Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition – All the details, pictures, and videos from the official Twitter account

Just like they did for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (and the Torna: The Golden Country expansion), Nintendo and Monolith Soft. have started sharing various pictures and details about Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition via the official Twitter account of the Xenoblade Chronicles series in Japan. And just like we did last time, we’ve created a special page where we will post all the details and pictures shared on that account (complete with translations), so that you can find them all in a single place.

As usual, we will keep updating this page as new details, pictures, and videos are shared, and up until the game is released on May 29th worldwide. Make sure to come back regularly to check for new updates!

May 26th

The latest Twitter update introduces a new feature: Casual Mode. When activated, battles become much easier. If you’re a beginner and don’t feel too confident, or if you simply want to relax and enjoy the story without having to worry about battles, this mode is for you!

May 25th

The latest Twitter updates for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition shares details about a really handy feature for players looking for a challenge. You will able to “stock” the XP you’ve gained during your adventure, and adjust the levels of the party members accordingly. That way, you will not become too overleveled if you choose to do a lot of sidequests, because you will be able to lower the level of the characters and up the difficulty to a more satisfying level.

Here’s how it works: when you play, you gather XP by various means. When you want to level up a character, you use the XP you’ve collected. Naturally, when you choose to lower the level of character, you get XP back. Thanks to this system, you can choose to play with a fixed level for your characters.

May 22nd

The latest Twitter updates showcase the title screen for both the main game and the Future Connected epilogue (which is playable separately, and right from the very beginning, as announced previously).

We also learn that the Event Theater makes its comeback from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It allows you to watch again all the cutscenes and Heart to Heart scenes from both the main game and the Future Connected epilogue. You can even change various parameters like the equipment the characters are using, the time of day, and the weather.

May 20th

The latest Twitter update for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is once again about the Nopongers. Once you have befriended Nopongers from all 3 Nopongers teams, and you’ve completely filled up the Party Gauge (all 3 bars) in battle, you can launch a special attack. The more Nopongers you have befriended, the stronger the attack will be! Not only is the attack really powerful, it also has some additional effects.

Wondering what the attack looks like? Here’s a short video showcasing it:

May 19th

The latest Twitter update shares more details about the Nopongers. There’s 12 of them in total, divided in 3 teams: Red, Blue, and Yellow. You can check the profile of the Nopongers you have befriended in the Noponger Report!

May 18th

The latest Twitter update for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive introduces the Nopongers: a group of Nopon adventures you will get to meet on the Bionis’ shoulder. If you find them and complete the quests they have for you, they will join you in battle!

May 14th

The latest Twitter updates for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition introduces several major characters:

  • Dickson (voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama in Japanese): a friend of Dunban’s. He’s wandering around, collecting supplies and making weapons. He’s been watching over Shulk, an orphan, as his son. He also serves as his mentor;
  • Mumkhar (voiced by Norio Wakamoto in Japanese): another friend of Dunban’s. A powerful warrior who uses claw-like weapons in battle. Looks like he and Dunban quarreled over the Monado, but the old rivals are now good friends;
  • Alvis (voiced by Shizuma Hodoshima in Japanese): a mysterious young man who can also use the Monado. He shows up and provides Shulk and co. with some useful advice. As for that necklace, it certainly looks familiar…

May 12th

The latest Twitter updates for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition introduces a brand new mode: Time Attack. It’s more or less the equivalent of Challenge Battle mode from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. As the name implies, this mode has you defeat wave of enemies as quickly as possible. The entrance is located in Colony 9: it’s a portal located right next to the Furnace.

When you go through the portal, you end up in a special place where the Nopon Archsage is waiting for you. Talk to him, and you can select from a growing list of challenges, with more unlocked as you progress through the main story. There’s two types of challenges:

  • Free: you can choose which characters will be in your party, and there are no particular restrictions
  • Restricted: you have to tackle the challenges with some restrictions (max. Level, fixed party members, etc.).

Once you have selected a challenge, the battle begins, and you have to defeat enemies that come at you in waves. When you’ve defeated them all, your performance is evaluated based on various criteria (clear time, etc.), and you get a rank. You also get Nopon Crystals as reward, based on your rank. Those crystals can then be traded for various rewards, such as equipment, gems, and more.

Among the rewards you can get by trading your Nopon Crystals are brand new costumes for the various party members. You can find some of them in the image gallery below!

May 8th

The latest Twitter updates introduce the playable characters of the Future Connected epilogue. Of course, Shulk is one of them. His equipment, as well as his Monado, are quite different than those from the main game. The other characters are Melia, Kino, and Nene: you can find more details about them on this page!

May 7th

The latest Twitter updates for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition are about the Future Connected epilogue. Unfortunately, nothing new was revealed, so make sure to check out this post for more details about it!

May 1st

No Twitter update today, but the official website in Japan was updated with details about the Future Connected epilogue. Check out this page for all the details, and more!

April 30th

The latest Twitter updates for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition share details about some of the many improvements made to the game:

  • Music: as announced previously, the game features re-recordings of music tracks, as well as the original soundtrack from the Wii (and New Nintendo 3DS) version, and you will be able to choose between the two at pretty much any time. But what we didn’t know is that you will be able to make your choice for the Field and Battle music tracks separately. That way, you will be able to mix between the two soundtracks, or go with re-recorded or original soundtrack only!
  • Quests: the Quest screen has been revamped, and information is presented in a clearer way;
  • Quests: if you set a Quest as Active Quest, then you will be guided to your destination. You can even enlarge the map to know exactly where you’re supposed to go;
  • Colony 6: the Colony 6 reconstruction quest has been made more convenient. Now, you can check how much money and what kind of materials you need for reconstruction straight from the Menu screen;
  • Affinity Chart: you can check it out from the Menu screen. You can find details about the various people you’ve met during your journey. Those details are recorded in their Profile, which lists things such as the hours they are active, the places they can be found at, items you can trade with them, and more;
  • Equipment: this version of the game introduces a feature from Xenoblade Chronicles X: Fashion Gear. Basically, it allows you to choose what your characters look like at all times. If you set some equipment as Fashion Gear, then your character will always be wearing it in battle, when exploring, etc.. However, you will keep the stats of the “main” equipment. No more having to choose between style and good stats!

April 28th

The latest Twitter updates for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition showcase some of the environments from Bionis, the body of the god where Shulk and his friends live. There’s many different sceneries to enjoy, with some rare spots to discover!

April 27th

The first Twitter updates introduce the main characters of the game, and showcase their brand new character models:

  • Shulk (voiced by Shintarou Asanuma);
  • Fiora (voiced by Eri Nakao): a bright and lively young woman, quite skilled when it comes to homemade cooking. She gets on well with Shulk, her childhood friend, but it looks like there’s something between those two…
  • Reyn (voiced by Eiji Miyashita): Shulk and Fiora’s childhood friend. If Shulk is the brain, then Reyn is definitely the brawn. He’s a rather wild and hotblooded man, who uses a big shield and his powerful body to protect his friends;
  • Dunban (voiced by Ryou Horikawa): Fiora’s brother, a Hero who saved the world from the Mechon menace using the Monado. However, the power of the Monado was too much for him, and as a result, he can no longer use his right arm;
  • Sharla (voiced by Akeno Watanabe): a strong-willed and patient medic, who cares a lot for her young brother. She joins Shulk’s party in order to find her missing fiancé. She uses a long-range rifle in combat, in order attack enemies but also provide support to allies;
  • Melia (voiced by Shiori Katsuta): a High Entia young woman who lives in the Royal City of Alcamoth. She meets Shulk and co. while trying to subdue monsters that have been attacking the capital. Her attacks, which use ether, are quite powerful;
  • Riki (voiced by Yuki Kaida): the Nopon who was selected as this year’s Heropon, which leads him to join Shulk’s party. He looks and act like a child, but Reyn always call him “old man”. Just how old is he, really?

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Switch) comes out on May 29th worldwide.

Source: Monolith Soft. (Twitter)


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