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Daily Briefs (Feb. 12) – Hyrule Warriors Legends / Story of Seasons

Here’s today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • Bokujou Monogatari 3tsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi
  • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3
  • Activision
  • Ubisoft
  • Lost Reavers
  • River City Ransom SP
  • Monster Hunter X
  • Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen!
  • Haikyuu! Cross-team match!
  • LEGO Marvel Avengers

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Here’s the cover of the Collector’s Edition of the Hyrule Warriors Legends Prima Guide:

Hyrule Warriors Legends (3DS) comes out on March 24th in Europe, and March 25th in North America.

Source: Amazon.com

Bokujou Monogatari 3tsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi

Here’s two more screenshots for Bokujou Monogatari 3tsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi (latest entry in the Story of Seasons series), straight from Marvelous. They show the player fishing (which is one of the activities in the game), but also petting a cat.

Don’t forget to check out this post for the latest details about Bokujou Monogatari 3tsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi!

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3

On March 24th (same day as the game itself), Hori will release some accessories for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3:

  • New Nintendo 3DS XL covers (1 380 Yen + taxes)
  • Game cartridge case (can carry up to 12 cartridges) (980 Yen + taxes)

Source: Gamer.ne.jp


Yesterday, Activision reported earnings that were below analysts expectations, which was due to Skylanders: SuperChargers and Guitar Hero Live not performing as well as expected. For Skylanders, there was even more competition this year, with LEGO Dimensions and the Star Wars sets for Disney Infinity, and this may be why sales were below expectations.

Source: VentureBeat


Here’s the breakdown of sales by region and platform for Ubisoft:

Unsurprisingly, the Wii and the Wii U only makes for 9% of total sales for Ubisoft, and the Wii is still dominating its sucessor thanks to Just Dance.

Source: Ubisoft

Head after the break for the rest of this post!

Lost Reavers

On Wednesday, Bandai-Namco released a Software update for Lost Reavers, bringing it to Ver. 1.1.0. Its adds some new missions, monthly leaderboard, game balance changes, and more. Click here for more details (in Japanese)!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the game will be launched in Europe and North America. The official website does have a section in English, but it is… rather empty (to say the least).

River City Ransom SP

Here’s a commercial for River City Ransom SP, which comes out on April 28th in Japan (on Nintendp 3DS):

Monster Hunter X

Here’s some screenshots for the latest batch of Event Quests for Monster Hunter X (out today, and on February 19th):

Source: 4Gamer.net

Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen!

Here’s the latest trailer for Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen!, on Wii U:

Haikyuu! Cross-team match!

Here’s some screenshots and artworks (+ the boxart) for Haikyuu! Cross-team match!, coming out on March 3rd in Japan (on Nintendo 3DS):

Source: 4Gamer.net

LEGO Marvel Avengers

Here’s a Japanese trailer for LEGO Marvel Avengers (Wii U / 3DS), which comes out on April 28th in Japan.


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