ARMS: all the details, videos, and pictures from the official Twitter account (April)


Update: looking for all the all the details, videos, and pictures for ARMS shared on the official Twitter account in May? Click here!


On April 12th/13th, ARMS was showcased during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, where it finally got a release date. Shortly after the presentation, the official website went live: you can click here to check out all the details and pictures!

And also following that presentation, Nintendo launched the official Twitter account for the game (only available in Japanese). Just like we did for Splatoon 2, we created this post in order to round up everything that gets posted on that Twitter account: details, screenshots, artworks, etc..

April 29th

Today, Nintendo shared a few pictures of the Nico Nico Coukaigi event, where ARMS is playable (with demos and a tournament):

April 27th

Today, Nintendo shared another video, introducing another ARM: the Dragon. That one shoots lasers from its tip, and those have a wide range. Unfortunately, it does take a while for said lasers to be shot, so it’s a weapon only advanced users should choose.

Also, Nintendo shared two more screenshots:

  • the first one shows another alt-colour costume, this time for Minmin
  • the second shows the ARMS Labs, once again. At the back, some cylinders in a pretty bad shape can be found… just what on earth are they doing in that lab?

April 26th

Today, Nintendo shared another video, introducing another ARM: the Revolver. With that one, you can send three “projectiles” when you use your punches. When charged, you can even stun enemies with electricity. Unfortunately, this weapon has a major drawback: said “projectiles” can easily be knocked off course by your opponent’s punches.

Also, Nintendo shared two more screenshots:

  • the first one shows one of Mechanica’s alt outfit, with a camo design for her powered exoskeleton;
  • the second one shows one of the stages: the ARMS Labs (already showcased yesterday). On the floor, some mysterious blueprints can be found.

April 25th

Today, Nintendo shared another video, introducing another ARM: the Sparky. With that one, you can shock opponents (literally!) with electric attacks when you charge it. Among the most popular ARMS, along with the Toaster. It’s the latest version of the “Thunder Punch” ARM, which has been greatly enhanced.

Nintendo also shared two additional screenshots:

  • the first one shows the Black version of Ribbon Girl (another alt. costume!)
  • the second one shows one of the stages: the ARMS Labo. It’s in that eerie place, lined up with strange cylinders, that crucial research on ARMS is conducted. The organisation that Biff (the ARMS League Commentator) belongs to is not the same as the one operation that lab.

April 24th

Today, Nintendo shared a new screenshot for ARMS, revealing Ninjara’s alter-ego!… Wait a minute, it’s just an alt. colour costume, that allows you to see which fighter is yours when both you and your opponent(s) pick the same one!

Nintendo also shared a new video, introducing another ARM: the Chakram. It’s a weapon that results from the mass production of traditional ninja weapons with the latest technology. When rotating, the centrifugal force increases its size.

April 21st

Today, Nintendo only shared an artwork of Minmin, which will be playable in the demo at NicoNico Choukaigi next week-end!

April 20th

Today, Nintendo began a video series intoducing the various types of ARMS. Today, we start with the Toaster: a weapon that allows you to get the power of fire when you charge your punches. If you hit an opponent with a fire punch, then they will knocked down in one shot. The Toaster is the latest model of the old Fire Punch ARM.

Nintendo also shared a pretty neat animation of Minmin, created using “action figures”:

April 19th

Today, Nintendo introduces Mechanica, known as the Rocket Girl. She works at a local factory called Scrap Yard, and she is described as a genius that excells at engineering and mechanical design. Ever since she was a child, she’s dreamed of participating in the ARMS Grand Prix. She cannot use ARMS herself, which is why she uses the powered exoskeleton that she built herself to fight!

April 18th

For the first update we have:

  • a screenshot of the new fighter revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation: Min Min
  • a screenshot of Springman, who was defeated by Min Min during the Nintendo Direct Exhibition Match
  • an artwork for the three known female fighters: Min Min, Mechanic, and Ribbon Girl
  • a screenshot of the new stage, the Noodle Bowl Arena (not the official English name!)
  • a screenshot of one of Min Min’s kicks (yes, ARMS isn’t all about punches!)
  • a character profile for Ribbon Girl. She’s a fighter, a singer, and an actress (affiliated to the Ribbon Label). She decides to take part in the ARMS Grand Prix in order to fulfill a promise she made with her fans: to have a live on the ring of the ARMS Grand Prix Finale!
  • an artwork of Ribbon Girl vs Mechanica
  • a character profile for Ninjara. He’s a student at the Luo Sen Ninjutsu Academy, who has to undergo one final trial: win the ARMS Grand Prix!
  • a character profile for Mister Mummy. One day, he woke up at the Mummy Hospital. While looking for his missing family, he ends up wandering around the ARMS Grand Prix.

ARMS (Switch) will be released on June 16th worldwide.



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