The Battle Cats POP! releasing on June 27th in North America, trailer and screens

The Battle Cats PopA few weeks ago, Ponos announced that The Battle Cats POP! (based on the popular smartphone game) would be released in English. And today, we learn from the official gamepage (on Nintendo’s website) that it would be released next week in North America, on June 27th. It may be a Monday (not the usual Nintendo eShop update day), but Ponos themselves announced that it was the correct date.

In the mean time, here’s some details about the game itself. It’s a tower defense game, where you collect cats in order to fight armies or really strange creatures. Of course, there’s treasure to collect too: why go to war if there’s no reward for you, right? If you manage to complete sets of treasure, you can create powerful items and boost your attack power.

The Battle Cats POP! features:

  • a “super simple” battle system: you just need to tap on the cat you want to send to battle. Your goal is also pretty simple: take down the enemy base before the enemy take yours!
  • leveling up system: your cats get XP when you clear battles, and they evolve when they reach level 10.

The Nintendo 3DS version of The Battle Cat POP! has two main differences with the mobile version. The first one: there’s no IAP, meaning you can use the Capsule Machine to get rare cats without paying. Also, this version features an exclusive VS Mode, where you can unlock even more rewards.

Here’s the trailer for the Nintendo 3DS version of The Battle Cats POP!:

Finally, here’s some screenshots for the game:

The Battle Cats POP! (3DS eShop) is coming out on June 27th in North America. Our Upcoming Releases page has been udpated with this new date!

Source: Nintendo


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