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Nintendo Switch news (Nov. 4): Ubisoft’s surprising game / Cube Life: Island Survival

Today’s Nintendo Switch: one of Ubisoft’s games on the Nintendo Switch to “definitely surprise” us, but also…

  • Cube Life: Island Survival


Back at E3 2016, Ubisoft announced that Just Dance 2017 was coming to the Nintendo Switch (then known as NX). Afterwards, the company confirmed they would be bringing other games, not simply Just Dance 2017. But what are those other games, exactly? Hard to say, since Ubisoft hasn’t said anything about them, and most likely won’t until January 12th/13th (with the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017).

But a few days ago, on the day that followed the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Yves Guillemot (CEO of Ubisoft) shared a Message on Facebook. While most of the message is pretty standard and safe PR talk, there is one line at the end that is most intriguing:

With the Switch’s unique capacities and design, Nintendo could again redefine the way we play games! The Switch is accessible at its core and will give people the freedom and the pleasure to share more experiences and play anywhere at anytime. The Ubisoft teams developing games for the Switch are inspired by these new possibilities, and I’m really happy that we’re able to continue doing great things with Nintendo. In addition to Just Dance 2017, I think there’s at least one game that will definitely surprise you!

What kind of game would surprise players on the Nintendo Switch? Is it the new Beyond Good and Evil game, rumoured to be exclusive to Nintendo’s new platform?

Thanks LordKano for the heads up!

Cube Life: Island Survival

Cube Life: Island Survival is one of the various Minecraft-like games released on Wii U, and it was quite successful at first… until Minecraft: Wii U Edition was finally released on Nintendo’s home console in December last year. And it looks like Cypronia, who made the game, wants to be among the first to release their Minecraft-like on the Nintendo Switch (especially since we don’t know when Minecraft will be released on that platform).

Today, the company sent a press release to announce that Cube Life: Island Survival was coming to the Nintendo Switch (but also PC and PS4). Naturally, no release window was given, which isn’t too surprising since very few indie developers actually have a Nintendo Switch devkit right now.

Here’s some screenshots for the “HD” version of the game (most likely PC/PS4):

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