Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection


Daily news (September 23): Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection / True Form Midna (First 4 Figures)

Today’s Daily news: latest trailer for the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, production video for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – True Form Midna statue by First 4 Figures, Splatoon 2 in Famitsu magazine, another retail release for Futari de! Nyanko Dai Sensou, latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video, and latest Tour in Mario Kart Tour!

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Daily news (June 18, Round 3): Hardcore Mecha / Ninjala

Today’s Daily news: Hardcore Mecha announced for Europe and North America, latest videos and screenshots for Ninjala, latest video for Port Royale 4, another Stretchgoal for Curse of the Sea Rats on Kickstarter, launch trailer for Destrobots, retail release for Samurai Shodown – NeoGeo Collection in Europe, some merchandise from the Nintendo Tokyo Store to be sold on the My Nintendo Store (Japan), and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch bundle coming back to stores in Australia next month!

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Daily news (May 27): Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection / Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded

Today’s Daily news: release dates for the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, video interview for Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded, Sillent Hill collaboration for Dead by Daylight, latest video clip for Maneater, latest video for Borderlands Legendary Collection, latest set of screenshots for The Wonderful 101: Remastered, and some Joy-Con covers from Japan!

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Daily news (April 27, Round 3): SNK Gals’ Fighters + Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection / Human: Fall Flat

Today’s Daily news: SNK Gals’ Fighters announced for the Nintendo Switch (+ Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection news coming soon), second workshop contest winner in Human: Fall Flat, and black screen bug impacting Broken Lines!

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