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Daily Briefs (Feb. 27): Super Bomberman R / Parascientific Escape / Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Super Bomberman R

Today’s Daily Briefs: livestream recording for Super Bomberman R, Parascientific Escape: Gear Detective releasing this week in Europe, demo stations for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at the Nintendo NY Store, TV commercial for Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax, collaboration costume for Megami Meguri, and latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video!

Indie news (Feb. 22): Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D / Ultimate Chicken Horse
Go Go! Kokopolo 3D

Today’s Indie news: screenshots and interview for Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D on Nintendo 3DS, and interview for Ultimate Chicken Horse on the Nintendo Switch!

Indie news (Feb. 21): The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth / Chicken Wiggle
Chicken Wiggle

Today’s Indie news: The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth not releasing at launch anymore, more footage for the level editor in Chicken Wiggle, some screenshots for Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D: Space Recipe for Disaster, and livestream recording for Snake Pass!

JP eShop News (Feb. 15): Subara City / Parascientific Escape 3 / Dragon Ball sale
Subara City

Today’s Japanese Nintendo eShop news: screenshots and trailer for Subara City, latest entry in the Parascientific Escape series releasing next week, Dragon Ball sale, screenshots and trailer for Dragon Sinker: Ryuu Shizume no Matsuei, screenshots for Pirate Pop Plus, and Kira ★ Meki Oshare Salon! ~Watashi no Shigoto wa Biyoushi-san~ now available on the Nintendo eShop!

Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D: official website open, more details and screens
Go Go! Kokopolo 3D

Via the official website, the developers of Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D: Space Recipe for Disaster share some more details and screenshots for the game!

JP News (Feb. 8): Puzzle & Dragons X / Monster Hunter XX / Subara City
Puzzle & Dragons X

Today’s Japanese news: update and more free DLC for Puzzle & Dragons X, Famitsu preview and plushies for Monster Hunter XX, Subara City release date and screens,
Pokémon figure and puppet show, Valentine’s Day event for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!, screenshots and livestream recording for Megami Meguri, and livestream recording for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer!

eShop news (Feb. 4) – forma.8: release date and trailer / David Wise interview / Plantera

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: a release date and a trailer for the long-awaited forma.8, David Wise interview, release date for Plantera, Ackk Studios confirm Chromophore and YIIK are still coming to Wii U, screenshots for two upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles from Circle Ent., Super Destronaut 3D development completed, and latest animated GIF for Shakedown Hawaii!

eShop news (Jan. 27): Duck Game on Switch? / Lifespeed trailer / Upcoming games

Today’s Indie news: Duck Game possibly releasing on the Nintendo Switch, launch trailer for Lifespeed, some upcoming games for Europe, tentative release date for Parascientific Escape 2, and launch trailer for Punch Club!

Indie news: Parascientific Escape sequel headest west / Playtonic Games / Lifespeed / FAST RMX

Today’s Indie news: Circle Ent. bringing the sequel to Parascientific Escape Cruise in the Distant Seas to Europe and North America, Playtonic Games article, Lifespeed past lotcheck, some gameplay footage for FAST RMX, and two more animated GIFs for The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup!

Indie news (Jan. 16): Pixel Princess Blitz on Kickstarter (Switch) / Rusty Pup / Ice Station Z
Pixel Princess Blitz

Today’s Indie news: Kickstarter campaign launched for Pixel Princess Blitz, some animated GIFs for The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, another update for Ice Station Z, screenshot for the Defend your Crypt up and Ratalaika Games news, some screenshots for Gourmet Dream, and third episode of the Jools Watsham’s Weekly Show!

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