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Indie news (Apr. 21): Shakedown Hawaii / Nindies / Shovel Knight / NBA Playgrounds / Mr Shifty

Today’s Indie news: Shakedown Hawaii gets a GPS, but also…

  • Nindies and the Nintendo Switch
  • Shovel Knight
  • NBA Playgrounds
  • Mr. Shifty
  • Vroom in the night sky
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse

Shakedown Hawaii

Yesterday, VBlank Entertainment shared one new screenshot for Shakedown Hawaii, revealing a new feature… a GPS. It’s a feature you find in pretty much all open world games nowadays (with some exceptions), which is pretty convenient for finding your way.

Shakedown Hawaii (Switch – eShop) comes out later this year in Europe and North America.

Source: VBlank Entertainment

Nindies and the Nintendo Switch

In the latest issue of MCV UK (the magazine), various indie developers talk about Nintendo’s digital strategy on the Nintendo Switch. It actually includes part of an interview with Image & Form, that we previously covered in this post. The article doesn’t share any groundbreaking info, but still makes for a pretty interesting read! Click here to check it out (from page 18).

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is a video game you can play on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and various other platforms. And now, it’s also a series of book, published by Penguin Books! There’s four of them in total:

  • Shovel Knight Guidebook ($12.99) [Amazon US]
  • Codes of Shovelry Handbook ($6.99) [Amazon US]
  • Shovel Knight Digger’s Diary ($8.99) [Amazon US]
  • Shovel Knight Mad Libs ($4.99) [Amazon US]

NB: affiliate links

Here’s the covers and some preview pages for those four books:

Source: Yacht Club Games

NBA Playgrounds

Today, Saber Interactive share one more screenshot for NBA Playgrounds, which is releasing in May on the Nintendo Swich:

Mr. Shifty

Yesterday, tinyBuild uploaded a gameplay video for Mr. Shifty, and more precisely of the post-patch version (that greatly improve framerate):

A compilation of Mr. Shifty’s upcoming performance patch running on a Nintendo Switch. Some users have experienced frame stutter and slowdowns when playing on Nintendo Switch, and this patch addresses that. If you’re experienced issues before the patch, please hard-reboot your Switch device. The patch will boost overall performance of the game for everyone.

ETA on patch is _soon_.

Vroom in the night sky

Earlier this week, Poisoft uploaded several videos in order to showcase Vroom in the night sky, their very first Nintendo Switch game. You can find all the videos in the playlist below:

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Yesterday, Ultimate Chicken Horse posted a blog post on their official blog, in order to talk about Ultimate Chicken Horse and more precisely console development. There’s nothing too exciting in that update (there isn’t much for them to discuss for now), but it’s still better than radio silence for months.

What’s left to do on consoles is to implement the social features (signing into PSN and other networks) and some console-specific features which we haven’t created yet. Then, we go through the list of requirements for each console and make sure the game handles everything correctly before sending our game to official certification with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Click here to check out the blog post!


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