Daily news (June 29, Round 3): Shakedown Hawaii / Stranger Things 3: The Game

Today’s Daily news: Shakedown Hawaii to get tanks in July, new characters revealed for Stranger Things 3: The Game, character art for Blazing Chrome, latest video clip for Crossniq+<, sales milestone for Kamiko, latest videos for Dandy Dungeon -Legend of Brave Yamada-, latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video, and latest video for SMITE!

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eShop news (Nov. 17, Round 3): Warframe / Gensokyo Defenders

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: FAQ for Warframe, release date + trailer + screenshots for Gensokyo Defenders, more pictures for YIIK, Kamiko soundtrack now available on YouTube, and latest video clips for Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Nairi: Tower of Shirin, and Castle of Heart!

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eShop news (Dec. 29): Kamiko and VOEZ sales milestones / Ninja Smasher / Nintendo eShop Highlights (December)

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: sales milestones for Kamiko and VOEZ, Ninja Smasher coming to the Nintendo Switch, latest Nintendo eShop Highlights video from Nintendo of Europe, and article about Nintendo’s approach to Indies!

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Daily Briefs (Oct. 21): Halloween Sale on the Nintendo eShop (Europe) / Limited Run Games / Kamiko

Today’s Daily Briefs: Halloween Sale on the Nintendo eShop announced for next week in Europe, Limited Run Games to release Nintendo Switch games, Kamiko sells over 150 000 units worldwide (+ soundtrack), development update for 80’s Overdrive, and latest devblog post for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom!

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Nindies @ A 5th of BitSummit: several games announced / dated for the Nintendo Switch

A 5th of BitSummit takes place this week-end in Kyoto, Japan, and today, Nintendo finally announced the list of playable game on its booth. Also, various games announced/confirmed for the Nintendo Switch!

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Indie news (May 9): Aeternoblade II / Cave Story+ / Kamiko OST / MixedBag Games on Switch

Today’s Indie news: first screenshots for Aeternoblade II, picture of the inside of the Cave Story+ packaging, Kamiko OST now available on Amazon.co.jp, MixedBag Games now working on Nintendo Switch, latest character trailers for World to the West, and latest screenshot for Petite Games’ latest game!

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[Europe] eShop highlights (April 2017): Kamiko / Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Nintendo uploaded its monthly video for the Nintendo eShop highlights today. For April 2017, the company chose to highlight Kamiko, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and more!

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[N-Direct JP] Nintendo Switch: various games coming to the Nintendo eShop

Update: added trailer + screens + OP music video for Kamiko.
During the Nintendo Direct in Japan, Nintendo introduced several games coming to the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo Switch. Check them out in this post!

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