The Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold: list of Pix-e Portal passwords

Just like the various Yo-kai Watch games, The Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold allows on Nintendo Switch you to enter various passwords to order to get various goodies in-game. On this page, you will find the list of all the Pix-e Portal passwords and codes shared by Level-5, so that you can find them all in one, convenient place.

Naturally, we will keep updating this page on a regular basis, as new passwords are shared, so make sure to come back regularly! If you know of a password not listed below, or if you spot a mistake, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

The Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold – Pix-e Portal passwords

How to redeem a password?

To redeem a Pix-e Portal Password, simply follow those instructions:

  • opens the Pix-e Pod
  • select Pix-e Portal
  • select Enter a code
  • enter one of the passwords listed below

Important note: you can enter any of the passwords listed below in any lanuage. However, each password can only grant you one item per save data!

List of passwords

Latest passwords

  • BeanSoup (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • SUp3r^h!co (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • SuxL3gume (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • ChiliBohne (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • Sup3erchue (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)

All passwords

  • PaP4TheWin (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • c3labonn3_ (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • lnbocc4lup (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • AufZumSieg (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • Sort34zo (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • StarrySky (Ex-Star-P L)
  • ST3LLaro5? (Ex-Star-P L)
  • St3LL4cmt (Ex-Star-P L)
  • Firmament (Ex-Star-P L)
  • 3strelLLazo (Ex-Star-P L)
  • OreIsIt? (Other Ore)
  • MIner4l& (Other Ore)
  • laItro (Other Ore)
  • ErzMitHerz (Other Ore)
  • Min3r4l3s (Other Ore)
  • CrystAlls (Pix-e-Crystal)
  • CR1st_pix3 (Pix-e-Crystal)
  • F4tato (Pix-e-Crystal)
  • Krist_All (Pix-e-Crystal)
  • Cr1st4lino (Pix-e-Crystal)
  • LotsOfLuck (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • v!vl3coup (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • P3sc4P3sc4 (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • VielGlueck (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • Su3rdtudo! (Pick-a-Prize Coupon)
  • ChipsRDown (Tie Curry Chips)
  • m14m14m (Tie Curry Chips)
  • Dov3Curry (Tie Curry Chips)
  • TolleWurst (Tie Curry Chips)
  • P4t4tikas (Tie Curry Chips)
  • Qlothing (Qloris Qlumber)
  • !_qlo4lif3 (Qloris Qlumber)
  • Qlass!c (Qloris Qlumber)
  • Qleidung (Qloris Qlumber)
  • RopaQQQ (Qloris Qlumber)
  • G00dKarma (Karma Balm)
  • k4rm4&SlSl (Karma Balm)
  • STaiKarma (Karma Balm)
  • KarmaPlus (Karma Balm)
  • KarmaSutra (Karma Balm)
  • KristlKlea (Clear Crystal Sword)
  • _Ep?3)cr15 (Clear Crystal Sword)
  • Sw4rovsk1 (Clear Crystal Sword)
  • AllesKlar? (Clear Crystal Sword)
  • KristAl3s (Clear Crystal Sword)
  • PrettyInIt (Peffany Pink)
  • g1rly4ros3 (Peffany Pink)
  • Carlneri4 (Peffany Pink)
  • SoHuebsch (Peffany Pink)
  • Ros4Rosae (Peffany Pink)
  • PacYourBag (Paccarat Lapa Pattern)
  • _p4cc4mod_ (Paccarat Lapa Pattern)
  • S_Pacca (Paccarat Lapa Pattern)
  • PacRate (Paccarat Lapa Pattern)
  • M_Pak3ta (Paccarat Lapa Pattern)
  • JewelUse (Brilliant Bijou)
  • 8ljou_joL! (Brilliant Bijou)
  • Gloi3LLo (Brilliant Bijou)
  • Geschmeide (Brilliant Bijou)
  • Briy1Bri1 (Brilliant Bijou)
  • CatsCradle (Puss’s Pawprint)
  • ?p4toune (Puss’s Pawprint)
  • Miaooo (Puss’s Pawprint)
  • SamtPfote (Puss’s Pawprint)
  • PatitaGato (Puss’s Pawprint)
  • Clandestin (Clanarine Crystal)
  • cr15t^cl4n (Clanarine Crystal)
  • Clandestin (Clanarine Crystal)
  • Klandestin (Clanarine Crystal)
  • Kl4ndStino (Clanarine Crystal)
  • TonicTeeth (Dettonic Cog)
  • d3ntd377on (Dettonic Cog)
  • M3ccaDet (Dettonic Cog)
  • TrankZ?hne (Dettonic Cog)
  • TonicDen (Dettonic Cog)
  • FlyFantom (Phantom Wing)
  • vol_fantom (Phantom Wing)
  • Phavolo_so (Phantom Wing)
  • GutenFlug (Phantom Wing)
  • F4nt4smiko (Phantom Wing)
  • Shimples! (Shinpi Snowflake)
  • 5h1n5h1n (Shinpi Snowflake)
  • Sh1mpl1ce (Shinpi Snowflake)
  • Schimpel! (Shinpi Snowflake)
  • kopos (Shinpi Snowflake)
  • SeaLegs (Legacy Steel)
  • leg4CleR^ (Legacy Steel)
  • Leg_lnox (Legacy Steel)
  • SeeBaer (Legacy Steel)
  • Ac3ro (Legacy Steel)
  • BBKing (Bewitching Base)
  • b1ULe_m4G (Bewitching Base)
  • Abr4Cadabr (Bewitching Base)
  • BBKing (Bewitching Base)
  • BBKing? (Bewitching Base)
  • IntoOrbit (Dragon Heart Orb)
  • !4dr4corb* (Dragon Heart Orb)
  • InOrb!t4 (Dragon Heart Orb)
  • KugelRund (Dragon Heart Orb)
  • Corazorb (Dragon Heart Orb)
  • BeanAWhile (Dragon Heart Bean)
  • ^_dr4h1Co (Dragon Heart Bean)
  • L3gum3 (Dragon Heart Bean)
  • ReinerBohn (Dragon Heart Bean)
  • Hab1chuela (Dragon Heart Bean)
  • BeanSoup (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • SUp3r^h!co (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • SuxL3gume (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • ChiliBohne (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)
  • Sup3erchue (Dragon Heart Super-Bean)

Source: Level-5 / Level-5 (Twitter)

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