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Daily news (December 15): Monster Hunter Rise / The Hong Kong Massacre

Today’s Pokémon news: latest weapon videos for Monster Hunter Rise, The Hong Kong Massacre announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest NES and SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, Roundout by POWGI announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest trailer for Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and holiday events for Pokémon GO!

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eShop news (July 21): Nicole / Arcade Archives Koutetsu Yousai Strahl

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Nicole, Arcade Archives Koutetsu Yousai Strahl, and Epic Word Search Collection 2 announced for the Nintendo Switch, Japanese release for Corpse Party: Blood Drive, screenshots for the Heart of Daimos update for Warframe, and launch trailer for Rogue Company!

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Daily news (February 6, Round 2): Fairy Tail / Metal Max Xeno Reborn

Today’s Daily news: Fairy Tail delayed to June, Metal Max Xeno Reborn delayed to July, release date for Death Come True, latest livestream recording for Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator, latest videos for Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, launch trailer for Just a Phrase by POWGI, retail release for Enter the Gungeon in Japan, latest DLC for Super Robot Taisen X, latest episode of the official Ninja Box web anime series, and latest videos for Paladins!

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Daily news (January 2) – Animal Crossing: New Horizons / Arcade Archives Penguin Wars

Today’s Daily news: English version of the commercial for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, latest video for Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega 39’s, commercial for Ring Fit Adventure / Brain Training for Nintendo Switch, new demo for Link-a-Pix Deluxe, and latest videos for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Fire Emblem Heroes!

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eShop news (December 12): SEGA Ages Puyo Puyo 2 / Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: screenshots for SEGA Ages Puyo Puyo 2, Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True up for pre-purchase in Japan, and Japanese releases for Link-a-Pix Deluxe and Anarcute!

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Daily news (December 13, Round 3): Two Point Hospital / Link-a-Pix Deluxe

Today’s Daily news: release date for Two Point Hospital, Link-a-Pix Deluxe announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest Software update for Tetris 99, latest commercial for the Nintendo Switch, and latest video for Dragalia Lost!

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Daily news (October 1): Heart of the Woods / River City Melee Mach!!

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: voice cast revealed for Heart of the Woods, latest trailer for River City Melee Mach!!, Yo-kai Watch 4++ announced for the Nintendo Switch, moon in Famitsu magazine, details and screenshots for Tic-Tac-Letters by POWGI, screenshots for Summer Sweetheart, Japanese release for Lost Castle, and latest promo videos for hte Nintendo eShop!

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Daily news (June 4, Round 2): Vambrace: Cold Soul / Redeemer: Enhanced Edition

Today’s Daily news: last video feature for Vambrace: Cold Soul, new release date for Redeemer: Enhanced Edition, latest set of Famitsu previews, release date confirmed for Word Wheel by POWGI, and pictures for the latest set of the Fire Emblem 0 trading card game in Japan!

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eShop news (April 11, Round 2): Slime Tactics / Katana Zero

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: video clips for Slime Tactics and Katana Zero, Japanese release for Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition now available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, Japanese release for Block-a-Pix Deluxe, and latest update for Dawn of the Breakers!

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Daily Briefs (March 28, Round 3): Dragon Marked for Death / AI: The Somnium Files

Today’s Daily Briefs: pictures and videos for Dragon Marked for Death (Ver. 2.0.0 and DLC), latest A-set video for AI: The Somnium Files, limited physical release for Raging Justice, DLC schedule for Block-a-Pix Deluxe / Pic-a-Pix Deluxe / Pic-a-Pix Pieces, latest set of pictures for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, latest video clip for The Princess Guide, and livestream recordings for Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! and Dragon Quest Rivals!

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eShop news (Jan. 11): War Tech Fighters / SEGA Ages

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: War Tech Fighters announced for the Nintendo Switch, two SEGA Ages titles coming next month, Japanese release for Word Sudoku by POWGI, and launch trailer for Double Cross!

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Daily Briefs (Jan. 3): Feudal Alloy / DYING: Reborn – Nintendo Switch Edition

Today’s Daily Briefs: release date and launch trailer for Feudal Alloy, launch trailer and details for DYING: Reborn – Nintendo Switch Edition, latest countdown indie t-shirt for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, tutorial videos for Hellfront: Honeymoon, latest screenshot for Double Cross, Japanese release date and trailer for Pic-a-Pix Pieces, and Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! soundtrack now available on YouTube!

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eShop news (Aug. 2): SubaraCity / Nairi: Tower of Shirin / Bad North

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: release date + trailer + screenshots for SubaraCity, latest Kickstarter update for Nairi: Tower of Shirin, soundtrack samples for Bad North and 7 Billion Humans, Pirate Pop Plus, World Conqueror X and Block-a-Pix Colour all releasing next week in Japan, and latest video clips for Speed Brawl and Flat Heroes!

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eShop news (June 30th) – Breakers: Dawn of Heroe / Fill-a-Pix Deluxe

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Japanese release date for Breakers: Dawn of Heroes, details and screenshots for Fill-a-Pix Deluxe, sales data for Hollow Knight, music spotlight for Wargroove, some screenshots for Miles & Kilo, latest Nintendo eShop Highlights video, latest The Download video, latest video clips for Shakedown Hawaii, Feudal Alloy, Planet Alpha, and Decay of Logos, launch trailers for Midnight DX, LIMBO, INSIDE, and Fossil Hunters, and latest episode of The Engine Room (Image & Form history)!

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