ARMS: all the details, videos, and pictures from the official Twitter account (May 1st to May 23rd)

On April 12th/13th, ARMS was showcased during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, where it finally got a release date. Shortly after the presentation, the official website went live: you can click here to check out all the details and pictures!

And also following that presentation, Nintendo launched the official Twitter account for the game (only available in Japanese). Just like we did for Splatoon 2, we created this post in order to round up everything that gets posted on that Twitter account: details, screenshots, artworks, etc.. In this post, you will find all the updates for the period going from May 1st to May 23rd!

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May 23rd

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • two video clips of Mechanica’s homemade power suit. It can carry something that weights up to 545kg, but it can only last 2 seconds with something so heavy… That suit can sustain pretty heavy hit without any issues, and you should be fine even if you get hit in the head… maybe?

  • an animated GIF showcasing the controls:

May 22nd

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • some screenshots of the Buster Beach, which happens to be Byte & Barq’s stage. It’s a resort island operated by the ARMS Association;
  • an artwork of Byte & Barq. They must be pretty careful of salt water, since they’re made of metal… kind of difficult when you happen to work at a place with “Beach” in the name!
  • a video clip for V-Ball, which will be playable during the Global Testpunch

May 22nd

Over the past couple of days, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a rather stylish screenshot of Twintelle;
  • a screenshot of the online lobby for the Global Testpunch. Not only players in a same lobby are matched together automatically, but the various game rules are also selected that way;
  • a picture showing the 7 playable characters: Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Helix, Mechanic, Ninjara, and Min Min;
  • two short video clips of Spring Man fighting Ninjara on the Bomb Gym stage;

  • Tip #1: you can press L to dash, and R to jump;
  • Tip #2: you hold the L button to charge your attacks, which not only makes your attack stronger but also activates various effects;
  • an artwork of Spring Man eating a pizza after some pretty intense training;
  • a short video clip of Ribbon Girl jumping around in the air, on the Ribbon Ring stage:

  • a short video clip of Ribbon Girl… jumping around some more on the Ribbon Girl stage. It looks like she really doesn’t want to lose to Twintelle, which isn’t too surprising: they both are celebrities!

  • Tip #3: you can dash with the L button even during a jump. This allows you to control when and where you land after jump;
  • Tip #4: you can charge a punch by landing after a jump. If you hold the R button, you can charge the punch further;
  • an artwork of Twintelle;
  • two short video clips of Ninjara facing off Spring Man on the Ninja College stage:

  • a short video clip of Mechanics vs Helix, on the Scrapyard stage

May 19th

In the past couple of days, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a video of the Ribbon Ring stage (this time with sound!)

  • a short clip of Hoops, one of the modes revealed during the ARMS Direct earlier this week

  • artworks of the three characters revealed during the ARMS Direct (Twintelle, Kid Cobra, and Byte & Barq)

May 17th

Today, Nintendo shared several pictures:

  • a picture of… a bottle of perfume? According to Biff, a really pleasant smell seems to be coming from the venue of the ARMS Direct. Would this happen to belong to one of the fighters, to be revealed during the presentation?
  • a picture of the “venue” of the ARMS Direct

May 16th

Today, Nintendo shared a new animation, that shows that Master Mummy may in fact be just a big softie!

May 15th

Today, Nintendo shared a few picture for the game, focusing on Mechanica:

  • the first screenshot shows Mechanica’s workshop, which is found in the Scrapyard (see below for more details);
  • the second screenshot shows blueprints on the floor, which seem to be for powered exoskeleton;
  • the third and last picture shows some blueprints for powered exoskeleton.

May 12th

Today, Nintendo shared a pdf file for you to print, so that you can try and make your very own origami Biff: click here!

Here’s a video showing you how to fold the piece of paper:

May 11th

Today, Nintendo shared a screenshot of another ring: the Scrapyard, which happens to be Mechanica’s stage. As you can see for yourself, it’s filled with machinery!

And here’s a short video clip of Mechanica fighting Helix on that very stage. It looks like the pipes on the ring can be broken down!

May 10th

Today, Nintendo shared another (neat) animation, this time of Mechanica carrying Min Min in the air:

May 9th

Today, Nintendo introduced a brand new stage: the Ribbon Ring, which happens to be Ribbon Girl’s stage. It’s meant to look like a concert venue, which isn’t surprising since Ribbon Girl is a fighter, a singer, and an actress. What’s more, she made a promise to her fans: to hold a concert on the ring of the ARMS Grand Prix Finale.

The Ribbon Ring is a bit special: the center part rises, which allows all fans (even those at the very back of the venue) to see what’s happening.

May 8th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a video showcasing the Megaton ARM. Big. Heavy. Slow. If you charge a punch, then the Megaton gets even bigger (and will not be knocked off course by your opponent’s punches)! It can also be used as shields. It’s the perfect ARM for Master Mummy, a heavy-weight fighter.

  • a screenshot of an alt-colour costumes for Master Mummy

May 5th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a video of a special match between Springman and Ninjara

  • an artwork of that very match
  • a screenshot of another alt-colour costume for Springman, who becomes a blondie with that one

May 4th

Today, Nintendo shared two things:

  • a short video of the Toaster’s special attack, that allows you to hit opponents with a barrage of punches

  • an artwork of Springman saving a little kid. It looks like this extandable arms can be used for other things than simply fighting!

May 3rd

Today, Nintendo showcased another ARM: the Gelgel (English name TBC!), which happens to be the standard weapon for Helix / DNA Man. It’s a really unique ARM that looks like it’s made of jelly, and bounces around. It looks like Biff went and licked the thing, and… it apparently has a tropical flavour?!

Also, Nintendo confirmed that all fighters have 4 different alt-colour costumes. Here’s the 4 costumes for Helix / DNA Man:

May 2nd

Today, Nintendo is showcasing the Supporters: some really enthusiastic fans cheering for their favorite fighter. It looks like every fighter has its own supporters, and its own set of merchandise. But what is that mysterious stick revealed today?

May 1st

Today, Nintendo shared a pretty neat animation of Helix (aka DNA Man), revealed on Friday:

Some more pictures of the Nico Nico Choukaigi event were also shared:

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ARMS (Switch) will be released on June 16th worldwide.

Source: official Twitter account



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