Cube Life: Island Survival

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Daily news (December 23, Round 3) – Earth Defense Force: World Brothers / Jump Force Deluxe Edition

Today’s Daily news: latest set of screenshots for Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, latest DLC character for Jump Force Deluxe Edition, and Cube Life: Island Survival announced for the Nintendo Switch!

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eShop news (March 27): Chicken Wiggle / Cube Life: Island Survival 2018

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: stretchgoals revealed for Chicken Wiggle, latest trailer for Cube Life: Island Survival 2018, latest video clip for Planet Alpha, latest screenshots for Trailblazers, Japanese trailer and screenshots (+ release date) for Layers of Fear: Legacy, and concept-art for Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics!

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Daily and Indie news (Dec. 26) – Earthlock: Festival of Magic / Shantae: Half-Genie Hero OST

Today’s Daily and Indie news: update on the Wii U version of Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero soundtrack now available on Bandcamp, latest gameplay clips for Shakedown Hawaii and Sneaky Ninja, Toby: The Secret Mine announced for the Wii U, trailer for the latest Minecraft: Wii U Edition update, first trailer for the “HD” version of Cube Life: Island Survival, early teaser for Chequered Cow Games’ next game, latest Tool Assisted Speedrun videos, livestream recording for Super Mario Run, Natsume Happy Holiday video, and update for Alice in Wonderland!

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Daily Briefs (Feb. 13) – Shakedown Hawaii, Super Mario Maker, Project X Zone 2

Today’s Daily Briefs: a trailer for Shakedown Hawaii, some levels for Super Mario Maker, a launch trailer and an interview for Project X Zone 2, and more!

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Daily Briefs (Feb. 7) – SteamWorld Heist / Pokkén Tournament

Today’s Daily Briefs: latest episode of The Engine Room, amiibo news for Pokkén Tournament, PlatinumGames article in Famitsu magazine, and more!

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Daily Briefs (January 27th)

Today’s Daily briefs: screens for the Japanese version of Terraria, artworks/screens for Boku no Hero Academia, another guide for Monster Hunter X and more!

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