Yo-kai Watch: list of all the passwords, QR Codes

Yo-kai Watch is one of those games where you can get quite a lot of bonus contents by scanning various QR codes and entering various passwords. On this page, we’ve rounded up all the QR Codes we’ve been able to find, from various sources: the game itself, the anime series, toys, and more. Make sure to check out the source links below for credits!

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First, some explanations on where to scan QR codes and redeem passwords in Yo-kai Watch:

  • QR Codes: they’re scanned at the Piggleston Bank (Uptown)
  • passwords: you have to enter tham at the post-office

(You will have to progress far enough in Yo-kai Watch to scan QR Codes and use passwords).

First, here’s the list of regular passwords (NB: case sensitive!):

  • Thank you: Five-Star Coin
  • CHAR1SMA: Pink Coin
  • STR3NGTH: Orange Coin
  • MYST3RY: Yellow Coin
  • 33R13: Excitement Coin
  • C0URAG3: Red Coin
  • 5P00KY: Five-Star Coin
  • 5P1R1T: Five-Star Coin
  • L3TM3W1N: Five-Star Coin
  • SHARP3R: Reversword
  • SH1N1ER: Golden Doll
  • H3ALTH13R: Mega Exporb
  • PR0T3CT10N: Guard Gem
  • MOOOOOOO: Beefy Bell
  • WARMTH: Green Coin
  • C00LN3SS: Blue Coin
  • W31RDN3SS: Purple Coin
  • CAG1N3SS: Light-Blue Coin
  • FOURB1T5: Excitement Coin
  • 31GHTB1T5: Excitement Coin
  • AD0LLAR: Excitement Coin
  • U4WH15P3R: Excitement Coin
  • ST4NDUP: Excitement Coin
  • ANDH0LL3R: Excitement Coin
  • G00DLUCK: Five-Star Coin
  • G3TAG00D1: Five-Star Coin
  • PL3AS3W1N: Five-Star Coin
  • 1G00DTURN: Five-Star Coin
  • GH05TLY: Excitement Coin
  • 3TH3R3@L: Excitement Coin
  • 5P3CTR@L: Excitement Coin
  • PH@NT@5M: Excitement Coin
  • WR@1THL1K3: Excitement Coin
  • UN34RTHLY: Excitement Coin
  • H4UNT3D: Excitement Coin
  • 5H@D0WY: Excitement Coin
  • @PP@R1T10N: Excitement Coin
  • 5P3CT3R: Five-Star Coin
  • B1Z4RR3: Five-Star Coin
  • UNC@NNY: Five-Star Coin
  • MY5T3R10U5: Five-Star Coin
  • 3N16M4T1C: Five-Star Coin
  • CRYPT1C: Five-Star Coin
  • PH@NT0M: Five-Star Coin
  • GH0STL1K3: Five-Star Coin

And here’s the list of password for Yo-kai Criminals (NB: case sensitive):

  • asc: Slither Trophy, Large Exporb
  • Ank: Hunger Trophy, Brute Bracer
  • ojXr: Meow Trophy, Speed Bell
  • HhZ7: Granny Trophy Silver Doll
  • cTvth: Horse Trophy, Mega Exporb
  • z4jy3: Mane Trophy, Blue Coin
  • ERGddj: Hood Trophy, Lunar Ring
  • 8RMtS9a: Wrinkly Trophy, Reflector
  • YKz58zb: Katana Trophy, Holy Exporb
  • cXBmoYmv: Papa Trophy, Vampiric Fangs
  • fkcKmC9o: Tengu Trophy, Fiend Badge
  • tjG Cicada: Trophy, Yellow Coin
  • NaIx Mochi: Trophy, Cheery Coat
  • rQYqwf: Wannabe Trophy, Restraint Belt
  • mJBJK: Gambler Trophy, Golden Doll
  • C3j5rBs: Good Job Prize, Big Bottle
  • rAzkFDUV: Wild Trophy, Fiend Charm
  • HzK: Cool Hair Prize, Orange Coin
  • hNcD: Flutter Trophy, Spell Bell
  • srsvv: Shogun Trophy, Turnabeads
  • 2rBkYbb: Kids’ Trophy, Sun Bracelet
  • uSF: Daze Trophy, Monkey Circlet
  • cJxR: Sack Trophy, Beefy Bell
  • enyQKc: Kimono Trophy, Nail Bat
  • kHfynh5Y: Glasses Trophy, Fiend Band
  • WdF: Buzz Trophy, Holy Exporb
  • dqu: Kappa Trophy, Reversword
  • zDCJ: Guardian Trophy, Ritzy Studs
  • Eqyf: Heart Trophy, Meteor Badge
  • FPKZj: Master Trophy. Thick Specs
  • F3FAcW9G: Snake Trophy, Pink Coin
  • AkLdjF3: Bottle Trophy, Heavenly Sash
  • cjUwfYN: Lion Trophy, Sleepillow
  • xDRt9n84: Cloak Trophy, Venoct Gauntlet
  • Afx: Hat Trophy, Sleep ‘n’ Study
  • JSGpG: Stilt Trophy, Die of Fate
  • MkE: Stylish Trophy, Green Coin
  • h4QRad: Stag Trophy, Iron Plates
  • sPFE: Cupid Trophy, Purple Coin
  • Fxw4SnF: Comedy Trophy, Ancient Scale
  • LWjsEP: Beetle Trophy, Cicada Sword
  • WakHxN5X: Darkness Trophy, Guard Gem
  • xyg: Toothpick Trophy , Red Coin
  • KsBP: Eel Trophy, Ski Mask
  • HtXLA: Shark Trophy, Galaxy Charm
  • T6hQXwz: Demon Trophy, Crystal Ball
  • gkH: Seaweed Trophy, Sticker of Hate
  • KwPS: Dragon Trophy, Light-Blue Coin
  • trzSf: Shell Trophy, Golden Doll
  • rFFP8m: Triclops Trophy, Holy Exporb
  • zbMk2Cph: Cyclops Trophy, Fiend Ring

And now, here’s the list of QR Codes revealed in episodes of the anime series (NB: don’t hesitate to open pictures in a new tab if gallery displays it too small for you to scan):

Next, we have QR codes from the Jibanyan medals distributed at the New York Comic-Con 2015 (NB: don’t hesitate to open pictures in a new tab if gallery displays it too small for you to scan):

And finally, here’s QR codes from various Yo-kai Medals and toys (NB: don’t hesitate to open pictures in a new tab if gallery displays it too small for you to scan):

Finally, if you have the Japanese version of Yo-kai Watch, you can check out this YouTube channel!

Credit list: Reddit

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