ARMS: all the details, videos, and pictures from the official Twitter account (May 23rd to May 28th)

On May 17th/18th, ARMS was showcased during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, where the Global Testpunch was announced. Shortly after the presentation, the official website was updated: you can click here to check out all the details and pictures!

And also following that presentation, Nintendo increased the frequency of posts on the official Twitter account for the game (only available in Japanese). Just like we’re doing for Splatoon 2, we created this post in order to round up everything that gets posted on that Twitter account: details, screenshots, artworks, etc.. In this post, you will find all the updates for the period going from May 23rd to May 28th.

Due to the sheer frequency of updates (several times every day, with lots of GIFs to boot), we’re switching to weekly posts to avoid slowing down the loading of the post (especially for users on mobile devices).

Previous posts:

May 27th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a video clip showing how you can switch target simply by pressing a button in battles with 3 or more players (click here for more details about the controls);

  • a screenshot of Mechanica celebrating the end of the first Global Testpunch session;
  • a picture of one of the developers getting ready for today’s livestream;
  • a screenshot of a battle with Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, and Mechanica;
  • a screenshot showing how to play V-Ball. To toss the ball in the air, use both ARMS. When comes the time to send the ball flying to the other side, use only one!
  • a screenshot showing two players playing on the same console during the Global Testpunch event. That’s actually the maximum amount of players you can have on the same console. If you have two sets of Joy-Cons (if your brought yours to a friend’s, for example), then you can both use motion controls;
  • a screenshot showing two players playing on the same console, with only one Joy-Con each. Yes, you can do that!

May 26th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a video clip of Helix, with some pretty inspiring words from the… thing itself: “smq@a-@d(4a(4! gt@.ifudt:w,!”

  • another video clip of Helix, with an Oscar-worthy line: “gnk64aw@jZw.,!”

  • a video clip of the “target practice” mini-game you can play while waiting for other players to join when playing online;

  • a cute animation of Min Min eating some ramen;

  • a screenshot of the ARMS select screen. When playing against other players online, you can only see what ARMS your opponents have selected when all players have made their choice. You cannot simply wait to see what ARMS they’re going to pick before making your choice.

May 25th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • some video clips of Min Min. The first one shows her charging and firing her Dragon ARM. The second one shows her doing a back flip to avoid an incoming attack. The last video clip isn’t about Min Min, it’s just two Helix dancing, excited about the upcoming Global Testpunch.

  • some tips about which move is effective against your opponent. If an opponent is trying to punch you, it’s time to guard. If your opponent is guarding, try to grab them. And if your opponent is trying to grab you, punch them!

May 24th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • some video clips of Master Mummy. Unlike other fighters, taking hits right in the face will not faze him at all, and he will not be knocked down. When he uses his guard, he gradually gets back some health: something you need to keep in mind if you have him as your opponent. Also, his signature ARM (the Megaton) is pretty heavy, and will not be knocked back by lighter ARMS.

  • a screenshot showing Twintelle facing off Master Mummy;
  • screenshots of the 3 stages playable in the Global Testpunch demo

May 23rd

Today, Nintendo also shared the following:

  • a video clip of one of the battle modes playable in ARMS, including the ARMS Global Testpunch: Battle Royale (can be played with either 3 or 4 players)

  • a video clip of 4 Helix celebrating the upcoming Global Testpunch:

  • an artwork, showing Biff receiving an autograph from Ribbon Girl… much to the dismay of Mechanica!

ARMS (Switch) will be released on June 16th worldwide.

Source: official Twitter account


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