “Teach me how to Perform Synthesis”. 
  • Added a waypoint to the Offerings console after completing the Synthesis Simulation.
  • Fixed having to speak to Simaris again after his introductory dialogue. Now the conversation will continue on seamlessly!

Mote Amp Acquisition

Receiving your first Amp from Onkko becomes vital soon after The War Within. Right now, an inbox message from a mysterious figure who tells of a secret door in Cetus is all that directs new players to the Quills. New players are never forced to find the door and receive their Amp to progress, which can cause problems by the time they play The Sacrifice.

To address this, we are now making Mote Amp acquisition an explicit requirement to progress in the main questline:

  • Removed the Mot requirement from Chains of Harrow Quest and replaced it with the requirement to visit Onkko in Cetus. 
  • Added a new inbox after completing The War Within directing players to visit Onkko in Cetus.

Junction Changes

  • Mercury Junction: 
    • Added “Complete Quest: Vox Solaris” to the Mercury Junction Tasks
    • Removed the “Rescue a Hostage at Linea on Venus” Task
  • Added The Deadlock Protocol as a Saturn Junction Reward.
    • Previously this was rewarded from Vox Solaris, but since it has a Mastery Rank 4 requirement, many new players would not be able to access it. Placing it further along the Junction path gives them more time to gain Mastery Rank before diving. 
  • Added “Perform Synthesis for Cephalon Simaris” task to the Uranus Junction.
    • Performing Synthesis and scanning targets are vital tasks for player progression, so we are adding an official introduction to it via Junctions. 
  • Added “Visit Maroo” to the Phobos Junction Tasks. 
    • We also improved the flow of the “Visit Maroo” button in the Ayatan Treasures screen to match that of Varzia’s. Now players will be presented with an introductory screen about Maroo, and will be taken directly to her Bazaar. 


Mastery-Rank Locked Inbox Messages
The following content is already locked behind Mastery Rank, but players receive details about it before reaching that Mastery Rank. Now, these messages will not be sent until players have met the Mastery Rank requirement.

  • The Waverider Quest will now be delivered via inbox upon completing Vox Solaris AND reaching Mastery Rank 3. 
  • Otak’s Tyana Pass inbox message will now be delivered upon completing the Heart of Deimos AND reaching Mastery Rank 3. 
    • Tyana Pass originally did not have a Mastery Rank requirement, but we are adding it so as to not distract new players from the Main Questline. 

Railjack Market Bundle Changes
With the significant improvements made to acquisition over the years, including adding Rising Tide to the Main Story Path, we have revisited the Railjack Market bundles added back in 2021.  Given the updated ease of acquiring a Railjack, our goal is to amend the cost of Railjacks – players can continue to earn it via the Main Story Path, but for those who want to pilot their own ship before Rising Tide, the 400 Platinum cost felt too steep. 

To start, we have removed the following items from the Market:

  • The New War Firepower Bundle
  • Railjack
  • Railjack Captain’s Bundle 

In their place, we are introducing a new Starter Railjack Bundle, offering the following items for 175 Platinum:

  • Railjack
  • 4 x Crew Member Slot
  • 4 x Components & Armaments Slots

Those who have purchased any of the removed Bundles will receive the value difference via a Platinum refund script in the coming days. Refer to our official PSA for Refund Script details:

Quest Changes

Saya’s Vigil Improvements and Fixes:

  • Added a white highlight around Glass Shards to make them easier to find and scan. 
  • Removed the requirement to hack the Trailer Door. Now it will spawn open, allowing for players to start searching for and scanning Shards immediately. 
  • Moved one of the Glass Shards to a more visible placement. 
  • Amended enemy levels in the Galleon to be on-par with enemy levels on the Landscape. 
  • Players must now complete the “Prove Yourself” introductory Bounty from Konzu before being able to start Saya’s Vigil. 
    • Previously you would be able to start this Quest if you had been taxi’d into the Plains of Eidolon and completed a different Bounty. Now this introductory Bounty must be completed first!
    • This change also restricts full access to the Plains of Eidolon Bounty board behind this introductory Bounty. Being taxi’d will no longer unlock it for you.
  • Fixed needing to speak to Saya in Cetus twice to start Saya’s Vigil. Now the conversation will continue on seamlessly after her introduction!
  • Fixed an empty box appearing in the Abort Menu instead of saying “Cetus” during Saya’s Vigil Quest. 
  • Fixed Liset not properly animating in the Eidolon Extraction cinematic in Saya’s Vigil. 

Quest Blueprint Build Times:
We reduced the following Quest-related blueprint crafting time to 10 seconds, and updated the Rush Cost to be 0 Platinum:

  • Nightfall Apothic, Twilight Apothic, Sunrise Apothic (The Silver Grove)
  • Scorched Beacon, Chroma Signal, Chroma Mark (The New Strange)
  • Railjack Cephalon (Rising Tide)
  • Ascaris Negator (Vor’s Prize)
  • Limbo Theorem Components (The Limbo Theorem)
  • Mandachord (Octavia’s Anthem)
  • Potent Pherliac Pods (The Jordas Precept)

Other Quest Changes:

  • Added 60 Kuva to The Sacrifice Quest mission rewards so players can more easily build Excalibur Umbra. 
  • Added a waypoint to the Orb that players must interact with to start the Apostasy Quest. 
  • Reduced the Drone health in the Vox Solaris Quest to make it easier to shoot down before hacking. 
  • Added introductory Kuva Lich and Sister of Parvos inbox messages after the completion of their prerequisite Quests (The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii). 
  • The riddles from Hidden Messages will now appear in the TennoGuide to help players more easily find them. (or to help those who accidentally deleted the inbox messages — oops!).
  • Added a “Obtain Kinetic Siphon” objective to the “Paying with Synthesis” stage of The New Strange Quest. 
  • Re-ordered the Side Quests suggested by the Tenno Guide to prioritize Quests that introduce players to new systems and those that offer Warframes. 


Melee Ground Slam Attack Changes

Prior to Dante Unbound, Melee Ground Slam Attacks were distributed between two damage instances – they appeared in the Arsenal UI (includes the stats window when hovering over equipment as well as the Upgrade screen) as follows: 

  • Slam Attack: Damage inflicted on an enemy by hitting them directly with a Ground Slam Attack. 
    • Note: We’ll refer to this stat as “Slam Direct Hits” moving forward in this section of the patch notes to avoid confusion between all the terms. This term denotes that the damage instance came from the direct Melee hit on an enemy while performing your Ground Slam – effectively Goomba Stomping them, if you will. 
    • Damage on Slam Direct Hits was scaleable with Mods.
  • Slam Radial Damage: Additional damage inflicted to all enemies in the radius of a Ground Slam attack. 
    • Other than a few specific Mods (Seismic Wave, etc.), Slam Radial Damage was locked at a flat value and did not scale with Mods.  

What’s Changed: 

1 – Ground Slam Attacks are now entirely Radial Damage
Ground Slam Attacks now only have one instance of damage: Slam Radial Damage! It is now the whole sum of the damage dealt by Ground Slam Attacks instead of being “additional”. 

What this means is that Slam Direct Hits are no more. All the damage done by a Ground Slam Attack is now purely Radial. 

With this change, it’s worth noting that we have also maintained the Damage Falloff on Slam Attacks, where damage diminishes the further an enemy is from the point of impact, but with some changes: 

  • Previously: Damage could fall off to ~0% at the edge of the impact radius. 
  • Now: Damage will only ever go as low as 50% (of total damage) at the edge of the impact radius for normal Slam Attacks, and 70% for Heavy Slam Attacks. 

2 – Ground Slam Attack’s Radial Damage now scales with Mods
Since Slam Attacks are now purely Radial Damage, we’ve made its damage scaleable with Mods, when previously it wasn’t. This effectively buffs Ground Slam Attacks since you can now directly increase its damage and apply Weapon Status (inherited from Mods), which ultimately improves its scalability for late game content. 

It’s worth noting that all of the above changes only apply to AERIAL/JUMP Ground Slam Attacks (In air + Aim Downwards + Melee) and AERIAL/JUMP Heavy Ground Slam Attacks (In air + Aim Downwards + Heavy Melee). They do not affect Slam Attacks that are part of Stance Combos. For example, Slam attacks during combos deal flat damage amounts and do not scale with Mods. We currently do not have plans to change this. 

3. Added a 2x Multiplier to its Radial Damage 
Slam Direct Hits had a 2x-3x multiplier (depending on Weapon Class) to account for the fact that it was actually quite difficult to land them, so the multiplier helped in making those rare instances feel impactful. 

Since Slam Direct Hits are no more, we have accounted for its removal by applying a 2x multiplier to Slam Attack’s Radial Damage across all Weapon classes. For the reasons listed directly above (Radial Damage now scalable with Mods) and for the sake of balance, the 2x (3x for Heavy Slam Attacks) multiplier on Radial Damage maintains the damage output without going overboard.

How The Changes Appear in the Arsenal:
Melee Ground Slam Attacks now has only one core stat in the Arsenal: SLAM ATTACK. The number listed beside indicates its Radial Damage. 

You’ll notice that with all of the above changes, some Melee weapons’ Slam Attack Damage has changed. Previously “Slam Attack” in the UI informed of “Slam Direct Hits”, which for some Melee weapon types (ex: Polearm, Sword, Two-Handed Nikanas, etc.), had a 3x multiplier applied. Now, since “Slam Attack” in the UI indicates Radial Damage and has had a 2x multiplier applied across all Melee types, the damage for those weapons may differ. 
But now that you can scale Slam Attack Damage with Mods, those differences can be easily recouped and then some. 

We’ve also added a Slam Radius stat to the tooltip to better inform players in-game: “Ground Slam attack hits all enemies around the point of impact within X meters.” 

  • It’s worth noting that the Slam Radius for each Weapon class has been untouched. 

Melee Finisher Improvements

Melee Finishers have been updated to standardize Finisher eligibility across enemies and weapons. Previously, if an enemy did not have a finisher animation prepared for a certain weapon type, then players would not be able to perform that specific Finisher on them. We have added default animations for all weapon types to prevent this restriction, meaning all enemies* should now be eligible for every type of finisher.

  • Also added a new VFX to showcase when an enemy is open to Finishers. You will still need to get into proper position to execute the finisher with this VFX active!
    • This includes finisher openings created by Warframe abilities (ex: Inaros Desiccation) and Ground Finishers. 
  • *Flying enemies (Corpus Ospreys, The Anatomizer, etc.) are still ineligible for Melee Finishers with this change.
  • Added new unique Mercy Finishers to the Hollow Vein, Severed Warden, The Anatomizer, Lumbering Fragment, and Shuffling Fragment enemies! Each with their own custom animations to really stick it to the Murmur in style. 
    • The context action to perform a Finisher on the airborn Murmur enemies (The Anatomizer and The Severed Warden) are not anchored to their bodies and will instead appear on the HUD when you are within radius of them. This is an experimental approach into finding ways to include Finishers on other airborne enemies in the future. 

Auto-Melee Fixes

  • Fixed getting locked auto-meleeing (even without input) after interacting with items and other actions while melee attacking. Notably: 
    • Interacting with Golden Hand Tributes
    • Selecting Duviri Decree
    • Entering Sanctuary Onslaught portal
    • Selecting Endless Void Fissure reward
    • Opening Gear Wheel
    • Using Transference
    • Interacting with turrets in Railjack
      • Known issue: We are aware that this issue can occur from the Stay/Leave screen in the Circuit. 
  • Fixed Auto-Meleeing in a certain location in the “Awaken the Sleeper” stage of the Whispers in the Walls Quest causing an interaction to be skipped. 
    • Melee will now be disabled when in this area to prevent key moments from being skipped.
  • Fixed getting locked auto-meleeing after holding the ability menu open and auto-meleeing simultaneously while using a controller. 
  • Fixed getting locked auto-meeling after opening the pause menu/chat window while holding the Melee attack button. 
  • Fixed Auto-melee persisting after exiting a Railjack turret / pilot seat if melee input was held upon entering it. 


New UI Sorting Categories 

Warframe Arcane Selection Screen (Arsenal): 
We have added sorting categories to help you find the Arcanes you are looking to equip onto your Warframe. They can now be sorted based on their effects: 

  • Health
  • Shields
  • Armor
  • Resistance 
  • Energy
  • Abilities
  • Weapon Damage
  • Weapon Stats
  • Movement Speed
  • Companion
  • Special 
    • Arcanes that do not fit into the above categories due to their unique effects. For example: Arcane Trickery (On Finisher Kill: 15% chance to become invisible for 5s).  

Captura Scene Selection Screen: 
With well over 100+ Captura Scenes to own, scrolling through the Captura menu could be quite tedious to find the scene you were looking for, especially if you couldn’t remember its name. 


To help you spend more time Captura-ing instead of scrolling, we have added sorting categories to the Captura Scene screen! Tab between Faction, Syndicate, Quest, Open Landscape, and more themed tabs to find exactly what you’re looking for. Shoutout to all of the incredible Captura Artists out there! 

Orbiter Decoration Selection Screen: 
It is now easier than ever to make your Orbiter feel like home with new Decoration sorting categories! Spend more time placing your Floofs so that it looks like they are having a tea party, and less time scrolling through the selection screen to find the Zariman Spoon (a key component to any tea party) with these sorting categories: 

  • Statues
  • Floofs
  • Displays
  • Vendor
    • Decorations that can be acquired from various Vendors (Hombask, Ticker, etc.). 
  • Market
  • Tenno 
    • Includes Decorations rewarded from Quests/Events, Mastery Rank Slates, and more!

New Fast Travel Menus: Orbiter, Relays, & Dojo


No longer shall you need to journey through layers of menus to fast travel! You can now hold the Gear Wheel/Decrees binding in the Orbiter and Relays to bring up a radial menu with the following options: 


  • Navigation 
  • Arsenal 
  • Foundry
  • Mods
  • Decorate
  • Helminth (if you have the Helminth Segment installed) 
  • Operator (if you have completed The Second Dream Quest) 
  • Board Railjack (if you have completed the Rising Tide Quest) 
  • Codex
  • Void Relics
  • Friends
  • Market 

These options may vary depending on the Relay you are visiting. 

  • Navigation 
  • Arsenal 
  • Teshin
  • Cephalon Simaris
  • Darvo Deal 
  • Syndicates 
    • Selecting this option will open a secondary menu for each Syndicate available in the Relay. 
  • Ergo Glast
  • Arbitration Honors
  • Friends 
  • Void Trader (When Baro Ki’Teer is visiting the Relay you are in) 

As expected, if you do not have certain rooms constructed (such as the Dry Dock, etc), they will not appear. 

  • Navigation
  • Arsenal 
  • Set Up Shop
  • Transporter
  • Trading Post
  • Vault
  • Dry Dock 
  • Crimson Branch 
  • Decorate
  • Research Rooms
    • Selecting this option will open a secondary menu for each Research Room in your Dojo (Tenno Lab, Bio Lab, Energy Lab, Chem Lab, Orokin Lab, Ventkids’ Bash Lab, and Dagath’s Hollow). 
  • Friends
  • Clan 

Upgrade Screen Changes

  • Dragging Mods will now provide more visual information in the Upgrade Screen: 
    • Dragging a Mod will now maintain the same aspect ratio as an “open” Mod but scaled down, so that you can still identify it, its Polarity, and its Capacity Cost when moving it across the screen. 
    • Slots with matching Polarities to the dragged Mod are now highlighted in green and have a slight pulsing effect to indicate that they are eligible. Slots with mismatched Polarities are highlighted in red.
    • Hovering a Mod over a slot will now show how its capacity cost will be affected based on their Polarities. 
  • Made it more obvious that Damage Type stats are affected when swapping a Weapon or Modding one. Now, when you are making changes, the Damage types that are negatively impacted will shuffle lower in the list and appear slightly transparent, so that it’s easier to spot the changes between comparisons.  
  • Added an “OVERLEVELING” tag on equipment that’s Max Rank goes beyond 30 (Kuva/Tenet Weapons, Necramechs, etc.). 
  • Added a “VALENCE BONUS” tag for Kuva/Tenet Weapons to indicate that they are eligible for Valence Fusion and to expose their damage bonus type.
  • Added a tooltip when hovering over locked Exilus Slots to inform players that it “Requires Exilus Weapon Adapter” to unlock. 
  • Added new VFX when Exilus Slots are unlocked. 
  • Added new VFX when unlocking the Arcane Adapter Slot. 

Warframe, Weapon, and Railjack Stat UI Rework 

Looking at a wall of stats can be overwhelming, especially for new players who are familiarizing themselves with all the important information contained in those screens. 

In an effort to highlight the most important information and reduce the overall visual noise, we have made the following changes to the screens that display Warframe, Weapon, and Railjack stats:  

  • Stats are now organized in order of importance.
    • Core stats (most important) are visible at all times in these screens. 
    • Secondary stats (branched from Core stats) have been moved into tooltips that can be viewed by hovering over their respective Core stat. 
  • Added several new Core and Secondary stats to help communicate more relevant information to players. 
  • Improved how descriptions in core stat tooltips are presented to better distinguish between the Core stat’s description and its Secondary stats.
    • Added a dividing line to separate Core and Secondary stats. 
    • Added arrow icons next to each Secondary stat. 
  • Added new headers to group stats and better organize them. 
  • Added a “Base Stats” and “Upgraded Stats” tag at the top of the stat windows to indicate what kind of stats are being shown. 
  • Certain stats are no longer visible at all times and are now considered “Conditional”, meaning they will now only appear when Mods alter said stat. 
  • Removed/edited certain stats. 

Exact Details: 
The following section provides the nitty gritty details on all of the above changes and exactly how they’ll appear for each equipment type. We’ve also provided additional information on the specific changes that have been made for certain stats below as well. 

Here’s a guide to better understanding how we’ve written out how you will see it in the UI: 

  • Anything marked “New” is a stat that’s been exposed in the UI with this update. 
  • Anything marked “Conditional” is a stat that only appears depending on if correlating Mods have been equipped. 
  • Anything marked “New Header” denotes that a text line has been added to the UI to better categorize stats that follow below it. 

Warframe Stats: 

  • Health 
  • Shield
    • Shield Secondary Stats: 
      • Shield Gate Duration: When Shields break, gain invulnerability for Xs. Increasing max Shields lengthens the invulnerability time. 
      • Shield Recharge Delay (New): The time in seconds between when Shields are damaged and recharge: Xs. 
      • Shield Recharge (New): The rate Shields recover after being depleted: X%/s. 
  • Armor 
    • Armor Secondary Stats: 
      • Tau Resistance (Conditional) 
        • Condition: Only appears with Umbral Mods equipped. 
      • Elemental Damage Resistance  (Conditional) 
  • Energy
    • Energy Secondary Stats: 
      • Starting Energy (how much you have when loading into missions)
      • Energy Recovery (New): Energy recovers at X/s.
  • Sprint Speed – No Secondary stats 

Ability (New Header)

  • Duration
  • Efficiency
    • Efficiency Secondary Stats: 
      • (New) Efficiency Calculation: Abilities cost X% of their original cost. 
      • (New) Channeled Abilities Efficiency Calculation: Also accounting for the effects of Ability duration, your channeled abilities cost X% of their original cost.  
  • Range 
  • Strength

Primary/Secondary Weapon Stats:

Note: To avoid confusion, the following lists the new order of all Primary & Secondary Weapon stats combined. Meaning, you will see stats that apply to some weapons but not all (ex: weapons with Radial Attack will have the Range stat but not others). 

  • Fire Rate 
  • Multishot
  • Magazine
    • Magazine Secondary Stats:
      • Ammo Maximum (Conditional)
        • Condition: Appears on Weapons that have any amount of Ammo Maximum (>0)  
      • Ammo Pickup 
      • Reload 
  • Accuracy 
    • Accuracy is now displayed as the following: 
      • Very Low
      • Low 
      • Medium 
      • High 
      • Very High 
        • Previously, the numbers that used to be shown in the Accuracy stat were, in fact, not totally accurate to what players were actually experiencing. For example, the Grinlok had a Accuracy of 44.4, which could lead players to assume that its shots wouldn’t be very precise, but they in fact were. So now, in the UI it will properly indicate that it has High Accuracy. 
    • Accuracy Secondary Stats: 
      • Deviation With Aim: X degrees
      • Max Deviation (New): X degrees
    • We also changed the descriptions of Mods that used “Spread” instead of “Accuracy”, so that “Accuracy” is the only term we use to describe this attribute across the board. 
  • Trigger 
  • Noise (Conditional) 
    • Silent weapons show this by default. 
    • Condition: Appears with Noise Level Mods. 
      • We also added a new “SUPPRESSED” tag for when noise is modded but not enough to be totally silent. 
  • Punch Through (Conditional) 
    • Weapons with any amount of Punch Through (>0) show this by default.
    • Condition: Appears with Punch Through Mods. 
  • Range 
  • Riven Disposition 


  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Multiplier 
  • Status 
    • Status Secondary Stats: 
      • Status Effect Chance per shot (New): Effective Status Effect Chance for each Status per shot. 
      • Radial Status Chance (New): Status Effect chance for each Status per Radial attack. 
  • Impact, Puncture, Slash Damage
  • Elemental Damage 
  • Damage Falloff 
  • Total Damage

Radial Attack

  • Range
  • Impact, Puncture, Slash Damage (conditional) 
  • Elemental Damage 
  • Falloff 
  • Total Damage 

Melee Weapon Stats:


  • Attack Speed
  • Range
  • Slam Attack 
    • Ground Slam Attacks have received some changes that impacted the way its stats are shown in the UI – more details in the dedicated “Melee Ground Slam Attack Changes” section of the patch notes above. 
    • Slam Attack Secondary Stats: 
    • Slam Radius (New): Ground Slam attack hits all enemies around the point of impact within X meters. 
  • Slide Attack
  • Combo Duration
    • Combo Duration Secondary Stats: 
      • Combo Count Chance (New & Conditional): Additional Combo Count Chance X%
        • Condition: Only appears with Combo Chance Mods. This will also cause its core stat Combo Duration to appear so that this secondary stat is accessible in its tooltip. 
      • Initial Combo (Conditional): New Combos start with X points instead of Zero. 
        • Condition: Only appears when equipping Initial Combo Count Mods. This will also cause its core stat Combo Duration to appear so that this secondary stat is accessible in its tooltip. 
  • Follow Through 
  • Blocking Angle (Conditional)
    • Sword and Shield Melee Weapons have this by default. 
    • Condition: Only appears with Blocking Mods. 
  • Riven Disposition 


  • Critical Chance 
  • Critical Multiplier 
  • Status 
    • Status Secondary Stats: 
      • Status Effect Chance per hit (New): Effective Status Effect Chance for each Status per hit. 
  • Impact, Puncture, Slash 
  • Elemental Damage
  • Total Damage (Conditional) 
    • Condition: Only appears when there is more than one Damage type. 

Heavy Attack 

  • Damage
  • Slam Attack 
    • Ground Slam Attacks have received some changes that impacted the way its stats are shown in the UI – more details in the dedicated “Melee Ground Slam Attack Changes” section of the patch notes above. 
    • Slam Attack Secondary Stats: 
      • Slam Radius (New): Ground Slam attack hits all enemies around the point of impact within X meters. 
  • Tennokai Chance (New & Conditional) 
    • Condition: Only appears with Tennokai Mods (with the exception of the Discipline’s Merit Mod, which enables Tennokai opportunities every 4 melee hits instead of at random). 
  • Wind up (Conditional) 
    • Condition: Only appears with Wind Up Mods. 

Railjack Stats: 

  • Railjack 
  • Hull 
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Forge Capacity 
  • Engines
  • Shield Recharge 
  • Shield Recharge Delay 

Battle Mod (New Header) 

  • Strength 
    • Formerly “Battle Mod Strength” 
  • Duration 
    • Formerly “Battle Mod Duration”  
  • Range 
    • Formerly “Battle Mod Range” 

General UI Changes: 

  • Added “Incarnon Upgrade Available” to the notifications drop-down list to inform players when they have an Incarnon Weapon that has pending Evolutions. Hovering over it will show the list of Incarnon Weapons that are available to update in the Arsenal/at Cavalero. 
    • Note: The tooltip will only list the Incarnon Weapons you have equipped, so a maximum of Weapons (Primary, Secondary, and Melee) will show here.
  • Added an “UPGRADE AVAILABLE” category to Cavalero’s “Evolve Incarnon Weapons” screen that’ll sort the weapons available to be upgraded.
    • These weapons also now have an “Evolve” tag, icon, and special backing to indicate they have upgrades available. 
  • Added the ability to view the Augment Mods that are compatible for the selected Helminth ability in the Infuse Ability Screen. Follow the prompt to “VIEW AUGMENTS” for a full list of compatible Augment Mods. 
  • Added a map Legend for Cetus, Fortuna, the Chrysalith, and the Necralisk/Sanctum Anatomica to help players identify and locate where each Vendor is located. 
    • The Legend is accessible by first opening the map and using the binding indicated on screen. 
      • This format also now applies to Dojo Legends. Previously the Legend menu would be ever-present while in Dojos. Now it will appear only when the Dojo Map is opened. 
    • To prevent spoilers, the Legend for the Cavia members in the Sanctum Anatomica is hidden from the Necralisk Legend if the Whispers in the Walls Quest has not been completed. 
  • You can now sort weapons by Mastery Rank in your Profile and Codex. 
  • Newly Unveiled Rivens will now appear first in the Mod screen when sorting by “Recent”.
  • Unidentified rewards will now be sorted at the top of the End of Mission list. 
  • Added an “Owned” tag to the Circuit Rewards tooltips to inform players if they own an item and how many. 
  • Added an “Owned” tag in the tooltip of collected resources in the End of Mission screen. 
  • Warframe Abilities are now viewable from the Arsenal preview screen! Hover over the Ability icons to read their description. 
  • You can now view Warframe Passives from the Arsenal’s Upgrades screen. Hover over the Passive icon to read their description. 
  • Added a bunch more of the missing HUD buff descriptions, most notably Incarnon upgrades, Warframe Augments, Void Fissure buffs, Mod Set bonuses, Sentinel Mods, Weapon Unique Traits, Conclave Mods, Drifter Intrinsics and many many more! 
  • Changed the tooltip next to the “NEW ITEMS” title in the Update screen from “GO TO MARKET” to “VIEW IN MARKET” – the previous tooltip was leading players to believe they could select it to go to the in-game Market, which is not the case.
  • Damage numbers will now appear below reticles and hit indicators to improve visibility.
  • Added a new Reticle for Melee Incarnon weapons to a) better communicate when the Incarnon form is ready and b) better showcase how much Incarnon charge is remaining.
    • Now an indicator will appear at the bottom of the Reticle when Incarnon Form is ready to trigger.
    • A custom reticle appears while in Incarnon Form, which showcases how much Charge is left via a progress bar in the inner section. 
    • Also added new SFX when swapping to and from a weapon in Incarnon form.
    • Known issue: We are aware that some of the Melee Incarnon Weapons are missing this new reticle! We are investigating a fix. 
  • Made some visual updates to the Reticle for Primary/Secondary Incarnon Weapons to improve visibility similar to the changes above for Melee Incarnon weapons:
    • A new indicator will appear at the bottom of the Reticle when Incarnon Form is ready to trigger. 
    • The remaining Charge in the bar is now a blue color (the previous white was at times very difficult to see in contrast with the environment). 
  • Updated the Revive UI to be more visually distinctive in-mission. While making this change, we also updated the reviving sounds for a bit of extra polish! 
    • Added a new heartbeat-like SFX while players are in bleedout.
    • Added a new SFX when players have died without further revives.
    • Added new reviving SFX and SFX upon successful revival.
  • Added Mod tooltips (hovering over Mods with bold words in their description) for the following terms: 
    • Knockdown:  Enemies fall to the ground, opening them up to melee ground finishers.
    • Sleep:  Enemies become unable to perform actions and open to melee finishers.
    • Disarm: Disarmed enemies lose their firearms and can only engage in melee combat.
    • Lifted: Certain melee attacks can lift enemies into the air, making them temporarily incapable of attacking you.
  • Updated “Health” on-hover description to not be specific to Warframes.
    • Now reads: “How much damage can be sustained before becoming incapacitated.”
  • The in-game Market’s “Back” button will now recall the history of the pages you visit from in the “View Related” button. The “Exit” button will take you to the main Market page when you are several pages deep. 
  • Moved the text describing that a node is locked to a tooltip (on hover) to prevent issues where text could clip outside of the World State Window UI. 
  • The in-game Market has a “NEW” section on the landing page to help you browse all the new additions. 

Top Quality of Life Changes

  • Rewards and Circuit Progress are now preserved after every completed Stage.
    • For example, if you are in Stage 6 and the Defense Target is destroyed, you will now keep all of the Circuit Progress and Rewards you had earned from the last 5 Stages.  
  • A “!” notification will now appear in the Star Chart and Duviri navigation screen when Circuit rewards are available to claim. 
  • Added the ability to leave the Undercroft Waiting Area via new “Return to Duviri” context action at the portal. 
    • This context action becomes available provided the teleportation timer has not begun (10 seconds if more than 50% of the players have entered the portal).
    • This should address issues of players becoming marooned in the Undercroft Waiting Area due to their squadmates not joining them.  

Circuit Assassination: Corrupted Jackal Changes 

The introduction of the Corrupted Jackal Assassination Circuit mode was designed with a twist to the standard Jackal fight for a bit of a challenging edge. However, players have expressed that the fight can quickly end you and your Squad’s Circuit run due to it being rather difficult to defeat. 

In an effort to make the fight less arduous and improve its success rate overall, we have made the following changes: 

  • Significantly reduced its turret damage.
  • Significantly reduced the damage and the radius of its Plasma Grenade Cluster attack.
  • The Plasma Grenade Clusters will now only target players outside of the bubble during its Grid Wall state/attack. 
    • Since Plasma Grenade Cluster has a much smaller radius and is much less punishing, we wanted to ensure players are still feeling engaged with this segment of the fight when leaving the bubble. 
  • Slightly increased the delay of when it uses its Plasma Grenade Cluster during its Grid Wall state to give you a bit more time to clear the area. 
  • Removed the nullifying effect from its Massive Shockwave attack. 
  • Fixed Corrupted Jackal having its abilities disabled by Banshee’s Silence in the Circuit. 
    • This would temporarily halt progress as it needed to use its Grid Wall attack to proceed with the fight. 

General Improvements & Fixes 

  • We have made significant infrastructure changes to Duviri missions to address widespread bugs caused by Host Migrations. These changes should address various instability caused by Host Migrations, including specific issues such as the following:
    • Being stuck in the Undercroft or in a permanent loading screen if a Host Migration occurs during the stage completion countdown. 
    • Clients being Duviri Drifter in the Undercroft after returning from a Host Migration. 
    • Migrating at the end of a Void Flood Undercroft stage resulting in loss of mission objective for returning players.
    • Returning players in the Jackal fight having a dark screen in the next Circuit stage. 
    • Migrating during the Stage transition after the Jackal Fight sometimes causing the new Host to crash or be in a broken state. 
    • Host Migration while returning to Duviri from the Undercroft resulting in loss of mission objectives. 
    • Host dying, migrating, and rejoining resulting in not being able to be revived upon their return. 
    • Leaving while dead in the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm Fight resulting in loss of function upon rejoining. 
    • Large hitch for Clients loading into a new Circuit session after a Host Migration.
    • Blue VFX from the second stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight persisting for the rest of the fight after Host Migration. 
    • Migration after breaking the final Orowyrm Ring resulting in returning players being unable to complete the fight due to the cutscene not playing properly. 
    • Migration in Undercroft causing one player to be split from the squad into their own session with a randomized Loadout. 
    • Players returning to an Undercroft mission after Host migration as Operator instead of Drifter and getting flung out of the map.  
    • A case of crashing upon migration during the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight. 
    • Fixed Host Migration in Teshin’s Cave and re-joining resulting in the player falling through the world as a “SUIT”.
    • Fixed Host Migration during Orowyrm cinematic putting the players back into the arena with no Orowyrm. 
  • The “Decrees Exhausted” message that occurs when opening up the Decrees menu while at the max amount will now only occur once and then will revert back to the Emote Wheel access. 
    • This fixes the issue where players were unable to access the Emote Wheel at all after hitting max Decrees since they use the same binding. 
  • Added UI notification that clarify why they are waiting in the Undercroft while players are loading or 50% of the players are not in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed remaining in Teshin’s Cave if the player is using the Drifter Appearance Mirror while the rest of their squad teleports to the first Circuit Stage. 
  • Fixed teleporting out of the Undercroft while playing the Shawzin Emote causing players to spawn into the Orowyrm fight in a broken state. 
  • Fixed Decree Fragment clipping into the ground for Clients in various Undercroft tiles. 
  • Fixed Duviri minimap markers not populating properly at the edge of the map. 
  • Fixed Duviri map briefly having the incorrect orientation upon opening it. 
  • Fixed Duviri Fish earned from Maw Feeding not using the rare item pop-up. 
  • Fixed being unable to drive Yareli’s Merulina through the Corrupted Jackal’s dome in the Circuit. 
  • Fixed account progress not being accurately updated in Profile when viewing in Duviri. 
  • Fixed disconnected ground textures in the Circuit tilesets (notably the Amphitheater tile). 
  • Fixed getting swung around violently by the Tubular Bell rope in Duviri if another player shoots it at the same time you interact with it. 
  • Fixed the Decree screen being stuck open when pulled into the Circuit lobby from Duviri. 
  • Fixed a long soft lock/hitch occurring to the third member of a squad that gets Host migrated into a new squad in the Circuit. 
  • Fixes towards objective marker pathing from the Duviri caves to the outside not updating if you take a different exit that isn’t part of the intended path. 
    • It won’t update immediately upon leaving the cave, it’ll update when players are about 50 meters above ground. 
  • Fixed rare issue where Clients could get stuck infinitely loading in Duviri after Host migration. 
  • Fixed picking up items in Duviri as Drifter auto-swapping your equipped weapon to the Sirocco.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Warframe after using Transference immediately after completing the first Undercroft objective in Duviri. 
  • Fixed a grammar error in the confirmation prompt for Duviri Steel Path Circuit reward choice. 
  • Fixed Decree Fragments spawning in the ground in certain Undercroft tiles. 
  • Fixed players remaining in Warframe after using Transference after completing the first Undercroft in Duviri. 
  • Fixed players being stuck in a Warframe T-pose after defeating the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed receiving XP from a previous Orowyrm if you Host Migrated before opening the Chest and loaded into another Duviri mission.
  • Fixed Clients unable to use Transference in the Undercroft after defeating the Orowyrm. 


For those who have ventured through Albrecht’s Laboratories and the Isolation Vaults, you may have become very familiar with the robust shield-wielding Necramech known as Bonewidow. Much of what has changed with Bonewidow in this update matches the Voidrig rework that occurred in the Whispers in the Walls update with the same goals: reducing the difficulty and improving the legibility of their attacks and abilities. 

Ultimately, since defeating enemy Necramechs is key to earning the components needed to build your own personal Necramech, we want their combat sequence to be much more attainable and enjoyable overall!  

The changes below apply to Bonewidows in the Laboratories and in the Isolation Vaults. 

General Changes:

  • Bonewidow can now receive damage anywhere (with damage attenuation) instead of just its weak points. Now, when its weak points are targeted it’ll receive increased damage. 
    • This change should make the fight much less taxing, while still incentivizing players to target weak points. Since it is now susceptible to attacks from all angles, damage attenuation (maximum damage per instance and per second caps) was added to maintain a level of difficulty and prevent it from being one-shot.
  • Bonewidow’s weak points have received a visual upgrade to make them easier to identify. They now appear as vials filled with a liquid substance that can be targeted and destroyed. 
  • Changed Bonewidow’s Archgun from the Mausolon to the Morgha (with modified slower Fire Rate). 
    • Voidrig uses the Mausolon so we wanted to give Bonewidow its own Archgun!
  • Removed the small amount of Shields it had (the stat not its actual physical Shield). 
  • The waypoint for Bonewidow will now appear as red (similar to Voidrig).  
  • Bonewidow enemy level will now show in the HUD. 
  • Fixed Bonewidow not recovering right after missing its dash attack.

Ability & Attack Changes: 

  • General: 
    • Bonewidow will now more frequently alternate between Melee and Ranged attacks to better engage with players. 
    • Added new VFX at the front of Bonewidow during its dash attack to more clearly communicate the damage width.
      • Also fixed a bug where players could get knocked down on the other side of a wall that the Bonewidow dashed into. 
    • Improved the aim direction when Bonewidow is shooting with the Morgha, so that it correctly points its Archgun in the direction of the players it is shooting at. 
  • Firing Line: 
    • Reduced the number of shots per burst from 2 to 1. 
    • Bonewidow will now rotate towards the player before using its Firing Line ability and will stay locked in place for the ability’s duration. 
    • Bonewidow will now pause for a brief moment after Firing Line before continuing other attacks. 
    • Updated the “beams” VFX to launch the “blast” after the beams collapse in on enemies so that the effect looks more impactful. 
      • This change has also been applied to player Bonewidow. 
    • Added new sound FX when Firing Line is cast. 
  • Shield Maiden: 
    • Improved the hitbox of its Shield to make it easier to shoot at and destroy. 
    • Increased Health of the Shield. 
    • Added new VFX when Shield Maiden has been cast (Shield has spawned).  
    • Bonewidow will now stagger when its Shield has been broken. 
    • Added new VFX when you damage its Shield to improve the readability of when it’s about to break. 
    • Added new sound FX for when Bonewidow casts Shield Maiden. 
    • Added new sound FX when the Shield takes damage from players and when it has been broken.
      • The sounds will also adjust based on the amount of damage being dealt to the Shield.   
    • Added new VFX to Shield Maiden’s ranged attack to better communicate when it is coming to help players dodge/escape it. 
  • Ironbride (Melee Attack): 
    • When hit by its Ironbride melee weapon, players will now get pushed back slightly and stagger briefly.
    • Added new 90 degrees rotation animation to help the Bonewidow transition more elegantly during its Melee attacks. 
    • Bonewidow can now perform a 3 hit combo attack with its Ironbride. 
      • This originates from the player version of Bonewidow’s Exalted Ironbride!

Also made the following changes to enemy Voidrigs:

  • Improved the accuracy of the direction enemy Voidrigs will look while they are moving using their dash attack.  


The Orbiter, Railjack, and Drifter Camp have had their lighting system updated to the new GI Volume tech that was first introduced in the Whispers in the Walls update. However, all three locations will continue to receive tweaks to perfect the now-present GI Lighting.

Players will find the Orbiter, Drifter Camp, and Railjack lighting composed of real-time, contrasting lighting elements. We aim to integrate GI Volume lighting to best enhance the spectacle of these areas by portraying the shadows, colors, and character and environmental lighting more closely to how you’d imagine them. 

To be more specific, our GI Lighting creates better parity between how characters and the environment interact with bounced or ambient lighting. Additionally, the interior of your Orbiter uses many more sources of real-time direct light, much more than before! 

Whereas previous surfaces may have used little real-time contributions via baked-in lighting, the uptick in dynamic lighting and improved parity from our GI system allow objects to be more accurately lit within their surroundings, whether moving or static. More dynamic lighting typically means better, more interesting dynamic shadows. The goal is to achieve greater accuracy in character and object lighting within their surroundings! 

The Drifter Camp has introduced new Volumetric Fog systems to enhance the area’s feel. With GI Lighting, characters will be more accurately lit relative to their environment. These lighting systems combined create a new Drifter Camp feel. While this is the same system we used in Albrecht’s Laboratories, this is the first time we’ve tailored it to an outside landscape! We’ve further developed this Volumetric Fog system to better suit outdoor environments. Here, the sun bursts through layers of fog and vegetation, while the Orbiter’s lights illuminate the murky fog in front of the Liset’s teleporter. 

Other GI Volume Lighting Updates:

  • Enabled GI lighting for “glass”/transparent materials on Warframes. Includes (but not limited to) Gara’s glass parts, Sevagoth Glaukus’ transparent parts, Nidus Phryke’s transparent parts, and more. The benefit is that they all look upgraded and improved thanks to the way they interact with areas where GI lighting is enabled. 
    • This fixes Energy colors on Warframes with “glass” materials not taking on their Energy colors and being blown out. This would occur in the Sanctum Anatomica and Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset because it was not playing nicely with the new GI lighting system. So, we’ve enabled GI lighting on these materials so that they interact and look better in these areas!
  • Improved Volumetric Fog’s color grading to avoid oversaturation and darkening issues in some instances. 
  • Made optimizations to when Volumetric Fog Quality is set to HIGH.  
  • Made some bug fixes and improvements to Volumetric Fog’s sampling math. 

If you see any broken lighting in the Railjack, Orbiter and/or Drifter Camp due to the new GI Volume lighting, please include a screenshot in your bug report so our incredible lighting team can investigate. 

The long awaited Kubrow Fur Updates are here! Your loyal canine Companions are now sporting more realistic fur that you’ll want to bury your face into. We’ve made the following updates to Kubrow fur to achieve a more true to life feel: 

  • Improved lighting and shading response in different environments for better texture resolution. 
  • Improved fur density so that it looks softer and fluffier.
  • Added depth to fur color and shading. 
    • Players may want to revisit their Kubrow(s) fur fashion to adjust to their liking in light of these changes! 

The before and after shots below were both taken in the Orbiter with the brand new GI lighting, so the before picture is not perfectly accurate to what you would have seen on the public build before the update, but should give you a good idea of the improvements listed above! 


The above changes only apply to Companion Kubrows for now, Feral/Enemy Kubrows will receive the same updates in a future update. 

Known issue: Changing the colors of the Nexus Fur Pattern leaves your Kubrow with an orange/green skin under fur. 



Representing the Solaris is now possible with your Drifter! The Smelter and Haztech Masks, Pauldrons, Cuirass, Greaves, and Apparel have all been converted to be able to be equipped onto your Drifter. 


Purchasing or crafting any of these customizations will include both the Operator and Drifter variants! For those of you that already own Smelter/Haztech items, the Drifter versions will be added to your inventory upon downloading the update and logging in. 



  • New Somachord Tones have been added to [REDACTED]. Scanning them will unlock the following tracks for your Orbiter’s Somachord: 
    • Entwined Forever
    • Granum Void 
  • Over 100 Albrecht’s Laboratories-themed Dojo Decorations have been added. To help you find them in the list, they are each titled with “Entrati Lab”.
  • Added new End of Mission screen medals for the following game modes:
    • Void Cascade – Most Thrax Kills
    • Void Flood – Most Vitoplast Deposited
    • Void Armageddon – Most Argozene Collected 
  • Added teleport volumes to transversal gaps in the Awakening Quest that require you to Bullet Jump over them and smoothed the collision of the rock walls to make them easier to climb.
    • These changes were made to help players along in their process of learning and familiarize themselves with Warframe’s controls. Now, if you fall into the gaps you will spawn on the other side to proceed through the Quest and won’t be as likely to get stuck while climbing the walls.
  • Added new preset Battlegroups to the Simulacrum to allow for players to summon a variety of enemies in one easy step! Each Squad summons 20 predetermined enemies to test your builds on. Each Squad is unlocked once you have scanned 30% of the Faction — meaning this feature will allow you to spawn in enemies you haven’t fully scanned. Squads are available for the following Factions:
    • Grineer
    • Corpus
    • Infestation
    • Orokin
    • Narmer
    • The Murmur
    • Sentient


  • Player avatars no longer get stuck at corners of obstacles when going up a slope or when sliding along a wall that isn’t perfectly vertical. Sticky corners be gone!
    • This was a consistent issue for Warframe over its development, and the result of this change should be a more fluid movement and parkour experience for players!
  • We have updated Operator Voice Lines for across various Quests, using the voice actors for Drifters introduced with The New War. While we cherish the contributions of our original Operator Voice Actors, our goal was to ensure that the Drifter voice actors play their Operator counterparts. This ensures voice actor consistency across the game, which is especially important in our main narrative story. 
    • The following Quests and scenarios feature the new dialog recordings:
      • The Second Dream
      • The War Within
      • The Sacrifice
      • Apostasy
      • Chimera Prologue
      • Erra
    • In-mission Operator barks (ex: “My Warframe is strong”) have not been touched in this update, but will be revised in a future release.
  • Secondary and Universal Ammo Pickups will now add charges to the Tome Weapons’ (Grimoire and Dante’s Noctua) Alt-Fire. 
    • Since the Grimoire and Dante’s Noctua have infinite ammo, these pickups had no use. So we’ve given them a purpose for the Grimoire and all Tome weapons in the future. 
  • Kubrow/Kavat Incubator changes: 
    • You can now breed a Kubrow/Kavat Companion while also having one equipped at the same time! 
      • How it used to work: Incubating a new Companion would unequip the one currently equipped for the entire duration of the incubation. This also meant you had no access to the other Companion options available. 
      • How it works now: When you incubate a new Companion while also having one equipped, your equipped Companion will remain active in the Incubator segment in your Orbiter. Meaning you will be able to regress its genetic aging, learn more about it, consign, create Imprints and rename the equipped Companion. Once breeding has completed, the Incubator will close up with a notification to claim and name your new Companion. Once you’ve claimed your new furry friend, it will automatically be put into Stasis to access later, and the Incubator will swap back to displaying your equipped Companion. 
      • If you do not have an equipped Companion at the time of claiming the new one, your furry friend will be automatically set to roam your Orbiter instead. 
    • Imprint Menu Improvements:
      • You no longer need to have the Kubrow/Kavat that you want to create Imprints equipped to do so! 
        • Previously: After creating Imprints of the equipped Companion, it would unequip them. 
        • Now: It will still unequip the Companion if you create Imprints of an equipped Companion, but! You can continue to create Imprints of the Companions that aren’t equipped. This avoids having to equip a Companion via the Arsenal, go to Incubator, create Imprints, and go back to Arsenal to equip a new Companion, etc. etc. 
      • Added the option to mature baby Kubrows/Kavats from the Imprint UI. 
        • This prevents players from having to equip the baby Companion via the Arsenal to then mature it at the Incubator. 
        • Once they are mature, you can continue with the Imprint creation process without ever having to leave this screen!
  • Players who did not receive the Gigelor Prime Syandana with their purchase of the Gigelorum Prime Syandana before Thursday, March 4th @ ~3 PM ET, will now have it in their accounts after downloading the update and logging in! The original PSA provides more context for those interested. 
  • The Inactivity Penalty will now cause your Warframe to drop any crucial mission items (ex: Data Mass) if you are inactive while in control of Operator. 
    • This is to allow active players to continue on the mission by picking up those items from the inactive player. 
  • Tyl Regor should attack players more often in his Assassination missions! Made minor improvements to Manic enemy logic in his fight as well.
  • Slightly reduced jittering animation on the Necramite Decoration. 
  • Updated Archimedean Yonta’s Thrax Plasm dialogue prompt to say “Trade in Lua Thrax Plasm”.
  • Updated Trinity’s Blessing description to accurately communicate the damage reduction offered by it. 
    • Previously the description indicated it “[gave allies] some damage resistance”, which is not accurate as damage resistance is a separate mechanic not offered by Blessing.
    • Now reads: “Restore the health and shields of nearby allies while reducing the damage they take from enemies.”
  • Updated various Open World resource descriptions to indicate the planet they are from, and to more clearly communicate acquisition paths for Mining Resources specifically.
  • Updated “Don’t Blow It” Nightwave Act description to reflect the new Disruption Node on Deimos.
  • Removed mention of needing to ride Merulina in the Surging Blades Augment description to indicate it can be used with the new Loyal Merulina Augment.
    • Now reads: “Activate Aquablades when the ability is in use or cooldown to throw one blade. […] No cost to throw with Merulina.”
  • Updated Trinity’s Well of Life ability description to better explain its mechanic: 
    • “Create a well of life on an enemy. Allies near the target gradually regenerate health and are immune to Status Effects. Status Effect damage intended for nearby allies will be absorbed by the enemy. Allies gain additional health when they attack the enemy.”
  • Changed Titania’s Tribute Thorns Ability description from “Damage” to “Damage Reduction” to better specify the buff’s effect. 
  • Updated the materials on the Nidus Phryke Skin to increase the overall level of detail and quality of the textures. 
    • Players may need to tweak their fashion frame to accommodate for these adjustments, but should notice an overall improvement on this Deluxe Skin!
  • To fix cases of infinite bleedout (often from a combination of the Undying Will Mod and Oberon’s Renewal), Bleedout Reduction is now capped at 90%. 
  • Added a new method for calculating the low and high Energy colors to add more depth to the colors. Also made minor changes to Energy color blending on VFX for more depth in the colors. 
  • Made subtle updates to the eye shader. 
  • You can now chat link any and all fish types from the Open Landscapes! 
  • The Manus Sumdali can now be chat linked if you own it. 
  • Changed the “Crystal Clear” (Complete 3 waves of Mirror Defense) Nightwave Act name to “Mirror, Mirror”. 
    • The Act was originally named for Tyana Pass (Mars), since it was the only Mirror Defense node. Now that we have Munio (Deimos), we’ve renamed it to better encompass both!
  • Cross Platform Save players who have not received their Synkra Syandana after attempting to update their email address before Hotfix 35.1.2, now have it in their accounts with this update! 
  • Updated the hit VFX from ranged weapons on environment (ex: the bullet holes) – has the added benefit of being more optimized as well. 
  • Slightly updated the Dojo Research icons. 
  • Updated the following Topaz Archon Embed Bonus descriptions to make them more accurate:
    • “Regenerate X Shields when you kill an enemy with Blast Damage.”
    • “Increase Secondary Critical Chance by X% every time you kill an enemy affected by Heat Status. Max X%.” 
  • Added a unique trait description to Acrid’s upgrade screen: “Shots apply a guaranteed Toxin Status Effect”. 
  • Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance teleport visualization will now not appear if teleportation is blocked or not possible (obstacles in the path, gaps, etc.). 
  • Updated the Grimoire’s primary fire throw and release timing to create a more consistent feeling while firing its projectiles (this is purely a visual change!) 
  • You will now receive a message when attempting to invite a Cross Platform Play player while Cross Platform Play toggle is disabled that informs them they need to turn it on to be able to invite them. 
  • The following Eximus Units will now inherit the abilities/attacks of their base unit: 
    • Ancient – grapple player and pull them in
    • Scorpion – grapple player and pull them in
    • Flameblade – teleport 
    • Brood Mother – spawn Maggots 
    • Heavy Gunner – ground slam
    • Shockwave Moa – shockwave
    • Comba – magnetic attack
    • Sniper Crewman – spawn Ratels 
  • Made improvements to waypoint pathing while under water in a specific Grineer Sealab tile.
  • Updated Mod Drop Chance Booster description to include its impact on Endo and Arcane Drop rates. 
    • Now reads: “Doubles the chance that enemies will drop Mods, Endo, and Arcanes.”
  • Improved default orientation and sizes of 3D previews in the Dojo Decoration menu.
  • Cinta’s main Blueprint is now tradeable! 
  • The Prominence Wisp Totem Decoration can now be donated to the Dojo! 
  • Updated the following Riven Challenges descriptions to better explain what is needed to complete it: 
    • “Get a Headshot kill while Aim Glide” is now “Get a Headshot kill during Aim Glide” 
  • The Grimoire will now be in a closed state when holstered, to prevent weird animation issues.
  • Removed the Narmer Thumper and Narmer Thumper Bull Codex entries, since only the Narmer Thumper Doma can spawn during Narmer Bounties, making it impossible to complete these entries. 
  • Helminth now has the “FEED” button available once you’ve fed it a Resource. Previously you’d get the “FEED” prompt only upon exiting the screen after feeding.


  • Made several optimizations to the memory footprint on all platforms. 
  • Made level memory and level load time optimizations to the Open Landscapes (Orb Vallis, Plains of Eidolon, and Cambion Drift). 
  • Made micro-optimizations to the minimap. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to game code. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to networking CPU usage.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to content loading.
  • Made optimizations to the Chat Link suggestions system. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to the UI system and UI rendering.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script run-time.
  • Made some improvements to prevent freezing while loading into Dojos, Relays, Towns, and Conclave sessions. 
  • Fixed all players in the squad experiencing hitching after hacking one of the Necramech summon terminals in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed swapping Appearance Slots with Heirloom Skins in the Arsenal causing hitching.
  • Made a number of systemic micro-optimizations to string processing. 
  • Made a number of small optimizations to game startup.
  • Optimized the Grimoire in the moment in the Whispers in the Walls Quest when it is first picked up. 
  • Fixed a small hitch that could occur when the friendly Necramite Drones spawn. 
  • Optimized the VFX that occurs after injecting Atropos Probes into Vitreum scanners to prevent it from causing performance issues. 
  • Fixed several spotloads caused by Operator abilities. 
  • Fixed hitch that could occur when opening the Pause menu in an Open Landscape. 
  • Fixed loading hitch caused by Jen Dro when they mimic a Warframe in the Index. 


  • Fixed Shard Ephemeras not properly showing Tauforged VFX for equipped Tauforged Violet, Topaz, and Emerald Archon Shards.
  • Fixed Arctic Eximus creating a brief map-wide slow upon spawning. 
  • Fixed Ally Highlight applying to Sentinels and Companions in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed Lunaro Arena Captura scene forcing players to use Conclave Loadouts. 
  • Fixed being able to Heavy Attack mid-air. Now mid-air Heavy Attacks will perform a Heavy Ground Slam as intended. 
  • Fixed being unable to perform a Melee Ground Slam if started while in Transference. 
  • Fixed Dreamer’s Wrath description stating that it increases Opportunity Window instead of Opportunity Chance. 
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance missing SFX on Heavy Attacks. 
  • Fixed some of Wisp’s abilities not consuming Inner Might upon cast. 
  • Fixed various SFX not being replicated for Clients in Alchemy missions. 
  • Fixed enemies in Grendel’s gut instantly dying if he jumps off a cliff with them inside. Now they will respawn safely on the ledge they were thrown off of.
  • Fixed Energy color not applying to the entirety of the transparent materials of Sevagoth’s Glaukus Shoulder Armor, the Gillychap Shoulder Plate, and Sevagoth Glaukus’ Shadow. 
    • Players may want to tweak their fashion frame to accommodate for this fix! 
  • Fixed Sporothrix’s Volatile Variant Augment Mod not working for Clients. 
  • Fixed being unable to Solo extract from Alchemy missions. 
  • Fixed Helminth flower placement using the locations chosen from a player’s Cross Platform Save PC account, even if they had chosen a Console account as their primary. 
  • Fixed Wolf Sledge and Sigma & Octantis not being able to activate Tennokai (combo counter was still being consumed). 
  • Fixed bug where Hydroid’s Passive Corrosive mark on enemies would not show up for other players.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Passive causing other Armor stripping abilities to not work. 
  • Fixed Disclipline’s Merit’s “Opportunities [for Tennokai] occur every 4 melee hits” not counting all the hits from an Exalted Melee Weapon and standard Melee Weapon when equipped on both. 
  • Fixed Yareli being unable to interact with Operatives in the Abyssal Zone mission while she’s riding Merulina. 
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance path being blocked after swapping to and from Operator. 
  • Fixed the Melee Arcane Adapter not being listed first in the End of Mission screen when rewarded from Netracells. 
  • Fixed the randomize button assigning incompatible weapons to Sentinels and Companions. 
  • Fixed issue where you could end up facing the wrong direction after exiting Nova’s Wormhole if you entered it while Aim Gliding. 
  • Fixed enemies equipped with beam weapons (notably the Fusion Moas) continuing to track and shoot players while they are invisible. 
  • Fixed D-Pad left on controller skipping over the left Emissive Color Slot (when hovering over the right Emissive Color Slot) and instead taking the cursor all the way up to the C Loadout. 
  • Fixed rolling while activating Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability resulting in players being unable to turn while Cloud Walking. 
  • Fixed kills from Styanax’s Final Stand not counting towards the “Power Trip” daily Nightwave Act. 
  • Fixed Vauban’s Minelayer and Bastille not consuming Arcane Steadfast stacks. 
  • Fixed low framerate (below 30 FPS) affecting the efficacy of Damage Attenuation. 
    • A combination of low frame rate and high fire rate/damage weapons was allowing enemies with Damage Attenuation (Archons, Kuva Liches, etc.) to be quickly one-shotted. Basically, low frame rates would extend the time it took for Damage Attenuation to kick-in and ramp up in relation to the damage per second being dealt. We found that this issue was present before the changes we made to Damage Attenuation in the Abyss of Dagath update, but it only really became apparent afterwards due to the increase in maximum damage per damage instance and damage per second. So we’ve fixed this unintended interaction by ensuring frame rate has no impact on Damage Attenuation. For reassurance, this fix has not changed anything about the current intended functions of Damage Attenuation. 
  • Fixed Melee Heavy Slide Attacks not functioning with various mechanics, including but not limited to Tennokai, Heavy Attack Decrees (ex: Salted Wound), etc.
  • Fixed Status Effects negated by Qorvex’s Disometric Guard still causing the Riven Challenges with the “without getting afflicted by a Status Effect” condition to fail. 
  • Fixed Profit Takers Stage 4 cinematic not playing and leading to loss of function in the Steel Path fight. 
  • Fixed equipping a Violet Archon Shard in the rightmost slot of the Embed screen and leaving some of the other slots empty causing the Electricity Damage Bonus to be increased beyond intended values. 
  • Fixed Client weapons only inflicting their damage to enemies in Zephyr’s Tornadoes, but not Status Effects. 
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Tornadoes losing their hitbox for player weapons and lose their adapted Status after reaching the damage cap. 
  • Fixed the Capture target on Jupiter becoming invincible if downed while flying around on their jetpack. 
  • Fixed an issue where if you had any Heavy Attack Efficiency and your Combo Duration was zero, you would immediately get all of your Initial Combo back instead of it regenerating overtime.
  • Fixed the Mandonel retaining a fully charged (unreleased) shot even after performing an action that should reset it as intended (rolling, reloading, etc.). 
  • Fixed Latron Incarnon’s “Swift Punishment” Evolution tooltip missing the  “With Sprint Speed 1.2 or Higher” buff description. 
  • Fixed Familiar and Advances Debt-Bonds rarely showing up in Ticker’s Cases offerings. 
    • Now, the Cases she offers will always include at least 3x Common, 1x Uncommon, 1x Rare Cases to ensure that rare Debt-Bonds can be acquired at any given time. 
  • Fixed case where Survival mission would not start properly if the starting transmission was interrupted by opening the pause menu.   
  • Fixed bug that prevented Gara’s Passive from being triggered by casting Splinter Storm. 
  • Fixed Fishing Spear disappearing from Gear Wheel after being killed and revived in the Heart of Deimos Quest, which caused players to be unable to complete the “The Exocrine Expedition” stage. 
  • Fixed a loss of function after choosing the Relic Pack reward in the Entrati Syndicate’s Rank 2 offerings.  
    • We removed the option to prevent this bug from occuring again. 
  • Fixed Vauban’s Minelayer and Bastille not consuming Arcane Steadfast stacks. 
  • Fixed the Rakta Dark Dagger and Sancti Magistar not giving Shields and Health respectively for damage dealt to enemy Overguard (it previously only counted damage dealt to enemy. Shields & Health). 
  • Fixed context action Finishers not triggering “On Finisher Kill” Arcanes (Arcane Trickery, Arcane Ultimatum, Melee Crescendo). 


  • Fixed part of the Haztech Apparel missing on female Operators. 
  • Fixed Clients experiencing hitches when using the Arsenal in the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed being unable to catch Servofish with Qorvex using the Stunna and Shockprod Fishing Spears.
  • Fixed “Catch X fish without missing a throw” Riven challenges resetting after each throw if attempted with Qorvex.
  • Fixed Archon Shard Coalescent Fusion not displaying a success message upon successful Fusion. 
  • Fixed players without a Clan displaying a rank 0 unnamed Clan in their Profile. 
  • Fixed returning to the Dojo from a mission after successfully Unveiled Rivens not revealing the Riven until players go to their Orbiter. 
    • Now the Riven will be revealed upon returning to the Dojo!
  • Fixed Critical Mutation Catabolyst Mod’s buff incorrectly decreasing if players reload while on Merulina, even if 3 enemies are hit. 
  • Fixed roaming companions (ex: Kavats, Kubrows, etc.) disappearing for Titania if she was in Razorwing during a Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Aerodynamic Mod bonus not applying upon installation, requiring players to re-enter the Upgrade screen for it to work.
  • Fixed Augment Mods in Chat Link previews showing as unowned if they are for Infused Helminth Abilities. 
  • Fixed certain Corpus models being stretched weirdly upon death.
  • Fixed Operators entering bleed out in Stage 11 of The Sacrifice Quest if the player has Last Gasp unlocked.
  • Fixed Operator Suit and Hair appearing before the Operator does during a certain cutscene in The War Within Quest. 
  • Fixed Captura Lights sliders showing large decimal numbers when “3 Light Setup” is toggled off. 
  • Fixed the Lone Guardian being affected by Volt’s Speed in Conjunction Survival missions. 
  • Fixed Dojo Decoration build count increasing when a decoration is previewed. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to pass through a door in Kuva Spy missions. 
  • Fixed a few map holes in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed a floating resource container in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixes towards waypoints leading players on confusing paths in the Ara, Capture mission on Mars.
  • Fixed an unintended symbol appearing in the Infested Ship Tileset skybox. 
  • Fixed a missing map section in an Infested Ship tile.
  • Fixed the littlest typo in Aeolak weapon passive description.
  • Fixed Requiem Obelisk SFX playing over and over if initiated in an area filled with Fass Residue. 
  • Fixed the wrong error message appearing after purchasing an item from a Vendor then unsuccessfully attempting to purchase something via the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed a script error if exiting the game while the Star Chart is open. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Security Node lasers from Corpus capital ships in Empyrean missions. 
  • Fixed missing reload SFX for various weapons while on a K-Drive.
  • Fixed Kullervo missing his Skin selection button in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed Status Effect VFX floating below The Severed Warden instead of on its body. 
  • Fixed a rare case of Railjack fighters not spawning. 
  • Fixed various navigation issues in the Orokin Void tileset. 
  • Fixed various navigation issues in the Orokin Derelict tileset. 
  • Fixed spacing issues between the title text and divider line in the Update screen.
  • Fixed Domestik Drones in Captura Scenes randomly dropping Mods that cannot be picked up (and would stick to Warframe, ruining your photos!). 
  • Fixed issue with Excalibur Umbra’s Noble Animation Set that caused its Bow idle to blend badly with other animations. 
  • Fixed floor piece clipping through neighboring tile in the Orokin Moon tileset. 
  • Fixed being able to escape through the map as Titania in Razorwing in certain areas of the Orokin Moon tileset and Zariman Tileset. 
  • Fixed Qorvex Specter not rotating to face enemies when casting Crucible Blast. 
  • Fixed being able to interact with the Seven Crimes bulletins in Kullervo’s Hold during the fight with Kullervo. 
    • To avoid distracting from the fight or accidentally interacting with them and putting players in a vulnerable position from standing still. Players can still interact with these before or after the fight!
  • Fixed the pause menu getting dragged on top of the camera view of Kullervo’s cell after interacting with one of the bulletins in Kullervo’s Hold. 
  • Fixed the inbox message sent after completing the New War Quest not including the sender based on the end of Quest choice. 
  • Fixed a rare case of Host being unable to return to Cetus from the Plains of Eidolon. 
    • This was caused by the Host transitioning to the Plains of Eidolon from Cetus while Clients were still loading into Cetus. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Gillychap Shoulder Plate on several Warframes (notably Qorvex and Frost).  
  • Fixed a Client crash that could occur from Warframe Specters casting an ability. 
  • Fixed the search bar not pulling up results if there are hyphens and extra spaces between parts of an item’s name. 
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when returning to Orbiter when disconnecting from a fight with the Eidolons. 
  • Fixed transmissions idling on screen if the pause menu was opened while they were active during Solo gameplay.
    • It will now fade out when the menu is opened and will resume after exiting the menu. 
  • Fixed all breakable Storage Containers in Grineer Galleon tileset during the Korm’s Belt Railjack floating above the ground. 
  • Fixed Nova’s Molecular Prime’s horizontal ring VFX being quite visible. Toned it down so that it doesn’t block vision. 
  • Fixed a long texture gap on one of the walls in the Galleon Chamber Dojo Room. 
  • Fixed Skittergirl still haunting a player that loads back into a Zariman mission Solo after Host Migration. 
  • Fixed the text in the Update Screen not fitting in the UI bounds for certain languages. 
  • Fixed an expired Clan advertisement in Maroo’s Bazaar preventing the Founder from leaving their own 1-person solo Clan. 
  • Fixed the blade of a Zaw Melee (specifically with the Sepfahn Strike and the Undercutter Skin equipped) clipping out of the sheath and not staying in the sheath when moving forward.  
  • Fixed the “Dormizone” fast travel option appearing in the pause menu while in the Dormizone during the Duviri Paradox Quest. 
    • Selecting this option would prompt the “Leave Duviri” popup and selecting “Yes” would cause a black screen to occur and the Lotus suddenly saying “Dream” in the spookiest jump scare moment. For the sake of our hearts, we have removed that rogue Dormizone button that didn’t belong there in the first place. 
  • Fixed HUD buff icons lingering and overlapping menu UI. 
    • They will now be hidden if there’s any active UI background when the player Profile is open. 
  • Fixed the Corruption VFX applied to enemies by Void Fissures not applying to all parts of the enemy’s body (notably Grineer helmets). 
  • Fixed fade to black not working properly during the Second Dream’s major cinematic reveal. 
  • Fixed the Grimoire’s default model (no skins equipped) not appearing on the ground after being disarmed by a Drahk Master. 
  • Fixed an objective marker in the Corpus Ship tileset Railjack missions leading players to a stairwell that isn’t necessary to travel to extract. 
  • Fixed Sigils being very bright and blown out in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset and in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed Syndicate Medallions (and other loot) spawning under rubble in the Grineer Shipyards tileset. 
  • Fixed the Rank Up visual and sound FX playing in the “Tune In” Nightwave screen if you have pending rewards. 
  • Fixed an issue where players would be arbitrarily pushed by invisible volumes that are associated with the conveyor belts in the Grineer Shipyards tileset. 
  • Fixed the Solaris Large Access Housing Dojo Decoration having broken textures. 
  • Fixed the Corpus Corporate Flag Dojo Decoration missing its flag and being just a frame. 
  • Fixed an oversized splash VFX appearing when previewing the Waterfall (Gentle) Dojo Decoration. 
  • Fixed the cloth flags on the Ostron Sign (Fish) and Ostron Sign (Fruit) Dojo Decorations floating away from their wooden frames in the preview screen. 
  • Fixed the Sparks Bursting Dojo Decoration not being visible when GPU Particle Quality is disabled. 
  • Fixed several plant Dojo Decorations having partially or fully see-through foliage in the preview screen.
  • Fixed the spores on the Infested Spores Dojo Decoration being flat.
  • Fixed the “placing” yellow diamond still being visible after fully building the Electricity Bolt Dojo Decoration. 
  • Fixed the grid in the Arcane Dissolution screen not displaying correctly when you open it for the first time. 
  • Fixed the Tenno VIP East Sigil having a PH title and description. 
  • Fixed the Tenno VIP East Glyph not having a space between “Tenno” and “VIP” in its name. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Ghoul Devourer losing track of its target during its jump attack. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the lingering VFX from Caliban’s Fusion Strike ability. 
  • Fixed the Shelves and the Somachord in Personal Quarters appearing through the Vignette VFX.  
  • Fixed a script error after logging out while watching an on-hover video. 
  • Fixed the extraction door appearing duplicated and shrunken during the extraction animation in the Orokin Moon and Orokin Derelict tilesets. 
  • Fixed Kullervo and a couple of the items in his cell in Kullervo’s Hold slightly floating above the ground.
  • Fixed rare script error that could occur when hovering over titles in the Syndicate screen. 
  • Fixed an offset issue with the Glissanda Prime Chest Armor when equipped on Wisp Prime with the Somnium Skin. 
  • Fixed enemies in The New Strange Quest not rushing towards the Defense objective. 
  • Fixed crash related to having square brackets in your Clan/Alliance MOTD. 
  • Fixed the gameplay spheres in a couple of Mastery Rank Tests having extremely blown out VFX. 
  • Fixed Kullervo’s cyst being hidden in his neck. Now they should be fully visible and ready for lancing!
  • Fixed some of Yareli’s water having a different wavy motion than its FX. 
  • Fixes towards performance issues caused by multiple Necramech units exploding at once. 
  • Fixed an animation error for the Lotus during The New War epilogue cinematic.
  • Fixed Grendel stumbling at the end of Pulverize if he runs out of energy but still has enemies in his stomach. He should not be stumbling when he has a full belly!
  • Fixed a crash caused by a host migration while the sphincter door is opening at the start of the second stage of Isolation Vault Bounties. 
  • Fixed players seeing duplicate Bounties from Mother in the Necralisk upon returning from the Cambion Drift after completing an Isolation Vault Bounty. 
  • Fixed random artifacting appearing at the top edge of Glyphs. 
  • Fixed cases of resetting Mod Config names sometimes not working. 
  • Fixes towards performance issues in the Dojo caused by a large amount of Tributa Statue decorations. 
  • Fixed Note Beacon and Tributa Statue decoration text being visible through Dojo walls.
  • Conclave Mod Fixes: 
    • Fixed Sword Alone’s Sprint Speed stat description from “+1.3” to “+30%”. 
    • Fixed the Air Thrusters and Deft Tempo Conclave Mods not affecting slide stats. 
    • Fixed the Tactical Retreat Conclave Mod increasing slide friction instead of decreasing it. 
    • Fixed Armored Acrobatics, Deft Tempo and Tactical Retreat not using % in stat descriptions. 
    • Fixed Tempered Bound accidentally reducing slide by too much. 
  • Fixed the Capture target on Copernicus (Lua) getting stuck in a loop near the Extraction location. 
  • Fixed the objective and required Elements waypoints on the Crucible in Alchemy missions overlapping with one another.
  • Fixed a hitch that could occur after opening your Inbox for the first time in a long time and there are many pending messages. 
    • Now, a loader icon will appear to indicate that the messages are loading.
  • Fixed a crash in Grendel’s Locators missions on Europa. 
  • Fixed artifacting issues on the Mod cards in the UI. 
  • Fixed the Free Flight Railjack node on Earth Proxima counting towards the “Mission Complete” (Complete any 15 missions) Nightwave Act. 
  • Fixed several Open Landscape Resources missing the Planet they originate from in their description. 
  • Fixed loss of function when attempting to preview Warframe from Inventory. 
  • Fixed search boxes being case-sensitive for certain Cyriliic script. 
  • Fixed Excalibur being washed out in the in-game Market preview of the Deimos Tribute Pack. 
  • Fixed being unable to Chat Link the Javi Scrawlings if you do not own them. 
  • Fixed Qorvex’s Agile/Noble Animation set causing left hand to clip into Rifle.
  • Fixed the “Most Demolishers killed” medal in the End of Mission screen only being rewarded to Clients and not to the player who actually had the most kills. 
    • Now, the medal is properly awarded to the player who both killed and assisted with killing Demolishers. 
  • Fixed Daughter having Nights of Naberus transmissions (while the event is live) during the Heart of Deimos Quest. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Vitriol Phials in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when idling near a character in the Sanctum Anatomica during the Whispers in the Walls Quest. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to pass through a door that appears unlocked in Pago’s (Kuva Fortress) Vault C room. 
  • Fixed a crash after killing a Deimos Genetrix in the Cambion Drift. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Commodore Prime Suit.
  • Fixed an issue where using Melee attack to switch from Operator to Warframe and then immediately using Transference could leave you with an invisible Operator.
  • Fixed a script error when the Void Angel appeared in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Fixed issues with enemy pathing in the east areas of Duviri. 
  • Fixed a mismatch between movement and animation of NPCs that are on moving platforms. 
  • Fixed multiple Primary Incarnon HUD buffs (Gorgon, Burston, Torrid, Dread, Braton, Paris, and Ghoulsaw) using a generic icon instead of their own. 
  • Fixed issue where certain characters in cinematics would be facing the wrong way. 
  • Fixed one of Dread Incarnon’s Evolution missing localized text. 
  • Fixed shading issues on the Octavia Iridos Skin. 
  • Fixed kneeling Warframe from login screen overlapping onto the pause menu if it is opened immediately after logging in. 
  • Fixed some edge cases where AI would not correctly path towards their target and could spin around in circles. 
  • Fixed some of Qorvex’s dash animations being cut short when using Amalgam Barrel Diffusion.
  • Fixed the inbox messages for The War Within and The Call of Tempestarii not allowing for replay of the opening Quest cinematic. 
  • Fixes towards Decorations in the Dormizone room that are located near the cave entrance hallway door being affected by that room’s lighting.
  • Fixed receiving random Deimos resources if you joined a public Cambion Drift mission, left, and joined another Cambion Drift mission.
  • Fixed staying too close to the Plans of Eidolon door during extraction can cause the door not to load. 
  • Fixed Nyx’s Psychic Bolts may cease to apply non-damage effects to targets after playing for a short time for Clients.
  • Fixed canceling Yareli’s Riptide by entering Operator mode desyncing future Riptide casts.  
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance causing sudden camera movement when using the Syam.
  • Fixed inability to spawn the Hurling Fragment and Shuffling Fragment in the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed being able to place Decorations close to the Dagath Prex card in Dagath’s Hollow Dojo Room if the decorator had picked it up. 
    • This resulted in being able to block other players from picking up the Prex Card through decoration placement!
  • Fixes towards Grineer ships appearing in Archon Hunt mission skyboxes for Clients.
  • Fixed an explosive barrel in The New War Quest being inconsistent to other barrels. All as one. 
  • Fixed a floating landscape element and unintended blocking volume in the Cambion Drift. 
  • Fixed players being able to get stuck in the corner of a Grineer Forest tile. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Corpus Outpost tileset.  
  • Fixed a map hole in the Corpus Gas City tileset. 
  • Fixed cases of being stuck in an infinite fall loop in the Lua tileset. 
  • Fixed slight clipping between two tiles in the Orokin Derelict tileset. 
  • Fixes towards a floating Senta Turret in the Infested Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed a case of broken waypoint pathing in Amar Archon Hunt missions. 
  • Fixed a case of endless mirror reflection in a specific Zariman tile. 
  • Fixed being able to walk underwater in a specific pond in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed missing collision for a Grineer structure in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed Operator skin appearing very shiny when previewing Operator Cosmetics. A little blotting paper goes a long way! 
  • Fixed missing pedestal in the Chamber of the Lotus Captura Scene when in a squad. 
  • Fixed several Infested Dojo Decorations having broken preview models in the preview screen.
  • Fixed performance issues caused by Eximus enemies taking up most of a player’s screen. 
    • Now their Eximus FX will fade out when seen up close to address this issue!
  • Fixed Gauss Prime and Acceltra Prime build requirements descriptions incorrectly referencing Disruption missions.
  • Fixed loss of function for controller users when closing a menu while the cursor is hovering over a notification in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • Fixed being trapped in the Ropalolyst Arena if a host migration occurs after the Ropalolyst has been killed. 
  • Fixed Operator faces becoming distorted when using the New Loka Piloting and Combat emotes. 
  • Fixed the icon for the Valkyr Carnivex Animation Set appearing stretched in the in-game Market. 
  • Fixed the Gara statue in the Ballroom Simulacrum missing its glass shoulder and back pieces. 
  • Fixed glow FX on the Orphix field locks lingering even after hitting them with Orvius during the Teshin stage of The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed Grimoire’s firing and angles being broken when used with Wisp’s Animation Sets. 
  • Fixed the Vulkar (base and Wraith) being misaligned in Warframe’s supporting hand (left), causing the fingers to clip through the body of the weapon. 
  • Fixed an issue where inbox messages coming from Quests and other places would end up having a timestamp of Jan 1st, 1970 and being impossible to mark as read or delete. Shoutout to the inbox messages that have been holding it down for 54 years.
  • Fixed several instances of Albrecht’s name being misspelled across many languages. 
  • Fixed the settings screen after logging in for the first time after account creation displaying the wrong default values for some settings while using a controller. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos performs a finisher on you. 
  • Fixed a crash in the Call of Tempestarii Quest after Vala cinematic in the final stage. 
  • Fixed the Helminth Cyst spawning inside of Gauss Prime’s Helmet instead of on his neck, making it near impossible to see. 
  • Fixed the Red Veil Knee Guards being misaligned on Mag’s Voidshell Skin.
  • Fixed being unable to update the Vignette in the Personal Quarter’s and getting this message “Failed to set new diorama. Please try again later”.
  • Fixed the Artisan Abacus Desk Dojo Decoration having a spelling error in its name.  
  • Fixed Puncture’s tooltip incorrectly indicating that it has a 90% damage reduction at max instead of the intended 80%. 
  • Fixed a typo in one of Qorvex’s ability tips.  
  • Fixed the Impetus Prime Syandana not sitting in its intended spot on Warframe’s back. 
  • Fixed one of the robotic arms in the Grineer Ocean tileset missing collision, which meant players could walk right through it. 
  • Fixed lizard in Drifter Camp being stuck t-posing in the ground by the water. 
  • Fixed some minimap marker inconsistencies when they overlap. 
  • Fixed a script error when choosing a gift recipient from a list of players with the same name. 
  • Fixed a soft lock occurring when attempting to load into the first stage of a replay of The War Within Quest. 
  • Fixed crash caused by a combination of ragdolled enemies and Titania’s Razorwing. 
  • Fixed the number 99 appearing in the Upgrade screen when another player’s Xianlong Ephemera passes through the UI while in a Relay/Town. 
  • Fixed a HUD error with the Grimoire. 
  • Fixed tooltips at times not using the selected UI theme (in screen where UI themes are supported). 
  • Fixed Protea’s Grenade Fan projectiles sometimes not firing properly. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by casting Warframe ability while in ragdoll after being yeeted off K-Drive. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Client leaving the mission while Chroma’s Elemental Ward is active. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the ceiling of a tile in the Second Dream Quest. 
  • Fixed map hole in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed getting teleported out of bounds by entering a map hole in Zariman Cascade missions as Titania in Razorwing form. 
  • Fixed a script error when awakening Void Angel in the Zariman
  • Fixed Stalkers spawned using the Stalker Beacons sometimes attacking after their death.
  • Fixed players getting a downed/revived UI message when a squadmate’s Necramech exploded in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed Aborting to Orbiter then traveling to Necralisk resulting in loading into the Sanctum Anatomica.
  • Fixed progression stopper in Isolation Vault Bounty due to the Host Migrating right as Client player throws the Bait at the door.
  • Fixed various Codex objects in Orb Vallis unable to be scanned after completing The New War.
  • Fixed the following issues in Afentis’ Unique Trait description:
    • Incorrect Reload Speed values – It was showing 100% when it is intended to be 50%.
    • Not showing values for Fire Rate and Ammo Maximum. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.1.2

  • Release date: February 28th 2024 (North America, Europe) / February 29th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Tusk Dargyns will no longer spawn in the Plains of Eidolon during Saya’s Vigil Quest. 
    • Killing these airborne enemies can be a challenge for new players, so we have removed them as they could prevent players from progressing through the Quest. 
  • Players with Overguard are now immune to the slow effect from enemy Necramech’s Necraweb ability. 
  • Slightly turned down the Grimoire’s projectile firing and impact sounds. 
  • Tweaked Konzu’s transmission timing when completing Eidolon Hunt Bounties. 

Cross Platform Save Change:

  • Changed how the Synkra Syandana is delivered based on Cross Platform Save linking status: 
    • Prior to this Hotfix, the Syandana was exclusively rewarded for including an email address in the Console “Account” tab in Settings. Now, once a player has linked a Console account, they will automatically receive the Synkra Syandana instead of going through the aforementioned steps. 
      • Note: Console players who have not linked accounts will still be able to receive the Synkra Syndana by adding their email address in the “Account” tab in Settings (full steps on how to do so here). 
    • Moving forward, the email address option will no longer appear for Cross Platform Save Console accounts. This is so that we can prevent potential issues associated with being able to change your email address to something other than your PC account’s address (which is required to retain your PC login access). 
    • For Cross Platform Save players who have not received their Synkra Syandana after attempting to update their email address before this Hotfix, the Dante Unbound Update in March will deliver it to you once it has launched.


  • Fixed Overguard earned on Warframe in Duviri from the Killer’s Confidence Decree causing players to be indefinitely invulnerable in the Undercroft. 
    • Now, Overguard earned from the Decree will be cleared from Warframe after entering the Undercroft. 
  • Fixed Lohk Surges not spawning in Zariman missions when started from the Chrysalith immediately after completing the Angels of Zariman Quest. 
    • This also resolves being unable to progress in Bounties that had the “Find and activate X Lohk Surges”. 
  • Fixed Companions being able to pick up Keyglyphs in the Anchorhold, which would prevent Squads from being able to interact with the terminal to begin the search for the Netracell. As reported here:
  • Fixed the Munio, Mirror Defense mission not counting towards the “Crystal Clear” Nightwave Act (Complete 3 waves of Mirror Defense). 
  • Fixed case where pre-New War players replaying the Vox Solaris Quest could matchmake with post-New War players after selecting a Bounty in Fortuna. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to use the interactable Blinkpads in Open Landscapes. 
  • Fixed casting Grendel’s Feast on the Dax Equitem in Duviri causing the Dax to disappear off his Kaithe, rendering the fight impossible to complete. 
    • To prevent similar issues from occurring, the Dax Equitem is now properly immune to Warframe CC abilities as intended for a mini-boss. 
  • Fixed unread Clan/Alliance Inbox messages at times causing players to be unable to login. 
  • Fixed Clients at times falling out of the map after rush chomping while Maw Feeding in Duviri. 
  • Fixed being able to pull out a fishing spear while Titania is in her Razorwing form, causing the player to lose functionality. 
  • Worth noting that she was never able to actually use the spear in this form, as intended.
  • Fixed the Railjack Cephalon Blueprint still being available for purchase in the in-game Market. 
    • Since the Whispers in the Walls Update, the Blueprint is now sent via Inbox message after starting the Rising Tide Quest from the Codex – so there is no longer a need for it to still appear in the Market.
  • Fixed physics getting whacky after using Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillar to dive into a Sanctuary Onslaught portal or to approach the closed Fortuna elevator doors in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed the Shard Hex and Shard Bane Ephemeras not properly reflecting the correct yellow color of embedded Amber Archon Shards. 
  • Fixed Translocators (where enemies spawn from) in The Index missions creating a huge field of low-rest blue particles that hang in the air indefinitely. 
  • Fixed extreme blowout VFX after equipping the Bloodshed Sigil on both the front and back of your Warframe and setting its colors to white. 
    • We’re aware of a similar issue occurring with the Catena Prime Ephemera. 
  • Fixed the Legacy Mastery Sigil not appearing correctly for certain Legendary Mastery Ranks. 
  • Fixed a crash after placing a Domestik Drone in the Orbiter and going to the Drifter Camp Captura Scene. 
  • Fixed a script error in Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.1.1

  • Release date: February 21st 2024 (North America, Europe) / February 22nd 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Top Fix: 

  • Fixed not receiving rewards after completing the first rotation of an Alchemy mission, as reported here

Cross Platform Play/Save Changes & Fixes: 

  • Founders items can now be accessed on platforms other than PC when the chosen Primary Account is on a Console platform. 
    • We want to thank our Founders for their continued support from the start and are honored to have them here with us to enjoy Cross Platform Play and Save almost 11 years later! We greatly appreciate our day 1 supporters and thoroughly enjoy seeing them continue to sport their Founders gear. If you still can’t access your Founders items on your primary Console account after this Hotfix, please submit a ticket to
    • Note: The Excalibur Prime Dark and Bright Glyphs are not accessible at the moment, but we will have a follow up fix to ensure they are in the near future!
  • Fixed the PlayStation-exclusive Obsidian Syandana being visible and equippable from the Drifter Clothing menu on other Platforms via Cross Platform Save. 
  • Fixed players who linked their iOS account for Cross Platform Save not receiving the iOS Pre-Order / Day 1 Rewards (Bombyx Syandana and 3-Day Affinity Booster) in their Cross Platform Save accounts.
    • For affected accounts, an inbox message containing the rewards will be delivered after downloading this Hotfix and logging in.


  • Lowered the Akbolto’s Mastery Rank requirement from 9 to 8. 
    • The Akbolto is a manufacturing requirement for the Akjagara, which is a Mastery Rank 8 weapon, so we reduced it so that players can craft the Akjagara without having to reach Mastery Rank 9.  

Warframe – Ver. 35.1.0

  • Release date: February 20th 2024 (North America, Europe) / February 21st 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


The next batch of changes to improve the new player experience are here! In this update, we  address Quest progress obstacles and rebalance the Fortuna Syndicates rank-up requirements to make them more accessible. 

Quest Changes

Saya’s Vigil Quest Changes: 

  • “Locate the Shatter-Lock pieces” stage: 
    • The Grineer Armored Vault in the Plains of Eidolon that contains one of the Glass Shards that needs to be scanned will now be opened by default. 
      • Before, you would have to interact with the unlock terminal for the doors to open. This made finding the Glass Shard difficult, as players would, understandably, overlook the locked Vault. 
    • Moved the Glass Shard in the Grineer Armored Vault from a hard to see corner to the floor. 
    • Added a highlight to the Glass Shard to make them more visible. 
  • “Board Hek’s Galleon” stage: 
    • Reduced the level of enemies from 5-8 to 4-5. 
    • Reduced the level of the Nox that players have to defeat to progress from 12 to 7. 

The Sacrifice Quest Changes: 

  • Added 60x Kuva to the “Explore Lua” mission rewards. 
    • Since 60x Kuva is required to craft Excalibur Umbra to proceed in the Quest, we want to prevent players from having to interrupt their Quest flow in order to obtain some. 

Vox Solaris Quest Changes: 

  • “Talk to Thursby in Fortuna” stage: Lowered the Health of the Corpus Spy Drone (from 8,000 to 2,500) you have to shoot down and hack to progress. 

Solaris United & Vox Solaris Syndicate Sacrifice Changes: 

The Rank-up Sacrifices for Solaris United and Vox Solaris have undergone a rebalance! Both have had their requirements significantly reduced to help make these Syndicates much more accessible for players. We also made some slight changes to the Rank requirements of some of Little Duck’s Offerings – read on for specifics on all of the above! 

Solaris United Sacrifice Changes: 

  • Rank 1 “Outworlder”
    • Training Deb Bonds – Reduced to 2 (was 13)
  • Rank 2 “Rapscallion”
    • Shelter Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (was 15) 
    • Training Debt Bonds – Reduced to 2 (was 12) 
  • Rank 3 “Doer”
    • Medical Debt Bonds – Reduced to 4 (was 13) 
    • Shelter Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (was 15) 
    • Training Debt Bonds – Reduced to 2 (was 10) 
  • Rank 4 “Cove”
    • Advances Debt Bonds – Reduced to 5 (was 13) 
    • Medical Debt Bonds – Reduced to 4 (was 10) 
    • Shelter Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (was 12) 
  • Rank 5 “Old Mate” 
    • Familial Debt Bonds – Reduced to 5 (was 10) 
      • Advances Debt Bonds – Reduced to 5 (was 12) 
      • Medical Debt Bonds – Reduced to 3 (was 12) 

Vox Solaris Sacrifice Changes: 

  • Rank 1 “Operative” – No changes
  • Rank 2 “Agent” 
    • Gyromag Systems – Reduced to 1 (was 8) 
    • Vega Toroid – Reduced to 1 (was 5) 
  • Rank 3 “Hand” 
    • Atmo Systems – Reduced to 1 (was 5) 
    • Calda Toroid – Reduced to 1 (was 5) 
  • Rank 4 “Instrument” 
    • Repeller Systems – Reduced to 1 (was 3) 
    • Sola Toroid – Reduced to 1 (was 5) 
  • Rank 5 “Shadow” 
    • Repeller Systems – Removed (was 3) 
    • Crisma Toroid – Reduced to 1 (was 3) 

Little Duck’s Offerings Rank Changes: 

  • Changed the Vox Solaris Rank requirement for purchasing Gyromag Systems from Rank 3 to Rank 1 and changed Atmos Systems from Rank 3 to Rank 2. 
    • Since Rank 2 requires a Gyromag System Sacrifice, and Rank 3 requires an Atmo Systems Sacrifice, we adjusted their Rank requirements so that players could acquire them with Standing to rank up. This logic was already applied to the Repeller Systems, which you can purchase at Rank 3 and need for the Rank 4 & 5 Sacrifices, so we did the same with these. 


New Earth Junction Reward: “Dreamer’s Bond” Aura Mod
Upon completing the Earth Junction, players will now be rewarded with a new Aura Mod: 

Dreamer’s Bond
Squad receives +0.3 Energy Regen/s and +1.5 Health Regen/s. 

The intent is to get new players familiar with Aura Mods earlier in the game. Which is also why we have temporarily assigned it the Madurai Polarity, which matches the Aura Slot for our starter Warframes Mag and Volt (Excalibur has an unassigned Aura Polarity). We will be changing its Polarity to Universal (can be equipped onto any Aura Polarity to increase mod capacity) in the Dante Unbound update, so that all Warframes can benefit from equipping it!

Acquiring outside of Junction:
For those who have already completed the Earth Junction, Dreamer’s Bond will be sent via inbox message upon login after downloading this update. We have also added it to the Nightwave Cred Offerings rotation! 


  • To celebrate the launch of Warframe on iOS, the new Starter Weapon Pack is available for purchase on all platforms (one per account) and includes: 
    • Aeolak Rifle (Max Rank) 
    • Serration Mod (Max Rank) 
    • 100 Platinum 
  • New Somachord songs are now available at Varzia’s Prime Resurgence Offerings for Aya! Enjoy the signature themes of these Prime Warframe that were featured in their respective trailers.  
    • Gauss Prime Theme (also known as “Redline”
    • Grendel Prime Theme 
    • Gara Prime Theme
    • Hildryn Prime Theme
    • Hydroid Prime Theme
    • Khora Prime Theme
    • Nekros Prime Theme
    • Nidus Prime Theme
    • Oberon Prime Theme
    • Octavia Prime Theme
    • Revenant Prime Theme
    • Vauban Prime Theme
      • Note: The Somachord songs may take a moment to appear in Varzia’s Offerings – rest assured that they will be there momentarily after the update has launched!

Cross Platform Play/Save Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixed being unable to progress in the Awakening Quest after Merging an account that had completed with an account that hadn’t yet.  
  • Fixed Exalted Weapons losing their progress after merging accounts. 
    • Since a Warframe can only have a singular Exalted Weapon, the Primary account would override the Secondary’s Exalted Weapon progress, regardless of its state. Now, when accounts are merged, the account with the Exalted Weapon that has more Forma and Rank/Affinity will be prioritized. 
  • Fixed the warning pop-up informing players that they cannot trade Platinum with Nintendo Switch accounts (as intended with the Platform specifications for Cross Platform Trading & Gifting) stating that the trade has failed instead of specifying why. 
    • This would occur specifically when adding Platinum to the Trade window after another item or after attempting to add it a second time. 
  • Fixed cases where players would not be properly Host Migrated if the Host was on a Console platform. 
  • Fixed having both an incubating and equipped Companion active at the same time after merging an account that is Incubating a Companion with an account that has a Companion equipped. 
    • Now, when merging accounts in these states, the equipped Companion will be unequipped. 
  • Fixed players on other platforms being unable to add an Xbox player as a friend if they had spaces in their alias. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where the “You are already logged in. Login here and terminate the other connection?” message would pop up repeatedly after linking a Console account to a brand new PC account and using the Companion App. 
  • Fixed Operator/Drifter Configs not retaining their assigned customizations after making a Console account the primary during merge. This would often appear as if Config A’s customizations had been copied over to all Configs. 
    • Any future merges will now take the primary account’s Configs. For existing merges, the Configs have been reverted to those from the primary account.
  • Fixed case where you could end up with more Loadouts than Loadout Slots after merging accounts.
    • This was caused by Loadout Slots from the Initiate Power Pack and those from Mastery Ranks not carrying over into the merged account. Players would see, for example, “SLOTS 4/3” in the Loadout screen after merging.
      • Note: Merged accounts that were created from an account with the max amount of purchasable Slots (24) with one that also had a lot of Loadouts will likely still have more Loadouts than Slots even with the above fix. These Loadouts are still accessible/usable, but in order to create new Loadouts you will have to get below the 24 Slot limit by deleting some.  

Albrecht’s Laboratories Changes & Fixes: 

  • Enemies hit with Amphor’s AOE will now count towards the “Hit Enemies with X Amphor” Alchemy Bounty Challenge. 
    • Previously, the challenge required a direct hit to count as progress towards the challenge, so we made it much more forgiving. In light of this change, we have slightly increased the required amount of enemies needed to hit to complete the challenge now that it is easier to gain progress: 
      • Low tier Bounty: From 5 to 6
      • Mid tier Bounty: From 10 to 12
      • Higher tier Bounty: From 15 to 18
  • Vitreum scanning duration now scales according to squad size in the Effervo Assassination mission: 
    • Solo player: 30 seconds
    • Two players: 27 seconds
    • Three players: 24 seconds
    • Full squad: 20 seconds (this was the original duration for all squad sizes prior to this change) 
  • Removed the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” challenge from Alchemy Bounties. 
    • There was an issue with not enough Sarcophages spawning in Alchemy Bounties, making it impossible to complete the challenge, so it has been removed. 
  • Added an eyelid to the Vitreum that reacts based on its various scanning states. 
  • Fixed only 3 Acolytes spawning in total during Steel Path Alchemy missions. 
    • They will now continue to spawn in intervals as they usually do in endless mission types. 
  • Fixed the maximum number of Vitreums that can be activated simultaneously in the Effervo Assassination mission not scaling based on Squad size if started from Sanctum Anatomica’s navigation. 
  • Fixed Netracell Keyglyphs equipping onto the player closest to the terminal instead of the player that actually selected it. 
  • Fixed Clients seeing Keyglyph names in the Host’s language instead of their own in the pop-up that occurs when picked up.
  • The Netracell search radius will now gradually shrink rather than suddenly jump after hacking the Pom-3 terminals. 
  • Repositioned and condensed the Netracell objective text so that it takes up less screen space. 
  • Fixed Exhaustion Keyglyph’s Energy drain causing the Sanguine Keyglyph to trigger and deal Bleed Status in Netracell missions. 
  • Fixed Host migration causing the next round of pressure vents in Alchemy missions to spawn far from the Crucible’s location. 
  • Fixed Clients switching to their Primary weapon after throwing an Amphor in Alchemy missions instead of their Secondary if they had it equipped upon picking up the Amphor. 
  • Fixed another section in the Netracell being accessible and bypassed by Titania in Razorwing.
  • Fixed enemies continuing to spawn outside of The Fragmented’s arena (Effervo, Assassination node) after Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Murmur Eyes visually lingering after killing their Hurling Fragments with damage over time effects at the same time they expire. 
  • Slight timing tweak to when the audio transmission plays after hacking the terminal in the Persto, Deimos Survival mission. 
  • Made tweaks (pacing, repeat frequency, etc.) to the audio transmissions in the Deimos Assassination (Effervo), Alchemy (Cambire), and Netracell missions. 
  • Made an extremely minor tweak to Eximus units spawn timing in Alchemy missions so that they spawn a tad faster.  
  • Fixed lighting issue that would cause the depth fog to pop randomly in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 


  • You will no longer be forcibly dismounted from your Kaithe in Duviri when near the Table for Two and Void Mirror objectives. In its place, a message will pop up to inform players that they must dismount first. 
    • Players are also no longer blocked from mounting Kaithe while engaged with these objectives. 
    • This initial restriction was added due to players on Kaithes causing animation issues for their mirrored Operators. Now your Mirror version will disappear when you are on a Kaithe to prevent those animation issues from occurring.
  • Adjusted Riven type drop rates in Sorties, Archon Hunts, Steel Path Circuit, Nihil’s Oubliette and Acrithis’ and Pallidino’s Veiled Riven Offerings to be more proportional to weapon ratios.
    • In all Riven sources other than Sorties and Archon Hunts, each Riven type has had an equal chance of being rewarded, meaning you are as likely to get a Kitgun Riven as you are a Melee Riven, despite Kitgun Rivens having 6 possible weapons and Melee having well over 100. Now, Kitguns and Zaws are the least likely to be rolled, followed by (in ascending order) Shotguns, Rifle, Pistol, and Melee. This order is applied to both guaranteed and drop table Rivens: 
    • Drop rates for guaranteed Rivens (Acrithis, Pallidino, and Nihil’s Oubliette): 
      • Kitgun 3.5%
      • Zaw 3.5% 
      • Shotgun 8%
      • Rifle 25% 
      • Pistol 25% 
      • Melee 35% 
    • Drop rates for each type have been adjusted in places where Rivens are only a portion of the drop tables (Sorties, Archon Hunt, Duviri Steel Path Circuit). The total chance for a Riven remains the same (ex: Sorties still have a total 28% chance of rewarding a Riven). For full details, visit the public drop tables. 
  • Thrax Centurions and Legatus enemies will now clear all active Status Effects when transitioning to their spectral forms.
    • They were already immune to new Status Effects in their spectral form, but any Status Effects they had before transitioning would still persist. This led to issues such as their transition animation being slowed down considerably by Cold Status Effects that were inflicted while in their corporeal form. 
  • Refined the volume of Tombfinger’s explosion sound effects.
  • Removed the “Arcane” button from the Foundry. 
    • When the Arcane Segment was added to the Orbiter in 2022, this button was left in the Foundry as a means for players to get used to the new location. Now that it’s been over a year, the Arcane Segment is officially the spot for all things Arcanes!


  • Made optimizations to level loading and texture streaming to improve load times for systems that can only render at 30 FPS.

Top Fixes: 

  • Fixed Operator getting stuck infinitely Void Blasting after switching from Warframe to Operator while auto-meleeing. 
    • We are aware of and investigating other issues related to Auto-Melee that we’re hoping to fix for Dante Unbound. 
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability not activating Tennokai. 
  • Fixed alt-fire for Secondary weapons and Incarnon Mode not activating when dual wielding with Glaive. 
  • Fixed certain Arcanes (including but not limited to: Arcane Victory, Arcane Avenger, and Arcane Grace) having “0” in their Buff icons instead of the actual stat. 
  • Fixed the Grimoire’s alt-fire not benefitting from Multishot Mods. 
    • Multishot Mods will now properly increase its alt-fire’s chain depth. 
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Tornadoes having an unintended damage cap of 500k. 
    • The cap was causing Tornadoes to lose their adapted Elemental Damages and the ability to absorb new source damage once it had been hit. 
    • Additionally, we fixed Electricity damage endlessly chaining between enemies in the Tornadoes and unintentionally contributing to the absorbed damage total. 
  • Fixed being able to gain Melee Combo by unconventional means if your Melee Combo Duration was negative. Indirectly also fixed Heavy Attacks not consuming from Combo Counter when Melee Combo Duration was negative. 
  • Fixed weapons with a higher max Melee Combo Multiplier (such as Venka Prime) being unable to increase their Combo Counter beyond 12x (and resetting to 0) when using the Rauta and Tandem Bond Mod. 
  • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive in the Upgrades screen of the Arsenal after switching from keyboard/mouse to controller by using the shoulder buttons to swap between categories. 
  • Fixed Melee Animosity no longer functioning after activating and deactivating Titania’s Razorwing. 
  • Fixed Melee Animosity not triggering on Glave hits while dual wielding with Secondary weapon. 
  • Fixed Melee Influence’s buffs applying to clones spawned from Warframe abilities (ex: Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones). 
    • While this has been a popular combination, it has also been the source of many severe performance issues that can crash players. We have removed this interaction in the name of stability for the game. 
  • Fixed Primary and Melee Arcanes being triggered by Secondary Weapons while on K-Drive/Merulina.
  • Fixed Melee Influence being triggered by Dual Ichor Incarnon’s Toxin fields.  
    • Melee Influence is intended to trigger “On Melee Electricity Status” and not from secondary effects (as they are not considered direct Melee hits). Since the Toxin fields deal damage independently of Melee attacks, it does not meet the Arcane’s criteria of triggering only if the Electricity Status originates from the weapon in hand.
  • Fixed Last Gasp getting canceled (and as a result killing Operator/Drifter) after hitting the Melee attack binding. 
    • Now, the Melee attack binding needs to be held down to end Last Gasp before it times out. 
  • Fixed Clients experiencing a complete loss of functionality if they are Maw Feeding while Host starts the Dax Equitem fight in Duviri. 
  • Fixed a bug with Trinity’s Well of Life and self-stagger-inducing weapons that allowed Thumpers in the Plains of Eidolon to be one-shot. 
    • In order to address this bug, the Well of Life wisps will no longer spawn from self-staggering and as an additional precaution to prevent similar issues from occurring, they now negate 5% (previously 10%) of the maximum Health of non-ability immune bosses (non-boss targets still receive 10%). While we understand this may have been a popular way to use the ability, the interaction with certain boss units, such as Thumpers, allowed players to bypass the intended gameplay loops that make these units challenging in comparison to standard enemies. 
  • Fixed loss of function after selecting the “Visit Maroo” button from the Ayatan Treasures screen when accessed from the Arsenal. 
    • This button will no longer appear if accessing the Ayatan Treasures screen from the Arsenal (Upgrade > Mods > Ayatan Treasures). 
  • Fixed Orokin Eye and Kahl Beacon not consuming Air Support Charges.
  • Fixed being unable to do the quick time event in the “She Gives, We Live” stage of The New War Quest with a controller. 
  • Fixes towards network issues causing Mastery Rank Test completions to register as failures. 
    • In extreme cases, where you lose network connection for 30 seconds or more, it is likely that you can still be forcibly disconnected and mark the Test as failed as a result. We have added a loading spinner to help inform you that we are waiting for network issues to pass to save test results. 

General Fixes: 

  • Fixed a combination of Magus Aggress and the Tenacious Bond Mod (when equipped on both Khora’s Venari and Companion) causing buff icons to disappear.
  • Fixed being unable to swap Polarities on a Melee weapon if you do not own the Tennokai Segment. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Status Effects spreading from Melee Influence. 
  • Fixed failing first attempt at the Mastery Rank 19 stealth Test causing enemies to spawn facing the player and detecting them immediately – ultimately causing them to fail the test. 
  • Fixed Gauss’ Noble Animation Set having a noticeable “pop” when looping – it has been smoothed out for a more seamless loop! 
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra’s Exalted Blade not draining Energy after being disarmed while dual wielding with Glaive. 
  • Fixed Exalted Melee weapons (ex: Excalibur’s Exalted Blade) experiencing animation issues if they were deactivated after parrying. 
  • Fixed being unable to switch back to Secondary weapon after hitting the “Switch Weapon” binding while Exalted Melee weapon is active and you don’t have a Primary weapon equipped. 
  • Fixed the Aero Set Mods unintentionally increasing the duration of Double Tap’s “20% Bonus Damage on next Shot for 2s” buff. 
  • Fixed Weapon Mods and Arcanes that have “on kill” effects (such as Primary Merciliness, Galvanized Chamber, etc.) being triggered all at once upon entering a Rampart Turret. 
  • Fixed the Akarius appearing in Teshin’s Cave instead of Akarius Prime if you own both. 
  • Fixed the Grimoire’s Default Config in Teshin’s Cave using Rifle Mods instead of Secondary Mods. 
  • Fixed the blue VFX from the Kaithe stage of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight lingering for the rest of the fight after Host migration. 
  • Fixed opening pause menu while transitioning from Open Landscape to Town (ex: Orb Vallis to Fortuna) leading to a loss of function. 
  • Fixed an objective marker in Octavia’s Anthem Quest leading players into a room that has a difficult to find exit. The marker has been adjusted to properly guide players to where they should be going. 
  • Fixed Argo & Vel being unable to damage enemies through bushes/foliage in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Argo Mace (of the Argo & Vel Melee weapon) turning invisible after exiting the Shawzin Emote (including when playing it as an  objective in Duviri). 
  • Fixed Endo and Orokin Catalyst/Reactor Blueprints missing from the Sortie & Archon Hunt rewards UI in the world state window.
  • Fixed the friendly Necramech in the “Locate Father Within the Cambion Drift” stage of the Heart of Deimos Quest dropping resources from Albrecht’s Laboratories instead of the Cambion Drift. 
  • Fixed the Shadows created from Sevagoth’s Shadow Haze Augment not using the Glaukus Skin if equipped.  
  • Fixed Riven Challenge descriptions in the Challenges screen being cut short. 
  • Fixed Father using unranked Entrati Syndicate voice lines regardless of what Rank you are in the Entrati Syndicate. 
  • Fixed Daughter saying a line about Brother when visiting her for the first time in the Heart of Deimos Quest (at this point in the Quest, you had not met Brother yet, which was understandably confusing). 
  • Fixed audio not triggering correctly when marking Tomes in the Paragrimm’s Tomes Recovery Duviri side objective. 
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance missing its special sound effect when performing a Heavy Attack, as reported here:
  • Fixed parts of certain Drekar Grineer units being completely black. 
  • Fixed missing sound during “Finding Squad” after selecting mission node.
  • Fixed the minimap markers for Hyena Pack being yellow instead of the intended red. 
  • Fixed Conclave/Index scoreboard UI overlapping with the other options in the mission progress screen. 
  • Fixed a couple of crashes in Conclave Dedicated Servers.
  • Fixed minor typo in the Ekhein’s Blueprint Market description. 
  • Fixed “Tradeable” label appearing in the Relic Pack Market UI. 
    • The Relics themselves are tradeable, not the pack – this was creating confusion that the pack itself was its own standalone item that could be traded. 
  • Fixed lip sync missing on some transmissions in the Saya’s Vigil Quest. 
  • Fixed Ordis inbox transmissions repeating. 
  • Fixed the Exilus Slot appearing for Melee weapons in the Upgrade screen even if you don’t own the Tennokai Segment. 
  • Fixed Mod Slots overlapping in the Zaw Gild screen if the Tennokai Segment isn’t installed. 
  • Fixed Erra getting stuck in certain areas during the “Approach Praghasa” stage of The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Operator’s Zariman Suit during the final cinematic of The Second Dream Quest. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Doppline Prime Armor set on several Warframes. 
  • Fixed players being unable to deploy Extractors on Deimos if they haven’t completed the Albrecht’s Laboratories nodes. 
    • Players only need to complete the base nodes (pre-Whispers in the Walls Quest) to be able to use Extractors on Deimos. 
  • Fixed lighting issues with Rhino’s Iron Skin that would cause it to look black. 
  • Fixed Yareli getting stuck in an infinite respawn loop after falling off of Merulina into the lake in the center of Vay Hek’s arena (Oro, Earth). 
  • Fixed Drone in the “Escort the Drone to Safety” Bounty stage getting stuck going up a hill near Gara Toht Lake in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed the Dual Swords Lunaeus Skin missing its ribbon attachments. 
    • Also adjusted Sugatra offsets on the skin to work better with the ribbons.
  • Fixed Velocitus’ projectile speed being 100 m/s instead of the intended 500 m/s. 
  • Changed it to accelerate from 100 m/s to 500 m/s extremely fast, so that enemies within 8m can still be hit. 
  • Fixed performance issues after entering Command Mode as Kahl in the “Prison Break” Break Narmer. 
  • Fixed Clients with connectivity issues seeing four identical symbols on the Isolation Vault door.  
  • Fixed the Tenno Guide prioritizing side objectives and quests (Mastery Rank Tests, Junctions, etc.) instead of the main story Quests. 
  • Fixed the videos in the Drifter Intrinsics screen not being cropped. 

Nintendo Switch Specific Notes:

  • Fixed the Batch Remove Friends option not working on Nintendo Switch. 
    • Also fixed a confusing/unrelated pop-up when attempting to batch remove friends. 
  • Fixed the Conclave and Index scoreboards missing in the mission progress screen. 
  • Fixed being unable to place a Komi stone on the board after rebinding “A” to an Ability button. 
  • Fixed being able to gift TennoGen items that are not available on Nintendo Switch from an Xbox or PlayStation account to a Switch account that is not linked to an Xbox or PlayStation account. 
    • Since TennoGen item availability can differ per platform (due to each item requiring licensing for use on Console platforms, as outlined here), we want to prevent players from purchasing a gift that the receiver cannot use. It’s worth noting that TennoGen items that are available on Switch can still be gifted regardless of account link status.

Warframe – Ver. 35.0.11

  • Release date: January 24th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 25th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Hello Tenno! This hotfix predominantly contains behind-the-scenes changes in preparation for today’s launch of the 2024 Lunar New Year celebration items for the Year of the Dragon

Warframe – Ver. 35.0.10

  • Release date: January 18th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 19th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Continued updates to the sounds in the Awakening Quest’s Warframe select screen. 

Cross Platform Save Fixes: 

  • Fixed case where a merged account could be a member in two different Clans. 
    • This was caused by merging a Console account in a Clan with a PC account that has a pending Clan request that was accepted after the merging. Affected accounts have been returned to the Clan they were in on their Console account prior to the merge. 


  • Fixed Clients experiencing performance issues when using the Astral Bond Mod on their Sentinel. 
  • Fixed Sentinel customizations purchased from the Arsenal not equipping onto the Sentinel and causing the customization UI to disappear from the screen. 
  • Fixed disabling the Depth of Field option in Captura for the first time not doing anything. 
  • Fixed the amount of Aya owned not updating in the Syndicate “Next Title” popup after using it for Rank 4/5 Pledge Sacrifices.
  • Fixed Gauss’ battery gauge overlapping the combo counter UI if higher than 2x. 
  • Fixed the Zenurik Badge being comically big and positioned above Gauss Prime’s head.
  • Fixed several offset issues with Emblems (when Gauss Prime has a skin equipped), the Prisma Latron Armour Set, and the base Protovyre Chest and Leg Armor on Gauss Prime. 
  • Fixed the Coildrives in the Orb Vallis having erratic pathing, often leading them to drive into walls and drift from side to side. So basically, what you see on the road during Canadian winters.
  •  Fixed the “owned” status for non-Platinum packs (ie. Prime Access, Supporter Packs, etc.) in the in-game Market not appearing for players who are purchasing for the first time. 
  • Fixed artifacting issues caused by lens flares.  
  • Fixed potential script error from Alliance/Clan’s having special characters in their Message Of The Day. 
  • Fixed script error in the End of Mission screen. 
  • Fixed script error in Teshin’s Cave when the game is selecting a Mod Config for your Warframe’s Exalted Weapon. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.0.9 (Gauss Prime)

  • Release date: January 17th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 18th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Leave your enemies in the dust with Gauss Prime, now entering Prime Access!


Gauss Prime 
Quicksilver takes form. Gauss Prime brooks no talk of defeat.

Acceltra Prime
Engage your enemies with deadly speed. This weapon reloads even faster when its wielder sprints, faster still with Gauss.

Akarius Prime
Wield a golden pair of rocket launchers. Sprint to reload them faster. They reload fastest when wielded by Gauss.

Altra Prime Syandana
A shining garment befitting the Saint of Altra.

Exclusive Gauss Prime Glyphs


Gauss Prime Accessories feature: 

  • Doppline Prime Armor: The signature armor of Gauss Prime’s aesthetic.
  • Altra Prime Syandana: A shining garment befitting the Saint of Altra. 
  • Gauss Prime Blazargaze Helmet*: Style meets aerodynamics.
  • Noggle Statue – Gauss Prime*: A small wobbly statue of Gauss Prime.
  • Gauss Prime Floof*: A cuddly floof of golden thread.
    • Prime Noggles for each Prime Warframe are historically given out via Inbox messages at the end of the year. Since Gauss hates to keep anyone waiting, we’re giving them the spotlight they deserve alongside bonus additions including the adorable Gauss Prime Floof and the aerodynamic Gauss Prime Blazargaze Helmet.
  • 90-Day Resource and Affinity Boosters

*This round of Prime Accessories features bonus items of the Blazargaze Prime Alt Helmet, Gauss Prime Noggle, and Gauss Prime Floof! These items are limited to the Prime Accessories Pack (including the Complete Pack) but will be offered in his future Prime Resurgence rotation.

Alongside the usual Prime Access and Prime Accessories Packs for Console, we now offer a Prime Access – Complete Pack. This Pack contains everything from the two packs combined into one for a convenient shopping experience. 

Instantly gain access to Gauss Prime from the in-game Market or earn Relics in-game to craft Gauss Prime, Acceltra Prime, and Akarius Prime in your Foundry. 

Now that Gauss Prime Access is available, the following items have been added to the Prime Vault for a future Prime Resurgence rotation. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Garuda Prime
  • Nagantaka Prime
  • Corvas Prime 

Syndicate Sacrifice Change: 
Starting with this Vaulting, all Rank 4 and 5 Pledged Syndicate Sacrifices have been replaced with Aya: 

  • Rank 4 = 2 Aya
  • Rank 5 = 3 Aya 

This change reduces the amount of time spent acquiring and crafting specific Prime parts to rank up in a Syndicate, and offers players additional uses for their Aya. Since Aya drops from many sources, reaching those higher ranks is now much more accessible as it is no longer wholly tied to Relic RNG.

Riven Disposition Changes:
As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers – check the full details here:


  • Removed the ability for enemies to deal critical hits to players, Defense targets, Extractors, Rescue targets, and all other friendly targets. 
    • In most cases, enemies equipped with “player” weapons (Grineer Ballista using the Vulkar for example) could land critical hits due to those weapons using the same crit setup as their player counterpart. With a lack of feedback to inform players as to why or how sudden damage spikes were occurring, these enemies could easily jeopardize a mission. Additionally, while it makes sense to reward players for landing critical headshots, whether an enemy hits a head or not is outside of player control – which ultimately made countering it near impossible. So, in an effort to provide more consistent and predictable damage output from enemies, we have removed their ability to deal critical hits.
  • Changed the Nightwave “Episode Status” button to “Nightwave Status” in the Navigation menu.
    • This button appears when players have toggled on to Resource Drones view in their Navigation. 
  • Made updates to the sounds in the Awakening Quest’s Warframe select screen and cinematics. 
  • You can now tap during these events even if the “Repeated Button Presses” option is set to “Hold” (for both the Keyboard/Mouse and Controller settings). 
  • (Hot-dropped on Monday) Re-enabled the ability to decrease your Clan Rank. 
    • As explained in the PSA, this temporary measure was taken during Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry to address a bug that prevented Clans from being able to progress in the Operation after decreasing their Rank. Since the Operation concluded on Monday, you can now decrease. 

Albrecht’s Laboratories Changes & Fixes:

  • Fixed the map search radius for Necramite Drones not appearing in Netracell missions (including the Whispers in the Walls Quest stage). 
  • Fixed the “kill enemies to lower security level” radius marker in Netracell missions spawning very far from the Security Matrix. 
  • Fixed heat vents in Alchemy missions spawning very far from players. 
  • Fixed Mocking Whispers becoming indefinitely invulnerable after using its Exalted Bladestorm attack and hitting a Revenant player that has Mesmer Skin active. 
  • Fixed Murmur Sarcophages becoming unbreakable after Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Bounty objectives appearing in Netracell missions after starting a Netracell from the Sanctum Anatomica while the Bounty vote is active. 
  • Fixed Clients not hearing the alarm during the “kill enemies to lower security level” stage of the Netracell mission. 
  • Fixed the sound FX for the doors in the Sanctum Anatomica and a vent wall in the Labs being out of sync with their animations. 
  • Tweaked the Vitreum seeking alarm sound FX duration in the Assassination, Effervo mission to match the pulsing VFX. 
  • Improved the balance between sounds that occur when opening the Netracell. 
  • Fixed certain Vitriol Phials having mesh scaling issues with their puddles. 
  • Fixed the Operator’s head doing a 180 twist while placing an Atropos Prove into a Vitreum in the Assassination, Effervo mission. 

Cross Platform Save Fixes: 

  • Fixed a primary account being automatically selected for you if either of the accounts being linked had been created after the merge cutoff date (November 24 at 2 p.m. ET). 
    • Now in the case where both accounts were created after the cutoff, you can now choose either as the primary during the linking process. This only applies to first time linking (as has been the case since launch) – once the PC account has had other accounts linked in, that PC account is set as the primary. 
  • (Hot-dropped on Monday) More fixes towards various issues (ex: being unable to equip/unequip Kubrow) occurring when merging accounts that both have Kubrows in various states (incubating, incubated, etc.). To prevent further issues, newly merged accounts automatically put 1 of the 2 Kubrows into Stasis. 


  • Fixed the synergy between Sevagoth’s Reap and Sow abilities (enemies explode when hit by Reap while seeded with Sow) not working for Clients. 
  • Fixed the Dreamer’s Wraith mod only increasing Heavy Attack Critical damage by 20% instead of the intended 32% (at max rank). 
  • Fixed the following issues with Secondary Outburst when used by Clients: 
    • Fixed Clients’ Combo Multipliers not being consumed when switching to Secondary. 
    • Fixed Clients’ Secondary dealing less than the intended damage while Secondary Outburst’s buffs are active. 
  • Fixed an additional +25% (+37% for Tauforged) applying on top of the Violet Archon Shard’s “Gain +25%/+37% Melee Critical Damage. When max Energy is over 500, the damage boost doubles” embed bonus. 
    • This bug caused the bonus to exceed well beyond its intended and described values. To break it down, when below 500 Energy the Shard granted +50%/ +74% and when above 500 it granted +75%/+111% (resulted from +25%/+37% applying on top of the intended +50%/+74%). As far as we can tell, this bug has been live since the release of the Violet Archon Shard in the Whispers in the Walls update, so we understand if this fix is disappointing for those who have been using it in this state since then. But in the interest of properly executing the intended bonuses as outlined in the UI, we have restored it to its original design. 
  • Fixed Wukong’s Clone being inactive at the start of the first and second phase of the Archon Hunt fight. 
  • Fixed cases where Exalted Weapons could be unmodded in Duviri.
    • Exalted Weapons use the Mods in the Config you select for your Warframe in Teshin’s Cave, but in the case where a Config didn’t have Mods equipped onto the Exalted Weapon, there was no fallback system to ensure you didn’t go into Duviri with it unmodded. Now, if a Warframe Mod Config is selected that doesn’t have any Mods equipped for the Exalted Weapon, the game will choose the Exalted Mod Config that uses the most Mod Capacity (as is the case with other equipment in Teshin’s Cave) to prevent players from going into Duviri with a bare bones Exalted Weapon. 
  • Fixed the introductory cinematic in the Heart of Deimos Quest not playing for players on Nintendo Switch, causing them to be unable to progress in the Quest. 
  • Fixed level 6 Terra Sniper Crewmans being able to one-shot Corpus Drones in Fortuna Bounties. 
    • They were capable of doing over 1000 damage per shot, so we modified their Snipers while they weren’t looking to be more appropriate for those lower level Bounties. 
  • Fixed the “Auxiliary” tab appearing in the Arsenal even if the Warframe does not have any Auxiliary customizations available. 
  • Fixed bundle items disappearing from the Bundle’s in-game Market page after hitting the “Cancel” button from the “Confirm Purchase” options. 
  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere ring VFX appearing as a very thin line. 
  • Fixed the Skaut’s “Kahl Beacon” Air Support missing its name and description in the HUD.
  • Fixed Daughter and Son using their unranked Entrati Syndicate voice lines at Rank 5.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could allow a Dojo Room’s construction to be canceled when it had already finished.  
  • Fixed hitch occurring when selecting a placed Grimoire Altar Decoration while in decorating mode. 
  • (Missed note from Hotfix 35.0.7) Fixed the Grimoire Altar Decoration missing a panel on the bottom.

Warframe – Ver. 35.0.8

  • Release date: January 11th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 12th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Glaukus Skin missing its custom deluxe Tombstone. 
  • Fixed Tenacious Bond’s Final Critical Damage Multiplier not functioning. 
    • While the UI indicated that it was active, it was not actually triggering and applying to the player. It will now!
  • Fixed a script error after dismissing the “Not Enough Platinum” pop-up. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Melee Duplicate. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Necramech summon terminals. 

Warframe – Ver. 35.0.5 to Ver. 35.0.7

  • Release date: January 9th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 10th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Ver. 35.0.5

Topaz Archon Shard Fixes:

  • Fixed Topaz Archon Shard traits applying the buffs every 5 kills instead of every kill where described.
  • Fixed the Shield regen buff provided by a Topaz Archon Shard not functioning. 
    • You will not get the Shield regen buff when a Blast damage is applied.
  • Fixed the Secondary Critical Chance buff provided by the Topaz Archon Shard not functioning.


  • Fixed various Abilities not respecting Boss immunity status on all Octopede bosses.
    • Octopede bosses are now more in line with other enemy bosses.  
  • Fixed a crash related to Rogue Culverins using Necramech consoles.
  • Fixed a crash related to The Severed Warden.
  • Fixed another case where you could place multiple Vigil Jahu Gargoyles in the Dojo.
    • Additionally, we’ve added an error message when you attempt to duplicate the Decoration. 
  • Fixed the World State Window in your Orbiter displaying 0% below your actual progress % for Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry.
    • Hotfix #4 had a partial fix for this, it should be working properly now.  
  • Fixed incorrect throwing animation during the Alchemy mission if you re-joined the squad due to a Host Migration. 
Ver. 35.0.6

Cross Platform Save Fixes:

  • Fixed the inability to Merge your Console account if you had to make a new PC Account in order to Merge.
    • If you encountered the issue and did not link the accounts, the website should now say the accounts will be merged
    • If you encountered the issue and did link the accounts, please contact support
  • Fixed some Merged accounts not getting various Quest inboxes which resulted in an inability to start the Quests.
  • Fixed Helminth abilities from the merged account being unlocked on the Primary Account. Helminth abilities are determined by the chosen Primary Account.
Ver. 35.0.7

File size: 882MB

Nintendo Switch Specific Notes: 

  • Fixed a crash caused by Grimoire’s Alt Fire projectile. 
    • In Hotfix #4, we changed the projectile to no longer chain Electricity damage to prevent the frequent crashing issues Nintendo Switch users were experiencing. With this fix we have returned Grimoire’s Alt Fire projectile to its intended design!
  • Re-enabled the “Web Authentication” button on Nintendo Switch! 
    • After Update 35 launched, this button was not working as intended for a small group of players and would log them out of the website instead of authorizing their accounts as intended, so it was disabled in Hotfix #1 to prevent players getting stuck in a logout loop. Now that the button has been re-enabled, this group can now log into the website again!

Cross Platform Save Fixes: 

  • Fixed rare instances where selecting an account that has not completed Vor’s Prize as your primary during the merging process would cause progression issues for the merged account.
  • Fixed rare case where merged PC and Console accounts that were in the same Clan would no longer be a member of it in the merged account.
    • If you have experienced this and would like assistance returning to your Clan, you can submit a ticket to
  • Fixed rare case where TennoGen purchases made via the Steam Workshop would be incorrectly locked to a player’s Console account instead of their PC account (as intended) if the player was logged in on Console at the time of purchase.
    • We are working on a script to correct this for affected players. 
  • Fixed Companion Incubation not progressing after merging two accounts that both had a Companion active. Moving forward, new merges will automatically move those Companions into Stasis to avoid this issue. 
    • If you have experienced this issue and need assistance in regaining access to those Companions, you can submit a ticket to


  • Changed the Violet Archon Shard embed bonus affecting Health/Energy pickups to function similarly to the Equilibrium Mod. Now, Health/Energy Orbs can be picked up if one is full, but the other is not to apply the bonus. 
  • Changed the “Regenerate Shields when you inflict an enemy with Blast Status” Topaz Archon Shard embed bonus to no longer apply when Shield Gate is triggered. 
    • An unintended degree of invulnerability could be obtained using this effect while continuously triggering Shield Gate, so it was changed to function similarly to Caliban’s Lethal Progeny ability, where the Shield recharge is disabled when Shield Gate is triggered and only resumes when the Shields begin to regenerate themselves. 
  • Changed the required amount of players needed to start the Effervo boss fight from all squad members to half. This addresses feedback that the boss fight could take a long time to start (and potentially result in Host migrations) if players were off collecting Voca, resources, etc, instead of moving to the boss zone. Players outside of the zone will now be teleported into the arena once activated. 
  • Changed Pangolin Prime’s Slam attack to match its base version:
    • Now applies a forced Slash Status Effect. 
    • Changed damage type from Impact to Puncture. 
  • Replaced the “Skip” button in the Circuit reward screen with a “Continue” option if multiple rewards are available. This aims to help prevent players from skipping them all, and instead, will now show the next reward. 
  • Arcanes offerings from Vendors are now displayed as unranked. 
    • Hovering over the Arcane will now display both its unranked and max rank stats. This is to help avoid players thinking they are buying a fully ranked Arcane.
  • Added a Default Mod Config for the Grimoire in Teshin’s Cave options. 
  • Mandonel’s orb will now spin faster during reload for some added flare!
  • Removed mention of Syndicate Sigils in the “Loyalty” Nightwave Act’s tip description, as they are no longer required with the Pledge system to gain Standing. 

Made small optimizations to server-side database performance. 

Albrecht’s Laboratories/Sanctum Anatomica Changes & Fixes: 

  • Improved spawn rates of The Anatomizer and The Severed Warden enemies in Alchemy Bounties. Particularly to address the issue of being unable to complete the “Kill X Flying Enemies” Bounty Challenge. 
  • Fixed individual Focus School Eidolon Lens Blueprints being rewarded in Rotation C of the Survival, Persto mission instead of the intended Eidolon Lens Blueprint. 
    • Each individual Lens Blueprint had a drop rate of 10% for each type, so we have adjusted the drop tables to compensate for this change by increasing the drop rate for the Eidolon Lens Blueprint and the Mandonel Barrel and Receiver. More details in the public drop tables. 
  • Fixed cases where Rogue Voidrigs would not spawn/be marked on the map.
    • With this fix, the “Kill 2 Rogue Voidrigs” Bounty Challenge has been re-enabled! It was disabled in Hotfix #2, as the above issue was preventing Bounties from being completed.
  • Fixed case where Rogue Voidrigs would suddenly teleport to a different location after being spawned by a Rogue Culverin. 
  • Fixed Rogue Culverins’ animations popping while spawning a Rogue Voidrig. 
  • Fixed the map search radius for Necramite Drones not appearing in Netracell missions (including the Whispers in the Walls Quest stage). 
  • Fixed reward containers in the Netracells having different Codex entries. 
  • Fixed breaking a Murmur Sarcophages counting as more than one towards the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” Bounty challenge. 
  • Fixed hitches occurring after hacking a Necramech summon terminal. 
  • Fixed the maximum number of Vitreums that can be activated simultaneously in the Assassination, Effervo mission not scaling based on Squad size. 
  • Fixed damage type icons appearing next to the “Vitreum Seeking” UI in the Assassination, Effervo mission instead of “A, B, C…” to indicate which Vitreum is active and where. 
  • Fixed Murmur Eyes not despawning after its timer has run out in the Assassination, Effervo mission. 
  • Improved the accuracy of the direction in which broken furniture pieces will fly out when destroyed. We’re collectively keeping the Necramites employed with all this senseless furniture demolition. 
  • Fixed certain character color customizations (if you know you know) not appearing in their transmissions. 
  • Fixed loss of UI functionality in the certain character color customizations screen after saving. 
  • Fixed the Cavia rank up dioramas being obfuscated by Vendor UI if you interacted with them before it appeared. 
  • Fixed opening Operator Equipment in the Sanctum Anatomica in the “Back to the Future” stage of the Whispers in the Walls Quest causing functionality loss. 
  • Fixed minimap waypoint for the Grimoire page not disappearing after collecting it in the “Lost and Found” stage of Whispers in the Walls Quest. Also fixed the Lotus “mission complete” transmission playing on extraction. 

General Fixes: 

  • Fixed Topaz Archon Shard embed bonuses not triggering from enemies that were killed by the required conditions.  
    • For example, if you killed an enemy with Electricity Damage, it would not trigger the embed bonus of gaining Ability Damage on enemies affected by Electricity Status. With this fix, if the killing blow was going to apply the required condition, it will count towards the embed bonus. 
  • Fixed the “Regenerate Shields when you inflict an enemy with Blast Status” Topaz Archon Shard embed bonus removing Overshields when triggered. 
  • Fixed a Wares option appearing at Mother when interacting with her immediately after arriving into the Necralisk.
  • Fixed being unable to complete the Enigma in Kullervo’s Hold due to the final target door not opening.  
  • Fixed the Ammo Pool for Primary Weapons increasing beyond its max intended amount after transforming the Angstrum to its Incarnon Form and picking up ammo while Primary is out.
  • Fixed Wisp’s Animation Sets missing a custom animation while running with the Grimoire. The floor is always lava challenge is officially back on!
  • Fixed Clients not seeing some of Mandonel’s animations. 
  • Fixed dual wielding with the Cirriped Epitaph Skin equipped causing the Epitaph to have offset issues. 
  • Fixed player Voidrig’s arm not moving when aiming down sights while standing still. 
  • Fixed Grimoire’s projectile explosion sound FX at times cutting off. 
  • Fixed projectile explosion sound FX missing for the Morgha and Kuva Ayanga ground Archguns. 
  • Fixed flat lighting issues in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed the “Last Words” Ground Finisher missing a Blast Damage icon in the High Noon and Bullet Dance Stance Mod screen. 
  • Fixed the Stahlta Shock Rifle Skin missing controller vibration support. 
  • Fixed icon missing in the HUD for Burston Incarnon’s “Fortress Salvo” buff.
  • Fixed incorrect icons being used in the HUD for the Zylok and Kunai Incarnon evolution buffs. 
How to download updates for Warframe for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Warframe on Nintendo Switch, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game’s icon in the Home Menu and press – or + to get to the options screen. The version number is displayed below the title.


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