Dragon Ball: The Breakers – List of Item Codes, Free Rewards, and Campaigns

In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Item Codes allow you to get various free rewards, such as extra in-game cash, bonus items, and more. And on this page, you will find the complete list of Item Codes shared by Bandai-Namco on social media. Naturally, it will be updated as soon as new codes are shared, so keep checking back!

Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Latest Item Codes, Free Rewards, Campaigns

  • Season 2 Summon Ticket x5: until May 31st
  • Final Push Campaign (Zeni Boost Campaign [+20%]): until May 31st

Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Expired Item Codes and Campaigns

  • Thankyouforplaying – 50,000 Zeni
  • DBTB – 1,500 Super Warriors Spirits
  • FALL2022 – 50,000 Zeni
  • AUTUMN – 1,500 Super Warrior Spirits
  • NOVEMBER – 50,000 Zeni
  • DECEMBER – 50,000 Zeni
  • WINTER – 2,500 Super Warrior Spirits
  • In-game Message – Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Keychain
  • In-game Message – 220,000 Zeni, Season 1 Summon Ticket x10
  • COUNTDOWN – 50,000 Zeni
  • In-game Message – 230,000 Zeni, Season 1 Summon Ticket x10
  • NEW YEAR – 2,500 Super Warrior Spirits
  • Earn Zeni boost campaign (+50%): February 24th to February 26th 2023
  • Season 2 Release Celebration: Season 2 Summon Ticket x13 (available until March 6th)
  • Earn Zeni boost campaign (+20%): March 3rd to March 5th
  • Super Warrior Spirit boost campaign (+20%): March 5th to March 10th
  • Earn Zeni boost campaign (+20%): March 10th to March 13th
  • Saiyan Day: Giant Storm emote (Log-in bonus) + x2 Zeni, Super Warrior Spirits, and EXP (from March 18th to March 20th)
  • Zenis Boost Campaign (+20%): March 31st to April 2nd
  • Experience Point Boost Campaign (+50%): April 2nd to April 7th
  • Zeni Boost Campaign (+20%): April 7th to April 9th
  • Super Warrior Spirits Boost Campaign (+20%): April 9th to April 14th
  • Zeni Boost Campaign (+20%): April 14th to April 17th
  • Zeni Boost Campaign (+20%): until April 29th
  • EXP Boost Campaign (+50%): until May 4th
  • Spirit Siphon: Androids (Android 17, Android 18, Android 16): until May 7th
  • Super Warrior Spirit Boost Campaign (+20%): until May 7th
  • Goku’s Family Campaign (Spirit Siphon: Goku’s Family, Zeni Boost Campaign [+100%], EXP Boost Campaign [+100%], Super Warrior Boost Campaign [+100%]): until May 15th

Source: Bandai-Namco


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