ARMS: JP website open, additional details and pictures


Following last week’s Nintendo Direct presentation, where the release date was finally announced, Nintendo opened the official website for ARMS in Japan. There’s nothing really new in there, but if you’re in need of a recap of all the previously revealed details about the game, you’ve come to the right place!

ARMS – Quick introduction

First, a quick introduction. What’s ARMS? Well, it’s a brand new sports where various fighters battle using unique weapons called “ARMS”. You play by holding the Joy-Cons sideways, as shown on the picture below. You control your fighter using the accelerometer inside the Joy-Cons (movements, punches, etc.), and you can feel “realistic” vibrations thanks to the HD Rumble feature.

Controls work like this:

  • punch: move the Joy-Con forward (with the left / right Joy-Con corresponding to your left / right arm). With a twist, you can add a curve effect to your punches;
  • move: by tilting the Joy-Cons left or right, you can move in that direction. You can press L to dash, and R to jump;
  • grab: you can grab opponents if you move both Joy-Cons forward at the same time;
  • guard: you can use guard by moving the Joy-Cons towards you. This protects you from incoming attacks, but also charges your punches;
  • charged attack: after charging your punch, you can press ZL or ZR for a special attack.

A quick note about controls, you can play with the following:

  • single Joy-Con
  • main unit with Joy-Cons attached
  • with the Joy-Con Grip
  • with one Joy-Con in each hand (the control scheme the controls listed above apply to)

Before battle, you have to choose both your fighter and their ARMS, with various possible combinations. And of course, no fighting game would possible without several arenas to fight on!

Several play modes are available:

  • TV Mode (splitscreen)
  • local multiplayer (each player with their own console)
  • online (with players from all around the world)

ARMS – Fighters

In ARMS, you can choose among several fighters:

  • Springman, the hotblooded fighter;
  • Ribbon Girl, the pop start that literally dances in the air;
  • Ninjara, the tricky ninja;
  • Mister Mummy, the mummy that can regenerates;
  • Minmin, the Noodle Girl;
  • Mechanic, the Genius Rocket Girl
  • and more…


ARMS are definitely one of the central elements of the game (well… the game IS called ARMS after all!), and they directly influence how the fights unfold (more than the fighter). There’s various types available, all made by various manufacturers.

Here’s some of the ARMS showcased on the official website:

  • Toaster: when charged, they cast fire, which burns enemies when you hit them (dealing even more damage), and always knocks them down. Great against opponents guarding;
  • Boomerang: after charging it, you get the power of wind. When opponents (and allies!) are hit by such punches, they are sent flying. You can guide them around obstacles, allowing you to hit enemies hiding behind walls, pillars, etc.;
  • Trident: allows for quick attacks. Has a pretty wide range, making it the perfect weapons for players who have trouble aiming;
  • Sparky: a punch that allows you to shock opponents (literally!) with electric attacks. Among the most popular ARMS, along with the Toaster;
  • Pop-Star: a rather… festive-looking ARM, that fires quick shots;
  • Slapamander: allows you to use whipe-like punches. When charged, you get the power of fire. They allow you to cover wide areas, making them the perfect weapon for dealing with opponents running away from you;
  • Chakram: a weapon that results from the mass production of traditional ninja weapons with the latest technology. When rotating, the centrifugal force increases its size;
  • Megaton: big, slow, and heavy. When charged, your punches become even bigger, and will not be knocked off course by your opponent’s punches. You can also use those a shields;
  • Dragon: a weapon that shoots lasers, with a 4 000 year history;
  • Hot Ring: basically, a fire version of the Chakram;
  • Revolver: allows you to send three “projectiles” when you use your punches. When charged, you can stun enemies. Unfortunately, this weapon has a major drawback: said “projectiles” can easily be knocked off course by your opponent’s punches;
  • Lock-On: the perfect weapon for players who have trouble aiming. Shots automatically lock-on to nearby opponents.

With each fighter, you get the choice between 3 types of ARMS, and you’re free to go with whatever combination you want. You can change your combination in-between rounds. Each weapon has an attribute:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Electricity
  • Explosion
  • Stun
  • Blind
  • Wind

If you charge your punches, then you will be able to make use of that attribute.

As you progress through the game, and more specifically when you win fights, you earn in-game currency that can be used to play the ARM Getter. This is the name of a mode where you can try to win some new ARMS for your fighters. You can also improve the ARMS you already have there.

ARMS (Switch) comes out on June 16th worldwide.



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