Nintendo Switch Online: Missions & Rewards feature launched; list of Missions and Rewards [Up: November 2022 (4)]

Nintendo have just launched a brand new feature for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, called Missions & Rewards. It’s basically a MyNintendo service exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers: you complete various missions (which generally involve using Nintendo Switch Online features such as online play or the Save Data Cloud), and you get Platinum Points as rewards. You can then use those Points to claim rewards such as User Icons, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use Nintendo Switch Online services and complete missions!
    1. You can complete missions by using Nintendo Switch Online services, like playing games that use online play or Save Data Cloud services.
  2. Open the Nintendo Switch Online application to get Platinum Points!
    1. You can collect Platinum Points from this application after you’ve completed a mission. Platinum Points expire though, so remember to use them! You can view how many points you have under Platinum Points.
  3. Redeem Platinum Points for rewards!
    1. You can redeem Platinum Points for user-icon elements, which are member-exclusive rewards. There are three types of elements: characters, frames, and backgrounds. Combine these elements to create your own original user icons.

One thing to note is that you can use the regular Platinum Points from MyNintendo to redeem those Nintendo Switch Online rewards, which means you technically don’t even have to use online features to collect Platinum Points (naturally, you do need a valid subscription to claim the exclusive rewards).

As of writing, only elements to create your own User Icons are available. It’s not clear if/when other kinds of rewards will be added to this new service. New rewards are added every week on Tuesday, with one game featured every month (for March, it’s Super Mario Odyssey).

Nintendo Switch Online – Missions

Here’s the list of Missions currently available:

Until February 3rd

  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | Mario Kart 64 [100 Platinum Points]
  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title |Paper Mario [100 Platinum Points]
  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | Star Fox 64 [100 Platinum Points]

Starts on January 4th

Until January 4th

  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [100 Platinum Points]
  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | Yoshi’s Story [100 Platinum Points]
  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | F-Zero X [100 Platinum Points]

Stars on December 7th

Until December 7th

  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | Super Mario 64 [100 Platinum Points]
  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards [100 Platinum Points]
  • Play Nintendo 64: Featured Title | The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask [100 Platinum Points]

Starts on November 2nd.

Until December 6th

  • Play SNES: Featured Title | Panel de Pon [50 Platinum Points]

No end date

  • Play Software That Supports Online Play (1): One game per week [30 Platinum Points]
  • Back Up Save Data (2): Once per week [20 Platinum Points]
  • Use This Application (Nintendo Switch Online): Once per week [20 Platinum Points]
  • Play Game Trials Software [100 Platinum Points]

(1) Does not apply to Nintendo Entertainment – Nintendo Switch Online, Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, and Game Trials.
(2) Does not apply to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Backup Service.

NB: weekly missions refresh every Monday at 12.30AM local time.

Nintendo Switch Online – Rewards

New rewards rotate every Monday at 6PM PT / 9PM ET – Tuesday at 2AM GMT / 3AM CET / 11AM JST.

Nintendo 64 (exclusive to Expansion Pack subscribers)

  • Round 1 (November 2nd to December 7th): Super Mario 64, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Nintendo 64
  • Round 2 (December 7th to January 4th): The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Yoshi’s Story, F-Zero X, Nintendo 64
  • Round 3 (January 4th to February 3rd): Mario Kart 64, Paper Mario, Star Fox 64, Nintendo 64

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

  • Round 1: November 18th to November 25th
  • Round 2: November 25th to December 2nd
  • Round 3: December 2nd to December 9th
  • Round 4: December 9th to December 16th
  • Round 5: December 16th to December 26th

Super Mario Odyssey

  • Round 1: November 1st to November 8th
  • Round 2: November 8th to November 15th
  • Round 3: November 15th to November 22nd
  • Round 4: November 22nd to November 29th
  • Round 5: November 29th to December 6th

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons rewards are now live, with 3 types of rewards available: Characters, Backgrounds, and Frames.

  • Round 1: March 1st to April 4th/5th
  • Round 2: April 5th to May 2nd
  • Round 3: May 2nd to June 7th
  • Round 4: June 7th to July 5th
  • Round 5: July 5th to August 2nd
  • Round 6: August 2nd to September 6th
  • Round 7: September 6th to October 4th
  • Round 8: October 4th to November 1st
  • Round 9: November 1st to December 6th

Unlike those for other games, those rewards are available for a whole month, and that’s because the selection is based on which Animals have their birthday during a given month.

Source: Nintendo Switch Online / Nintendo


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