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Sky: Children of the Light (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 0.25.0)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Sky: Children of the Light on Nintendo Switch (originally released on June 29th 2021 in North America and Europe, and June 30th 2021 in Japan)!

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Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.25.0

  • Release date: April 10th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 11th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Steam Early Access Begins—with Campaign Wishlist Rewards and More!

Welcome Steam PC players! On April 10th, Early Access officially begins, and we’re making it a celebration for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars for these special in-game festivities:

  • Double Hearts and a mountain of Treasure Candles:
    • From 00:00 April 10th until 23:59 April 16th, every Heart gift or partial Heart gift sent to friends will be automatically doubled. (Remember, this applies only to gifts sent while Double Hearts are active, so if a gift is sent before April 10th and then picked up after Double Hearts begins, it won’t be doubled.) There will also be a TON of Treasure Candles in the realms. Every day there will be eight locations for Treasure Candles in each level from Daylight Prairie through Vault of Knowledge—that’s 40 Treasure Candles to gather Light from. (And yes, this is more than the numbers of Treasure Candles that we originally announced. Happy Early Access, everyone!)
  • Special Traveling Spirit Visit: Dancing Performer
    • The winner of last year’s special Traveling Spirit Community Vote, Dancing Performer will be the second Traveling Spirit to visit after April 10th, so get ready for their arrival from April 25th through the 28th!

Not to mention, the Companion Cube will be permanently available to players on PC and Steam Deck—find it in the Event Shop in Aviary Village for 50 Candles.

We’ve also had the special opportunity to offer the Journey Pack to players regardless of the platform they play on. This pack includes a cape and hood modeled after the iconic red outfit worn by the Journey™ traveler, and it comes with a mask that gives your avatar a unique Journey™-inspired voice when you wear it. The pack will be in the game menu shop ($24.99, all prices USD) and will be continually available even after the PC launch festivities wrap up!

While Sky PC is in Early Access, Steam players will be able to play the full version of the game. This special Early Access period will ensure that the full suite of Steam PC features can be implemented and made to shine!

This includes things like integrating Steam friends, Steam achievements, and support for Remote Play. It also gives us the chance to keep enhancing game graphics with HDR and VRR support, so please keep sending in your feedback as we work to make the PC experience the absolute best it can be!


Season of Nesting

Starting on April 15th, Sky’s latest Season continues Aviary Village’s expansion, putting Sky children front and center with a new location ready to be made into something truly special.

Head to the Nesting Workshop in Aviary, where the Nesting Guide awaits you. Talk to them to complete Seasonal Quests and unlock your very own Nest in a newly constructed area of the village. Customize your Nest with a few preset items provided, or with props you already have on hand.

Looking for something to make your Nest a bit cozier? This Season’s items have you covered! Special displays in the Nesting Workshop are particularly focused on decor and offer a variety of wood-hewn items, from planters and hanging lamps to cozy sofas and a spot for your Sky kid to catch a well-earned nap.

The Nesting Guide offers two Ultimate Gifts: an outfit and a figurine with dual functions as both a prop and cosmetic. Pick any outfit items from your closet to display on the figurine. You can place the figurine anywhere from your Nest to your favorite realms, and Sky kids who pass by who also own the cosmetics the figurine is wearing can switch their outfits to match!

As for your Nest, it’s yours to design however you want, whether your aim is a relaxing nook, chaotic arthouse, or anything in between. Privacy settings allow you to welcome friends for a visit, too, so you can share a Sky kid house party or inspiration for a future Nest design.

Season of Nesting begins at 00:00 April 15th and continues until 23:59 June 30th. The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal items, including the Ultimate Gifts.


Sky × Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe

A village isn’t complete without a cafe, and it’s finally time to open one in Sky. From 00:00 April 27th through 23:59 May 17th, join us for a collaboration event for the grand opening of Aviary Village’s new cafe, featuring the beloved Sanrio character Cinnamoroll! This shy but friendly pooch knows a thing or two about cafes, and they’ll be in Aviary Village for a special three-week celebration welcoming Sky kids to the newest gathering place in the kingdom.

During the event, you’ll be able to find Cinnamoroll in the cafe or out and about exploring Aviary Village. Complete themed Daily Quests as Cinnamoroll explores the area, take snapshots with the festive decor, and of course, stop by the cafe counter to try some of the freshly baked Light pastries that Tiptoeing Tea-Brewer will be preparing for everyone.

Keep an eye out for event currency—five per day, which you can find through a themed Daily Quest, putting in an order at the new cafe, and taking pictures together with Cinnamoroll himself.

These can be used in the cafe to unlock:

  • Cozy Teacup Headband: 22 event currency
  • Cozy Cafe Table: 52 event currency

Cinnamoroll fans may also find an item or two they wish to purchase as a memento of the grand opening:

  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Mini Companion: $6.99
    • A companion to perch atop your head on your adventures
  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Bowtie and Cloud Cape: $14.99
  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Combo: $14.99
    • Includes a swirled hair style and a head accessory modeled after Cinnamoroll’s ears (you’ll still need a cape to fly, though!)
  • Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Plushie: $14.99
    • Includes a function that allows the owner and any friends they’re holding hands with to see all the Cinnamoroll decorations in the cafe even after the event ends when the plushie is placed on the mantle in the cafe.

Please note that items from this collaboration event are not currently planned to return, and free trial spells will not be available. The event is available to all players who have progressed to at least Daylight Prairie.

Although the grand opening celebration will come to an end, the cafe will remain open in Aviary! Stop by to find help for your Sky adventures, to offer your help to other players, or simply to say hello to the Tiptoeing Tea-Brewer!


New Feature: Stone Furniture & Decor Set

Since player homes (Nests) will be a permanent addition to the game, once the Nesting Workshop opens in Aviary Village, we’re introducing another permanent addition to Sky: a rotating selection of stone-hewn furniture and decor.

This assortment of more than 50 items that can be unlocked over time and at your own pace using a variety of in-game currency, similar to the cosmetics offered by the base game constellation Spirits.

With so many items to choose from, there’s something to suit any vibe you might want to create for your Nest! That said, if you eventually find yourself wanting something a little different than this set or the Season of Nesting items…well, for now we’ll just say that this is a feature we have more plans for, so stay tuned for future updates!


New Feature: Nesting Challenges

Another feature arrives in this update: Nesting Challenges!

Nesting Challenges are a permanent addition to the game and can be accessed through a special board in the Nesting Workshop once you start the third Seasonal Quest. There are three categories of challenges, each with their own tree. Once all challenges in a tree are completed, a unique interactive item becomes available to unlock for in-game currency.

Some challenges are focused on (appropriately enough) your Nest, while others can be done out in the realms. These are entirely separate from the Season, so they can be completed over time as you play the game in your own style and on your own schedule!


New Feature: Heart Gifting for Player Creations

Sky kids have shared amazing designs over the years in the messages, music, and stories showcased in their Player Creations. In 0.25.0, we’re adding something that we think will make it easier to show appreciation for the Player Creations you encounter and give more ways to connect with others even if you aren’t online together—and not to mention, offer an extra option for gifting or receiving Hearts.

Beginning in this update, once you “like” a creation, the menu gives an option to use three Candles to send a Heart to the creator of that message, Shared Space, or Shared Memory—similar to how you can send a Heart to a friend.

The recipient will be able to pick up their Heart (or Hearts!) from the Daily Quest shrine in Home or the Friendship Constellation statue in Aviary Village.

There are a few differences with gifting Hearts through Player Creations compared to regular Heart gifts:

  • Players can send a Heart to the player who made a Player Creation even if they aren’t already friends.
  • Player Creation Heart gifts can be given in addition to regular Heart gifts on the same day. 
    • You can send an individual player a maximum of one Heart through one of their Player Creations each day, regardless of how many Player Creations they have placed in the realms.

This means a couple of other changes compared to how Hearts from Player Creations worked before this update. This replaces the previous system that rewarded one Heart after a certain number of “likes,” so receiving a set amount of “likes” no longer results in a Heart. However, players will still be able to “like” any creation they see. The creator of a Message, Shared Space, or Shared Memory can also receive multiple Hearts for a creation they’ve made.

We’ll continue to fine-tune this feature over time, and we hope this opens new possibilities for players to connect as they travel across the realms!

Note: This feature will not be enabled immediately with the 0.25.0 update while we resolve a bug, so if a player attempts to send a Heart through a Player Creation, it will temporarily cause a server error. We’re working on a fix for this as soon as possible—until then, the older version of “liking” a Player Creation that results in a Heart after getting a certain number of “likes” will remain in place. Thank you for understanding!


Other Updates
  • Traveling Spirits will be able to appear in both Aviary Village and Home.
  • We’ve added a bunch of polish and updates for Shared Spaces and other Player Creations, like improved menu UI, a “cancel” option while in edit mode, and icons that indicate if something was made by a friend or a player whose Creations you’ve opted to see more of.
  • As mentioned in our 0.24.5 patch notes, in this update the appearance of the Nine-Colored Deer has been slightly adjusted.
Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • Based on player feedback, the default cheerful animations when “liking” a Player Creation were removed to avoid potentially inappropriate avatar responses depending on the content of a creation.
  • Chat messages won’t disappear from a text box if you tap outside of the box and close it before sending the message.
  • Made adjustments to lighting to address a widely reported issue that the lighting particularly in darker levels like Hidden Forest and Golden Wasteland had lost their color and become too dim.
  • Fixed an issue with Performance Guide’s hair giving them an abnormally large head.
  • Fixed a bug in Eye of Eden that could randomly separate players who were holding hands.
  • Elder Masks worn by other players won’t appear in their “broken” state when transitioning between levels.
  • The Hopeful Steward Spirit can now be hugged after a player completes the third quest in their tree.
Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!

Audio & Appearance

  • Fixed audio not playing consistently when diving.
  • Restored SFX for the sparkler prop available to use in Shared Spaces in Valley of Triumph.
  • For Shard Eruptions, added bright beacon lights to distant meteor shards to help players find them from a distance
  • One Eye of Eden is more than enough for the realms, so the doppelganger Eye of Eden mountain that was looming over Hermit Valley has been banished.
  • Fixed for meshes and graphical corruption related to the Season of the Nine-Colored Deer mural and weird lighting in some spots in Crescent Oasis.
  • When a player is being carried by a friend and then jumps off, their friend now properly sees them jump off.
  • Unclipped some gnarly clipping that was happening when a player was cradle-carrying a friend and then took out their candle to light something in Eye of Eden.
  • As endlessly fascinating as Sky children are, it wasn’t necessary for the camera to super-zoom onto their heads when changing the camera to certain angles while a player was floating on the surface of water.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some props to appear blindingly bright in darker levels.
  • Snowboard prop should now stick to the player’s feet when they jump, and scale properly when equipped on players using a huge or tiny spell.
  • Fixed broken textures on the Nature Sonorous Seashell prop and the prop from the Playfighting Herbalist.
  • Racecourse prop lights won’t remain visible when viewing a Shared Memory.
  • Potential resolution to the Season of Remembrance Ultimate Gift lantern looking metallic.
  • Fixed the fur trim on the Juggler cape and the 2020 red Days of Feast cape from sinking into an avatar’s chest when looking down.
  • Fixed an issue with certain shoes clipping with avatar’s feet.
  • Confetti Cousin and Pleaful Parent capes now animate correctly while flying.
  • Season of Moments and Season of Revival pendants won’t clip into the neckline of the red cape from Stretching Guru.
  • Patched a hole in the Exhausted Dock Worker’s mesh.
  • Fixed Laidback Pioneer hair clipping through avatar’s face during certain movements.
  • Side hug emote animates correctly when two players use it at the same time.
  • Redistributed the Candles in a more natural fashion along the main path of Aviary Village.
  • Hopeful Steward won’t stand in the wrong spot when you return from the barber’s workshop. They also won’t remain standing by the resume meditation pad after a player has already used it.
  • The cape from the Journey Pack won’t clip with props worn on an avatar’s back.

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • Daily quest to recharge your light from a jellyfish or light “mushroom” can now be completed after recharging one bar on your energy meter.
  • Players will now be reborn in the level they chose as a loading point when finishing a storm run and completing the credits.
  • Updated the position of the Moments Guide at the start of the second Moments quest to avoid clipping with terrain.
  • Made a change to prevent adding spells like Shared Memories during the final Season of Moments cutscene, since the button overlapped with the snapshot button and prevented players from taking a picture.
  • Other players are no longer visible inside the glass jar alongside the Rose while completing Season of the Little Prince quests.
  • Currency count isn’t displayed when it’s at zero.
  • Using the sit emote will break your handhold if you are being carried, but not if you are carrying others.
  • Meditation circles don’t break players’ handhold while sitting if those players are outside the circle.
  • Made fixes to address Sky accounts not relinking after unlinking and attempting to relink them.
  • Added a new tab in the prop closet to help organize different types of furniture props.
  • The jitterbug is a cool old-timey dance. What isn’t a cool old-timey dance: a bug that made players jitter (and slide and move oddly) when picking up a plushie prop while using preview mode in a Shared Space, so that jittery bug has been fixed.
  • If your load point is set to Aviary Village, the “Home” button in the expression menu will no longer be disabled while you’re in the Home area.
  • Cooldown for Player Creation spells unified to 30 seconds for all spells.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled functionality that a cape might have (e.g. teleporting) while previewing it before purchase or. capes with function unlock in the cape workshop.
  • When being led by a friend in handhold, spamming emotes no longer gets you stuck in place.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an empty menu item to appear on the bottom of the screen when you collect Heart fragments from a friend.
  • Fixed a bug where UI objects would overlap with the firework staff button.
  • Fixed a text overlap issue on the Report a Player menu.
  • All Player Creations should now be properly viewable to a player being led by a friend or other player who is viewing it.
  • Survey buttons should no longer steal control over the camera when a controller is used.
  • The two Spirits who liked to hang out together in Aviary Village are back on the beach.
  • Removed invisible firework jars in Aviary Village.
  • Players who have never visited Aviary Village won’t suddenly appear there after completing a full run through Eye of Eden.
  • Chat props appear properly for other players
  • Improvements for new player experience, including a cutscene to explain Candles.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when spamming emotes or prop placement at the end of the Bearhug Hermit’s race in the Village of Dreams.
  • Other players won’t crash in certain cases of playing the Days of Fortune drum after they join another player’s session.
  • Newer default hairs now persist through sessions.
  • Fixed a bug with the warp option in the Friendship Tree: If a player has unlocked warp with a friend and then disabled warp with them, the friend can no longer warp to that player within the same area.
  • Notifications are now batched to reduce the number of notifications sent.
  • Taking a stroll through Prairie Peaks, the rock admired the blooms and vibrant life all around. The rock wasn’t brave enough to tempt lightning the way the Sky kids were doing, but they still enjoyed watching the children fly from blossom to blossom and play among the lily pads. Hiking through the peaks was a lot of work, though, so they decided to head back to a more populated area to see if they could find a cozy spot to relax after a long day.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.24.8

  • Release date: March 22nd 2024 (North America) / March 23rd 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a rogue Days of Bloom event currency that could appear outside of its scheduled event in certain situations and cause a crash when interacted with.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.24.6

  • Release date: March 7th 2024 (North America, Europe) / March 8th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Resolution for players getting stunlocked at the end of Eye of Eden after avatars receive damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing meditation circles not correctly triggering Shard Eruption activity and some Seasonal Quests.
  • Restored the horn instrument missing from the closet and the Lookout Scout’s Friendship Tree.
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to equip the horn instrument in Harmony Hall.
  • Fixes for server splits in Crescent Oasis area.
  • Props do not clip while held while wearing the Herb Gatherer’s outfit.
  • Tapping a button in a menu triggers the correct, intended button rather than the button next to it.
  • Fixed certain prop spells placing a chat table instead of the correct item.
  • Incessant red notification dot has been banished.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.24.5

  • Release date: February 22nd 2024 (North America, Europe) / February 23rd 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of the Nine-Colored Deer Continues

The story continues to unfold in the Crescent Oasis area as the 4th and 5th Seasonal Quests become available in this patch. Follow the final chapters as the consequences of the Spirits’ choices ripple through Crescent Oasis, and your Sky child is called upon to set things right.

Once you complete the 5th quest, a new location in Crescent Oasis opens to you. This tranquil, peaceful glade is perfect for relaxing, composing just the right photograph, or—if you have the Radiance of the Nine-Colored Deer cape—you and your friends can enjoy the company of the Season’s legendary creature when it periodically enters the space.

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer can be played until 23:59 March 31st PDT (UTC -7; all times Pacific). Once the Season ends, please note that some features of the collaboration will change. The Nine-Colored Deer’s appearance will be updated, and all collaboration items—the Gift of the Nine-Colored Deer, Radiance of the Nine-Colored Deer, and the deer-themed mask in the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree—will no longer be available; these are not currently scheduled to return at a later date. However, the themed hair accessory as well as all the Seasonal Quests will remain permanently available to all players.


Days of Bloom

After the storms and the rains, the flowers return at last. Over three weeks from 00:00 March 25th through 23:59 April 14th, Prairie Peaks is the heart of this year’s Days of Bloom, gradually transforming as seasonal storms make way for a landscape of vivid blossoms. Each week the scenery unfolds in different stages:

  • 1st Week: Rainstorms arrive in Prairie Peaks, and Social Light appears on the river.
  • 2nd Week: Rainstorms end, more flowers begin to grow as the water from the rains fill the river (and add more Social Light).
  • 3rd Week: The river returns to its regular level as Prairie Peaks reaches, well, peak bloom.

Keep an eye out for new creatures arriving with the rains. And you can even become a creature yourself! From the 2nd week, a meditation circle near the event guide in Prairie Peaks allows you to transform into a jellyfish to see and join hundreds of other Sky kids soaring above the meadows and between the mountain tops in jellyfish form.


Five event currency can be found each day—and where they’re found will be affected by the weather early in the event.

  • 1st Week: 3 if you’re daring enough to stand where lightning has been known to strike, 1 after interacting with the event guide Spirit, and 1 placed in the area.
  • 2nd-3rd Week: 4 placed in the area, 1 from the event guide Spirit.

During Sky’s annual celebration of nature’s transient beauty, you can see returning favorites from previous years—tranquil trees return to Home and the Hidden Forest social space, and the Season of Lightseeker’s Spirits will be in Forgotten Ark to welcome the wildflowers (and migrating butterflies!) that will turn the desert sands in a rainbow of colors.

Don’t forget, once the butterflies arrive in Forgotten Ark, there will be a meditation circle there too if you want to join the butterfly migration with Sky kids from across the servers, too.


As for new items—there’s a variety to choose from, following the theme for this year’s event:

  • Bloom Arum Petal Cape: 48 event currency
  • Bloom Spiky Sprig Hair: 24 event currency
  • Bloom Arum Petal Hair: 25 Hearts
  • Bloom Lilypad Umbrella: $14.99 (all prices USD)

If you’re hoping for a cosmetic or prop or two from previous years, they’ll be back too:

  • Pink Bloom Cape: 70 Candles
  • Bloom Butterfly Fountain: 80 Candles
    • Place this item close to butterflies, and it might attract one or two for a short visit.
  • Purple Bloom Cape: 105 Candles
  • Red Bloom Cape: 110 Candles
  • Pink Bloom Hair: 20 Hearts
  • Bloom Gardening Tunic: $9.99
  • Pink Bloom Tea Set: $19.99 (includes 35 regular Candles)
    • Chat becomes available once a Sky child has finished their cup of tea.
  • Purple Bloom Tea Set: $19.99 (includes 35 regular Candles)
  • Bloom Picnic Basket: $19.99
    • The Picnic Basket functions as a chat table and comes with a Gift Season Pass to give to friends. If using this item near butterflies, it just might attract a fluttering visitor.

Days of Bloom items can be found from the event guide Spirit, in the event shop in Aviary Village, or in the in-game purchase menu. Don’t forget, free spells to try on both IGC (in-game currency) and IAP items are available from the Aviary Village spell shop (and from a bundle that the event guide keeps close by in Prairie Peaks). Days of Bloom content is available to all players who have at least started the 4th Aviary Village quest.


Spring Camping: A Cozy Gathering in Daylight Prairie

Join Spirits from Season of Assembly on a short, relaxing camping trip in the realms. From 00:00 March 4th PST (UTC -8) until 23:59 March 10th PDT (UTC -7), head over to the space in Daylight Prairie above the eight-player door to see them and make a campsite of your own!

During their week-long camping trip, they’ll bring a fire that shares Social Light with everyone, as well as a special Shared Spaces shrine that offers a range of items for everyone to use—including a couple of new pieces that could build something a little sturdier than just a tent. Head over with friends or find new ones there, and you might also catch a glimpse of a mysterious creature who sometimes can be spotted in the area, too.

Scaredy Cadet will be in Aviary Village to greet everyone and offer a teleport option to the campsite, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Speaking of Spirits who will be paying a special visit—


Spirits Return for a Group Visit

For two weeks from 00:00 March 4th PST until 23:59 March 17th PDT, four Spirits from several past Seasons are also heading to the area of Daylight Prairie where the Spring Camping will be. And like Spring Camping, there will be an option to teleport to their location directly from the event shop in Aviary Village.

Each will offer the items they brought when they first appeared as a Seasonal Spirit. Some of them you might have seen before as Traveling Spirits, but others will be back in the realms for the first time since their original Season. Keep an eye on our announcement channels as their arrival approaches!


Improvements for Eye of Eden

Based on game data and player feedback, we’re introducing some changes that are aimed at improving the gameplay experience for how avatars generally respond to damage, jumping controls, and wind effects. These will be visible mostly in Eye of Eden, particularly in the center of the storm, but they may also appear in other parts of the game where your avatar can experience damage, be affected by wind, etc.

Here are some of the details about the more prominent changes (spoilers ahead!)—

  • Avatar takes more damage before movement is affected.
  • Quicker avatar movement at different stages of damage.
  • Improved controls when running and jumping, especially in wind, and now the game more precisely calculates players’ intended movements during jumps.
  • If a player runs out of Winged Light in Eden in the center of the storm before others do, they’ll wait for less time to ascend with other players in the room who haven’t lost all their Winged Light.
  • When one player’s avatar is injured and fallen, other players who approach them can heal them more quickly.
  • After a player loses all their Winged Light in Eye of Eden, they’ll once again be able to call and use expressions as they wait for others to give their Winged Light to the statues.
  • Rock shelters more effectively protect Sky kids.
  • The prompt to deposit Winged Light is prioritized over all other prompts, to make that aspect of gameplay smoother.
  • Lost Winged Light don’t fall behind invisible walls where you can’t reach them.
  • Adjustments for strafing/changing direction in the air after jumping.

We’re continuing to finetune some of these changes in upcoming patches, particularly for areas outside of Eye of Eden where they may also be felt, like the Trial of Air. More updates related to Eye of Eden are mentioned in the “Improvements and Bug Fixes” section below!


Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time will take effect at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday March 10th, moving clocks ahead an hour. Time notation for events in Sky will change from UTC -8 to UTC -7. If you are in a region that does not observe this time change, after March 11th daily reset will occur an hour earlier for you.

Note that due to technical limitations affecting the servers, after reset on March 11th, the clusters of Season Candles and Treasure Candles from March 10th will remain in their level for one additional hour while the clusters of Season and Treasure Candles for the 11th spawn in their respective level. The total number of Season and Treasure Candles available in the game returns to normal at 1:00 am March 11th PDT. We appreciate your understanding.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • [Android] In-game recordings can be made without the UI.
  • Seasonal Candles are available in Home again, and the missing regular Candles that used to be there are no longer missing.
  • Shader updates and improvements which, among other things, should make bright white a little bit less bright.
  • Adjusted controls to make it easier to turn in the air after sliding and jumping, while also keeping smooth movement (especially when going fast).
  • Increased the size of the light “orbs” to be better visible as players reach the daily max collectable Candles.
  • Candles are in front of the Aviary Village realm doors to indicate where Treasure Candles are located that day.
  • Added recharge effect for constellation pad and friendship statue in Aviary Village.
  • To resolve technical issues with Traveling Spirits appearing in different locations for different players, they’ll now appear in Aviary Village for all players.
  • Separated the Peeking Postman’s outfit into outfit and shoes. If a player already had this outfit, the shoes should now display separately in their own tab of the outfit closet.
  • Fixed bug that caused music sheets from the Days of Love and Season of the Nine-Colored Deer to keep the music scale of any previously played music sheet.
  • Sky kids took diving lessons, and now they can do different types of dives when they jump into water.


  • Princess and Herb Gatherer memory quest fragments won’t cause each other trouble if each is activated by different players at once.
  • Resolved a small visual error that could make it appear that the Seasonal Candle meter didn’t fill up before forging a candle.
  • Fixed timer missing from Spirit memory quests in Crescent Oasis.
  • Polish for Feudal Lord’s cloak to flow better when running in chibi mode.
  • Adjusted Herb Gatherer’s prop position on the player’s back, reduced potential clipping with hats.
  • Fixed Herb Gatherer pants clipping issues.
  • Updated whistle sound effect from the Herb Gatherer’s expressions to be audible from farther away.
  • Updated title card for the palace.
  • Improvements for the first Seasonal Quest.
  • Fix to prevent players from getting stuck in the palace ceiling.
  • Fixed Season deer antlers and deer cape not glowing properly in certain parts of Eden.
  • Various other bug fixes for the first and second Seasonal Quests.

Additional Changes Related to Eye of Eden

  • Improved environment indicators for wind.
  • A few small tweaks to make it easier for chibis to climb the mountain.
  • Adjusted some sheltered areas in the center of the storm to accommodate larger groups.
  • Resolved animation bugs related to final moments in the area.
  • Flames properly reflect wind direction.
  • Animation for darkness particles better reflect wind.

Audio & Appearance

  • Audible portal ambience at the end of Vault of Knowledge.
  • Sound effects updates for bridges in front of the Hidden Forest temple.
  • Fixed joint alignment for fingers so that fists animate/ball up properly for “courageous” stance when wearing certain outfits, so that avatars can better show their resolve when facing down challengers like Dark Dragons.
  • Polish for various outfits like Seasons of Flight, Remembrance, and Passage outfits so that the arms and fingers better match avatar joints.
  • Polish for Season of Belonging outfit.
  • When other players watch you use your super cool snowboard, now they see it on your feet the same as you do.
  • Snowboard doesn’t appear to sink or float depending on the avatar’s height.
  • A Spirit in the Pleading Child’s memory quest has hair again.
  • Praying Acolyte Spirit appears properly in the last step of their memory quest.
  • Traveling Spirit countdown UI displays properly.
  • Rendering and texture/terrain improvements in various areas of Starlight Desert.
  • Improved graphic effects for raindrops on Dark Plants for devices with older or less powerful hardware.
  • Candle flames don’t appear to float to the side in extreme wind.
  • Raised season constellation height in Aviary to account for overlap with the gate to Eden.
  • Disabled constellation images rendering when the player is near the level gates.
  • Fixed clipping during hug in an area of Eye of Eden.
  • We reminded the birds in Home that flying is a thing you do through the air, not the ground, so they don’t fly through the terrain in Home anymore.
  • Polish to HUD menu spacing.
  • Improvements for boat animations.
  • Tweaks to visuals in the Graveyard and Battlefield areas of Golden Wasteland.
  • NPC nod animation improvements.
  • Restored the vignette effect on the Feast Goggles.
  • Improved response for a note delay heard with the Days of Fortune Drum.
  • Fixed pink textures in Aviary Village.

General Updates and Improvements:

  • In cutscenes where the player doesn’t have control over their avatar, added protection to prevent them from losing Winged Light.
  • Polish for a change that, if a player happens to lose a Winged Light during a cutscene, others around them can pick up their WL for them
  • Update to hair tousle emote. With level 1, the initiating player does the tousle, and with level 2, the initiating player gets their hair tousled by their friend.
  • Going to a workshop in Aviary Village no longer overwrites a return shrine checkpoint.
  • Polish to the start countdown of the Course Creation prop so players in the race will start at the same time.
  • When a Course Creation prop is part of a Shared Memory recording, its meditation circle no longer appears when the recording is played.
  • Added more time to the Season of Dreams downhill sliding quest.
  • The camera and cog menu buttons are tappable while the emote expression menu is open.
  • Workshops now have a day/night cycle after completing the 3rd Aviary Village quest.
  • Environment polish for the event shop in Aviary Village, and grass doesn’t clip with walls of the mask workshop.
  • New tunnel connects the event and outfit workshops in Aviary Village.
  • Tweaks to the Aviary Village fireworks show.
  • Matchmaking enabled in Aviary Village at the end of bell success timeline instead of beginning to prevent players who have finished watching the cutscene from trying to talk to players who are still watching it, resulting in feeling ignored.
  • Update that should resolve a bug that prevented the STAR feature of relationship pins from being usable by the user’s acquaintances.
  • Purple Bloom Table has no collision until a player interacts with it, to prevent griefing.
  • Players who are already holding hands with someone cannot also then offer cradle carry to another player.
  • Fixed the ability to activate meditation circles using the sit button.
  • Meditation pads show hint text instead of confirmation menus.
  • Since a player can’t automatically join you when you sit at a meditation pad while you’re carrying them, etc., all “carry” type interactions now disconnect when you try to meditate.
  • Fixed a weird piggyback bug where, if a player was being carried and then used the constellation to teleport to a friend in a different area, they would show up as being carried by their friend in piggyback mode.
  • For players choosing to not continue into Eden after completing the Vault of Knowledge, the portal to return to the realms will correctly show the return point you have chosen and send you to that point.
  • Chat bench in the Nintendo area works properly.
  • Default quest giver NPC doesn’t suddenly appear to new players after reaching Hidden Forest for the first time.
  • Improvements for new player experience.
  • Tweaks and fixes for Spanish localization.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.24.2

  • Release date: January 30th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 31st 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a crash that prevented people from unlocking items from the new Seasonal Spirits.
  • Resolved a bug that could remove players from Shared Spaces while the space was being edited.
  • Dark Plants in the beginning of the Crescent Oasis area do substantially less damage to players’ capes.
  • Added a toggle to the Days of Feast snowboard to equip it; it will no longer auto-equip when moving.
  • Days of Fortune drum now audible for players listening to you playing it.
  • Sky kids no longer T-pose to show dominance while flying.
  • Elder Spirits’ Friendship Trees at the end of Eye of Eden once more work properly.
  • We’ve made improvements to matchmaking in Aviary Village, though one Spirits may appear in different spots to different players.
  • Players should once more see the same version of the gate to Eye of Eden in Aviary Village.
  • Updates and improvements to the new player experience.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.24.0

  • Release date: January 10th 2024 (North America, Europe) / January 11th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer

On January 15th, enter the story of Season of the Nine-Colored Deer to confront the chaos unleashed by a traitor in the realms—and take it upon yourself to undo the harm they caused.

Join this adaptation of an ancient tale and meet four new Spirits, each with new expressions and lessons to share! Together with the Season Guide, they offer cloaks, masks, capes, hairstyles, and more. Complete a series of seasonal quests to take part in the legend, from a peaceful beginning to an urgent mission to restore the fractures left in the Spirits’ wake.

Specially-themed items will also be available, created as a collaboration for the adaptation of this story:

  • Gift of the Nine-Colored Deer: $14.99 (all prices USD)
    • Includes iridescent antlers and a separate matching mask with an opal-colored painted moon.
  • Radiance of the Nine-Colored Deer: $19.99
    • This iridescent cape will receive an added special teleport ability in the 0.24.5 update. This becomes usable after completing all of the Season’s quests, transporting the wearer and friends they hold hands with to a tranquil location where they can view the magical creature.

These will be in the in-game shop while the Season is active.

A collaboration item will be offered for IGC (in-game currency) in the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree:

  • Mask: 120 Candles

All collaboration items will be available while Season of the Nine-Colored Deer is active. Please note that since these are part of a limited collaboration, they are not currently planned to return in the future.


A themed hair accessory will also be permanently available from the Season Guide:

  • Hair accessory: 50 Candles

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer begins at 00:00 January 15 PST (UTC -8) and continues until 23:59 March 31st PDT (UTC -7). The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have at least progressed to Vault of Knowledge and started the 4th quest from the Hopeful Steward in Aviary Village. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including three Ultimate Gifts.

To read more about the Season and get a peek at some of the cosmetics it will offer, see our recent blog post!

Days of Fortune

Celebrate a gathering time with friends, and express your inner dragon—Days of Fortune is back from 00:00 January 29th until 23:59 February 11th PST!

The festivities this year will be in the social area of Valley of Triumph. Teleport with the help of the event guide Spirit who will be in Aviary Village, or travel directly to the area. There a group of Spirits welcomes you, and Social Light will fall like soft snow.

At the top of every hour, a familiar felicitous dragon (not a Dark Dragon, we promise!) will appear, ready to share both some Light and a friendly race—at the countdown, join a festival of Sky kids from across the game servers to race down the slope towards the ice rink. There, the dragon will share a party’s worth of fireworks for everyone to enjoy under the night sky.

A platform in the Valley of Triumph social area also gives spells to create a dragon with other Sky kids! Tap on the prompt that appears over the platform to put on a dragon train costume. Find other Sky kids wearing one, and you can form a train of up to eight players.

Don’t forget, the Secret Area accessible from the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge will be open too. Stop by to enjoy the decorated space—plus an extra rink for games and skating moves.

The Fortune Gift Envelope will be back. This will be in the Friendship Trees of friends with whom you’ve unlocked the carry (piggyback) interaction and allows you to use 14 Candles to gift 5 Hearts. The Fortune Gift Envelope can be given once a day per person, like regular Heart gifts.

(Note: the Fortune Gift Envelope feature requires manual enabling, which means it will become available at approximately 00:00 on the day Days of Fortune begins until approximately 23:59 the day the event ends. Thank you for your understanding!)

Five coin-shaped event currency can be found each day: four placed around the social area, and one from interacting with the Spirits. Use these to unlock new IGC items:

  • Fortune Dragon Mask: 14 event currency
  • Fortune Drum: 34 event currency

To keep the dragon theme of the event going, several new IAP will be on offer:

  • Days of Fortune Dragon Bangles earrings: $1.99
  • Days of Fortune Dragon Vestment outfit: $9.99
  • Days of Fortune Dragon Stole cape: $14.99

And if you’re looking for items from the previous years of the event, swing by the event shop in Aviary Village:

  • Days of Fortune Bull Mask: 56 Candles
  • Fortune Tiger Mask: 58 Candles
  • Fortune Rabbit Mask: 62 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Lion Headdress: 66 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Orange: $0.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Accessory: $1.99
  • Days of Fortune Muralist’s Smock: $9.99
  • Days of Fortune Wool Hat: $9.99
  • Days of Fortune Enchanted Umbrella: $14.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Pack: $19.99
    • Includes a themed cape and hat
  • Days of Fortune Pack: $24.99
    • Includes a cape, hairstyle, and mask

New and returning IGC items can be unlocked in the event guide’s Friendship Tree. New IAP are available in the in-game shop menu, while returning IAP are offered in the event shop in Aviary Village. Free trial spells for all items (and more) can be found in the Valley of Triumph social area and the event shop in Aviary Village.

Days of Fortune content is available to all players who have at least started the 4th quest from the Hopeful Steward in Aviary Village.

Days of Love

Revel in all the different kinds of connections that are at the heart of Sky, and beyond—Days of Love returns with new updates and experiences to share!

From 00:00 February 12th until 23:59 February 25th, a heart-shaped event guide waits for players in Aviary Village. Talk to them to teleport to the location for the event: the Jellyfish Cove area in Starlight Desert. There, Social Light will fall gently from the sky, and every two days, Spirits from past Seasons will arrive to greet Sky children—and even offer the chance to play music together as the end of the event approaches!

Five bow-shaped event currency can be found each day:

  • 4 placed around the event area
  • 1 after interacting with the Spirits there

Throughout the event, there will also be double Hearts—every Heart gift and partial Heart gift sent during Days of Love will be doubled! (Note that if a gift is sent before Days of Love begins but is then collected during the event, it will not be doubled.) Home keeps its snowy appearance, and the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge will be open for everyone, too, with snow and ice to enjoy winter-themed games and skating moves.

New items are also being introduced for the event! Find IGC items by talking to the event guide in Aviary Village. IAP can be found in the in-game shop menu, or in the event shop in Aviary Village where the event guide waits.

2024 items:

  • Days of Love music sheet: 7 event currency
  • Love Heart Plushie: 14 event currency
  • Love Heart Beret: 27 event currency
  • Days of Love Meteor Mantle: $17.99

Items from all previous years:

  • Days of Love Flowery Archway: 100 Candles
  • Love Flower Crown: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Love Mask: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Love Classy Cravat: $4.99
  • Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter: $14.99
  • Days of Love Gondola Pack: $19.99
    • Comes with 35 Seasonal Candles
  • Days of Love Seesaw Pack: $19.99
    • Comes with 35 Seasonal Candles
  • Days of Love Swing Pack: $19.99
    • Comes with 35 Seasonal Candles

Free trial spells for all event items (plus other themed spells) are available from the spell shops in Jellyfish Cove and the Aviary Village event shop.

Days of Love content is available to all players who have at least started the 4th quest from the Hopeful Steward in Aviary Village.

Developer Note: This year, Days of Love started with layers of questions: “How do we express love? How do we perceive it? How do we speak of love? What is love to us?” Our answer was that love is a reflection of yourself—of each player’s heart. Our goal was to share various ways that love is expressed in our world, and to create an event that touches your heart in a way that’s meaningful to you. I hope you can sense connection through this event, and remind yourselves of times when you were wrapped with love. 💙 – Days of Love Lead Designer

Other Updates

New Expression to Use With Friends

A new friendship ability has been added to unlock with friends: the “cradle carry” interaction! Level 2 of the interaction will become available for Season Pass holders to unlock once Season of the Nine-Colored Deer begins.


Home and Aviary Village

Thank you for the feedback you’ve sent about the changes introduced to both Aviary Village and Home in the past few weeks. While we’re excited to bring more features to Aviary Village and help it thrive as a hub in Sky, we also know that players enjoy Home, and we want to be sure that players feel like it’s a meaningful place in Sky even as Aviary, Home, and Sky itself continue to evolve.

There aren’t new updates to functionality in Home or Aviary in this update—though, the update does allow us to bring these changes to Switch that were first introduced with the 0.23.6 hotfix:

  • [Switch] Daily Quests can be accessed from the shrine in both Home and Aviary Village.
  • [Switch] In Aviary Village, the pickup location for the daily Seasonal Candle (for Season Pass holders) and Hearts from Player Creations is moved to the front of the Friendship Constellation statue in the village plaza area, for quicker access.
  • [Switch] Game loads to Aviary Village for players who have selected it as their preferred load point.

(As a general note, once Switch players update to 0.24.0, they’ll have crossplay with players on other platforms on 0.24.0.)


In the meantime, we continue to work on ways to polish and improve these spaces in future updates. If you have feedback, please be sure to share it in our #live-feedback channel on Discord!


A Central Location to Travel to Special Seasonal Areas

A special location was added to Vault of Knowledge in a recent update that allows players to easily teleport to the areas created for past collaboration Seasons—Season of the Little Prince and Season of AURORA.

Once Season of the Nine-Colored Deer begins, a new meditation portal will become available to allow players to teleport directly to Sky’s newest seasonal area. (During the Season, of course, there’s also the option to teleport there through the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree.)


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Players can practice with the Mellow Musician in Harmony Hall once more.
  • Rain may drain our capes but it cannot drain our music: Sky kids can now play instruments in rain or Dark Water, as long as they are being led or carried by someone else.
  • Fixed a bug in the hairstyle shop where spells would conflict with hairstyles a player tried on before unlocking them.
  • UI update to replace the in-game shop shortcut in the upper right corner of the screen with a shortcut to make a friend invite code. We hope this will make it easier to create and send invitations to friends, without having to go back to the Friend Constellation to do so! (The in-game shop can still be found in the settings menu, which is accessed by tapping in the upper right corner of the screen as well.)
  • Tweaks to the UI for interacting with Player Creations that someone else has placed, including a player’s ability to follow that creator or see the creation’s like count once that player has liked the item.
  • Fixed a bug that caused iPhone players to skip over specific Friendship Constellation pages whenever the “next page” button was used.
  • The friend statue in Aviary Village should now be usable for a player even if they haven’t made any friends yet.
  • Fixed an issue where the reactions menu would overlap with the constellation menu during the Aviary Village fireworks show. (Don’t forget, on the first day of each month, the fireworks show replays in Aviary Village every four hours!)
  • Filled in a gap in Golden Wasteland and between the walls of the Temple which was a pit that could trap hapless moths who didn’t have enough cape energy to escape.
  • Fixed some other gaps in the terrain in the Shipwreck area of Golden Wasteland.
  • Players being carried with “piggyback” no longer get relocated when transitioning between levels.
  • No more bug that made it possible for chibi players to run out of breath and drown if they went AFK during a quest in Aviary Village.
  • Updated the background music in Sanctuary Islands to play the correct song when entering the area, rather than the finale music for the Season of Sanctuary quests.
  • Added ambient creature sounds to different times of day in the Aviary Village.
  • Bell towers in Home and Aviary Village now chime according to a player’s local time zone.
  • Audio tweaks and new sound effects for the race prop.
  • When using the race prop’s edit mode to build a race, checkpoints that are placed now rotate to face the previous checkpoint.
  • Players on surf boards should no longer be able to read chat from strangers.
  • Fixed cases of the Season of Sanctuary ultimate cape appearing warped when avatars used certain stances.
  • Gave the Hopeful Steward’s (non-Ultimate Gift) hairstyle a touch of volumizing spray.
  • Sky kids now put away any prop they may be holding when activating a spell before the spell animation begins.
  • Avatars’ hands now touch a candle while holding it.
  • Speaking of holding things, crabs can now be picked up and carried without having to manually drop or put away the object you’re holding, such as a candle or a prop. Avatars will automatically drop the object or put it away when picking up a crab.
  • Fixed a bug that removed a player’s closet prompt when someone else started using the footbag item near that closet.
  • Expression menu UI polish to make recently used emotes, abilities, and list of all emotes more distinct.
  • Updates to snowboard animation.
  • When the weather gets cold, there’s nothing better than visiting Grandma’s snow hut and sitting by the fire. Cozied up in their scarf, the traveling rock talked to Grandma about all the new things they’d seen and all the changes the children were bringing to the world. Their hearts were warmed by good company and hope for the new year.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.23.5

  • Release date: December 11th 2023 (North America, Europe) / December 12th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Revival

We’re entering the final weeks of Season of Revival—we hope you’ve enjoyed helping Aviary Village become a bright and lively place! As you complete more Seasonal Quests, more workshops will open and more Spirits will return to the village. In this update, the last three quests become available; complete them, and perhaps your favorite Spirit will show up in town?

Be sure to complete the Seasonal Quest that becomes available on Tuesday December 12th (all times PST, UTC -8)—that one is a prerequisite to be able to join the finale show for Aviary’s Fireworks Festival. The final Seasonal Quest can be accessed starting December 25th.

Season of Revival continues until 23:59 December 31st. When the Season ends, the workshop offering seasonal cosmetics will temporarily close too—but don’t worry, this is only the beginning for Aviary Village!


Aviary’s Firework Festival Finale

Speaking of Aviary’s Fireworks Festival, it’s almost time for the show!

The fireworks finale begins on December 12th and runs through December 17th. To access it, first be sure to complete the Seasonal Quest that’s at the top of the Hopeful Steward’s Friendship Tree (the one that becomes available on the 12th).

Every 4 hours in Aviary Village, the Hopeful Steward and the Enchanted Pyrotechnian will call everyone together for the fireworks show. Meditate at a shrine that will appear near the realm gates in order to join them.

Do that, and you’re ready to be part of a flock of fellow children of the Light, and let the Steward guide you as the show moves through the village and into the sky.

The first show is on December 12th at 00:00, and is available every four hours after that. The last show will be on December 17th at 20:00. The entire event concludes at that point. However, next year the fireworks finale itself will come back on the first day of each month on the same 4-hour rotation—just in case you want to celebrate a little festival magic again with friends.

Quick reminder: The IGC (in-game currency) items for the Firework Festival will be available through the end of December 11th; they won’t be available once the finale period begins on December 12th. Although Aviary’s Firework Festival event itself is not planned to return, its IGC items are planned to come back in the future in a different format.


Days of Feast

The year in Sky just can’t end (or start) without a Days of Feast party or five. Days of Feast is back from 00:00 December 18, 2023 until 23:59 January 7, 2024, and this year’s new additions might be just the thing for Sky kids who feel the need for speed.

Two event guide Spirits will welcome you in Aviary Village. Meditate in the event workshop where they wait, and you’ll be teleported to a race out in one of Sky’s realms. These could be on snowy slopes, or in other spots that challenge your running and flying skills.

Plus, you can get an event currency for playing the race available each day! (The other four event currency will be placed around Aviary Village, for a total of 5 snowflake-shaped event currency available per day)

New IAP cosmetics can be found in the in-game shop menu, while the event guides offer a selection of new and returning IGC items. In the workshop, a new prop on the equipment rack allows players to create their own race courses out in the levels.

Event content from previous years will be back, too:

  • Grandma and Social Light in Home
  • Skyball in the Dreams Village
  • A mysterious Spirit leaving footprints around the Dreams Village with a known allergy to lower elevations—don’t stand too close when they sneeze, or you might feel the effects of a snowy transformation…
  • For Sky kids who can’t get enough ice skating, the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge is open to everyone and decked out in festive decorations.

This year’s new props and cosmetic are:

  • Winter Pine Cone Hair Clip: 19 event currency
  • Winter Feast Snowboard: 44 event currency
  • Course Creation Prop: 150 Candles
    • This prop will be available even after Days of Feast ends
  • Cozy Hermit Boots: $6.99 (all prices USD)
  • Winter Quilted Cape: $14.99

All items from previous years will return, for players who would like to choose from among more classic offerings.

  • Items from 2019-2020: Secret Level accessible from the Vault of Knowledge
  • Items from 2021: Home
  • Items from 2022-2023: Aviary Village

If you’d like more details about older returning items, head over to the patch notes for last year’s Days of Feast event—the item descriptions still apply! (Please note: The Feast Goggles have been adjusted to 60 Candles, due to the lens effect added earlier this year.)

Days of Feast content is available to everyone who’s completed at least the 4th Seasonal Quest from Season of Revival. More details are in our blog post for the event, too!


Aviary Village Updates

0.23.5 includes some changes that reflect Aviary Village’s growth into a gathering place in Sky. Some of these changes include:

  • A special candle that allows you to choose whether you’d like your game to load in Home or in Aviary Village.
    • A similar candle will appear in Home.
    • The location you choose as a load point will also be where you teleport when you use the “return home” button in your emote menu.
  • Traveling Spirits will appear in Aviary Village.
  • Friend Constellation statue is now available in the village plaza.
  • Daily Quest check-in and daily Seasonal Candle (during Seasons) will be in Aviary.
  • The Shared Memories shrine in Aviary will automatically play some of the recordings made there if a player is close to it, as a sort of village stage for players to stop by as they’re going through the area.
    • This shrine will also have weekly prompts, for players looking for ideas for their Shared Memories.
  • Various environment updates, including changes based on player feedback like implementing a day/night cycle, and adding the song to the area BGM that originally only played before the village’s restoration was underway.

These all become visible once you’ve at least started the 4th Season of Revival quest. Don’t forget, if you choose Aviary Village as your load point, there is a meditation shrine there to let you teleport into Home.

These changes are to help Aviary Village offer more as a hub in Sky. Home’s uses might shift, but it will continue to be open for players who prefer using a smaller, quieter location as a base for their Sky adventures!


Other Updates

Improvements to New Players’ Introduction to Sky

We’ve been beta testing improvements for how brand new players are welcomed into Sky, and some of these improvements will be added with 0.23.5. These are a work-in-progress, so for now, a portion of new players will experience the new introduction, and the rest will experience the same introduction as before this update.

Chances are that if you’re reading the patch notes, you’re not a new player and the new introduction won’t affect you. However, for current players who haven’t already at least started the fourth Season of Revival quest, a portion of them may also experience one part of the new sequence—namely, the Traveling Spirit will appear only in Aviary Village, instead of both Aviary Village and Home.

So if you’ve played Sky for a while, but after this update you see the Traveling Spirit only in Aviary Village, that’s why. If you don’t see the Traveling Spirit in Home or Aviary Village, you might just need to start the 4th quest from the Hopeful Steward. Once you do start that 4th quest, the Traveling Spirit should appear for you in Aviary Village.

Otherwise, this is a heads up that if you bring in a friend to try the game, or hear other players talking about their first moth-y moments in Sky, this is why their experience may be different compared to what yours was.


New Year’s Fireworks in Sky

When New Year’s Day approaches, get ready to celebrate the start of 2024 with a brief hourly fireworks show in Aviary Village that marks the start of the New Year for each time zone. Fireworks begin at 02:00 December 31, 2023 (midnight January 1 for Kiribati), until 04:00 January 1, 2024 (midnight January 1 for Howland Island).


Returning Days of Mischief Cosmetics

Players interested in Days of Mischief cosmetics from previous years will have the chance to choose the items they want in the Aviary Village event workshop. From December 11th through 24th, IAP (in-app purchase) Mischief cosmetics from 2021 and earlier will be offered—talk to a couple of Spirits who will show up carrying them in their Friendship Trees. (Note that you’ll need to update to 0.23.5 in order to see these Spirits.)

We hope this is helpful for folks who had been hoping to add these to their closets!


Edit: The Days of Mischief returning IAP to include items from 2021 and earlier. Items from 2022 will not return, since they had already been included with Days of Mischief when that event was held in the 0.23.0 update. We apologize for any confusion.


One More Note:

This is the last patch note of the year, so before 2023 comes to an end, all of us at TGC wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who’s joined us in Sky! In live, beta, or maybe IRL at a Sky Assembly, it’s meant a lot to share this world with you. We’re working on even more to show you all in 2024, but for now, we hope the year’s end brings you warm memories and meaningful moments with those who are important to you.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Added a shrine to make the Friend Constellation a bit more accessible in Aviary Village (becomes available after the 4th Seasonal Quest).
  • Aviary Village environment updates, and a new day-night cycle.
    • ※ Most of these become visible after a certain amount of progress through the Hopeful Steward’s quests.
  • Spirits are well and good in the game, but maybe not possessed mannequins, so we dealt with the mannequins that were animated when unlocking seasonal items.
  • Avatar energy is restored when loading into Aviary Village.
  • Fixed a bug in the 2nd Revival quest where the quest instructions overlapped with the pop-up field to enter Message Boat text.
  • Carved out a nice cozy spot for the Sleepy Traveling Merchant to park their boat in Aviary Village.
  • Excavated some Seasonal Candles that were partially underground in the Butterfly Fields area.
  • Possibly the most important update of 0.23.5: Added an option to hug the Hopeful Steward after completing the 4th quest.
Audio & Appearance
  • Inbox attachment count now renders correctly on consoles.
  • We dove on in to adding more diving animation polish.
  • Fixes for certain hats clipping with the Elf Hair.
  • Fixes for cases where the wifi symbol overlapped with UI elements.
  • Candle counter UI updates.
  • Adjustments to the menu when viewing Player Creations.
  • Fixed various rendering issues in the Dreams Village.
  • Tweaked a Season of Gratitude cape to mitigate clipping issues, and fixed a bug that caused a number of outfits to slightly raise capes and make them more likely to clip into the avatar’s body.
  • Visual improvements around the Office: called in some repair people to patch holes in the roof, rugs and posters don’t disappear from this plane of existence when the camera moves away, clouds realized it’s not physically possible for them to move through the wall near the portal, etc.
  • Sit emote animates properly when playing a Shared Memory recording.
  • Fixed visual distortion on Shattering Dark Plant cape when using certain expressions like “deep bow.”
  • Filled in a hole in the ground in Hidden Forest that unsuspecting players could fall through
  • Fixed several places in the Citadel area of Valley of Triumph that could trap players.
  • Enlisted Patch-chan’s help with a variety of graphic bugs in the Village of Dreams and Citadel areas of Valley of Triumph, and in the Office too.
  • No more bugs that were making rainbows appear too dim.
  • Firework particles don’t appear black when using the Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter
General Fixes & Improvements
  • Fix for a bug that prevented a player from lighting and activating the second bridge near the end of Hidden Forest if someone else had lit the bridge before the player entered the area.
  • To reduce visual clutter and improve player experience particularly for folks using controllers, Player Creations cannot be placed near level transitions as well as the entrance and “landing pad” zones of Aviary Village.
  • To balance Shared Memories, recordings of avatar “shouts” will no longer recharge viewers; however, all played Shared Memories now provide a charge effect based on proximity.
  • Added a new Shared Space shrine to Hermit Valley (in case, maybe, people with a Course Creation Prop would be interested to know…).
  • Fixed an older bug where the chat benches in the Office would not work from time to time during events.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Over the years, the rock had watched the curious children restore various parts of the world. Now it seemed as though they were focusing their efforts on bringing life back to a long-neglected village. Bright colors, new sounds, and old friends were like a breath of fresh air along the little street. The Sky children could accomplish anything when they worked together.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.23.4

  • Release date: November 9th 2023 (North America, Europe) / November 10th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Revival Continues

We hope you’re enjoying the restoration of Aviary Village as you complete quests with the Hopeful Steward! With this patch, the 4th Seasonal Quest now becomes available on Monday November 13th (all times PST, UTC -8). As more quests unlock in upcoming weeks, you’ll meet more friendly faces from previous Seasons, and Aviary Village will open its doors to Spirits you’ve met across Sky’s realms.

You may also notice a new node in the Hopeful Steward’s Friendship Tree. This will become available later in the Season—once all Seasonal quests are finished, players can unlock the Steward’s hairstyle in exchange for regular Candles. (Since this is part of the Hopeful Steward’s regular Friendship Tree, the hairstyle will continue to be available after the Season ends.)


Aviary’s Firework Festival

Once the 6th Seasonal Quest becomes available, the countdown begins to a festival event that will celebrate the life and color players have helped bring back to Aviary Village. For 15 days from November 27th through December 11th, help the Enchanted Pyrotechnician event guide gather materials to create a magnificent fireworks show.

Once everything is ready, Complete the 8th Seasonal Quest along the center of the Hopeful Steward’s Friendship Tree to join the fireworks finale! This part of the festival begins on December 12th and continues December 17th. (We’ll share additional details about the finale as the start date approaches.)

From November 27th through December 11th, collect up to 5 event currency each day, each shaped like fireworks rockets:

  • 4 placed across Aviary Village
  • 1 to find in a realm of Sky—check in with the Enchanted Pyrotechnician to find out where to go!

Use the event currency to unlock these IGC (in-game currency) items from the Enchanted Pyrotechnician.

  • Festival Scepter: 36 event currency
  • Festival Earrings: 15 event currency

The scepter and earrings will be available from the Enchanted Pyrotechnician from November 27th through December 11th.

Note: Aviary’s Firework Festival event is intended to be a one-time event. However, while the event itself is not currently planned to return, the scepter and earrings will be brought back in the future in a different format.

This fireworks festival is also when a new, permanent event store will open in Aviary Village. Over time, players will be able to find different kinds of IAP cosmetics here—some during a set event window, and others as permanent, evergreen items available throughout the year.

Once the preparations for the fireworks festival begins, two new cosmetics sets will be introduced in the event store. To commemorate the occasion, these are designed after two themes that players may already recognize:

  • Moth Appreciation Pack: $9.99 (all prices USD)
    • Comes with a moth-themed cape and antennae head accessory
  • Sparrow Appreciation Pack: $9.99
    • Comes with a sparrow-themed cape and mask

These special starter bundles celebrate the players who have made Aviary Village and the Sky community itself vibrant and welcoming and will be permanently available. If you’d like to try them out, don’t forget that free trial spells will be available too! Find them in the spell shop in the Forgotten Ark area from November 27th through December 11th.

Aviary’s Firework Festival is open to all players who complete at least the 4th Season of Revival quest.


[Edit] 2023.11.13: IGC item information updated. Event currency required to unlock them increased slightly to reflect the slightly longer event time (15 days instead of 14 days); the participation rate to unlock both IGC items is still the same.


Updates to Player Creations

There are a few changes for Player Creations (Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and Shared Memories) we squeezed into this patch that we hope will make them easier to use as you play through the levels:

  • The size of the markers for Player Creations now varies based on the relationship you have with the person who placed it. Your own Creations are the biggest, then Creations placed by friends. Medium-sized are the markers from players whose Creations you want to see more of, and the smallest ones are from players who are strangers to you in the game.
  • The brightness of the marker varies in the same way—the brightest are your own, decreasing to least bright to indicate Creations from players you don’t know.
  • We also added a tweak to prevent Shared Spaces and Shared Memories markers from overlapping with each other
Other Updates
  • We’re working on adding and improving various graphics options, so you’ll see some changes to that part of the settings menu in this update (and future updates too). 
    • This update adds a toggle to choose fade-to-black for all transitions. This can be found in the Settings menu under the Graphics option. We’re working on other updates for future patches, but in the meantime we welcome your feedback as you use the different settings!
  • This patch should resolve the matchmaking issues in the Sanctuary Island area of Daylight Prairie and in Isle of Dawn, and bugs that made it hard to burn Dark Plants.
  • Don’t forget about Days of Giving! For a week from 00:00 November 20th until 23:59 November 26th, you can send double Hearts and find double Seasonal Light and double Treasure Candles in the realm. Check out the 0.23.0 patch notes for full details!
Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Two new hairstyles added in the closet and hair styling chair. These are free and meant to supplement the basic styles available to new players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Season of Revival Ultimate Cape did not always display the correct star pattern amount based upon a player’s cape energy level.
  • Aviary Village and Outfit shop polish.
  • Fixed mannequins animating when their capes are selected.
  • Player Creations cannot be placed at the entrance to Butterfly Fields in Prairie.
  • Resolved bugs blocking progress for 2nd and 5th Season of the Little Prince quests.
  • Fix for the camera’s disorienting focus on quest fragments during the 2nd Seasonal Quest from Season of Dreams.
  • Fix for players being carried in piggyback are relocated to start of level or different level during level transition.
  • Days of Love Gondola floats properly on the water now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the settings menu to not fit on screen on certain mobile devices.
  • Tweaked Seed of Hope Spirit’s hairstyle to reduce clipping with the avatar’s head in windy areas
  • Reduced Mellow Musician’s cape clipping into avatar body.
  • Restored the green edge of the Season of Assembly bandanna hairstyles.
  • Tweaked collared Gratitude, Lightseekers, Rhythm, Prophecy, and Little Prince capes to reduce clipping with body outfit items.
  • Adjustments to Grateful Shell Collector’s hair and Chill Sunbather’s hat to reduce clipping issues with head accessories.
  • Improvements to cloud visuals.
  • Environment polish for the Wind Paths area.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.23.0

  • Release date: October 12th 2023 (North America, Europe) / October 13th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Season of Revival

Join a new Season Guide to rebuild an area steeped in Sky’s history, and transform it into a thriving town center once again for Spirits and Sky children alike.

Fulfill Seasonal Quests to rebuild the area from the basics on up. Along the way you’ll meet familiar Guides from past Seasons. New Seasonal cosmetics will be offered through a shop in the Seasonal area, with items including items like capes, shoes, and a music sheet. Two Ultimate Gifts will be available from the Revival Guide: a colorful hairstyle, and a cape that creates a rainbow light effect when flying through the air.

The Season of Revival introduces a new area that will continue to grow. Over time it will become a permanent town center where players can regularly experience events, festivals, new ways to gather with friends, and more—so this will be only the first of many updates related to the area. Check out our recent blog post for additional information!

Season of Revival begins at 00:00 October 16th PDT (UTC -7) and continues until 23:59 December 31st PST (UTC -8) and is available to all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest. Players with a Season Pass receive 30 bonus Seasonal Candles and will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Revival Guide. (Returning Season Guides will not offer past Ultimate Gifts.)


Updates for Returning IAP and IGC Event Items

We’ve heard extensive player feedback about the number of IAP and IGC (in-game currency) items offered with the return of each event. Long-time players looked forward to new items each year, and newer players often hoped for the chance to get items from previous years that they didn’t have the chance to get.

However, we’ve also received a lot of comments from players who felt overwhelmed by the list of available cosmetics, especially with events like Days of Mischief or Days of Feast that are entering their fifth year in the game.

So, beginning Days of Mischief in this patch, we’re making an update that will hopefully make these feel less overwhelming, but still give players a chance to purchase older items if they choose.

For all events, the IAP and IGC offered will now be from the current year and the previous year. All other older items will be made available on a separate schedule outside their related event (they are not being permanently retired). We’re planning to bring back the first of these older returning items later this year. Stay tuned for more details in a future update! 


Days of Mischief

The Cackling Crab returns with a new set of surprises! From 00:00 October 23rd until 23:59 Sunday November 12th PST (UTC -8), the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge offers daring players a slew of spooky discoveries—mazes, a cast of Spirits to meet, and some crabby characters who want Sky kids to see the world from their point of view.

The area gradually transforms over the event’s three weeks, and memorable favorites from previous years will be back too (Dark Creature rides, anyone?). In the final week of the event, you can become part of a small gathering of players in one of the event’s rooms with Festival Tech that transforms Sky kids into Dark Crabs.

Watch for event currency shaped like small candies. A total of 6 can be found each day:

  • 4 placed around the event area
  • 1 if you’re cursed by a cranky feline or a crabby NPC Spirit
  • 1 if you’re caught in the gaze of a particular ominously large crab in the event area

Use the event’s currency to unlock new in-game currency (IGC) cosmetics. These are offered by one of the Mischief Staff Spirits.

  • Mischief Goth Garment: 41 event currency
  • Mischief Crabkin Accessory: 24 event currency
  • Mischief Goth Boots: 16 event currency

New IAP items are in the in-game shop:

  • Mischief Crabula Mask: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Mischief Gossamer Cape: $14.99
  • Mischief Crabula Cloak: $14.99

For IAP and IGC items from 2022, talk to other Mischief Spirits to see what they have on hand.

  • Mischief Tufted Hair: 44 Candles
  • Feline Familiar Prop: $9.99
  • Cat Costume Pack: $19.99
    • Includes cat-themed cape and mask

Don’t forget, the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home offers free trial spells for all returning IAP and IGC items—plus a variety of tricky spells, too, in exchange for Candles, Ascended Candles, or event currency.


Days of Giving

From 00:00 November 20th until 23:59 November 26th PST (UTC -8), Days of Giving returns.

During this time there will be:

  • Double Seasonal Light: 8 clusters of Seasonal Light can be collected in the daily realm for a total of two Seasonal Candles each day.
  • Double Treasure Candles: There will be 8 locations of large Treasure Candles in the same realm each day, instead of four.
  • Double Hearts: Every Heart and partial Heart gift sent during the event to a friend will be doubled.

Note: Hearts and partial Heart gifts are doubled when they’re sent during the event. If a gift is sent before Days of Giving begins but is then collected during the event, it will not be doubled.


Updates to Player Creations

We’re working on a number of changes to how player creations (things like Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and Shared Memories) can be used and interacted with. Updates will be spread out across future patches, but for this patch we’ve added these changes:

  • When viewing a set of creations in the level areas, players will need to move a bit farther before the next set appears
  • Adjusted display of player creations depending on how frequently players interact with them.

Developer Note: Based on player feedback we came to understand that there are two major responses to the presence of player creations in the world. This update hopefully brings support to both groups.

The one camp loves to use Shared Memories, Message Boats, and Shared Spaces as a way to chat, hang out, and share with their friends. They give their friends likes, they look at a lot of creations, and they make a ton of their own stuff. If you’re one of these players, the game will make sure you can see as much as you like.

The other camp isn’t very engaged with it, and some players even find it distracting. For players that ignore these objects in the world, the game will show a substantial amount less. We hope you find the world more relaxing and less cluttered.

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday November 5th, moving clocks back an hour. Time notation for events in Sky will change from UTC -7 to UTC -8. If you are in a region that does not observe this time change, after November 5th the daily reset will occur an hour later for you.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

  • [PlayStation] [Switch] Button prompt displays when a new Candle is ready for forge.
  • [Switch] Shard eruption locations are consistent with locations on other platforms.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred in specific cases of multiple players using the carry interaction in certain levels.
  • Added a button to the spells tab in the emote menu that allows players to cancel an active spell.
  • Brightened up the darkened white fur trim on capes like the Season of Rhythm cape.
  • Fixes for Shared Memories that play inside a Shared Space.
  • Player creations won’t show in the levels for a new player until they’ve reached at least Hidden Forest.
  • Avatar animation won’t break after taking an in-game screenshot during a cutscene.
  • When placing message spells (including boats, cranes, and lanterns) with a controller, pressing the back button once now cancels placement, and pressing it again cancels the spell.
  • Fixed bug preventing player from exiting camera prop view mode while recording or viewing a Shared Memory.
  • Fixed gaps with hairstyles from the Grateful Shell Collector, Scolding Student, and Scaredy Cadet
  • Fixed scaling issue that could make some hats and hair accessories clip into hairstyles especially for taller avatars.
  • The rock noticed some new fashion trends among the locals. The sunglasses their friend from Sanctuary Island gave them were a favorite, but maybe it was time to try something different?

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.22.6

  • Release date: August 30th 2023 (North America, Europe) / August 31st 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • [Switch] Fix for crashing when using STAR NFC chips.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.22.5

  • Release date: August 17th 2023 (North America, Europe) / August 18th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Quests for Season of Moments

Season of Moments continues! New sights to photograph arrive with the fourth and fifth Seasonal Quests, beckoning you to see familiar scenery in new ways. Be sure to meet all the Spirits in Prairie Peaks and learn their memories, and use golden Seasonal Candles to unlock the items they offer, too!

Season of Moments continues until 23:59 October 1st (all times PDT, UTC -7). Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Moments Guide.


AURORA Encore Concerts

As you may have seen us announce last month, Sky will be collaborating once more with acclaimed vocal artist AURORA, meaning the AURORA concerts will be back for all players to experience! The concert gates will be open again to everyone as part of a celebration for Sky’s attendance at gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

These encore concerts run from August 23rd through September 3rd. AURORA will appear in Home, offering to teleport you directly to the Coliseum.

The concerts will run on a special schedule. To quickly convert CEST to your time zone, try sites like this one!

  • From August 23rd through 25th (Wed.-Fri.), concerts are every eight hours: 3:00 pm, 11:00 pm, and 7:00 am CEST (that’s 6:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 10:00 pm PDT).
  • Then from August 26th though September 3rd, concerts are every four hours starting at 11:00 am CEST (2:00 am PDT).

Two new souvenirs of the Encore Concerts will be available:

  • “Cure For Me” expression
    • Level 1: 12 event currency
    • Level 2: 33 event currency
      • Please note: there are only 2 levels for this expression
  •  Musical Voyage Sneakers: $6.99 (all prices USD)

The expression will be available from the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree; the Musical Voyage Sneakers will be in the in-game shop.

Each day, 5 event currency will be placed in the Coliseum:

  • 4 in the open around the Coliseum
  • 1 that appears if you join one of the new activities held before a concert starts

After attending your first concert, you can also pick up a special one-time bonus of 10 event currency, too.

As part of this collaboration’s return, the collaboration IAP and IGC offered during the concert’s initial run will also be offered during the encore. For more information on those items, see these two earlier patch notes!

Among these encore concerts, there are two especially that we’re excited to invite you all to be part of—more below!


Setting World Records & Welcoming AURORA Live

Friday August 25th: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Concert

This is the day we’re attempting to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most users in a concert themed virtual world. This will be livestreamed from our booth and specially hosted by Sarah “NastyMold” Hayes, joined by Stellify and Tethys from the Community Team. Here’s the schedule:

2:00 pm CEST – Coliseum Games
Join in a round of games with NastyMold, TGC staff, and the Sky community from across the world. These include new Coliseum games coming with the 0.22.5 update, plus some activities NastyMold has been planning that are best experienced as a Sky kid flash mob.


This is The concert, with Guinness World Records adjudicators on hand to make it official. Take in the music of AURORA and the story of Sky in one of the game’s most memorable moments!


Saturday August 26th: AURORA Celebration Concert

We’re spam-honking in excitement for the concert at 3:00 pm CEST on August 26th. After watching this concert, you’ll want to stick around—AURORA will be joining us live in the game and via livestream! She’ll be alongside NastyMold hosting activities for everyone, including a light parade, voting towers, and more.

We’re thrilled that AURORA can join the Sky community in person for this occasion—teleport to the Coliseum early to get your spot!


Days of Sunlight

Days of Sunlight is back! From 00:00 September 11th through 23:59 September 24th, assemble with familiar Spirits in the Elevated Clearing of Forest to relax and take in peaceful afternoons by the water. Familiar favorites are back (like this year’s group of baby jellyfish!), plus new activities, including a waterslide and a Spirit offering a game of tag. Gather near the shore to collect Social Light that occasionally drifts onto the sand, too.

Keep an eye out for popsicle-shaped event currency, and use them to unlock this year’s new IGC items. A total of 6 are available each day: 4 placed in the Elevated Clearing, 2 from participating in any of the event activities: playing tag with one of the Spirits, helping the baby jellyfish, playing in a jam session, or doing any diving activity.

New items for Days of Sunlight:

  • Sunlight Pink Beach Towel Cape: 22 event currency
  • Sunlight Yellow Beach Towel Cape: 25 event currency
  • Sunlight Blue Beach Towel Cape: 31 event currency
  • Sunlight Chunky Sandals: $9.99
    • These add a special sound effect to your step
  • Sunlight Surfboard: $14.99

New items can be unlocked from the Friendship Tree of the Sunlight Guide Spirit, or purchased from the in-game shop in the main menu.

Items from previous years’ events will also be available:

  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles
  • Campfire Tent: 90 Candles
  • Summer Seashell Hairpin: $0.99
  • Sunlight Jelly Shoulder Buddy: $2.99
  • Summer Bunny Accessory: $2.99
  • Summer Lantern Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 regular Candles)
    • Please note: the lantern item does not come with additional abilities such as lighting candles
  • Sunlight Campfire Snack Kit: $19.99 (includes 35 Seasonal Candles)
  • Summer Parasol: $19.99 (Includes 35 Seasonal Candles)

To unlock or purchase returning items, talk to the two event guide Spirits in the Elevated Clearing.

As always, free trial spells for all items are offered. Find them at the bonfire in the Elevated Clearing and the boat in Home!


Days of Style

Come and express yourself! A new event makes its debut, on the runway from 00:00 October 2nd until 23:59 October 15th. Show your creativity and have a bit of fun trying out (and trying on!) something new.

During the event, the Style Guide is in Home, ready to teleport you to a fashion runway placed in one of Sky’s levels (some locations peaceful, some chaotic…). Runway locations rotate, and each one invites you to create an ensemble to represent a unique theme. At each one, use a Shared Memory Shrine to share your interpretation of the theme (and get some Light in the process too).

And don’t worry—each location includes a range of cosmetics you can temporarily borrow if you feel like your own closet selection doesn’t get the theme quite right.

Event currency is shaped like a top hat, and 5 can be found daily: four placed in the area around the runway, and one for watching a recording. Use these to unlock the event’s IGC items!

  • Style Runway Mask: 8 event currency
  • Style Top Hat: 10 event currency
  • Style Star Sunglasses: 14 event currency
  • Style Silk Ballet Slippers: 18 event currency
  • Style Flame Sunglasses: $2.99
  • Style Heart Sunglasses: $4.99
  • Style Bunny Slippers: $6.99
  • Style Wide-Leg Jeans: $9.99

Don’t forget, the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home offers free trial spells for all IAP and IGC items!

Note: If you haven’t unlocked all the levels of the game yet, you may need to progress further in the game to at least the level where the event’s runway is currently located.


More Updates for Viewing Shared Spaces, Shared Memories, and Messages

We’ve updated the UI you’ll see when viewing Message Candles and other spells, and added some features too. For example:

  • Friends’ notes are displayed with higher priority.
  • You can show Shared Spaces in a Shared Memory recording.
  • An option allows you to view more of a particular player’s creations, even if you haven’t friended them
    • You can also give that player a nickname that will display on other creations of theirs that you find. (The player will not know the nickname you give them, similar to the function of giving friends a nickname.)

Other Updates

  • Based on player feedback, we’ve made some changes to bonus event currency spells available through the Spell Shop. These spells allow players to exchange Ascended Candles for bonus event currency on the weekends. The number of Ascended Candles needed per spell has been lowered, and the maximum number of spells available has been increased. (Note that all new IGC event items can still be unlocked using only the regular event currency available daily in an event.)
  • We’ve updated the friend invite codes to use Sky Code. This generates the familiar QR code, plus a unique 12-digit alphanumeric code that is easy to share by copy-paste, manually copying, or by showing directly to a friend-to-be. We hope this will make it easier to share friend invites, especially for console players! (Remember, these are unique single-use codes, so please be sure to share them privately with their intended recipient.)
  • The UI in the settings menu for graphics options has had some slight adjustments.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • Resolved the bug that had reduced the maximum volume of items that could be placed in a Shared Space.
  • Pinch gesture able to adjust settings for the camera prop while in tripod mode.
  • Props placed by others now update correctly when player has the camera prop equipped in tripod mode.
  • If holding the camera prop while being carried, the Friendship Tree doesn’t open when tapping/selecting another player.
  • Prop/Placeable closet cannot be open while camera is in tripod mode. (Other closets still open with tripod mode enabled.)
  • Disabled activating prop spells while the camera is equipped, which could override the camera and block progress during active Seasonal Quests.
  • Camera prop UI improvements.
  • Fixed the Village Theater not appearing on the Map Shrine maps.
  • Text input for Shared Spaces, Shared Memories, and message spells is no longer canceled if tapping outside of the keyboard.
  • Mysterious, weird, unknown, potentially ominous symbols no longer show up in Message Boat messages.
  • Filled in a hole in Prairie Caves that could trap hapless moths.

Audio & Appearance

  • Updated appearance of Campfire Snack Kit to appear as a bundle when worn on avatar’s back.
  • Improvements to animation for handstand expression and for the manatees in Prairie Peaks.
  • Chibis and their friends have many powers, but floating while running should not be one of them. Thus, chibis no longer float while running when being led by a taller friend.
  • Polish for Message Boat physics while floating on the water.
  • Fixed an earlier change that made masks appear wider/thicker on tall avatars.
  • Unsquash the squashing that was happening to the chibi hair.
  • Tweaks to Sanctuary straw hat to fit various hairstyles better.
  • Fixed some visual distortions with the recharge effect on the Season of Dreams ultimate cape.
  • Flames now properly aligned over stone lamps in Trial of Fire.
  • Improvements for plushies when held, hugged, and otherwise cherished by avatars.
  • Fixed the incorrect display on Map Shrines of collected vs. uncollected Winged Light in Prairie Village.
  • Other players no longer appear to be set to default stance after they take out a candle as you view them.
  • Fixed the light not appearing on avatar’s chest when wearing the yellow tunic from Season of Flight.
  • Lowest note on the saxophone now audible to others who are listening to a player using that instrument.
  • Fixed situations where others don’t hear single notes that a player plays on e.g. violin, saxophone, etc.
  • Synced hand clap expression to Jam Station.
  • Jam Station audio no longer stops playing when the prop is not in the camera view.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Prairie Peaks BGM from playing if a player entered by teleporting there directly instead of entering from Prairie Caves.
  • Notifications sent to a friend after you like their Shared Memories, Shared Spaces, or messages correctly show the name your friend has given you.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.22.0

  • Release date: July 13th 2023 (North America, Europe) / July 14th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Moments

Discover memories in every moment when Sky’s latest Season arrives! A breathtaking landscape awaits explorers who seek its vast natural beauty.

Talk to the Season Guide to get a new camera prop, freely available to all Sky kids. They’ll offer a series of Seasonal Quests to take your photography skills to the next level using special camera features such as tripod mode and photo settings like zoom and blur.

Four Seasonal Spirits offer new expressions, plus a new call and interaction to share with friends, plus mementos like their best mountain outfits, hairstyles and accessories, and a new music sheet. Ultimate gifts include a version of the camera prop with a more intricate appearance and a subtle photo-light effect that friends around you can see when you take a picture with it.

Season of Moments begins at 00:00 July 17th and continues until 23:59 October 1st (all times PDT, UTC -7) and is available to all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest. Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Moments Guide. For more details ahead of the Season’s launch, check out our blog!


Grab Your Party Hats for Sky’s 4th Birthday

You’re officially invited to the best dance party in Sky! From 00:00 July 17th until 23:59 July 30th, grab a friend and head to the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge—or teleport there by talking to the Event Guide Spirit in Home.

The Secret Area opens its doors to everyone during the 4th anniversary event, with a colorful dance floor, themed spells, and rotating performances by a group of Spirits. Music aficionados will enjoy a special version of the Jam Station, set up exclusively for this event! Stop by a table loaded with a birthday cake for a bit of Social Light, too.

New items will be available as mementos of the event! Keep an eye out for cupcake-shaped event currency. Nine are available each day placed around the event space, and when you watch a stage performance in the Secret Area. On weekends, one extra bonus cupcake is available each day, and the spell shop there offers extra event currency spells too.

New items and spells arriving for this year’s anniversary event are:

  • 4th Anniversary Hat: 8 event currency (the 4th anniversary hat is available only this year)
  • Anniversary Sonorous Seashell prop: 46 event currency
  • Anniversary Party Lights prop: 46 event currency
  • Anniversary Plush prop: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Balloon Hat spells and buffs: 2 event currency or 4 Candles for spells from the spell shop next to the drink stand, or 1 event currency for an instant buff from the Spirit at the drink stand
  • Confetti Collar spell: 4 Candles from the spell shop in the Secret Area

Returning from previous years:

  • Light Fence prop: 20 Candles
  • Birthday Flag prop: 20 Candles
  • Balloon prop: 30 Candles
  • Happy Birthday music sheet: 10 Hearts
  • Confetti Launcher: 20 Hearts
  • Birthday Cake spells: 3 Candles
    • These spells give at random small, medium, or large birthday cakes

Find more details about the 4th anniversary event on our blog page!


UI Updates for Messages & More

We’ve updated the UI you’ll see when viewing in-game creations from your fellow players such as Message Boats, Shared Memories, and more. For example:

  • Notes and other creations now display based on where you are in a level, and we also reduced the total number of these objects displayed at once.

Developer Note: We heard from many players that the opening areas of the realms felt super crowded with these in-game creations, so this change should help calm that feeling. We also noticed many players using things like notes and Shared Memories to create scavenger hunts in Sky. This change allows player creations to be more easily discovered when they’re off the beaten path. So start hiding treasures!

  • Arrows let you “scroll” to see all the Notes, Memories, etc. placed in an area, and small visual effects indicate which one you’re currently viewing. Also, after viewing all the creations in an area, the next set of creations to view automatically refreshes.

Developer Note: So many players find all of their friends’ posts and like them. With the old system, players would revisit and reload shrines and other areas for upwards of 30 minutes trying to see something their friends made. With this change it should be much easier (and faster) to find your friends’ posts and give them a like—go ahead and give them a like from me!

  • Ever wondered what notes and Shared Spaces your friends were seeing? Now there’s a hint button over their heads while they’re viewing another player’s creation. Tap on it to view the same object they are.
  • For Shared Memories:
    • The recording timer pauses whenever your keyboard is open
    • Radial progress bar now shows how much time is remaining to record a Memory
    • While you watch a Memory recording, if you follow along with the recorded avatar, the UI menu will stay visible even after you move away from that Memory’s spell marker.


Special Group of Visiting Spirits Arrives in August

From August 7 through August 13, four Spirits will be taking a week-long excursion to the new area where Season of Moments will be set. Each is from a past Season—talk to them for the chance to unlock some of the items they carry. You’ll also have the chance to try out the new camera feature with them. Stay tuned to our social media channels for details!


More Updates
  • The Season Guide Spirit who arrives in Home each Season will now stay in place at the gate to the level where the Season’s main activity takes place. The cutscene that plays when checking in with the Daily Quest Statue in Home will continue to indicate the realm with the day’s rotation of Seasonal Candles.
  • The elder-themed masks from the constellations of each main level are now an accessory, so they can be paired with a variety of masks (not least of all the chibi mask). Some head accessories have been recategorized as well. Other updates related to this category of accessories are planned for future updates, too.
  • There’s a new cosmetics category—shoes! If you have the Mischief Witch Jumper, the Season of Remembrance’s Pleading Child outfit, or the Season of Assembly’s Chuckling Scout outfit, the shoes that came with these are now in a separate tab in the outfit closet, and they can be paired with any outfit you choose.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

Audio & Appearance

  • Fixes for the gap that was showing between avatar’s hair and mask when using the chibi mask.
  • Improvements to saxophone animation.
  • Updated hairstyle icons in the UI to show them at their most flattering angle.
  • Adjustments to a few cape icon colors.
  • Ultimate masks/accessories from Elder Spirits glow when they should.
  • Fixed an overactive bug that was affecting the animation of Overactive Overachiever’s hair.

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • [PlayStation/Switch] Additional sliding door haptics while playing on a console.
  • Shared Memory recordings properly replay plushies that are hugged, picked up, cherished, yeeted into the void, etc.
  • Interactions with most placeable items show when viewing a Shared Memory.
  • Shared Memory recordings should now properly show light from lanterns, as well as fireworks animations and particles.
  • A player’s Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and other creations are no longer visible to those they have blocked.
  • Enabled energy charge while touching clouds but standing on ground.
  • A player carrying a friend via piggyback can now cancel the carry interaction with the person they’re carrying.
  • Fixed camera placement bug that could prevent players from accepting the Stealthy Survivor’s expression after completing their quest.
  • To comply with federal aviation safety mandates that require crash landing zones be free of extraneous objects, Shared Memories and other creations can no longer be placed within a certain distance of where Sky kids crash land when entering Golden Wasteland. We chose not to ask what their regulations said about giant Dark Creatures patrolling the skies…
  • When placing the footbag game prop, a preview model now properly displays before placing it.
  • Music sheet stops replaying when the Jam Station is opened.
  • Fixed one of the fragments of the Tearful Light Miner’s memory sequence being stuck in the terrain.
  • Handhold won’t break when players go from the main area of Isle of Dawn into the Cave of Prophecies.
  • Fix a bug causing a player using the Elder of the Forest pin STAR feature to sometimes be teleported beneath the platform.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Feeling nostalgic, the rock wandered back to Isle of Dawn to sleep under the stars of their original home. Little did they know, the quiet expanse was about to become very popular. One night the rock woke to the sound of countless little feet, fluttering capes, and honking Sky kids. Somehow hundreds, even thousands of Sky kids had arrived to help out a group of young Spirits. At last the crowd began to clear, and the rock was surprised to see a Spirit who could roll around. They were almost as fast as the rock as they taught others to roll…maybe the rock and the Spirit could have a friendly race?

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.21.6

  • Release date: June 26th 2023 (North America, Europe) / June 27th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to interact with the Season of Dreams Guide Spirit.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.21.5

  • Release date: May 31st 2023 (North America, Europe) / June 1st 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
The Final Lessons of Season of Passage Lie Ahead

The second half of Season of Passage is here! The final Seasonal Quests approach, with new lessons awaiting. As you progress through the quests, don’t forget to check in with the Passage Guide in Isle of Dawn. Not only will you be able to receive hearts and unlock masks, you may even find a prop you can use to share a game of footbag with other players.

The lesson of each Seasonal Quest is best experienced when completed with groups of other players, but all of these passages can be completed independently if desired. Except for the first quest, all quests are held at set intervals every 15 minutes.

Be sure to unlock expressions and exchange Seasonal Candles for any cosmetics you want from the Seasonal Spirits before the Season ends at 23:59 on June 25th (all times PDT, UTC -7). Content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest.

Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Passage Guide.


Introducing Event Currency

As you may have read in our recent blog post, in this update we’re introducing event currencies, a new category of currency to make it easier to get new in-game currency (IGC) event cosmetics. The aim is to make it easier to unlock new IGC event items simply by playing most of an event, without feeling pressure to save up Candles or Hearts in advance.

Event currencies can be exchanged for new IGC cosmetics or event-related spells. They can be found in the main area where the event is played, or in some cases, alongside the event’s themed daily quests, so you won’t need to go out of your way to add this currency to your inventory. In the levels, event currencies vary in appearance to fit the theme of their event. In your inventory, they’ll appear as a ticket icon with a symbol on it that will be related to its specific event.

The basics:

  • The currency for a specific event is available only while that event is being held.
  • Currencies won’t carry over from one event to another, but enough are available during an event to unlock this year’s new IGC cosmetics.
  • You won’t need to get all the event currency available every single day to unlock new event items.
  • Currencies are placed in set locations each day, and their location in an event will rotate.

Event currencies have some similarities to Seasonal Candles. However, they have some key differences, like:

  • At the end of an event, unused event currencies do not convert to Candles or anything else.
  • From one event to another, there may be a different total number of event currency available each day.

Please note that there’s a limited amount of event currency available for each event, so if there’s a new IGC cosmetic you want, take note of how much event currency you’ll need to unlock it before deciding whether to spend a lot of that currency on event spells.
Be sure to check out our blog post and FAQ page for more info!


Rainbows Return in Days of Color

The most colorful time of Sky’s year is about to begin. From 00:00 June 1st until 23:59 June 14th, join in a celebration of the diversity that makes our shared world so vibrant. This year’s update further builds on the core themes that have been the focus of the event since its debut in 2020 as Days of Rainbow, celebrating diversity, hope, and above all making the world inside and outside of Sky more inclusive for everyone.

Two event guide Spirits greet a double rainbow in Home that offers Light to collect. Talk to them for the option of teleporting to where the main festivities will be held: an area high above Daylight Prairie, expanded specially for the occasion.

During the first eight days of the event, colorful platforms will gradually become available one-by-one. Charge them with the aid of other players, and once enough people have gathered to charge each platform, receive a reward of Light—or, once all eight platforms are charged, something even more lofty and brilliant. A nearby closet and magical spell-lending geyser can help if you need to make a quick cape change.

As you explore the event area and complete themed Daily Quests, keep an eye out for small iridescent, bubble-like spheres. These are the special event-themed currency you can use to unlock this year’s new IGC Days of Color cosmetic. Players can collect 8 every day during the event—and on days with themed Daily Quests, up to 12 each day! Explore a bit more on the weekends and you might find an extra bubble or two…

Note: The total number of event currency intended to be available during the event is affected by a bug. To offset that bug, we’ll add 8 event currency to the inventory of all players who log in during Days of Color. The only thing you need to do to receive this is to log into the game.

This year we’re proud to share that we’ll once again be supporting The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. The Trevor Project’s programs include crisis services, education, peer support for people around the world, and other efforts to ensure young people can have the chance to thrive no matter who they are. You can read about our 2022 campaign with the Trevor Project here.

2023 Days of Color Campaign Items

  • Dark Rainbow Pack $9.99 (all prices USD)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 40 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $5.00: Days of Color 2023 campaign
    • $3.00: platform fees
    • $1.99: development
  • Rainbow Pack flower hair accessory: $19.99 (returning item)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $10.00: Days of Color 2023 campaign
    • $6.00: platform fees
    • $3.99: development
  • Double Rainbow Pack flower hair accessory: $9.99 (returning item)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 40 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $5.00: Days of Color 2023 campaign
    • $3.00: platform fees
    • $1.99: development

Other Days of Color Items

The cosmetics below will be offered for sale or in exchange for in-game currency. They can be found from the event guide Spirits, or from the in-game shop. (Please note that these are not campaign items.)

  • New This Year—Dark Rainbow Cape: 104 Days of Color currency
    • This is earned through our brand new event currency
  • Rainbow Cape: 175 Candles
  • Rainbow Trousers: 95 Candles
  • Rainbow Braid Accessory: 20 Hearts
  • New This Year—Dark Rainbow Tunic: $14.99
  • Rainbow Earring: $2.99
  • Rainbow Headphones: $9.99
  • Rainbow Hat: $9.99

Free trial spells for all items are available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home. For more details about this year’s Days of Color, check out our recent blog post!


Melodies and Harmonies in Days of Music

New songs are about to ring out to introduce a cozy event! From 00:00 June 26th until 23:59 July 9, Harmony Hall in the Valley of Triumph is hosting Days of Music, a laid back gathering for players of any (or even no) music experience.

A Jam Station in Harmony Hall allows you to easily create music of your own. This new feature lets you dabble out tunes for solos, duets, or even four-part ensembles with an interface that makes it simple to loop them together and adjust as you go along.

A group of four Spirits from the Seasons of Gratitude and Rhythm will also arrive for the occasion, each one offering an instrument to unlock. New music sheets have been added to the music sheet challenges, which will also give each Sky kid an extra boost of Light if they sit down to try their hand at one, no minimum skill level needed!

Two new instruments will be added to Harmony Hall’s lineup: a saxophone for event currency, and a violin as an IAP added during the second half of Days of Music.

With the brand new event currency feature, we’re still working to make sure the final balance for everything will be in order—we’ll share those details on our News page closer to the start of the event, so stay tuned!

These event items can be found at the counter (or Spirit standing nearby it) in Harmony Hall:

  • Music sheet: 5 Candles
  • Harmony Hairpin: 50 Candles (returning item)
  • Event currency items: stay tuned for details when the event approaches!
    • Marching Band Hat
    • Saxophone
  • Planned to be available from July 7—Triumph Violin: $19.99

Apart from the music sheet, free trial spells for these items (and the violin, once available) can be found at the counter. Days of Music content is available to all players who have progressed to at least Valley of Triumph.


More Updates
  • A lot of features that have been added to Sky are directly based on player feedback—expanding the Friendship Constellation, in-game translation, even being able to interact with Spirits with hugs and high fives (as just a few examples). The latest addition based on player requests: Huggable plushie props. Go forth and show love to your stuffed crab anywhere you go!

Developer Note: Many players love taking their plushie friends around Sky, so we added new ways to play with them! Plushies can now be picked up, hugged, and more. This is our first crack at the plushies and we plan on tinkering with them some more as we see players interact with them. Keep an eye out for more plushie updates in the future!

  • A monument has been added to the Starlight Desert area of Vault of Knowledge in honor of a late beloved coworker, and others to whom we’ve had to say goodbye. “In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so, it will be as if all the stars will be laughing when you look at the sky at night.”


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Various improvements to reduce players being separate from their friends when meditating to go to the seasonal area of Isle of Dawn or to join the Seasonal Quests.
  • Changes to make it easier for friends to teleport to a player in Festival Tech mode.
  • In Festival Tech mode, a player’s own avatar will not be obscured from view by avatars from the crowd.
  • When standing near a player using the Do Not Disturb spell, the spell’s icon appears above their head.
  • Updated music sheet rotations in Harmony Hall.


  • The Overactive Overachiever’s hair no longer has a gap when worn with the chibi mask.
  • Adjusted the alignment of the Tumbling Troublemaker’s earrings.
  • Fixed Isle of Dawn Temple music playing instead of seasonal music in that level’s seasonal area.
  • Update for timer text visibility in second Seasonal Quest.
  • Adjustments to ultimate mask to reduce clipping with various hairstyles.

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • Honking is very important, but not so important that it should interrupt Sky kids’ movement. So now, Sky kids no longer stop rolling, skipping, and doing any other traversal emote to stand up straight when they honk.
  • Friends and others should correctly see the stance a player is using, and that stance should no longer reset to default when going between areas or restarting the game.
  • Trial of Water opening cutscene is skippable.
  • Friendship should raise you up, not pull you down, so we fixed the bug causing a player to sink underground if they accepted a friendship request or unlocked a friendship interaction while being carried by piggyback.
  • Similarly, a player leading a friend by handhold won’t sink below the terrain when the person they’re holding hands with dives deep underwater.
  • When two Spirits are standing close to each other and a player opens one of their Friendship Trees and then selects the other Spirit, the display correctly switches to the Friendship Tree of the selected Spirit.
  • Player will not leave edit mode if they tap outside of the keyboard when naming a Shared Space.
  • When recording Shared Memories, chatting will pause the recording while the avatar is standing still. Chat is disabled during a recording when swimming, flying, or otherwise moving.
  • Music sheets stop playing when you equip a new prop.
  • Spirits in Harmony Hall now use their instruments properly during a jam session.
  • Removed the mysterious invisible lead boots bug that made players walk underwater in one of the waterfall ponds in Sanctuary.
  • Friendship menu now closes automatically when two friends swim away from each other.
  • Duration of Kizuna AI STAR Pin effect updated from three seconds to 1 minute.
  • Fixed a bug causing avatars that were sitting or lying down to stand up when using an emote.
  • When a group of players is handholding or using piggyback, the players following in the chain will automatically attempt to join the Shared Space the group’s leader is in.
  • Even though red notification dots that never ever ever ever go away are surely the most beloved thing that could appear in a menu, we have ultimately decided that the red dot for new inbox messages should not wear out its welcome. Thus, that red dot now disappears after reading the message.

Audio & Appearance

  • Fix to reduce flickering lighting on capes in bright environments.
  • Reduced the sound effects radius of instruments being played by other players.
  • Fixed a bug causing pillars and other objects in front of the first gate in Forest to be unusually dark or oddly lit.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Nature sunglasses and Sanctuary sunglasses masks.
  • Instrument no longer misplaced during the Hairtousle Teen’s Spirit memory sequence, better suited to entertain us.
  • When two friends follow each other in the AURORA concert, doing so no longer leads to visual corruptions in cutscenes or transitions.
  • Fixed some missing and discolored polygons here and there, like behind the stage in the Village of Dreams Theater area and the Daylight Prairie Village area.
  • Fixed some gaps and pits that could trap players in Eden, plus some other clipping issues with the terrain.
  • Small fixes for visual effects affecting capes, with small changes such as gold diamonds on the Thoughtful Director’s cape appearing metallic, and improvements to the visual recharge effect on the Season of Shattering Ultimate Light Cape.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.21.1

  • Release date: April 28th 2023 (North America, Europe) / April 29th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Adjusted the display and sound effects of crowd avatars to reduce visual clutter during Season-related activities in Isle of Dawn.
  • Crash fixes.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.21.0

  • Release date: April 13th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Season of Passage

New pathways beckon you to tread forward when Sky’s newest Season begins. Experience the memories of four young Spirits in Isle of Dawn, and share in the passages that brought them together as they navigate their way towards community. Join the community around you in turn to uncover the story of the Season as it unfolds through Seasonal Quests.

Each quest is a rite of passage to complete with the Season’s Spirits. They can all be completed independently, but from the second quest onwards, quests are held with large groups of players together, each held at set intervals several times per hour. You can gather in advance with others while the countdown to a rite begins.

Season of Passage begins at 00:00 April 17th and continues until 23:59 June 25th (all times PDT, UTC -7).

The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including the Ultimate Gifts.

To read more about the Season and get a peek at some of the cosmetics it will offer, see our recent blog post!


Days of Nature

From 00:00 April 20th until 23:59 May 7th, Days of Nature is back! Across nearly three weeks of this event, celebrate with a new story and friends in the Sanctuary Islands, and share ways to connect that story with real-world efforts making the waters we all share cleaner and healthier.

Talk to the Nature Guide Spirit in Home to teleport to one of the islands in the Sanctuary area. There you can lend aid to a new Light Creature and follow it across the waves to a location where debris and other darkness from Sky’s other realms has accumulated.

Complete quests to clear out the affected area and earn a bit of Light. During the event’s three phases, the amount of debris will increase as the currents bring it in, before gradually decreasing as Sky children clear it away. This quest will remain in the game through the Daily Quest rotation after the event ends.

And, like in previous years, 2023’s Days of Nature event will again offer special IAP to support charity efforts focused on real-world ocean cleanup work.

A little more than half of the total list price of items listed here will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup. The remaining amount will cover platform fees and a portion of development. (Platform fees: the amount that all developers are charged for each sale on platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, etc. Development: includes operations, taxes, and post-event refunds.)

  • Nature Glasses Pack: $19.99 (all prices USD)
    • A toggle for these sunglasses can add a bluer tint to the world around you
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this charity pack
    • $10: donated to charity
  • Nature Sonorous Seashell: $4.99
    • This placeable item has a toggle to play relaxing ocean sound effects
    • $2.50: donated to charity
  • Nature Turtle Pack: $19.99 (returning item)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this charity pack
    • $10: donated to charity
  • Ocean Cape: $14.99 (returning item)
    • $7.50: donated to charity
  • Earth Cape: $4.99 (returning item)
    • $2.50: donated to charity
  • Ocean Necklace: $1.99 (returning item)
    • $1.00: donated to charity


The sea shell and glasses pack are this year’s new items—they’ll be in the in-game shop menu. Items returning from previous years will be available from the Friendship Tree of Chill Sunbather Spirit who will be walking around the beach where the Nature Guide Spirit is waiting in Sanctuary.

We’re calculating the amount to donate to charity a little differently this year compared to last year. Our hope is that it’s easier to understand in advance the amount of each purchase that will be donated, and allow us to update the community more quickly with the final results. We expect that the overall proportion of proceeds donated to charity should be at least the same as previous years, if not a bit higher.

Players can also choose from several items for in-game currency (IGC) or for regular purchase as souvenirs of the event. (Please note that these are not charity items.)

  • New this year—Nature School Cape: 180 Candles
    • An asymmetrical cape featuring a partially transparent motif
  • Nature Coral Crown Accessory: 20 Hearts (returning item)
  • Nature Turtle Cape: $14.99 (returning item)

The IGC items can be found in the Friendship Tree of the Nature Guide Spirit in Home or in Sanctuary. For those interested in the Turtle Cape, talk to the Chill Sunbather Spirit who will be walking around the Nature Guide’s hangout spot in Sanctuary.

Free trial spells for all cosmetics can be found near the Nature Guide Spirit in Sanctuary, and from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant in Home.

For more details on the event, charity items, and other ways to make a positive impact on ocean pollution, check out our blog post about this year’s Days of Nature event!


More Updates

  • A Do Not Disturb spell has been introduced to the game. One per week is available for free. After that, a set number of single spells or a spell “bundle” each month can be obtained from the Spell Shop in exchange for regular Candles. When the spell is active, if a friend tries to teleport to a player through the Friendship Constellations, a dialog box will appear to let them know that the player has used this spell and would prefer to play alone. The friend can then choose whether or not to continue teleporting to the player.

Developer Note: With this new spell, we realize it works differently from what some might assume at first glance. Instead of creating a different version of a hard “block,” we’ve tried to account for some of the requests players have sent us to make it easier to spend 1-on-1 time with a friend or perhaps alone, while also keeping a balance with Sky’s core structure as a social game. In the meantime we plan to keep improving this feature in a future update, so we should have more to share before too long.

  • We’ve updated the kind of objects that social spells like Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and Shared Memories cannot be placed close to. These include the Return Shrine in Home, Winged Light, Social Light spots like the pool of the polluted geyser, the broken bridges in Hidden Forest, Dark Plants, Candles, and Shard Eruptions. We also updated the distance around closets in which Shared Spaces and Shared Memory spells can’t be placed.
  • As mentioned above, the sunglasses mask that comes with the Nature Glasses Pack has a toggle to add a blue tint to what you see. We wanted this feature to be inclusive of other existing glasses-type items, so the Season of Sanctuary sunglasses and Days of Feast goggles have a similar toggle that can be enabled when worn.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • Avatar able to move while forging Candles or Hearts.
  • Added more music sheets to the music sheet challenge rotation in Harmony Hall.
  • Cutscenes for reliving Spirit memories should be skippable, as well as most of the cutscenes in the Daylight Prairie Village area.
  • Fix for a bug that in certain cases would cause a player teleporting to a friend to appear in the beginning of a level instead of where their friend is.


Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!



General Fixes and Improvements:

  • [PlayStation] Fixed cases of Crab Courier achievement being awarded instantly.
  • In order to improve new player experience, Return Shrines in the levels that take players back to Home have been removed. The return option in the emote and settings menus remains unchanged.

Developer Note: What we saw over time was that these shrines would confuse new players. They’d try them out but then be sent back to Home without expecting it, which could be pretty disorienting. The other two return methods should still handle all Home return needs well, though!

  • Added a prompt to open doors in the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge for players on console or using controllers.
  • Updated which prompts are given selection priority when using a controller.
  • Player won’t be damaged by rain if they are in a cutscene or otherwise not in control of the camera.
  • During hide and seek, players are no longer teleported to the ground when the hider is found while flying.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be blown back into the Wind Paths when entering from Hermit Valley in Valley of Triumph.
  • Smoother entrance from Wind Paths to Isle of Dawn and Daylight Prairie.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Crab Rock Trick and Candle Trick spells to be active at the same time.
  • Fixed cases of teleport spells not teleporting friends handholding the player who activated the spell.
  • When using a controller, using the fireworks icon with the fireworks now immediately launches fireworks instead of entering placeable mode.
  • The Mischief Cat does have anger issues, but we had a conversation with them about respecting boundaries—specifically Shared Space boundaries. Now, players outside a Space this cat is placed in aren’t affected by it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused avatars to put their candle away when performing certain actions.
  • Shared Space spells cannot be placed in bounds of a Shared Space shrine, to prevent the player getting stuck when doing so.
  • When placing the Days of Love Gondola, it now remains as it’s positioned until exiting edit mode.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the STAR pin effect for the playfight emote to be offered to strangers and friends who have lost all light.
  • When using the Manta pin STAR feature, the call effect can be used from a less restrictive distance.
  • Fixed a bug that could force the effects of teleporting items on other players.
  • Various fixes for haptics.
  • After an eventful few months, the rock decided that a peaceful picnic might be exactly what they needed. They found a picturesque spot near some ruins, where children and spirits played in a field of flowers. Friends spent time together eating treats and sipping tea, while the butterflies brought joy to everyone around them. With a happy sigh, the rock decided to stay a while longer before setting out on their next journey.


Graphics & Visuals

  • Removed certain text in the final sequence of Eye of Eden, since its message has been communicated through other aspects of the game.
  • Fixed missing glow on an NPC in one of the areas of Eye of Eden.
  • When strangers’ avatars are unlit, the silhouette of the capes they’re wearing while a shadow will appear as the standard cape shape, regardless of the shape of the specific cape being worn. (This is similar to the way that the shape of hairstyles isn’t seen until lighting up another player.)

Developer Note: We hope this will encourage more equal treatment of all players without making judgments before even meeting a fellow Sky kid.

  • Fixed the Season of Remembrance crab and manta plushies being extremely bright in some cave areas.
  • Icon above players outside a Shared Space you’re in changed from teleport icon to exit icon.
  • Reduced the distance at which the join hint for a Shared Space will appear.
  • To exit viewing a Shared Space, the previous confirmation dialog has been updated to a button press.
  • Avatars using carry (piggyback) emote no longer misaligned when entering the Wind Paths from another level through cloud tunnels.
  • Head and hair accessories scale properly when using Huge and Grow spells.
  • Players can jam with Spirits in Harmony Hall as long as they want without being disrupted by things like errant camera angles.
  • Camera angle is no longer too close to the ground when opening the Friendship Tree of a Traveling Spirit, when the Spirit is lower than the player.
  • For extra super stealth, when using the Candle Trick spell, visual effects from emotes no longer appear above the terrain.
  • Fixed Ultimate Gift pot hat from Assembly that made it seem to wave in the wind.
  • Fixed Ultimate Masks from constellation Elders not appearing lit when viewed by other players.
  • Translation corrections for French and Japanese.
  • Credits updates.
  • Crash fixes.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.20.6

  • Release date: March 1st 2023 (North America) / March 2nd 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • [Switch] Resolved an issue that could cause crashes when using the chat function or transitioning between levels.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.20.5

  • Release date: February 23rd 2023 (North America, Europe) / February 24th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Season of Remembrance Continues

This update brings the second half of Season of Remembrance! Two more Spirits are preparing to share their memories when the remaining Seasonal Quests become available. 

There will also be a Double Seasonal Light event! For a week from March 6th through 12th PST (UTC -8), Seasonal Candle locations in the daily realm will be doubled, so players will be able to forge an extra Seasonal Candle each day.

Seasonal Quests will remain available after Season of Remembrance ends, and so will the props in the Remembrance Guide’s Friendship Tree that can be unlocked with regular Candles or regular Hearts. For other Remembrance items though, including Ultimate Gifts, be sure to unlock emote expression upgrades and cosmetics from the Seasonal Spirits before they leave. 

Season of Remembrance continues until 23:59 April 2nd PDT (UTC -7).

(Please note: As mentioned in our 0.20.0 patch notes, from this update the Ultimate Gift prop provides some energy recharge. We appreciate your understanding!)


Shared Spaces Updates

We’ve been working on a Vault-sized batch of updates to Shared Spaces during Season of Remembrance, and 0.20.5 contains another set of improvements and fixes.

For starters, we’ve added:

  • New Shared Spaces spells! Use these to place a Shared Space almost anywhere in the realms outside of Home—perhaps a cozy corner tucked away in your favorite spot in Hidden Forest, an inviting platform to manta-watch in Daylight Prairie, or your best artistic sculpture of a Dark Crab in Golden Wasteland.
  • Updates to better connect Shared Spaces into your experience as you travel through the realms. You can now glimpse other players in a Shared Space before you choose whether to join them, and you can enter or exit a space more easily without visual effects cutting away from the scene around you.
  • A higher cap on the total number of items that can be placed in a Shared Space attached to a shrine, without overloading the less powerful devices some players may use to play Sky.
  • Numerous updates to Shared Spaces menus and UI. Place props the way you want more easily and with more precision, and adjust your Space more easily with an improved edit function. The meter indicating the item limit now depletes as you fill your Space, and some new particle effects add some pizazz when placing and removing props.
  • In 0.20.0, we added a small set of props available with the Shared Spaces in Vault of Knowledge and Daylight Prairie. Now in 0.20.5, we’ve added unique sets to the other Shared Spaces shrines in the Hidden Forest’s Treehouse area and Wind Paths, Golden Wasteland’s Treasure Reef, and the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge.
  • Better visuals to indicate the “border” of a Space.

These are just some of the highlights for what’s been changed for Shared Spaces, so stop by a shrine or grab a spell to give the latest version a try. We can’t wait to see the new and creative ways players use them!


Days of Bloom

Days of Bloom is back for 2023! This year’s event is being expanded from two weeks to three—from 00:00 March 20th until 23:59 April 9th (PDT, UTC -7), join Spirits from the Season of Lightseekers to take in the transient beauty of this time of year.

Over four phases of this year’s event, rains arrive in the desert of Golden Wasteland’s Forgotten Ark, gradually transforming an arid hillside into a vibrant meadow:

  • Phase 1: For several days, rains will occasionally fall, and a Lightseekers Spirit will cast spells to help new sprouts emerge from the sand.
  • Phase 2: Grasses will grow for several more days, and a trail of petals appears on the wind for players to glide upon.
  • Phase 3: From March 27th through April 6th, buds emerge across the field and then blossom into full bloom. The trail of petals will emit Light to collect every couple hours.
    • During this phase, players have the chance to join a large group of Sky children, using a feature that players who were part of the AURORA Concert may remember. Meditate at a shrine near the Lightseekers Spirits to join hundreds, even thousands of other players gathered in the Forgotten Ark.
    • However, every couple hours players who meditate at this shrine will be transformed into a butterfly and become part of a great gathering of these Light Creatures (and collect Light that is available only while in butterfly form).
  • Phase 4: In the last few days, the flowers reach the end of their bloom and eventually fade out, as the meadow bids farewell to the event.

Players interested in keepsakes of this year’s Days of Bloom can choose from several different items available for purchase or for in-game currency. 

Talk to the Event Guide in Forgotten Ark to unlock these:

  • Bloom Butterfly Fountain: 80 Candles
    • Place this item close to butterflies, and it might attract one or two for a short visit.
  • Red Bloom Cape: 110 Candles


New Bloom IAP can be found in the in-game shop:

  • Bloom Gardening Tunic: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Bloom Picnic Basket: $19.99
    • The Picnic Basket functions as a chat table and comes with a Gift Season Pass to give to friends. If using this item near butterflies, it just might attract a fluttering visitor or two.

The biggest Days of Bloom updates are in the Forgotten Ark, but familiar fixtures from previous years will return, too. Relax under pink or lavender trees in Home and the social hub of Hidden Forest. Within the first two weeks of the event, the flowers on these two trees will bud, blossom, and then eventually fall (and share Light with players who gather to see them before those blossoms fade entirely).

For players who prefer to collect a Days of Bloom souvenir from previous years, head over to the Bloom Guides from 2021 and 2022 who will be in Home and the Hidden Forest social hub. Older items available for in-game currency can be unlocked from their Friendship Trees:

  • Pink Bloom Cape: 70 Candles
  • Purple Bloom Cape: 105 Candles
  • Pink Bloom Hair: 20 Hearts

Near each of these past Bloom Guides, peek into a small box to see returning IAP items. Each functions as a chat table:

  • Pink Bloom Tea Set: $19.99 (includes 35 regular Candles)
    • Chat becomes available once a Sky child has finished their cup of tea
  • Purple Bloom Tea Set: $19.99 (includes 35 regular Candles)

As always, free spell versions of all new and returning Days of Bloom items are available in Home and in the Spell Shop in the Forgotten Ark so that all players have a chance to enjoy them. Days of Bloom is available to all players who have progressed to at least Golden Wasteland.


Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time will take effect at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday March 12th, moving clocks ahead an hour. Time notation for events in Sky will change from UTC -8 to UTC -7. If you are in a region that does not observe this time change, after March 12th daily reset will occur an hour earlier for you.

Note that due to technical limitations affecting the servers, after reset on March 13th, the clusters of Season Candles and Treasure Candles from March 12th will remain in their level for one additional hour while the clusters of Season and Treasure Candles for the 13th spawn in their respective level. The total number of Season and Treasure Candles available in the game returns to normal at 1:00 am March 13th PDT. We appreciate your understanding.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Potential fix for the Wind Paths bug that insisted on bending the fabric of spacetime. (To read more about this bug and why it took some time to fix, check out this post we shared earlier.)
  • Fixed Light not appearing in certain sequences of Eye of Eden.
  • Fixed a bug hiding the reflection on the ground while in the room at the end of Eye of Eden and in the Ancient Memory of a Shard Eruption.
  • Props placed in an area are now no longer removed when the player equips another prop.
Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!


  • To better match lore within Sky, the appearance of Shared Memory candles has been updated to more closely resemble crystals. The total number of visible Shared Memory spells placed by others in an area has also been reduced.
  • Tweaks to Ultimate Gift prop, including some recharge (as originally mentioned in the 0.20.0 patch notes).
  • Avatar no longer sinks into terrain when using emotes from the Tiptoeing Tea Brewer or Pleading Child.
  • Blue particles from Season’s Ultimate Gift prop are no longer visible while watching cutscenes.
  • Shared Memory playbacks now properly show avatars’ tiptoeing animation.
  • Unfroze avatar legs that wouldn’t move when doing emotes after taking a sip from the tea kettle prop.
  • Art updates in seasonal area.


  • Fixed audio distortion issues with vocals of “Queendom” in the AURORA Concert becoming desynchronized.

General Fixes & Improvements:

  • [Switch] A player leading and holding hands with a friend no longer flies toward the ground after tapping on the friend’s avatar while in mid-flight.
  • “Make a new acquaintance” daily quest now completes right after meeting the acquaintance, rather than after they leave the area.
  • Fixed a bug causing Spirit memory fragments to be collected instantly if a player stood on the fragment spawn location.
  • Several white Candles in the Hidden Forest temple no longer erroneously give Light when lit.
  • Fixed slow Social Light at  Vault of Knoweldge’s “waterfall” and Valley of Triumph’s hot springs still appearing despite its intended replacement with Treasure Candles.
  • Added hint text if a player attempts to break handhold with someone they’re leading while flying.
  • Wings of AURORA cape now has the ability to teleport the player wearing it to the AURORA concert mode of the Coliseum from anywhere in the game, as originally intended.
  • Dark Crabs will no longer be able to unflip other crabs while they’re being held by a player.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause Dark Plants to not appear properly (e.g. those that appeared on the turtle in Daylight Prairie’s Sanctuary) for players in certain situations.
  • Avatar no longer puts their candle away when another player leaves the level area.
  • Performance optimizations for shadow creatures in Trial of Fire.
  • Translation corrections and improvements.
  • Crash fixes.


Graphics & Visuals

  • Applied eco-friendly code fertilizer and other improvements to spruce up the in-game grass.
  • To address potential health and safety violations, and questionable construction quality, we patched a hole at the top of the stairs in Hermit Valley. Stay safe, Sky kids!
  • Fixed a bug that dropped frame rates drastically low when going from Wind Paths to Vault of Knowledge’s Starlight Desert.
  • Animation fixes for the Waving Bellmaker in Daylight Prairie twitching during their cutscene.
  • Lookout Scout Spirit animation now plays properly at the end of their quest.
  • Players now properly see other players’ stances.
  • When placing a new snack on the Campfire Snack Kit prop, the avatar’s torso no longer flips.
  • Fixed snack being displaced on the stick when avatars that are using the huge spell use the Campfire Snack Kit.
  • Fix for other avatars not looking at the player’s avatar when they should, and to other players looking in the wrong direction while standing on objects like props.
  • Pickaxe now properly placed on the “No thanks” Spirit in Isle of Dawn.
  • Numerous fixes and polish for visual effects in Vault of Knowledge as well as Treasure Reef and other areas of Golden Wasteland.
  • Visual improvements to shadow that the regular umbrella prop casts when worn on an avatar.
  • Numerous small fixes for clipping. For instance, Spirits like Cheering Spectator and Stealthy Survivor clipping with scenery, the first Dark Dragon in Golden Wasteland’s Graveyard clipping into column, and various decals clipping into the terrain such as at the end of Eye of Eden.
  • Dug out the small candle pedestals in the Village area of Daylight Prairie that were partially buried in the terrain.
  • Improvements for appearance of several older props, such as the spotlight from Season of Assembly, the Star Collector’s lamp from Season of the Little Prince, and the Rose Ultimate Gift (to preserve its lighting in caves).
  • Fixed murals in cave near the entrance of Hidden Forest disappearing at certain camera angles.
  • Visual polish for a bug affecting part of the orange To The Love outfit from the Season of AURORA.
  • Visual improvements for hammock and brazier props.
  • Known issues:
  • Players are experiencing crashes
  • Sky kids are not able to keep their candles out to light doors
  • Players may experience some lag in certain realms

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.20.1

  • Release date: January 30th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Resolved issue causing cases where the save button wouldn’t work when trying to save a Shared Space.
  • When a Shared Space creator saves a newer version of their Space while other players are viewing it, the players viewing the old version of the Space will now see a join icon to join the Shared Space creator in that newer, updated version. (It is intentional that the player in the newer version of the Space is not able to join those who are in the older version.)
  • The lantern for a Shared Space at a Shared Space shrine is now removed from a player’s view after the player reports it.
  • Season intro cutscene no longer sets the latest saved checkpoint to the start of Vault of Knowledge.
  • Tapping the icon to hide objects like Message Boats and Message Candles should now properly hide them instead of refresh them.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Sky Child Figurine STAR feature to not work when scanning it inside Vault of Knowledge.
  • [PlayStation] Fixed a bug preventing players from being able to open music sheets using the circle button.
  • Stilled the winds of a bugged wind wall that was trapping players in the Golden Wasteland social space.
  • Added a report button at the top of the menu when viewing a friended player in the Friendship Constellation. (To view this button, a player will need to scroll up in the menu.)
  • A pink question mark no longer appears in the tutorial slides of the Friendship Trees of some Spirits who offer cosmetics to unlock.
  • The fireworks staff is very magical indeed, but “clipping through Sky kids while being held” is less a magic trick and more a bug, so we fixed that.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Sky kids’ inner light to shine so brightly that it caused discoloration to outfits and capes in dark areas.
  • Fixed landmark not showing on the Village Theater map shrine.
  • Crash fixes, including for those that occurred when participating in the Hermit Valley race and in rare cases while launching fireworks.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.20.0

  • Release date: January 10th 2023 (North America) / January 11th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Remembrance Begins Soon

The varied past of Sky’s kingdom has been revealed through realms and Seasons, from glimpses of triumph and harmony, to hints of broken connections and turmoil. Now in Season of Remembrance, we go deeper into Sky’s lore. Journey alongside Spirits who lived through eras of turmoil to press on and rebuild together, and experience the connections of empathy that are at the heart of Sky.

Through Seasonal Quests, Spirits share both their own emotional experiences of the turmoil in the kingdom, and memories of the objects that connect them to their past. As a new element for this Season, help each Spirit by creating a Shared Space for them, so they can take their first steps to start anew. Create the Space using your own ideas, or visit Spaces created by other players to gather inspiration!

Season of Remembrance begins at 00:00 Monday January 16th (all times PST, UTC-8) and continues until 23:59 Sunday April 2nd.The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have progressed through at least Vault of Knowledge. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including the Ultimate Gifts.

Known Issue: The Ultimate Gift memory lantern will not have the ability to recharge in 0.20.0. However, the memory lantern will have the ability to recharge in the 0.20.5 update.


Shared Space Updates

As part of Season of Remembrance, we’ve updated the appearance of Shared Spaces to better reflect their connection to the past. New tutorial images have been added, and UI improvements will make them more streamlined to use. You’ll also be able to join friends and others to more easily view the Spaces they’ve created.

The Shared Spaces in Vault of Knowledge and Daylight Prairie will also include a collection of items that can be placed in those Spaces, even if you don’t already have them in your closet. We hope to gradually add these to Shared Spaces in other levels in future updates, too! (These changes will be visible in the game prior to the beginning of the Season.)


Days of Fortune

From 00:00 January 20th through 23:59 February 2nd, gather ‘round for a reunion with a group of enchanting Spirits! Days of Fortune returns for 2023 to celebrate with fireworks, dance with friendly faces, and express your inner rabbit. 

A Spirit from Season of Gratitude returns as the event guide to begin the festivities. During the first week of the event, Spirits from a past Season will arrive in Home to watch a special fireworks show that will display every hour. 

Once each show ends, keep an eye out for a familiar felicitous figure who will appear to give Sky children some colorful ways to gather Light! The Spirits will gradually leave during the second week of Days of Fortune, though the felicitous figure will still appear periodically.

Everyone is invited to stop by the Secret Area accessible from the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge to enjoy the decorated space and themed spells, not to mention an extra rink for games and skating moves. Meanwhile, all of the Spirits across Sky’s realms will be happy to greet visitors. Relive their memories, and they’ll give a small gift of Light in return!

For players who want to gift something special to friends, the Fortune Gift Envelope will be available. This will be in the Friendship Trees of friends with whom you’ve unlocked the carry (piggyback) interaction and allows you to use 14 Candles to gift 5 Hearts. The Fortune Gift Envelope can be given once a day per person, like regular Heart gifts.

New items will be available as souvenirs for this year’s event, as well as items from previous years for players who prefer those instead. Speak to the event guide Spirit for these in-game currency items:

  • Days of Fortune Rabbit Mask: 62 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Bull Mask: 56 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Tiger Mask: 58 Candles
  • Days of Fortune Lion Headdress: 66 Candles

Interested in creating your own fireworks show? You can use your fireworks staff or perhaps fireworks spells, or head over to the pier, where a small box beside the event guide Spirit will offer special themed fireworks in the shape of 3 different Sky creatures!

  • Days of Fortune fireworks spells: 5 Candles

Other spells available for the event are the Lantern Message Boat and Snowball Spell, both available in the Secret Area!

Themed IAP for this year celebrate the more artistic side of Days of Fortune. These can be found in the in-game shop in the main menu:

  • Days of Fortune Muralist’s Smock: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Days of Fortune Enchanted Umbrella: $14.99

For players who have waited for items from previous years, past Days of Fortune cosmetics will be available again, too. Talk to Spirits in the Secret Area who offer IAP from 2021 and 2022:

  • Days of Fortune Orange: $0.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Accessory: $1.99
  • Days of Fortune Wool Hat: $9.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Pack: $19.99
  • Days of Fortune Pack: $24.99
    • Includes a themed red cape, double buns hairstyle, and rosy-cheeked mask

Free trial spells of all in-game currency and IAP cosmetics will be available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant in Home and in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.

Days of Fortune content is available to all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. 


Days of Love

From 00:00 February 13th until 23:59 February 26th, Days of Love returns, marking a time to revel in the connections of friendship that are woven through Sky. 

Home transforms into a cozy space, and the Season of Gratitude Spirit who appeared during Days of Fortune comes back as the Days of Love event Spirit. Join them on a redecorated pier, where a gentle mist of Light descends. The event guide will also offer a new themed item for 2023:

  • Days of Love Flowery Archway: 100 Candles

This Spirit also offers in-game currency items from other years:

  • Days of Love Flower Crown: 15 Hearts

Gondola and Paper Crane Message spells will be on hand for the occasion, too! Find them in Home on the pier or at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat!

Outside of Home, the Secret Area that can be accessed from Vault of Knowledge also opens back up for everyone to enjoy, with snowball versions of the ball spell available there during the event.

Themed IAP for this year’s Days of Love event will be available from the in-game shop in the main menu:

  • Days of Love Classy Cravat: $4.99
  • Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter: $14.99
    • This item launches glittering heart-shaped fireworks into the sky

For players who have waited for IAP from other years of the event, head to the Secret Area to talk to Spirits there who offer them.

  • Days of Love Mask: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Love Gondola Pack / Seesaw Pack / Swing Pack: $19.99 each (every pack includes 35 Season Candles)

Free trial spells of all in-game currency and IAP cosmetics will be available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant in Home and in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.

Days of Love content is available to all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. 


Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Camera transitions for Shared Spaces now fade to black.
  • Adjustments to Eye of Eden before the top of the mountain, including lowered wind intensity and additional places to charge.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players using controllers from being able to sit or use emotes as a result of joystick drift.
  • Updated the Social Light to Treasure Candles at the “waterfall” in Vault of Knowledge and Hot Springs in Valley of Triumph.
  • Improvements for linking to PlayStation™ Network accounts while on Android devices.
  • Fixed a bug causing terrain to render with black visual glitches on a subset of Android 9 phones.
  • [Switch] Fixed pixelation issues on blue cloth textures in Harmony Hall.
  • [Switch] Added a function to the chat window when using social chat areas like benches, tables, and campfires that allow a player to report or temporarily mute another player using the same chat space.
  • Fixed the camera angle not including all of the Bowing Medalist Spirit during their bow.
  • Fixed an upside down constellation gate from the area near the Hidden Forest temple to the Elevated Clearing area.
  • Adjusted the looped bun hairstyle from Spinning Mentor Spirit from Season of Dreams to prevent avatars’ heads from clipping through.
  • When saving a Shared Space with a Tournament Skyball Set placed in it, it now displays properly as the Tournament version rather than the wooden Casual version.
  • Filled in a gap in the wall around a Constellation Gate between the Battlefield and Shipwreck areas of Golden Wasteland.
  • Crash fixes.
  • The rock found the source of the beautiful songs their friends had been singing. They wrote a diary entry describing their experience:

    JELLYFISH! So MANY jellyfish! Ohmystarryelders, this is the best day ever!!! I got to BE a jelly! And bloop around a cave! I became AN ACTUAL JELLYFISH!! And mantas and birds and fish and butterflies?! AND JELLYYYYYYYYYYYYY […]

    The entry continued on like this for several pages, but we only have so much room in the patch notes. 

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.19.6

  • Release date: December 6th 2022 (North America, Europe) / December 7th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added improvements that should prevent a player from seeing flashes on their screen when someone else around them spams deep call in a particular way. Note that this visual bug will still be visible to a player who goes through the steps to trigger it on their own screen.
  • Added a function to the chat window when using social chat areas like benches, tables, and campfires that allow a player to report or temporarily mute another player using the same chat space.
    • Because this is a temporary mute, these chat window mutes will be reset when restarting the game.
    • To unmute a temporarily muted player during the same conversation, choose a recent chat message to disable the temporary mute.
  • Camera no longer pans through snowbank when starting game.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.19.5

  • Release date: November 29th 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 30th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of AURORA Concert and Updates

Prepare to be immersed in the Season of AURORA concert! Premiering at 20:30 on Thursday December 8 (all times PST, UTC -8), this unparalleled experience connects thousands of players in one concert venue through a shared musical voyage through the heart of Sky. Everyone is invited to take part—no purchase or minimum Season progress required!

The concert countdown begins on December 8 at 17:00. After the concert debuts the evening of December 8 at 20:30, it will be available from 00:00 December 9 and then every 4 hours for the rest of the Season. The final concert will be held at 00:00 January 2, 2023. 

As the start time for the show approaches, head to the Valley of Triumph’s Coliseum or speak to the AURORA Guide in Home to teleport there directly. Players who arrive early can try a number of new features in the area, including Spirits ready to lend an instrument for a jam session, a room tucked away from the crowd to peacefully help you take in the moment,  and even some Dark Crabs ready for a race.

The limited seasonal IAP cosmetics introduced in 0.19.0 will continue to be available in the Coliseum after completing the 1st Seasonal Quest or through the in-game shop. Additionally, this update includes the remaining seasonal IAP offered specially for this collaboration: 

  • To the Love Outfit: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Voice of AURORA: $14.99
  • Giving In Cape: $14.99
  • Wings of AURORA: $24.99


The Voice of AURORA instrument will be in the in-game shop. This instrument features AURORA’s actual voice, brought to the style of the game so that Sky children can sing songs of their own. The remaining seasonal IAP will be in the Coliseum. The Giving In Cape and to the Love Outfit become available at 17:00 December 8, during the countdown to the concert’s debut. 

The Wings of AURORA cape becomes available after completing all Seasonal Quests and taking part in the concert. This item gives the wearer and the friends they hold hands with a special ability to teleport to the Coliseum and view the concert in one of its six time slots, even after the Season ends. The option to replay the concert will be enabled in the expression menu while in the Coliseum. Select that option to be taken to the version of the Coliseum prepared for the concert—the pre-concert activities will be available before the start of the show, too.

By attending the concert during the Season and completing all Seasonal Quests, players will also have the opportunity to unlock special limited seasonal cosmetics from the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree using in-game currency. No Season Pass or other purchase is necessary for these collaboration items.

  • Cure For Me Mask: 50 Candles
  • Cure For Me Outfit: 200 Candles


Free trial spells will be available for the new seasonal collaboration IAPs. All seasonal IAP and in-game currency items offered for the AURORA collaboration will be available until the Season ends at 02:00 January 2, 2023. Please note that since all these items are part of a limited collaboration, they will not be available once the Season is over and are not scheduled to return in future years.

For details as the concert approaches, follow our social media channels or go to

Season of AURORA concludes at 02:00 January 2, 2023 (there will not be Seasonal Candles in the realms during these final two hours of the Season, since it is not a full day. Please note that the time the Season ends has been updated from the original announcement for the 0.19.0 patch notes to fit the final concert). The Seasonal Quests that convey the stories of the four AURORA spirits will continue to be available unchanged after the Season ends, and the four Seasonal Spirits will return with their items as Traveling Spirits in the future.

During the concert there are moments of bright and/or flashing lights, including the visual effects that occur when other players use calls and emotes during the show. Please use discretion when choosing to participate.


Days of Feast Returns

Celebrate the end of the year in Sky with silvery snow and familiar faces! From 00:00 Monday December 19 until 23:59 Sunday January 8, 2023 (all times PST, UTC-8), Days of Feast returns with a range of activities to enjoy throughout the realms. 

In Valley of Triumph, new changes have been added to the Village of Dreams and Hermit Valley for the occasion. For example, find a new setup to create a Skyball game with friends, or keep an eye out for the Bearhug Hermit Spirit who will appear periodically in the Village—once you find them, you may discover their magical ability to transform your appearance. 

Players who have completed all Season of Dreams quests will be able to collect Light falling from the sky as the young skating Spirit practices their best moves—after Days of Feast is over, this Light will appear when this Spirit occasionally returns during the week. Meanwhile, in the Hermit Valley area there’s a new permanent race for players with a need for speed, or Light, or both.

Both Home and the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge are part of the event too. The Secret Area is open for all to enjoy themed decor and perhaps some friendly competition on the ice. Home will also be transformed as a blizzard gradually rolls through. Over different phases during the event, players can gather up to a certain amount of Light that falls gently from the sky, or that glows from a cozy fire in a snow hut once it opens up. 

When New Year’s Day approaches, get ready to celebrate the start of 2023 with a brief hourly fireworks show in Home that marks the start of the New Year for each time zone. Fireworks begin at 02:00 December 31, 2022 (midnight January 1 for Kiribati), until 04:00 January 1, 2023 (midnight January 1 for Howland Island).

Players interested in mementos for the event will find new and returning items. Talk to the Bearhug Hermit Event Spirit in Home to for a chance to unlock these:

  • Feast Goggles: 50 candles
  • Snowkid Prop: 120 candles 

The follow items will be in the in-game shop:

  • Tournament Skyball Set: $14.99
  • Cozy Hermit Cape: $14.99

A Skyball Set Spell will also be permanently offered in the Village of Dreams:

  • Skyball Set Spell: 2 Candles

All items previously offered in the past three years of Days of Feast will also be available for players who prefer to opt for a returning item. They can be found by checking with Event Spirits and locations in Home and the Secret Area.

Speak to the Grandma Spirit in Home, or check the shelves of her snow hut, for the following returning items:

  • Ode to Joy music sheet: 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Pillow: 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Scarf: 50 Candles
  • Winter Feast Hat: 20 Hearts
  • Snowflake Hair Accessory: $1.99
  • Winter Ancestor Cape: $9.99
  • Winter Feast Snow Globe: $9.99

In the Secret Area, these items can be found by checking in with several Event Spirits:

  • Feast Cape: 65 Candles
  • Feast Table: 150 Candles
  • Feast Necktie: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Feast Pack $6.99
    • Includes Feast Hat and 25 Candles
  • Days of Feast Horns: $14.99
  • Snowflake Cape: $14.99

A free version of the Tournament Skyball Set is set up in the Secret Area for all players to enjoy during Days of Feast. There will not be trial versions of the Ode to Joy music sheet or Winter Feast Pillow, but free trial spells for all other IAP and in-game currency items can be found at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in Home and a cheerful snowman in the Secret Area!

Improvements and bug fixes in this update include:
  • When hand-holding a friend who is using the skip emote, a bug no longer causes the friend to continue to skip when transitioning to another level.
  • For Spirit quests that require you to carry a Spirit along its route, players can now choose between walking or using the skip emote while moving.
  • Adjusted color of the Ultimate Gift outfit to better match the original outfit it’s based on.
  • Fixed certain AURORA seasonal capes clipping when worn on chibi avatars.
  • Fixes for small visual errors in AURORA seasonal hairstyles.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Season of AURORA Runaway hairstyle and outfit from being giftable through Friendship Trees.
  • Updates to English and Japanese lyrics in subtitles of the first Seasonal Quest.
  • Graphics improvements so that the appearance of the ramps in the Valley of Triumph race don’t change when a player is close to them.
  • [Switch] Blue orb no longer remains after dismissing a Spirit that was summoned  from the Friendship Constellation in Home.
  • [Switch] Resolved a crash that occurred in certain cases where players used the carry emote.
  • Slight adjustments to Dark Crabs and shards at the eruption that falls in the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest so that it  will still be one of the most challenging Shard Eruption to clear, but a slightly easier one.
  • No matter the mischief, havoc, or even occasional lost Winged Light the Dark Crabs may cause, they did not deserve to be subjected to a bug that caused the Dark Crabs over the Graveyard bonfire in Golden Wasteland to appear to be roasted alive. Thus, in this update we have moved them to a container above the fire instead, where they will not be subject to such callous mistreatment while waiting to be rescued by a merciful passing Sky child. #savethecrabs
  • Adjustments to balance and format of Social Light at locations such as the campfire in Prairie Caves.
  • Shared Memory recordings should now properly display a recorded avatar using the skip emote expression.
  • Players can now have up to seven friend code invites open at once in their Friendship Constellation.
  • Updates to credits.
  • The rock had been spending time with their jellyfish friends over in Hidden Forest, enjoying the soft grass and gentle breeze. But all of the jellies keep singing a lovely melody that the rock had never heard before… Where did they learn it? Who taught them? The rock decided that it’s time to set out on another quest, to learn who created such a beautiful song.
  • Known issues:
  • A bug in the Wind Paths area can potentially cause account issues such as losing Season progress. This happens in some situations of entering Wind Paths through Hidden Forest, then teleporting Home. To be safe, we advise players to avoid the Wind Paths area until a fix is implemented.
  • Flashing issues while spamming deep calling in certain locations.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.19.0

  • Release date: October 13th 2022 (North America, Europe) / October 14th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
A Familiar Voice Returns with Season of AURORA
Season of AURORA begins on October 17th! This collaboration features the acclaimed Norwegian singer known around the world for her hits such as “Runaway” and “Cure For Me,” and the ethereal vocals she lent to Frozen II’s “Into the Unknown.” Since Sky’s launch her songs have already greeted players in Isle of Dawn and Eye of Eden, and now she returns to sing life into stories of struggle and hope.             Seek four Seasonal Spirits who have gathered around the AURORA Season Guide in the Valley of Triumph’s Coliseum. Each brings a story written by AURORA and told through her voice in Seasonal Quests, weaving song and memory to gradually reveal a light from the world’s distant past.These Spirits also offer a variety of items as mementos of their stories. Within the AURORA Guide Spirit’s tree, too, are other items especially designed for this Season, including music sheets, an outfit, and three extra emote expressions which can gradually be unlocked throughout the Season with Candles or Hearts. Her Friendship Tree also includes a specially themed mask and outfit from the song “Cure For Me.” These will be available after completing all Seasonal Quests until the end of the Season, and can be unlocked with regular Candles.Separately from those seasonal items, specially themed items created for this collaboration will also be offered as in-app purchases:
  • Runaway hairstyle: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Tiara We Can Touch head accessory: $4.99
  • Runaway outfit: $9.99
These will be available throughout the Season. We’re also working on a few more of these items for the second half of the Season coming in 0.19.5, which we’ll announce for the next update! (Please note that since these are part of a limited collaboration, they are not scheduled to return in future years.)             Season of AURORA begins at 00:00 Monday October 17th (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7) and continues until 23:59 Monday January 2, 2023 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8). Content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed through at least Valley of Triumph.As always, the full Season can be enjoyed by all players for free. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including the Ultimate Gifts.Known Issue: In this patch, the color of the Ultimate Gift outfit in the Season Guide’s tree is seafoam green, but the correct color should be a darker teal blue. The Ultimate Gift outfit’s color will be corrected to a darker teal blue in the 0.19.5 update to better resemble the outfit in the music video that it’s based on.
Days of Mischief Returns
The Cackling Crab is back! From 00:00 Monday October 24th (PDT) until 23:59 Sunday November 13 (PST), celebrate the time for shenanigans during this year’s Days of Mischief. A cranky cat has taken up residence around the cauldron, which will be overflowing with spells for passing Sky children to try out.             Meanwhile, there are new ways to explore the area, from the tiniest crannies to the skies above… Once the event begins, talk to the event Spirit who will arrive in Home to get started!To mark this year’s festivities, players can choose from these spells and trinkets:
  • Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—this hat spell can be worn with any hairstyle!
  • Crab Rock Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in event area)
  • Candle Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in the event area)
  • Dark Dragon Repellent Spell: 3 Ascended Candles (or 1 Ascended Candle in the event area)
  • Mischief Tufted Hair: 44 Candles
  • Feline Familiar Prop: $9.99
  • Cat Costume Pack: $19.99
    • Includes a themed cape and mask
Spells and items from each previous Days of Mischief since 2019 will also be available to choose from. For those who prefer something from among these items instead, seek out the staff NPCs in different areas of the event area who offer them in their trees once you talk to them.             From the Mischief Guide in the event area:
  • Mischief Withered Cape: 99 Candles
  • Mischief Witch Hair: 66 Candles
  • Mischief Spooky Dining Set: 33 Hearts
From various NPCs lurking off the beaten path:
  • Mischief Pumpkin Prop: $1.99
  • Mischief Spider Quiff: $4.99
  • Mischief Witch Jumper: $9.99
  • Mischief Withered Antlers: $9.99
  • Mischief Witch Hat: $9.99
    • Note that this item is categorized as a hairstyle, so it cannot be combined with other hairstyles, unlike the Witch Hat Accessory Spell
  • Hungry Pumpkin Hat: $11.99 (comes with 8 candles)
  • Mischief Web Cape: $14.99
  • Spooky Bat Cape: $17.99 (comes with 12 candles)
(Please note that in some countries outside the U.S., prices of these items may be different from previous years due to the recent price change.)             Days of Mischief is available to all players who have progressed to at least Vault of Knowledge. Spells for players to try all IAP items for free can be found by speaking to Mischief Spirits, or at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat. The boat will have additional Crab Rock Trick, Candle Trick, Dark Dragon Repellent, and Witch Hat Accessory spells as well.
More Updates
  • We’ve added a new map feature to the game! We hope these will be helpful as you explore and seek your way through the realms.
  • Now that Season of Shattering has ended, the Shard Eruptions are no longer falling as they did during the Season. There will be a wide variety of which eruption strength falls on a particular day of the week, and there may be days where no eruptions fall at all. Pieces of shards will continue to appear atop gates in Home to indicate the level where there is an active, fallen Shard Eruption.             Shattering memories and Ascended Candles will continue to be available from eruptions with red shards. The specific memory that can be viewed will be randomized. If a player has completed all Shattering memory quests, they will be able to see whichever memory arrives on that day.If a player has not completed all the memory quests, they will be able to progress through the quests in order each day there is a stronger eruption. A new quest can be completed with each eruption that a player clears.

  • It’s that time again: Daylight Saving Time will end at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday November 6, moving clocks back an hour and changing the time zone for Sky events from UTC -7 to UTC-8. If your area does not observe Daylight Saving Time then, after November 6 the daily reset will occur an hour later for you. Event notation will be marked in PST instead of PDT.
Improvements and Bug Fixes
Audio & Appearance
  • Fixed camera errors that caused the view to zoom in too far when wearing the chibi mask.
  • Adjusted a glowing ball on the Shattering Dark Plant cape to be centered.
  • Fixed erratic camera movement if player dives underwater after starting to relive a Spirit’s memory.
  • Shared Memory candles are no longer visible while reliving a Spirit memory.
  • Adjustments to prevent cape diamonds from overlapping on capes that are otherwise too short for normal spacing.
  • Tweaks to environment fog effects.
General Fixes and Improvements:
  • Shard Eruptions re-enabled to fall in Hidden Forest again, and fixed some Shard Eruptions that were not awarding Ascended Candles.
  • Grandma is a very generous Spirit who welcomes all to her table, but since the Shard Eruption that pushed its way in did not mind its manners and interrupted those who just wanted to gather ‘round, she let it know that if it refused to behave it would have to stay outside. Thus, the Shard Eruption location in the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest has changed, and dinner with Grandma is a little more peaceful.
  • Adjustments to prevent issues due to server merges while clearing Shard Eruptions.
  • Flying shards in Shard Eruptions should no longer be able to hit players in the meditation circle.
  • Daily quest to hold someone’s hand is now completed when a friend takes a player’s hand without the player offering it.
  • Fixed a bug causing shells and flower bouquets to disappear after a shell/bouquet is picked up.
  • Players should now be prevented from merging into instances where the Dark Dragons are behaving drastically different than how they were in the player’s initial instance, to prevent things like merging and the player suddenly being ambushed.
  • Fixed a bug causing players returning to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Vault of Knowledge from the Home Return Shrine more than once to be returned to the start of the level on the 1st (i.e. ground) floor, rather than where they had left off on the 2nd or 3rd floor.
  • Resolved a bug that allowed a blocked player to use the “follow” feature to follow a person who had just blocked them.
  • Emotes from blocked players are no longer visible.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed notifications from blocked friends sending gifts of Light through the Friendship Constellation.
  • Small tweaks to how the “roasting” works when roasting snacks at a fire with the Campfire Snack Kit.
    Fixed avatars wearing chibi mask getting magnetized to the Sunlight Campfire Tent ceiling in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug causing avatar to be launched from jellyfish and other “magnetized” objects when game is at low framerates.
  • Since tables, swings, and other chat props cannot be seen in Shared Memory recordings, these can no longer be used when starting or during a Shared Memory.
  • Crash fixes, including resolution for a crash that could occur after completing a music sheet challenge in Harmony Hall.
  • Translation improvements.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.18.6

  • Release date: August 25th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Resolved crashing caused by equipping certain combinations of items

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.18.5

  • Release date: August 17th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Shattering
The Season of Shattering continues, and this patch brings some additions for the second half of the Season.              Shard Eruptions
Several Shard Eruptions have been changed so that stronger eruptions do not occur on the main path of a level:
  • The eruption in the first area of Hidden Forest was removed.
  • The eruption in front of the Forest Temple is reduced in strength and awards Light for regular Candles instead of Light for Ascended Candles.
  • The eruptions in a couple other areas of Hidden Forest are somewhat less intense.
  • To balance the reduction in strength of the above eruptions, a strong eruption has been added to an area of Hidden Forest.
  • In the Golden Wasteland’s Graveyard, the Shard Eruption that occurred along the main path through the area will be split to show in one of two locations off of the main path. Its strength remains the same.
  • In all levels, many of the stronger eruptions now bring shards that are able to swirl through the air. It may be useful to adjust your strategies accordingly!
New Ultimate Gifts in Level Constellations
In the Constellations for Isle of Dawn, Daylight Prairie, and Hidden Forest, a second Ultimate Gift is now available after the first has been unlocked. When worn, they shield the player from a limited amount of damage before they will need to be restored by visiting the Elder who gave them—for example, by going to their Temple.
Since these are Ultimate Gifts, these are optional items within the game, and a player’s progress in the game is not affected by whether they’re unlocked. Each mask provides slightly different levels of protection. [2022/8/17: This has been updated to correct a description that mistakenly said each mask provided the same level of protection.]              Finally, the next three Seasonal Quests will also become available in the following weeks to reveal new memories from the Void of Shattering. Season of Shattering continues until 23:59 Sunday September 25 (all times PDT, UTC-7).
Days of Sunlight & Lazy Days
A new experience is waiting for Sky children in the dappled light of Hidden Forest. For three weeks from 00:00 Monday August 22 through 23:59 Sunday September 11, Days of Sunlight is a time to revel in the outdoors of Sky’s kingdom. Help a group of baby jellyfish venture into the open for the first time, join a band of familiar Spirits, gather near a fire to “roast” some Light for your Candle collection, or see what you might be able to fish out of nearby waters.
Several new items will also come with Days of Sunlight:
  • Campfire Tent: 90 Candles
  • Jelly Shoulder Buddy: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Campfire Snack Kit: $19.99 (comes with 35 Seasonal Candles)
    • Please note: the Campfire Snack Kit does not generate Light to collect
The IAP can be found in the in-game shop, and the Sunlight Guide Spirit will offer the Campfire Tent from their Friendship Tree. Free spells will be available to try all of these items as well. Find them near the pier that will be in the event area in Hidden Forest!
After Days of Sunlight ends, the campfires will lay low for a couple weeks. Home will keep a cozy atmosphere during a Double Seasonal Candle event—Sky kids who venture into the daily realm can collect an extra Seasonal Candle each day.              From 00:00 Monday September 26 through 23:59 Sunday October 16, Lazy Days is a chance to kick back and take things easy. The bonfire in Home will grow over time and give up to certain amounts of Light each day. Items from two different events held in previous years, Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights, will be available again too.An event guide Spirit will offer the returning in-game currency item:
  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles
(Placeables that originally came with Traveling Spirits during Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights will remain with the Spirits who originally offered them, in the normal Traveling Spirit schedule that will not overlap with Days of Sunlight or Lazy Days.)              IAP from those previous events will be in the in-game shop, too:
  • Seashell Hairpin: $0.99
  • Bunny Accessory: $2.99
  • Lantern Pack: $19.99 (comes with 35 regular Candles)
    • Please note: the lantern item does not come with additional abilities such as lighting candles
  • Summer Parasol: $19.99 (comes with 35 Seasonal Candles)
Please note that some names of returning items have been changed; however, the items will be the same ones available in Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights events.
Please note that Apple’s announced price tier update may result in price changes occurring during the event. Please refer to the message sent to all players’ inboxes for further details.
Other Updates in This Patch
  • We’ve been working on improvements for player safety. One of the more visible changes players may notice is that, when reporting another player in-game, there are now report categories to select in the menu.
  • As part of a longer-term focus on issues such as photosensitivity, we’ve introduced changes including:
    • Some adjustments to brightness and luminosity scaling for shards during eruptions.
    • Fades for cutscenes created with certain preset settings switched from white to black, to decrease the number of fade-to-white sequences and reduce visual discomfort. Note that this applies to fades based on that preset, so it will not apply to some existing cutscene fades that are based on other settings.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Highlights for fixes and updates in the patch include:

  • Resolution for multiple visual issues caused by the fog effect in Wasteland.
  • Adjustments to the Dark Crab accessory to sit better on avatars’ shoulders.
  • A dialog hint now displays when a Shard Eruption ends for players who are in the level where the eruption is happening, except for players in the area of the eruption when it ends.
  • When playing music sheets, accuracy is now shown using a dial.
  • Uniform scaling for prop items worn on chibi and tall avatars.
  • Updates to the “Point” expression and level 2 “Beckon” expression animations.
  • The first three candles in the Trial of Fire recharge players again.
  • Fixed touch detection on instrument keyboard menus so sustained notes don’t release until a player moves their finger beyond the note button area.
  • Slightly widened the area recognized on the screen while tapping a note to play.
  • Added new music sheets to Harmony Hall quest rotation.
Graphics, Audio, & Appearance
  • Updated audio for mountain eruptions.
  • [Mobile] Fixed bugs that cause motion blur on moving avatars, such as when riding the gondolas in Dreams Village.
  • [Switch] Enabled 5.1 surround sound. Known issue: Sound mode will not change when switching console mode from handheld to docked, or vice-versa, until the game is restarted.
  • Did some spot cleaning for discoloration on the neck of the red Season of Performance scarf cape.
  • Fixed a bug causing discoloration of Spirits when in dark environments.
  • Fix for an issue causing placeables to be exceedingly bright in dark environments such as the Treehouse area of Hidden Forest.
  • Cape diamonds should no longer appear grey when in dark areas.
  • Fix for lighting in the entrance tunnel to the Wind Paths.
  • Various updates to shaders, which may result in graphics changes based on device (particularly Android devices depending on chipset).
  • Throwing confetti is a festive way to celebrate, but using the “celebrate” expression while leading a friend holding an instrument would cause them to throw their instrument in the air, rather than confetti. This was decidedly less festive and also a questionable use of instruments, so the bug causing this has been resolved.
  • Props that are being held now hide while activating a spell, and cannot be used while a spell is active.
  • Fixed the backpack appearing to float over avatar’s back when certain props were equipped.
  • Parts of the wall in the cave next to the Dawn Temple should no longer flicker in and out of existence.
  • The Dark Dragons have reverted back to their familiar white shout effect when attacking, noting that black and white is a timeless color pairing, and there was something about light colors they just have a hankering for.
  • Polish for minor visual issues in the Prairie Butterfly Fields area.
General Updates and Improvements
  • Removed dialogue prompt for seeing completed Season of Shattering Quests again despite the option not currently being available. Known Issue: Previously completed Seasonal Quest memories are inaccessible after completing them the first time.
  • Resolved a bug causing placeable items to block damage and hide avatars from Dark Dragons.
  • Burn time for floating Dark Plants decreased.
  • Friendship Tree can no longer be opened while avatar is in a crawling state.
  • When the Season of Shattering horn is equipped, a player is no longer prompted to join music sheets.
  • Reduced proportion of time spent crawling when injured.
  • [Switch] The Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat, and its bounty of spells, now appears in Home. The meditation circle that leads to the thatskyshop website when used does not appear; this is intentional.
  • [Switch] If chat restrictions are enabled, placement of Message Boats and Shared Memory candles is now also restricted.
  • [Switch] Chat log now closes if players opens a menu, to fix a bug that allowed two menus to be scrolled at once.
  • Improvements for the meditation area on the boat that takes players to Forgotten Ark in Golden Wasteland.
  • Fixes for bugs causing avatars to appear to warp when seated at chat tables.
  • Extinguished a bug causing flames (including flames from props) to not recharge a player if a player went into the first areas of Eden and then teleported somewhere else in the game.
  • Handhold should no longer drop when transitioning from the Butterfly Fields to Cave area of Daylight Prairie.
  • Lowered priority of flame icon prompt relative to other icons in certain areas of Eye of Eden.
  • Fixed issues with collision of placeable items not working as intended with blocked players.
  • Chat on the Village Theater stage is now only visible to players sitting the audience seats and on-stage.
  • The Admiring Actor Spirit now stands on a small platform so that players wearing the chibi mask can relive their “blow kiss” memory quest without issue.
  • Fixed the gaps in the Wasteland Temple where players could get stuck in a pit and unable to escape.
  • Bugged window grates in parts of the Hidden Forest Temple have collision again.
  • The stars protested that in all of their eons of existence, they have learned enough to not be fooled by a simple Crab Rock Trick as the Dark Crabs are, and that this mischievous chicanery should not nearly be enough to overpower the magic of the Constellation Gates. Thus, this spell can no longer be used to bypass these gates.
  • Add basic haptics for hug, high five, and fist bump friend interactions. (The specific effect may vary between platforms).
  • Added collision to the backs of the floating islands in Daylight Prairie’s Nest area.
  • Improved Vietnamese and other translations.
  • [Switch] Fix for crash caused by having too many spells in the spell section of the expression menu
  • Fixed crashes from switching between tabs in the emote expression menu too quickly.
  • Other crash fixes.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.18.0

  • Release date: June 28th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Shattering Arrives in Sky
The mountain trembles with ancient memories as a new kind of Season makes its way to Sky. Season of Shattering begins at 00:00 Monday July 11th (all times PDT, UTC-7), and with it, eruptions that threaten the kingdom with Darkness.              This new Season is different from what players may be used to. For example, in place of emote expressions or Spirits, this Season’s format focuses on Shard Eruptions from the mountain that send remnants of Darkness into the world. Talk to the Void of Shattering whose presence as the Season Guide is linked to the eruptions. They provide access to a special seasonal space where you can approach points of memory that offer this Season’s items.Each day, shards periodically erupt from the mountain on the horizon, falling into different areas of the kingdom’s realms. Once they descend, join others to clear the Darkness. These will be a challenge to face down, but those who persist will earn something in return.
  • Regular eruptions provide Light for Candles
  • Stronger eruptions provide Light for Ascended Candles and a chance to complete Seasonal Quests
Take note of how these fallen shards appear. Stronger eruptions, for instance, tend to fall farther from the main path through each level.              The first week features a series of strong eruptions as the mountain unleashes its first wave of Darkness. Eruptions will gradually settle over those initial weeks, until they vary between days that they are strong or more moderate. These will continue to affect the kingdom after the Season ends.Season of Shattering begins on 00:00 July 11th and continues until 23:59 September 25th, and content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. Players who choose to purchase a Season Pass (Adventure Pass) will also have the opportunity to unlock all items offered in seasonal Friendship Trees as well as the Ultimate Gifts the Season Guide offers.
Days of Rainbow
From 00:00 Thursday June 30th until 23:59 Wednesday July 13th, Days of Rainbow returns for all to revel in the spectrum of colors woven into the Light of the kingdom of Sky. Walk over to where friendly jellyfish await in Home, and two Spirits will appear as the Event Guides to join players celebrating every vibrant hue of our shared skies.              Fly through the rainbow in Home to temporarily change the color of your flight trails. Every hour it also briefly transforms into a full double rainbow all the way across the sky. Gather around it to collect up to a certain amount of Light each day, and share in the colorful transformation in the air above Home. Use candles to pick up extra color trail spells from the Spell Shop, too!New items for the occasion can be found by talking to the Event Guides or checking the in-game shop. In the shop we’re also offering a special charity pack. We pledge to donate 100% of the net proceeds from the Double Rainbow Pack to charity efforts committed to diversity.
  • Rainbow Trousers: 95 Candles
  • Rainbow Earring: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Rainbow Headphones: $9.99
  • Double Rainbow Pack (charity item): $9.99
    • 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to charity. As a token of our thanks, the Double Rainbow Pack includes a small rainbow-colored flower accessory and 40 regular Candles.
Items from last year’s Days of Rainbow event will return as well. Players who prefer these can unlock them in the Event Guides’ Friendship Trees:
  • Rainbow Cape: 175 Candles
  • Rainbow Braid Accessory: 20 Hearts
  • Rainbow Hat: $9.99.
Free trial spells for event items will be available from the Spell Shop in Home. For more details, check out our blog announcement!
Celebrating 3 Years of Sky
Time flies faster than a Sky child in the Wind Paths, and now we’re getting ready for Sky’s 3rd birthday party! Beginning at 00:00 July 18th until 23:59 July 31st, the doors are open for everyone to enter the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge. Mark the celebration with a host of Event Spirits sharing something of their own on a specially prepared stage, and Anniversary Staff who offer a variety of mementos for the occasion.
  • Light fence: 20 Candles
  • Balloon prop: 30 Candles
  • 3rd birthday hat: 3 Hearts
  • Happy Birthday Music Sheet: 10 Hearts
  • Confetti launcher prop: 20 Hearts
These may be just the thing to throw your own party anywhere in Sky—perhaps even in Golden Wasteland, where the Dark Dragons will don their best hats for the occasion.              The Birthday Flag prop from last year will also be available (20 Candles), and Birthday Cake spells are back too. Find the spells at a vendor’s cart 3 Candles each. Most of these cakes are big enough for one or two Sky children, but every so often a spell for a larger cake may appear… Pop by this cart for free TGC Guitar spells, too (read below for more!)Want to party with us outside of Sky? Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for announcements for our other plans! We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with our players.Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations to come!
New Rehearsal Room in Harmony Hall
Looking for a quiet way to practice one of your own instruments? Try the new room we’ve added  in Harmony Hall! Equip an instrument from your closet to practice in a private setting without worrying about passers-by or background music. We hope this makes it easier to get those notes you’ve been working on juuust right!
Other Updates in This Patch
  • The way Sky children respond when injured has also changed in this patch. Keep watch for a new icon that appears as a beacon when others are in need of aid. To recharge someone whose Light has been completely extinguished by approaching them to rekindle their Light with your own. The inside of the mountain has also undergone some changes—experienced players may find that different strategies have different levels of effectiveness in some parts of Eye of Eden.  For more details, see our Improvements and Bug Fixes list below.
  • A new item will become permanently available as an in-app purchase from Monday July 18th: The TGC Guitar Pack. Like the Founder’s Cape, this item features a unique appearance of an item players may have heard elsewhere in the game. Find it by talking to the NPC who also offers the Founder’s Cape in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.
  • TGC Guitar Pack: $29.99 (includes 115 Candles as a gesture of our gratitude for your support of Sky)
Temporarily available free trial spells can be obtained from July 18th until 23:59 July 31stat the Spell Shop cart that will be in the same area.              (Please note that the TGC Guitar does not include the ability to enter or bring friends through the gate to the Secret Area; this ability still requires the Founder’s Cape.)
  • The black Tier 2 Heart Cape has been added to the Golden Wasteland constellation! Like all Tier 2 capes, this one is also meant to be a long term goal, symbolizing kindness to others and building long term friendships.
    • Collecting the additional wing buff and Tier 2 Heart Cape is not required for the completion of any of the constellations.
  • We updated the interface in the closets! Neck items including Season pendants have been moved from the Props closet to the Mask closet. These closets now have tabs:
    • Mask Closet: Sort between masks/neck items
    • Hair Closet: Sort between hair/hats
    • Props Closet: Sort between instruments/placeable items
  • Many placeable items now appear as miniature models on an avatar’s back when equipped from the Props closet, instead of as backpacks.
    • Known Issue: Some models will appear distorted when worn on tall avatars or when wearing a chibi mask. This will be resolved in a future update.
    • We’ve updated a couple names:
      • “Adventure Pass” has been renamed “Season Pass”  
      • “Adventure Pack” has been renamed “Gift Pack
This is only a name change and won’t affect the function or any other aspect of the Season Pass. We hope these streamlined terms will be easier to reference for players no matter their experience level in Sky!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Highlights for fixes and updates in the patch include:

  • Added ability to copy and paste upon button press in the chat logs.
  • Fixed inconsistent speed of burning Dark Plants at different device performance settings.
  • Various updates to avatar behavior when injured.
  • Resolution for a bug preventing players from bending down to burn Dark Plants in shallow water.
  • Fix for Bluetooth and wired keyboards not working with iOS devices.
  • Dark Dragons had long been content with simple fashion choices, knowing confidently that black is always in. But even one-eyed creatures of Darkness could not help but notice how Sky children coordinate, and they became wistful for a touch of color in their own ensemble. As a result, the color of the “shout” effect visible when they roar has been changed from white to red.
Harmony Hall & Instruments
  • Improvements for the “jam session” to play a music sheet with Spirits on the 2nd floor.
  • Certain instruments no longer appear unattached from the people playing them in the Hall.
  • Animation updates to xylophone.
  • Fixed some bugs affecting the Spirits in Harmony Hall, plus other small visual fixes.
Graphics & Appearance
  • Items available during the current Season are now shown in closets with the Season’s symbol.
  • Recharging sequence now has its standard appearance on Season of Performance capes.
  • Improvements to animation for sitting at the Pink Bloom Teaset.
  • Wing meter now returns to the top of the screen when a player deletes a message or other object at a shrine.
  • Some Light particles that were appearing blue despite being above water in parts of Hidden Forest and Golden Wasteland are now the proper color again.
  • Improved rendering of light on water to fix a bug causing visual issues on some Android devices.
  • Fix for an issue that caused clouds to appear jittery on certain Android devices.
  • Visual bug fixes in Daylight Prairie Village, including diamond stones for the 2-player butterfly door that did not move after the door was opened.
  • Fixed two-player emote animations not working properly when underwater.
  • Fixed a small black texture that showed up on part of the Season of Sanctuary undercut hairstyle when wearing a Season of Flight tunic outfit.
General Updates and Improvements
  • Deep calling no longer rekindles a player whose Light has been fully extinguished. (Calling still recharges a player who has lost any other portion of their Light.)
  • Using your own Light to recharge a player whose Light has been entirely extinguished now also helps to recharge your energy too.
  • Emote menu limited during certain parts of Eye of Eden.
  • Now only certain spells/potions are available from the emote menu while an avatar has lost all Light and is crawling.
  • Adjustments to various effects in the final room of Eye of Eden.
  • Fix for Performance Season quest progress not working properly for players in some situations
  • Adjusted max number of music notes and chat messages possible in a Shared Memory recording. If the limit is reached in a recording, the event is now not recorded, rather than ending the recording early without notice.
  • A bug no longer teleports a player into the water near the Enchantment Guide in the Forgotten Ark area of Golden Wasteland if that player loaded into the level after unlocking all Enchantment quests.
  • Updated the Season Pass information card viewable when interacting with the Season Guide.
  • Warp option to another player now appears when using the Serendipity match feature in the Friendship Constellations.
  • Fix for crashes caused when moving a friend with a long emoji nickname to a group constellation
  • [Switch] Fix for crash caused by having too many spells in the spell section of the emote menu.
  • Translation improvements.
  • The rock heard of a new theater and decided to visit. Before long, they were helping put on plays with the local Sky children and watching stories unfold on the stage. So many things were possible. Perhaps the rock could even help organize a jellyfish opera one day? The jellies have such lovely voices!

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.17.5

  • Release date: May 17th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Performance Continues
The Village Theater is a busy place as this Season’s Spirits get their show ready for an audience! Help them perfect their performance in the final weeks of the Season, and use the stage to present a performance of your own. A new shrine for Shared Memories has also been added to this seasonal area for those who wish to show some of their favorite moments to friends.              Talk to the Season Guide in Home to teleport over to their area nestled in the mountains of Valley of Triumph. They also offers a free Heart after completing each quest, plus several items in their Friendship Tree in exchange for Season Candles.
  • The 4th seasonal quest is available starting May 23rd (all times PDT, UTC -7).
  • The 5th and final seasonal quest is available from June 6th.
Season of Performance continues until 23:59 Sunday June 26th. Be sure to relive all the Spirits’ memories to learn their emote expressions before they leave, and use Season Candles to unlock the items they offer in their Friendship Tree.              See you at rehearsals!
Harmony Hall
Music lovers, rejoice! With this update we’re introducing a new, permanent location to welcome musicians of any skill level: Harmony Hall. Once Harmony Hall opens on May 23rd, Players will find it waiting for them in the Village of Dreams area of the Valley of Triumph. Players who complete the 4th seasonal quest—which also becomes available starting May 23rd—will unlock an additional back entrance to the Hall from the Village Theater.              What can players find here? For starters:
  • A daily music sheet challenge that rewards Light! Try your hand at the featured music sheet and receive Light based on a player’s accuracy. The quantity of Light is rewarded in two halves: the first for moderate level of accuracy, and a second for a higher level accuracy. Players can make multiple attempts to complete the challenge if they don’t receive the full quantity the first time. The featured sheet will rotate weekly!
  • Shelves of sample instruments that players can try out for free, including instruments from past Seasons.
  • A Spirit friend standing by to help players learn the weekly featured music sheet.
  • New music sheets available from one of the Hall’s guide Spirits
To celebrate its arrival, Harmony Hall will also have a special 2-week grand opening event. New signs for the Hall will be placed in the Village, and a familiar group of Spirits await to greet players who come inside. One of them will also offer a themed hair accessory in exchange for 50 regular Candles, available until the end of the grand opening period. Players who gather here can also collect up to a certain amount of Social Light that will fall inside the Hall, too.              These grand opening features will be available from 00:00 Monday May 23rd until 23:59 Monday June 5th.One of the spots in Harmony Hall will also offer a few instruments as IAP. These will be permanently available in Harmony Hall; they are not time-limited to a particular event.
  • Fledgling Harp: $4.99 (all currencies USD)
  • Rhythm Guitar: $14.99
  • Triumph Handpan: $19.99
The harp and guitar are new visual designs of their counterparts that players may have seen elsewhere in the game. The Triumph Handpan is a reimagined version of a past seasonal instrument with both a distinct sound as well as appearance.              To try these IAP instruments for free, pick up free trial spells from the table in the middle of the Hall. These free trial spells will be available during Harmony Hall’s grand opening celebration until 23:59 on June 5th.We have more updates planned for Harmony Hall, but we’re excited to see what you think of it and look forward to hearing your feedback!
Chat translation and updated chat UI
In-game translation is now available for chat messages! If a player sends chat text that is in a different language than what your device is set to, you can use this feature to see a machine translation:
  • Open the chat log by selecting the chat bubble icon in the lower left corner, or by tapping on the chat text above the avatar’s head.
  • Tap on/Select the line of text you wish translate
  • Tap on the “文A” icon that appears beside the text
Switch players in console mode can display translations of chat messages simply by selecting the chat text displayed in the chat log.              Like Message Candles and Boats, these are machine translations, so they may not be 100% accurate, but we hope it will be another useful way for players to connect even if they don’t share the same spoken language.
Music Sheets
We’ve also made some updates to music sheets that we hope will make them easier and more enjoyable to use.              For example, try a slower tempo for practicing! A slider bar in the music sheet menu allows players to slow down the speed of their part when playing music sheets. Now, no sheet will be too fast—not even the Bird Whisperer’s!Please note:
  • The accompaniment music will not play when the tempo is modified from the original speed.
  • Other players will not be able to join in on their instruments with a player using a modified tempo
We’ve also adjusted the colors and highlighting of the square keys on the instrument keyboard to make it easier to understand which notes to play in a song.              Players will also notice a bar at the top of the screen while playing music sheets. This expands based on how accurately a sheet is played.For more details on updates to music sheets and instruments, see our list of improvements and bug fixes below.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

We have a lot of fixes in this patch! Here are the highlights:

  • Chat bubbles made lower priority than other in-world buttons.
  • Deep calling reliably charges nearby players and flips Dark Crabs
  • Fix for an issue with candles and shrines where refreshing the displayed candles would not change which ones were displayed.
  • Shared Memory recordings are now disabled in Eye of Eden, and recordings have to be started a little farther away from certain things in a level (Dark Plants, NPCs, Candles, etc.).
  • Players can now scroll back to view more conversation history, and other chat UI updates.
  • Chat bench conversations in the main Treehouse area should not longer be visible to all players.
  • The snowball spells changed into their summer clothes, and they are all now back to being beach ball spells.
  • Players using controllers can now properly replace a star in the Friendship Constellations when selected in edit mode.
Season of Performance
  • Optimization for a performance issue affecting less powerful devices when opening the stage curtain.
  • The Performance Guide realized that the Season pendant would be the perfect accessory for their outfit, and so has begun wearing one.
  • Stopping a music sheet playback now also stops the background accompaniment of that sheet.
  • Music notes no longer sound distorted when repeatedly pressing more than 2 notes at once.
  • Sky children took some music lessons to focus on their playing technique, and as a result we’ve updated animations for a number of instruments, including the drum, piano, pan flute, vessel flute, bugle, handpan, and the string instruments from the Seasons of Dreams and Belonging.
  • Music sheets now use a subtle target box on the next note to make it easier to gauge timing.
Audio & Appearance
  • Fix for text in chat bubbles not being centered.
  • Turtle accessory from the Nature Turtle Pack should no longer squish when wearing the chibi mask.
  • Improved lighting in Sanctuary Islands area of Daylight Prairie during sunset turtle event.
  • Oreo got a bit dirty while he went and played with some bugs, so we gave him a bath that fixed his coat from appearing too dark.
  • Fixed camera bugs and plate rotation issues with the 2022 purple Days of Bloom table.
  • Fixed avatar twitching when lying on a bench or flat object.
  • Fixed radar hints not showing on scavenger hunt prop quests.
  • Fixed pillars unaligned with the floor of one of the shelters in Hidden Forest.
  • Fix for avatars facing the wrong directions after entering certain areas of Hidden Forest, or when spawning in the Prairie Temple area after visiting the area behind the 8-player elevator.
  • Potential fix for graphics corruption on water textures affecting a subset of Android devices, including those with Adreno 500-series GPUs.
  • Did some light landscaping in Home while we were fixing a bug to improve clarity of paths to gates.
  • Music now plays as intended during the cutscene that shows after completing the last Season of Dreams quest.

General Fixes and Improvements
  • [Switch] All Elder cutscenes now include HD Rumble for players who have this setting enabled for their device.
  • Fixes to reduce the frequency of friends getting separated when transitioning from the Wasteland social space to the Broken Temple area.
  • Improvements to prevent disconnections from friends while doing the 5th Abyss quest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a handheld player from sitting down in the meditation area on the boat to Treasure Reef if the player who was leading them sat down first.
  • Game now displays a message if a player offers handhold to someone who is in the middle of a quest, informing the player that their friend is working on an activity.
  • Added a dialogue hint if a player can’t save a Shared Space due to not having enough items placed yet.
  • Backflip emote icon appears for all players now when using the Guide Feature to get it.
  • Fixed a bug causing reported, blocked, or blocked friends’ Shared Spaces to appear when someone shared them.
  • Players should now be able to access the Friendship Menu when hand-holding and leading a friend while swimming.
  • Translation improvements.
  • Improved full support for Apple M1 devices.
  • The ghost that watched over Sky children in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge is no longer in their spot. Season after Season it had gazed at the art shared in the area, inspired by the creations it saw. At last, it decided one day that art, not haunting, was its true calling in (after)life, so it has left to try its ghostly hand at creating beauty for others to enjoy.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.17.0

  • Release date: April 5th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Performance Begins Soon
On April 11, get ready for rehearsal as four Season Spirits prepare to share their imagination and passion with an audience! Complete seasonal quests to inspire this team to create something bigger than any one person could achieve alone, and learn how to use the new stage for performances you might imagine, too. Relive each Spirits’ memories to learn their expressions, and gain the opportunity to unlock a series of masks, outfits, music sheets, and hairstyles—not to mention, an instrument that offers a frequently requested feature: sustained notes!              A new node is also available at the bottom of the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree: Teleporting. Select this option to make travel to the current Season’s area a bit more convenient.Season of Performance begins on 00:00 April 11th and continues until 23:59 June 26th (all times PDT, UTC-7), and content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed through at least Golden Wasteland. Players who choose to purchase an Adventure Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the seasonal Spirit’s Friendship Tree as well as the Ultimate Gifts the Season Guide offers.
Constellation Updates
Based on community feedback about ways to make the Spirit and Friendship Constellations easier to navigate and organize, we’re introducing some changes to the constellations that aim to make them easier to use.
Beginning in 0.17.0:
  • Select the single icon on the constellation platform in Home to show the Spirit Constellations for each level.
    • From there, select the friends icon that displays at the top of the screen to show the Friendship Constellations.
  • More stars and more favorite friends can be displayed at once.
  • Friends who are favorited will be placed in one of several small group constellations. Each group constellation page can display up to 10 stars: eight in the main constellation and two that can be placed near it in the sky.
  • Use the new edit mode to sort and organize stars of favorite friends across group constellations according to your preference.
  • Icons for features such as friend invitations are arranged on a single page in the Friendship Constellations for quick and easy access.
  • Art has also been updated for constellations and stars
We know that these can feel like big changes, and that it may take some time to get used to them, but we hope you’ll soon be navigating and moving between the stars of your constellations more easily and smoothly than ever before!
Shared Memories
This update also introduces a spell called Shared Memories, a new type of magic that allows players to capture a glimpse of their past for others to see. Once Season of Performance begins, these will be available from the Spell Shop in the Forgotten Ark area of Golden Wasteland.              To use a Shared Memories spell:
  • Activate the spell, then find a spot on dry land to start your recording from.
    • Please note that recordings cannot begin close to things like Candle locations, meditation circles, or Spirits.
  • Select the “record” icon, and then move, dance, fly, or anything else while the spell records your movement.
  • When it’s ready to share, simply give it a name. It will then appear as a candle placed in the world for others to see and replay!
To view someone else’s Shared Memory, just tap on a Shared Memory candle that displays in the area around you. Similar to Message Candles and Message Boats, Shared Memory candles remain in an area temporarily. Players can tap the heart icon when viewing someone else’s Shared Memory to “like” it, and after a certain number of “likes” the person who shared the original memory recording will receive a Heart.              We can’t wait to see the creative ways players use them to connect with each other! We plan to build on this feature based on player feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in our feedback channels on our Discord server or in our Facebook group.
Days of Nature
This patch also brings the return of Days of Nature! From 00:00 Monday April 18 through 23:59 May 1st PDT (UTC-7), players who have completed at least Hidden Forest can celebrate the occasion with other Sky children to benefit life in the oceans within Sky—and in the real world around us through a charity partnership with the organization The Ocean Cleanup.              A new Light creature will appear periodically in the Sanctuary area of Daylight Prairie—lend them aid and receive Light as a reward. While visiting it in Sanctuary’s crystalline waters, you can also collect the Light it emits, up to a certain amount each day. This creature will become a resident in Sanctuary, so you’ll be able to visit it after Days of Nature ends.Like the Season Guide, the Event Guide will have a node in their Friendship Tree that allows players to teleport from Home to their island in Sanctuary. Players can also speak to them to see the colorful item they offer for the occasion:
  • Nature Coral Crown Accessory: 20 Hearts
Meanwhile, two new items will be available as IAP in the in-game Shop:
  • Nature Turtle Cape: $14.99
  • Nature Turtle Pack (charity item): $19.99
    • 100% of the net proceeds raised from the sale of the Nature Turtle Pack will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup to support ocean cleanup efforts. As a token of gratitude in return, players who purchase the Nature Turtle Pack receive a turtle-themed shoulder accessory and 75 regular Candles.
IAP from previous Days of Nature events will also return. As in other events, these will be available for purchase in the Friendship Tree of another Spirit, the Chill Sunbather, who will also be part of the event and on the same island as the Event Guide.              Please note, though, that the Chill Sunbather Spirit will appear also periodically in Sanctuary, at the same time as the Light creature does. To purchase items from past Days of Nature, be sure to talk to the Chill Sunbather while they appear on the island. 50% of the net proceeds from returning Days of Nature IAP will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup to support ocean cleanup efforts.
  • Ocean Cape: $14.99
  • Ocean Necklace: $1.99
  • Earth Cape: $4.99
From lofty skies to deep blue waters, we hope this year’s Days of Nature is an occasion for us all to come together and help make our shared planet a better place.
Updates to the Friendship Tree
Two new friend interactions have been added in this update: handshake and duet dance. After this latest of multiple expansions to the Friendship Tree, we’ve also made some adjustments to its layout. Along with the addition of a new tier, we’ve updated the requirements for unlocking a few parts of the Tree so that there will be room in the future for relationships to grow and better reflect the range of friendships people share with each other, from casual to close.              Sky Now Available for Huawei Devices
Sky can now be downloaded onto Huawei devices from the Huawei App Gallery! As with other platforms, players using Huawei devices will be able to play with players on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.Please note:
  • Sky accounts cannot yet be linked to Huawei accounts while on iOS, Android, or Switch.
  • To link a previous Sky account to a Huawei device, please be sure to link your Sky account to an Apple, Nintendo, or Facebook account before opening Sky on the Huawei device. Once you start Sky on the Huawei device, select “Cancel” if asked to create a new Sky account, then sign into the account you previously linked in order to carry your progress over.
For more information on linking accounts, please see our FAQ page here.
For additional details about Seasons, events, and features, be sure to see our blog posts and social channels. We look forward to hearing your feedback, so feel free to stop by our Discord server or Facebook group to let us know what you think!

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

Audio & Appearance
  • Background music from the Wind Paths stops properly after entering the Starlight Desert area of Vault of Knowledge.
  • Restored instrument reverb.
  • While Dark Dragons are tricky, nefarious creatures, their tricks should not include stealth attacks. As such, the rogue Dark Dragons who had been attacking silently now give proper audio warning in advance.
  • Cape diamonds left behind from other avatars no longer randomly float in the world after level loading.
  • Avatars no longer sink into the sand when they sleep on the shore in Treasure Reef.
  • Avatar holding hands with a group leader doing Levels 3 or 4 of the dance and sparkler emotes now properly imitates their movement.
  • —Meanwhile though, one avatar activating a spell while holding hands with someone else no longer forces the other avatar to imitate the spell activation animation.
  • Removed some floating icons in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge that were leftover from previous events.
  • Fixed scrolling for sheet music page on mobile.
  • Placed items no longer disappear when the owner player burrows down using the Crab Rock Trick spell.
  • Adjusted the lighting in the trench in Sanctuary.
  • Adjusted brightness of light beam from the mountain in Eye of Eden to address discoloration affecting Android and Switch devices.
  • Adjustments to Shared Spaces UI.
General Fixes and Improvements:
  • [Switch] Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when users entered 10 or more lines of characters with certain keyboards
  • Added the white Tier 2 Heart Cape to the Memory Whisperer’s Friendship Tree. The black Tier 2 Heart Cape will be available in a future update. (Unlocking Tier 2 Heart Capes is not required to complete a level constellation.)
  • The Shared Space in the main Treehouse area of Forest is now enabled and accessible by default, meaning that players will no longer need to complete all quests from the Season of Assembly Guide in order to access it. This means that all Shared Spaces are accessible to players who have progressed to at least Daylight Prairie. (Please note that players still need to have at least two placeable props in order to access edit mode for Shared Spaces.)
  • Diving ability is now granted to new players after reaching Hidden Forest. Players will no longer need to go to the Treasure Reef area of Golden Wasteland to obtain it.
  • New Social Light area at the end of Valley of Triumph.
  • The missing Winged Light in the Shipwreck area of Golden Wasteland is back from their subterranean adventures, their ledge newly remade for them. They thank Sky children who tried to visit them, observing “Golly, it sure was dark underground.”
  • The quest to hold a friend’s hand can now be completed by using the follow option to hold their hand.
  • Fixed a bug causing one person to fall from a swing when another person leaves or joins the session.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from being able to use the meditation circle at the end of the Trials if another player in the same session hadn’t reached them yet.
  • A player who wants to warp to a friend using piggyback with a third player can now view and use the warp option to that friend.
  • A player riding piggyback on a friend who uses the Crab Rock Trick spell can now dismount from piggyback while their friend is underground without falling out of bounds.
  • Hint text at the resume level shrine no longer says “Leave Home and resume your journey to The Light” when returning to places such as the Secret Areas accessible from Golden Wasteland or Vault of Knowledge.
  • In-game notifications now specify if another player liked your Shared Space.
  • Removed outdated meditation shrine prompt.
  • Fixed a bug where accepting an offer for a two-player emote while being led by the Little Prince NPC would remove the accepting player from the cutscene once it starts.
  • Fixed an issue causing apostrophes to not display correctly in a translated message.
  • Added Vietnamese translations.
  • Other translation improvements.
  • The rock saw a bunch of kids diving into the water. But rocks can’t swim (and might be a little scared of monsters), so instead the wandering stone decided to follow their friend Patch-chan on an adventure! There were so many people, wearing capes and masks and other costumes! They brought beautiful artwork, left kind messages, and took lots of pictures. The rock watched it all from Patch-chan’s cute new bag, peeking out at all of the amazing sights and sounds.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.16.5

  • Release date: February 24th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Adventures Continue in Season of Abyss
Dive deeper into the story of Season of Abyss! The fifth and final seasonal quest becomes available on March 7th PST (UTC-8) as the crew’s pursuit for resources beckons further below. Those who complete all five quests can unlock a new node in the Abyss Guide’s Friendship Tree that offers a mask that boosts the length of time an avatar can hold their breath underwater. Since this is available from the Abyss Guide, it will remain available in the game after the Season ends, and it can be unlocked with regular Candles.              Meanwhile, in shallower waters the creatures of Treasure Reef offer new ways to interact, and a Shared Space has been added closer to the shores for players to express their creativity. Players who enjoy underwater exploration will also find that the seas surrounding the islands of Daylight Prairie’s Sanctuary now include scenery and terrain to investigate.Be sure to visit and relive the memories of all four Spirits in Treasure Reef before the Season ends! Season of Abyss continues until 23:59 on March 27th PDT (UTC-7).
Days of Bloom
A time of growth and renewal is upon us as Days of Bloom once again approaches. From 00:00 March 28 through 23:59 April 10 PDT (UTC-7), Spirits from a previous Season return to the Hidden Forest social space to once more seek Light amidst the blossoms of a beautiful tree placed here for the event. Players can join these Spirits and gather to mark a time of new beginnings:
  • The tree is transformed across four phases of bud, blossom, falling blossoms, and finally bare branches at the end of the event.
  • During the two phases that the branches are in blossom, players can collect Light from colorful cascades of flowers.
The event is open to all players who have progressed in the game to at least Hidden Forest.              Two event Spirits in the Hidden Forest social space offer IAP and in-game currency items from both this year and last year. Spells of these items will also be available to try for free from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat or an event Spirit:
  • Purple Bloom Cape: 105 Candles
  • Purple Bloom Teaset: $19.99 USD (includes 35 regular Candles; available in the in-game shop)
  • Pink Bloom Hair: 20 Hearts
  • Pink Bloom Cape: 70 Candles
  • Pink Bloom Teaset: $19.99 USD (includes 35 regular Candles)
Automatic Translations for Message Candles and Message Boats
Message Candles and Boats now include automatic translations if the original message is different from the language your device is set to. These are machine translations, so we anticipate some imperfections as we continue to build on the feature after this initial rollout. Still, we hope it makes it easier to connect with your friends no matter where they come from in the world!              Please note:
  • Translated messages will appear with the original message first, followed by a line, then the translated version underneath that line.
  • The chat filter applies to both the original and the translated message. If a translated message is not allowed by the filter, the translation will not be displayed.
  • The machine translator won’t be able to translate a message written in more than one language.
We aim to continue building and improving this feature based on your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to join our Discord server or Facebook group to share your thoughts in our feedback channels!
Shared Spaces Updates
Not only is there a new Shared Space in Treasure Reef, we’ve made some changes to Shared Spaces themselves based on player feedback. Ahead of 0.16.5, the ability to place multiples of one type of placeable (depending on item volume) in a Shared Space has been enabled. With this update, the stones representing them now have a new appearance, and players will see candles around each Shared Space shrine. Similar to candles at Meditation Shrines, these candles represent yours and other players’ Shared Spaces. Other UI additions, updates, and new ways to interact with Shared Spaces include:
  • Giving your Space a name
  • Giving “likes” to other players’ spaces; a certain number of “likes” gives a Heart to that Space’s creator
    • A message will alert a player that their “like” count on their public Shared Space will be reset if they overwrite and remake that Space
  • Temporarily make a Space visible to others around a Shared Space shrine at a given moment
  • The camera no longer moves while positioning a placeable
Similar to messages, a Shared Space must receive three “likes” from a player’s friends before it becomes public to non-friended players.
Kizuna AI Collaboration
One of our hopes in Sky is that players can build ties of friendship no matter where they are in the world. Building these ties has also been key for virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI—whose name in Japanese references connections and love. With these shared aims, Kizuna AI China joined part of our community briefly after Sky’s launch in 2019 for a small collaboration that aimed to celebrate these connections.              Though this event was limited in its scope, we heard from many fans in our global community also wishing to share in the experience. Kizuna AI will begin her “indefinite hiatus” on February 26 JST (UTC+9), and to help her fans in Sky mark the occasion, a bundle of items will be offered for those wishing for something to remember her by. These items—a hairstyle, a bow, and a cape—will be offered as an IAP bundle ($19.99 USD) in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge, open to all players during this event, from 00:00 February 25 through 23:59 March 10 PST (UTC-8), with a free spell version of the bow for anyone to try. Kizuna AI aimed to connect with players and everyone in the world, and we hope this will be an opportunity for her fans in Sky to celebrate those bonds of friendship no matter where they may be.For everyone in Sky, during this period the locations of Treasure Candles and Seasonal Candles will be doubled every day in their respective levels, meaning players will be able to find 4 additional Treasure Candle clusters and forge an extra Season Candle per day.
Other Game Updates
  • Several new Social Light areas have been added. They can be found in Hidden Forest, the Wind Paths above Hidden Forest, and the Vault of Knowledge.
  • We’ve heard feedback from players who have enjoyed the unique shapes of the Message Boats during certain events. In response, we’ve added the paper crane Message Boat into the weekly rotation of spells that are available in exchange for Candles. Players can exchange 8 Candles for three paper crane Message Boats.
  • The game now offers Indonesian language support on mobile platforms.
Daylight Savings Time
You may have noticed some of our patch note descriptions using PST and PDT to specify start and end times—this is because Daylight Saving Time will take effect at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday March 13, moving clocks ahead an hour and changing the time zone for Sky events from UTC-8 to UTC-7. If your area does not observe Daylight Saving Time at that time, after March 13 daily reset will occur an hour earlier for you.              Please note that due to technical limitations affecting the servers, after reset on March 14th, the clusters of Season Candles and Treasure Candles from March 13th will remain in their level for one additional hour while the clusters of Season and Treasure Candles for the 14th spawn in their respective level. The total number of Season and Treasure Candles available in the game returns to normal at 1:00 am March 14th PDT. We appreciate your understanding.
We’ve prepared a lot for this patch, but of course we always look forward to your feedback on the features and updates in the game. Read below for more about some of the bug fixes in 0.16.5!

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

Season of Abyss
  • Added a Shared Space to Treasure Reef.
  • A fragment in the Ceasing Commodore quest no longer ceases to appear properly when the Spirit is climbing the tower.
  • Resolved an issue preventing more than one person to collect the second resource when doing the 4th Abyss seasonal quest in groups.
  • Now when tapping on a quest progress status icon, this will cause a player’s avatar to call and thus show the fragments needed for the quest.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for a player being led while diving to continue to lose breath when the leading player returned to the surface.
  • Players are now able to offer an unlocked relationship ability to a friend while underwater.
  • Tall avatars no longer lose breath when swimming on the water’s surface.
  • Dive toggle is no longer hidden immediately after a player collects an underwater shell in the Treasure Reef area.
  • We’re not sure about teaching an old dog new tricks, but the fish schools have learned a number of new things for this update. Swim up to them and they might show you what skills they’ve gained!
  • Fixed a bug causing loss of camera control and making players get stuck while swimming around the boat in the Treasure Reef area.
  • Fixed a bug that made friendship interaction nodes appear to be active while a player was swimming/diving at a distance.
  • Enabled Report Player, Block Player and Favorite Player while swimming and diving.
  • IAP gifting node no longer enabled in the Friendship Tree while underwater.
  • Fixed a bug that disrupted collecting the Anxious Angler emote in a multiplayer state.
  • Avatars wearing the chibi mask are no longer able to go underwater before learning the diving ability.
  • The underwater Dark Crabs of Treasure Reef are grim, callous creatures of Corruption—but players who want to hold them close and take them on a swim anyway can now do so.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the clams weren’t getting picked up properly.
  • Audio updates for the eel-like creature that emits Light.
  • Swimming animation improvements.
  • Adjusted the meditation rock in the manta cave so that when players watch their friends learn the diving ability, they won’t appear to be floating in the air.
  • Adjustments to murals in the 2nd and 3rd seasonal quests.
  • Updated some of the pools in various levels so that avatars swim in them instead of walk underwater.
  • Filled in some holes and performed other building maintenance on the Treasure Reef’s main tower.
  • Hairstyle from the Ceasing Commodore no longer clips through head while avatar moves.
  • Hair should no longer clip when wearing the underwater breath mask.
  • Directional step hoop no longer appears when using the diving toggle underwater
Audio & Appearance
  • Adjusted some of the lighting processes so that now, among other things, the lighting in the out of bounds area of the Coliseum in Valley of Triumph should again appear in twilight colors.
  • Various audio updates for some Sky creatures.
  • Fixed a bug where players joining a sheet music session could enter in the wrong music key.
  • Sound now plays on Android devices during the logo sequence when starting the game.
  • Regular background music should play properly again after removing or replacing the Rose prop.
  • Updated the sound effect and melody for the bell in Home.
  • The bell in Home has also come to realize that it didn’t need to be so insistent for attention in order to be noticed, and now has a smaller “bubble” when it resonates.
  • Animation improvements for 2021 Pink Bloom tea set.
  • Bug fix for certain Spirits showing a corrupt spinning animation after interacting with players.
  • Fixed a bug that briefly shrunk the Troupe Juggler and Festival Spin Dancer’s heads when they blinked.
  • Improvements for prop idle and “take out” animations of grey avatars playing instruments.
  • Improvements to bird behavior when landing or startled.
  • Animation improvement for Flight Guide walking in the initial 4th Season of Flight quest cutscene.
  • Fixed frame delay on Days of Fortune tiger mask.
  • Took the Troupe Juggler’s and red Days of Feast capes to the dry cleaners so that the fur trim no longer appears darkened after the 0.16.0 update.
  • Fixed Troupe Juggler’s hair clipping through certain masks.
  • Fixed issue with goggles hairstyle from Season of Flight.
  • Resolved the gravitational anomaly that caused NPCs and player avatars to sometimes stand on a slant.
  • Clipping no longer occurs when a player being carried on piggyback presses the fly button.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the Valley of Triumph temple to be assigned the wrong material for its appearance, and to not have its snow caps.
  • Adjustments to lighting that caused the entrance slope to the Valley of Triumph’s Dreams Village to appear purplish or pink (however, this coloration may still persist on certain Android devices).
  • Adjusted lighting in Hidden Forest to reduce brightness of some objects.
General Fixes and Improvements:
  • [Switch] Fix for the hug interaction icon not appearing in certain parts of Eye of Eden.
  • Resolution for games set to energy saving mode crashing or sending a player to a broken level when an avatar was launched from an erupting Sanctuary geyser.
  • Resolution for certain crashes occurring on a subset of Android devices.
  • Updated  the description for the “meet a Spirit” daily quest.
  • Fix for a bug that prevented Traveling Spirits from appearing for a player who had created an account while a Season was not active.
  • Improved transition when going to Wind Paths from certain areas of Hidden Forest.
  • Fixed issues that caused a player being led to fall underneath the map when transitioning from Isle of Dawn to Daylight Prairie, or from the Graveyard to the Shipwreck areas of Golden Wasteland.
  • Resolved a bug causing the camera to pan from the Valley of Triumph temple to the Golden Wasteland social area for a player who is led from Home through the Golden Wasteland portal.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on a chat prop if they press the sit button while they’re moving.
  • Fixed a bug causing hand hold to break when a more experienced player leads a newer player to the level link area of the Wind Paths in Hidden Forest.
  • Home is no place for an abyss, so now there’s a floor in the underwater spaces there.
  • Fixed an issue causing handhold and piggyback to be broken when leading others from the Wind Paths to the Forgotten Ark of Golden Wasteland.
  • Resolved a bug that caused a player carrying others with piggyback to float in the air after tapping the other player or follow icon while flying.
  • Resolution for a bug causing piggyback to be disabled when canceling handhold.
  • Follow icon now appears over others when a player and one other person are using piggyback together.
  • While using piggyback, the carrier can no longer warp to the rider.
  • Adjusted a Candle cluster in the Daylight Prairie caves that could sometimes appear underground.
  • Fixed pipe placeable not being, erm, placeable.
  • Fixed a bug preventing in-game screenshots from being saved on Android 8 and 9 devices.
  • Optimization tweaks for picking up orbs of Light.
  • Various translation updates.
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.16.0

  • Release date: January 13th 2022 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Abyss
Starting on January 17th (all times PST, UTC-8), discover the mysteries and surprises that await in the sapphire depths of Season of Abyss! Meet the Abyss Guide and a crew of four Spirits who braved rugged seas in search of treasures—or venture beyond the shallows for secrets that lurk far below. Relive their memories and complete quests to unlock new capes, masks, outfits, and other useful items.              As always, the full season can be enjoyed by all players for free! Adventure Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock all seasonal cosmetics, including three ultimate gifts.
A new feature also arrives with this Season—players can gain the ability to dive and use this ability to explore underwater and complete five Seasonal Quests. To teach your avatar how to dive, enter the new area of Golden Wasteland created for Season of Abyss and find the location to meditate and learn this ability. To dive once you’re in water, select the dive toggle, adjust your camera angle to aim in the direction you want to go, then tap to propel yourself forward.              Swimming underwater doesn’t use cape energy, but it does use breath, so keep an eye on the breath meter and sources of air. The function works a little differently from flight controls, but with a little practice, your Sky kid will soon be swimming smoothly alongside creatures and friends alike!Days of Fortune
A festive spectacle returns to fill the sky with colors! From 00:00 am January 24th through 23:59 pm February 6, guests (who players may recognize!) arrive in Home to reconnect and celebrate this year’s Days of Fortune. A brightly lit pier will be added to the snow and ice of Home, where an Auspicious Visitor will gather with their companions arriving over the first week of the event to join in reunion. During the second week, a fireworks show provides a brilliant backdrop for dance parties and games with friends. Throughout the festivities, a felicitous figure will periodically appear in Home to drop gifts for players to ignite that emit up to a certain amount of Light to collect each day, and message boats will be temporarily transformed into lanterns.(Note: A known issue for this update will cause Light to be emitted from the fireworks show that can be “collected” but won’t fill candle meters. To offset this bug, and ensure the full amount of Light intended for the event will be available to players, the felicitous figure that will appear periodically in Home will provide an amount of Light equivalent to the combined total of Light originally planned from both sources.)A special gifting node shaped like an envelope will also appear in the Friendship Trees of friends with whom a player has the “piggyback” interaction unlocked. This node allows a player to offer a gift of 5 Hearts for 14 Candles. This gift option can only be given in-person, and up to once per day per friend. The cooldown is separate from normal Heart gifting, so that while this special gifting feature is available, players can send a maximum of 6 Hearts per day per friend.
Days of Fortune is open to all who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. Please bear in mind that although the Auspicious Visitor and their friends first arrived in Sky during the Season of Gratitude, they are not Traveling Spirits during this event, so as guests for Days of Fortune they will not bring cosmetics and expressions to unlock from a previous Season.              A variety of new cosmetics will also be available during Days of Fortune.
The Auspicious Visitor event Spirit on the pier in Home offers a new mask:
  • Days of Fortune Tiger Mask: 58 Candles
These decorative items will appear in the in-game shop:
  • Days of Fortune Fish Accessory: $1.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Pack: $19.99 (includes a cape and hood that functions as a hairstyle)
And finally, a box on the pier will also offer free fireworks and message lantern spells for the occasion, while the snow-themed Ball Spell can be found in the Secret Area (2 Candles for five spells).
Outside of Home, the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge will be open for everyone to enjoy its wintery rink. Those who wish to focus on Days of Fortune items from last year can talk to the Event Staff there who will offer those items in their Friendship Trees:
  • Days of Fortune Bull Mask (54 Candles), Days of Fortune Lion Headdress (66 Candles)
  • Days of Fortune Orange ($0.99), Days of Fortune Wool Hat ($9.99), Days of Fortune Pack ($24.99, includes Fortune Cape, Blushing Mask, and Bun Hair)
As always, trial spells give players the chance to try event cosmetics and IAP for free. Visit the Sleepy Traveling Merchant for trial spells of 2022 items, and the Event Staff in the Secret Area have a box with free spells to try items from previous years!              Days of Love
Days of Love follows up for players to appreciate friends new and old. From 00:00 am February 7 through 23:59 pm February 20 (PST, UTC-8) Home changes over to bright hues of pink, message boats temporarily take a new graceful shape to mark the occasion, and the pier is redecorated with floral accents. The Auspicious Visitor will extend their stay as the event Spirit during these additional two weeks, too, as soft, cheerful Light drops up to a certain amount of Social Light for players to gather each day. Head over to the pier to say hello, and to check out spells for the event from the boat-shaped box next to the Auspicious Visitor!Players can check back in with the Auspicious Visitor to find a new hair accessory:
  • Days of Love Flower Crown Hair Accessory: 15 Hearts
From the in-game shop, a new item allows a player and their friend to chat while drifting gently across the water:
  • Days of Love Gondola Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 Seasonal Candles)
Meanwhile, an assortment of spells round out the items available for Days of Love. Find these spells in Home on the decorated pier, at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat, or in the Secret Area:
  • Days of Love Gondola Spell: 2 Hearts (this is available in addition to the free IAP trial spell)
  • Days of Love Message Crane Spell: Free (or 6 Candles for three spells from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat)
  • Ball Spell: 2 Candles for five spells in the Secret Area
For other items, such as those from previous years, players can see what’s available to choose from by heading over to  the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge and chat with the Event Staff:
  • Days of Love Mask (15 Hearts)
  • Days of Love Swing Pack ($19.99, includes 35 Seasonal Candles), Days of Love Seesaw Pack ($19.99, includes 35 Seasonal Candles)
As in other events, trial spells of all items available for purchase and in-game currency are available for free in Home and the Secret Area.              Translation Feedback Surveys
As we aim to make Sky a welcoming place for all players, we want to be sure that feeling translates across languages. In this update, some players who play in languages other than English may be given the option to fill out a brief survey asking about their perceptions of the translations used in the game. We thank you for your feedback—whether through a survey or through our community channels—as we focus on this aspect of the Sky experience and look for ways to improve it!

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements in this update include:

  • [Switch] Fixed spell placeables not showing up prop…erly for players who spawn into the level after they have been placed. Players who have been holding on to a placeable spell to surprise a friend can now place them to delight their companions who teleport in to the party!
  • [Switch] Resolved known issue: Certain combinations of masks and hairstyles no longer clip when worn by tall avatars.
  • Resolved known issue: Reduced size of eyes with chibi mask to be closer to its original appearance.
  • Resolved known issue: Fixed unintentional shortening of cape length on tall avatars.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the daily quest to visit a Spirit to be completed by standing near that Spirit’s marker in a social space. The Spirits will be much happier now that they can share the scenery of their level with players.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed NPCs to be pushed up in the air by placing props underneath them, since this bug was unfortunately being exploited to grief other players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Prophet of Earth Traveling Spirit to initially offer a placeable item that was not intended to be included in its tree. For players who unlocked this item during its previous visit, the 0.16.0 update will automatically correct it to the Earth Element mural icon from the Season of Prophecy.
  • The openings that lead underneath the Valley of Triumph skating rink now have a thin layer of fragile ice that players can break through, so that players no longer seem to be underwater when going beneath the rink.
  • Button sizes for music sheets now use dynamic sizing to more clearly highlight upcoming notes.
  • In-game events are now open to players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest.
  • In-world hint icons have been given higher priority over chat boxes to make them easier to select.
  • Fixed the “close” button having lower priority than tab buttons in emotes menu.
  • Hearing aids are now compatible with game audio via Bluetooth. Note that there may be audio lag that varies depending on the buffer size used by the individual device itself.
  • Fixed the quest to rescue a manta in Forest so that players who join in still receive credit.
  • If a player tries to start a Season Quest while they have a different quest in progress, a hint message now displays to explain that the quest in progress must be completed before a new one can be started.
    • Not a bug: Once a Season Quest has been started, Spirit memories are not available to relive until the initial quest is completed or canceled.
  • Fine-tuned hair on tall avatars to be more consistent with historical appearance.
  • Fixed an issue causing the witch hat spell to not work for friends in piggyback.
  • Fixed a bug that caused both avatars to play the spell animation if one player activated a spell while holding hands with someone else.
  • Backpacks used for props that did not originate from Season of Assembly no longer display the Season of Assembly logo.
  • Days of Summer Lights Lantern button is now hidden when the friend menu is open while viewing the Friendship Constellation.
  • Fixed a typo in the Japanese hint text for the return shrine.
  • Slightly increased volume of Season of Flight instrument.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • In their travels, the rock discovered a brand new vista of floating islands. It seemed like this area was a haven for Light creatures, and the rock was happy to watch them dance through the sky. Whoever lived here must have loved the creatures a lot; they even crafted chimes so the wind could sing with the birds and mantas as they passed through.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.15.5

  • Release date: November 18th 2021 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Days of Giving Double Heart Event
For many of us, we’re entering a time of the year where we pause to show gratitude for others. As a way to say thank you, and to make it easier to share those sentiments with friends, Days of Giving returns for one week to double the gifts players send to each other. The event begins at approximately 00:00am Tuesday Nov. 23rd and continues until approximately 11:59pm on Monday November 29 (all times PST, UTC-8). All Hearts and Light Gifts sent while the event is active will be doubled for the recipient.              Please note:
  • The unique features of this event require it to be manually enabled, which means it can take a short period of time to take effect for all players across the game servers. This means that the start and end may be a little earlier or later than automatic reset times. We appreciate your understanding!
  • Doubling applies only to gifts that are sent or given while the event is active. For example, if a Heart is sent before Days of Giving begins and a player waits to accept it until after it starts, the gift will remain a single Heart.
Days of Feast Celebrations Return!
Prepare for a gathering of Sky kids and friendly spirits to celebrate the start of another year! From 00:00 am December 20, 2021 until 11:59 pm January 9, 2022 (all times PST, UTC-8) the Secret Level in Vault will throw its doors open to all players. Party with friends amidst the festive decor, and take advantage of ample space to practice your favorite skating and hockey moves. Meanwhile in Home, a familiar guide from the Season of Belonging will return as a visitor, and the space will be transformed into its wintery glory right as the forecast calls for a snowstorm.              Each phase of Days of Feast will bring something new to experience. Snowfall begins with the event and lasts for six days, then builds up into a blizzard from December 26. On January 1, the skies finally clear again into bright sunshine for the rest of the event. And of course, there will be fireworks to celebrate the start of a new year! Fireworks will appear in Home for five minutes at the start of every hour beginning at 03:00 am PST December 31st (midnight January 1st for Tonga, the earliest new year), and they end at 04:00 am January 1, 2022 (midnight January 1st for Howland Island, the latest new year).Light will fall from the sky to collect during the first and third phases of Home’s weather changes, and during the second phase you can gather near the fire inside a freshly built snow hut to collect up to a certain amount of Light each day. (There are also new permanent Social Light areas in four other levels—see below for more details!) The ball spell returns in a snowy form, too, ready to use for any winter games you might imagine.In addition to all the ice skating and new Social Light locations, event spirits in Home and the Secret Level will offer options for new and returning items themed for the event. As always, trial spells give players the chance to “try on” event cosmetics and IAP for free.
Items available for in-game currency are:
  • Ode to Joy music sheet: 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Pillow: 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Scarf: 50 Candles
  • Winter Feast Hat: 20 Hearts
  • Ball: 2 for 5 Candles from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant boat (or, 5 for 2 Candles in the Secret Level)
In-app purchases to choose from are:
  • Snowflake Hair Accessory: $1.99 (all prices USD)
  • Winter Ancestor Cape: $9.99
  • Winter Feast Snow Globe: $9.99
Items first available during Days of Feast from past years will also be available again for players who wish to focus on those. These can be found by speaking with spirits in the Secret Area:
  • Feast Cape (65 Candles), Necktie (15 Hearts), Feast Table (150 Candles)
  • Feast Hat, aka Days of Feast Pack ($6.99, includes 25 Candles), Days of Feast Horns ($14.99), Snowflake Cape ($14.99)
We hope Days of Feast will be a chance for players to gather with Sky friends, no matter how close or far they may be, as we celebrate the time we’ve spent together and look forward to the year ahead!
New Feature: Gifting In-App Purchases to Friends
We have always wanted Sky to encourage kindness and generosity, but it has still been incredibly moving to hear from players who wanted ways to gift in-app purchases to their friends. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, in this patch we’re introducing a feature that allows a player to directly purchase and gift IAP to their friends. Here are the basics on how it works:
IAPs that are available in the game can be purchased for another player directly from their friendship menu after you’ve been friends with them for at least three days. To gift an IAP, stand next to your friend in-game, open their friendship menu, and scroll up to the second friendship tier (this tier requires one Ascended Candle to unlock). IAP gifting is a new node next to the fist bump interaction. Select this node to view available IAP that can be purchased for this player, then select the item you want to gift. A confirmation menu will ask you to verify whether you wish to buy this item for someone. This can be considered a direct purchase on behalf of your friend; unlike Adventure Pack Gift Passes, for example, you cannot buy IAPs in the shop and “save them up” in advance to give to friends later, and unlike Hearts, you cannot send them through a star in the Friendship Constellation for friends to receive later.
IAP gifting can be done across platforms, with an exception:
  • Players on iOS and Android cannot gift IAP candle packs or bundles that include candles to players on a Switch (however, players on Switch can gift those items to players on iOS and Android)
For more details, please refer to our blog post:
As with all interactions in Sky, a player always has the option to decline a gift before it is purchased and given, and while we are happy to bring this long-requested feature to players, we also encourage folks to be sure they trust those to whom they may gift IAP. Please note that IAP gifting can be disabled by turning off permissions for in-app purchases in the system settings for the device being used.
Sky Keyboard: A Virtual Keyboard Option for Switch
Although there are plenty of ways to communicate with other players in Sky without using chat, we want to make sure that players can use the chat function smoothly no matter what platform they play on. For Switch players, this update introduces Sky Keyboard, a new feature that allows players to scan a QR code linked to a mobile browser that’s used for sending chat messages. Each session you create for Sky Keyboard uses an OTP (one-time password) so that once the QR code is scanned, only the person who scans it will be able to use it.              To access the Sky Keyboard:
  • Press the (-) button to display the chat window in the game
  • Press the ZR button to create and display a QR code on the screen
  • Scan the QR code with the camera on your mobile device. This will take you to the Sky Keyboard website on your mobile browser
  • Use your mobile device to type your message as normal! You can use text and emoji, and a button at the bottom of the mobile screen allows you to choose between light and dark mode
  • To disconnect your mobile device from the current chat session, press the ZR button again while the in-game chat keyboard is open
A few things to note:
  • If your game is accepting Sky Keyboard input, the game screen on the Switch displays a mobile phone icon on the top right of your screen that says “Unlink.”
  • Sky Keyboard cannot be used to report players or to enter/update players’ nicknames. You’ll still need to use the Switch keyboard controls for those. If a player tries to use Sky Keyboard to enter a nickname or fill out a report, the text will appear over their avatar’s head as normal chat text.
  • Sky Keyboard has the same character limit as regular in-game chat, 140 bytes. However, this limit also applies to message boats and message candles, which ordinarily have a limit of 256 bytes, so if you write messages for boats or candles, please keep this limit in mind (we hope to resolve this difference in an upcoming patch).
More Social Light Areas
In this patch we’re including four new permanent locations for Social Light, so that players can continue to enjoy the game in their preferred style without having to stick to the same candle run routes. Each location provides up to a certain amount of Light per day, and all locations (including Sanctuary Geyser) have been tuned to give equal amounts of Light so that Sky kids can more freely choose to visit their preferred location.              Players can gather ‘round a fire in a new spot of Prairie Cave or in the Wasteland Graveyard. The hot spring in Valley of Triumph’s Dreams Village has been tweaked slightly, trading out candles for more emitted Light that falls gently to the water, and for players who enjoy meeting the Grandma spirit, she periodically holds a timed event at the Ancestor’s table of Belonging in the elevated clearing of Hidden Forest.
Music Sheet Updates
We’ve continued to work on improvements for instruments, and this patch brings some small but helpful (we hope!) changes to make it easier to find the music sheet you want. Music sheets that were originally released in Seasons now display with the corresponding seasonal symbol so that sheets will be easier to tell apart, and music sheet constellation icons have been streamlined from six to three. They’ll also display from left to right in the order they were released, starting with music sheets from the level constellations.
Shared Spaces Improvements
We’re excited to share a number of improvements to Shared Spaces! A new Shared Space has been added to the seasonal area, and a clear-all button is available in edit mode to remove everything and start from scratch. Placeable items are now sorted by how much “weight” they use in a Shared Space, listed from left to right. A bar displays underneath the list to indicate how full a Space is before no further items can be placed, and the minimum number of items to place before saving has been lowered from 3 placeables to 2.              We’re working on more features for future updates and look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue to add improvements!
Adventure Pass Preorders Will Be Discontinued
We appreciate everyone who has used the preorder feature for Adventure Passes and Adventure Packs to share with friends. Unfortunately, due to changes to update procedures and scheduling, once Season of Flight concludes we will no longer be able to offer Adventure Pass preorders for future seasons. Here’s how Adventure Passes will be affected by this change:
  • Passes can be purchased only after a Season begins. Their prices remain the same.
  • The former preorder bonus will now be applied to all Passes, and we’ve expanded this to include Passes a player receives as a gift. This means that all purchased and gifted Adventure Passes will come with a total of 30 Seasonal Candles.
  • For the next Season that begins in early 2022, there will not be an in-game countdown for the start of the Season since that function was connected to the preorder feature. However, we’re working on restoring the countdown in future updates. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for announcements about the next Season!
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and as always, we appreciate our players’ understanding and remain just as excited to bring you our next Season once the new year is underway!
Season Ends Soon
The Season of Flight is in its final month and concludes at 11:59pm on Sunday December 19, 2021 (PST, UTC-8)! The fourth seasonal quest is currently available, and the fifth and final quest becomes available on Monday Nov. 29th. If you haven’t already rescued the four seasonal spirits, be sure to visit them in the new seasonal area above the entrance of Hidden Forest and use seasonal candles to unlock the cosmetics and emote expression upgrades they offer in their Friendship Trees.

Daylight Saving Time Reminder

Daylight Saving Time in California ended on Sunday, November 7th. Time documentation has changed from PDT (UTC-7) to PST (UTC-8). If your region did not participate in the Daylight Saving Time change on November 7th, the daily reset in your time zone is now one hour later.

Improvements and bug fixes in this update include:

Season of Flight
  • Enabled flight mode changes at the constellation gate entrance to the Wind Paths
  • Resolution for players disconnecting when at a distance from each other in the Wind Paths
  • Fixed handhold breaks when entering Wind Paths from several other levels
  • Players led into the Wind Paths area no longer spawn in the wrong location
  • Various improvements to seasonal and seasonal emote quests
  • Updates to seasonal area candle locations
  • Player can no longer move during the first seasonal quest cutscene
  • Ensured skip button displays when replaying seasonal quest cutscenes
  • Audio and visual polish
  • Music sheets are now labeled with the symbols of the seasons they appeared in, and are listed in the order of the season they came with. The order of the first several music sheets has been adjusted to fit this layout. Constellation designs for the music sheet icons were simplified from six variations to three.
  • Improved guitar and ukulele animations
  • Other people playing instruments can no longer be heard while in editing mode for a Shared Space
General Fixes and Improvements
  • [Android] Resolution for issues causing app to not respond and other crash fixes
  • [iOS] Lines no longer appear around currency icons
  • [Switch] Fixes for handhold breaking at transitions
  • [Switch] Fixes for crashing while unlocking final spell nodes in Lively Navigator and Light Whisperer Friendship Trees
  • [Switch] Seasonal hairstyle no longer clips through avatar’s head when moving
  • [Switch] Fix for players whose spell inventory has exceeded the visible limit, preventing the use of some items such as colored trail spells
  • Fixes and improvements to the piggyback interaction
  • Fixes for handhold breaks when transitioning between levels or areas
  • Fixes for a bug splitting up players after watching the Golden Wasteland Elder cutscene
  • Improvements for meditation circles not working properly in Trials
  • Fixed issues with several missing permanent Winged Light buffs
  • Added a few more candles to the Assembly Treehouse area
  • At the end of a Season, leftover purchased Seasonal Candles will convert to regular Candles that can be used on any platform, not just the platform they were originally purchased on
  • Made the tabs in the emote menu easier to select when tapping on them
  • Placeable objects cannot obstruct meditation area of a Shared Space
  • Players are no longer able to fly outside of a Shared Space when a prompt is displaying
  • Fixed a bug preventing a player from reopening the Shared Spaces prop menu on touchscreen devices
  • Fixed a Season of the Little Prince bug that prevented the Asteroid Jacket cape from working while sitting at a table
  • Fixed the boundaries of time and space clouds in the Secret Area to prevent Sky kids from falling through the map
  • Smoothed over the bumps in the clouds around the Secret Area
  • The stars could not understand how mere humble, rough-hewn woodwork should overpower their radiant magnificence. We acquiesced to the grand order of the Universe, and thus items like tables are no longer able to bypass constellation gates
  • Improved usability and animation of swing and seesaw
  • Return Shrine now gives hint text to tell players which level they will return to
  • Priority for a friend’s name tag text lowered a bit so that it’s easier to interact with other objects
  • On days when the sapling is part of a daily quest, it is now a little larger and in bloom
  • She was a cloned skater girl, I said see you later girl (Only one young skater now appears at the end of the first Dreams seasonal quest in the Valley of Triumph’s Dreams Village)
  • Updates to appearances of other characters that appear in later parts of Eye of Eden
  • The Days of Mischief Vortex is no longer looming ominously in the Secret Area
  • Various fixes for masks making avatars’ eyes look tired or “sad” and hollow. Please note that these fixes resulted in the eyes of the chibi mask being slightly larger than before, and further adjustments are being worked on for a future update to bring the mask back to as close to its original appearance as possible.
  • Fixed visual distortion affecting the appearance of the floating ruins during Isle of Dawn intro
  • Tweaked volume and beginning sound effects in the credits
  • Removed hint from the beginning of the credits
  • Promoted the continued preservation of historic Sky ancestor cave art for future generations by fixing a bug that caused clouds to cover areas inside the Prophecy Cave
  • Fixed some murals that were floating or clipping in Isle of Dawn
  • For Sky kids that like to take in the details of the world, improved visual textures for brick, stone, cliffs, and ice
  • Small tweaks to improve scaling of props and capes when worn by tall avatars
  • Placed props no longer appear to remain on avatar’s back when wearing the Asteroid cape
  • Added some extra particles to Level 4 juggle emote because Sky kids deserve shiny, sparkly things
  • Hid interaction icons that appear above other players while main player is in a cutscene
  • When tapping on an item already unlocked in a spirit’s constellation tree, players should no longer see animation of currency icons moving to that node as if they were unlocking it again
  • We know that the persistent red dots in the emote menu tabs blinking at you incessantly forever and ever and ever and ever no matter what you did to try to make it just somehow go away was one of Sky kids’ most favorite bugs, so we regret to inform the community that this bug has been fixed. Please forgive us if fixing it has caused irreparable disappointment.
  • Translation improvements
  • Background music fades based on activity state in the game (AFK), not movement
    Crash fixes for entrance to Forest from Wind Paths, and other cases

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.15.0

  • Release date: September 28th 2021 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of Flight
Distant clouds beckon, and the skies are calling. Starting on October 4th, the Season of Flight brings five new quests and cosmetics worthy of a traveler in the clouds. Join a band of four spirits to experience what they learned together, and discover new paths in the wind. The items they offer this season include capes, outfits, accessories, and a new call and instrument.              The full season can be enjoyed by all players for free! Adventure Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock all seasonal cosmetics, including two ultimate gifts. Preorders for Adventure Passes are underway and continue until 23:59 PDT October 3.
Days of Mischief
Put on your favorite costume and prepare your best tricks and surprises! An eerie new room has been added to the secret area accessible from Vault of Knowledge, open to all players for the three weeks of this event: from 00:00 October 18 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7) through 23:59 November 7 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8). Gather with friends around a bubbling cauldron to collect a certain amount of Light each day—and the random spells it emits that temporarily transform Sky kids into mischievous figures of mayhem. (Players must have progressed to at least Vault to access this event.)

NOTE: Days of Mischief ends after the U.S. reverts to Standard Time. Reset will be one hour later if your region does not participate in this time change. We encourage folks to check what time the event will end in their own time zones.
A variety of new items are also available during this event.
From the Spell Shop:
  • Crab Rock Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in Days of Mischief area)
  • Dark Dragon Repellant Spell: 3 Ascended Candles (or 1 Ascended Candle in the Days of Mischief area)
  • Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—this hat can be worn with any hair style!
From one of the event Spirits in the Days of Mischief area:
  • Mischief Withered Cape: 99 Candles
  • Mischief Witch Hair: 66 Candles
  • Mischief Spooky Dining Set: 33 Hearts
From the in-game Shop:
  • Mischief Witch Jumper: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Mischief Withered Antlers: $9.99
  • Mischief Spider Quiff: $4.99
  • Mischief Pumpkin Prop: $1.99
In addition, Days of Mischief cosmetics from previous years will also be available for players who wish to purchase them. Find two spirits waiting off the beaten path of the new spooky area and speak with them to get access:
  • Spooky Bat Cape: $17.99 (comes with 12 candles)
  • Hungry Pumpkin Hat: $11.99 (comes with 8 candles)
    • Note: The Spooky Bat Cape and Hungry Pumpkin Hat can also be purchased as a bundle in the Mischief Catch Up Pack: $29.99 (comes with 20 candles)
  • Mischief Web Cape: $14.99
  • Mischief Witch Hat: $9.99 (This item differs from Witch Hat Accessory Spell and is categorized as a “hair style,” so it cannot be combined with other hairstyles)
Spells for players to try on all IAP cosmetics for free can be found by speaking to one of the Mischief Spirits. Additional Crab Rock Trick, Krill Repellant, and Witch Hat accessory spells are available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat.
Instrument Updates
We hope this patch is music to Sky kids’ ears! We’re excited to bring numerous updates for instruments, from fixes that bring back previous features to new features to improve your experience while using sheet music and playing with friends. For instance, in the Controls menu under Settings, you can now choose whether to see other players’ notes when in free play mode or in joined sheet music sessions. These are on by default, and those notes are displayed in purple.              The instrument sound toggle in the settings menu can now also be boosted to over 100% (that is, louder than the music or sound effects). This region of the toggle is orange. NOTE: Boosting instruments to over 100% may result in distortion; if this happens, reducing the volume to 100% or lower will resolve it. For more details on changes to instruments, please refer to the list of bug fixes below. We look forward to bringing more improvements in future updates, so we welcome your feedback!
Daily Quests Move to Return Shrine Statue
To make the list of Daily Quests easier to access, this update has moved this list from the Seasonal Spirit in Home to the Return Shrine statue. To view the Daily Quests, simply tap on the icon that appears over the statue. The first time each day the list is displayed, it will also highlight the level where those quests can be completed. The statue takes the place of the daily Quest Giver Spirit who appeared in between seasons. As for the Seasonal Quest Giver Spirit, don’t worry! They will still appear in Home during their season, and their Spirit Trees will continue to display information related to seasonal quests and Ultimate Gifts.              Controller Updates
A button legend overlay has been added for Switch controls. Certain buttons have been updated for all controllers as well, including:
  • Single step: R button
  • Display controller map overlay: ZL
Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Layout preferences for instrument keyboard now save when reopening the game
  • Gamepad icons no longer show on the instrument keyboard when not using the gamepad
  • Added a hint for how to open music sheets if none have been opened before
  • Corrected labels for controller buttons when viewing button map
  • Fixed a bug preventing interactions while menus were open
  • The Nintendo Friends list refreshes and shows all of the most recent friends who have played Sky
  • Fixed a bug causing some notes to not play when keyboard was tapped rapidly
  • Reduced audio lag after playing notes
  • Fixed issue some notes not playing when multiple keys are tapped
  • Tapping on another player while the instrument keyboard is open no longer opens the Friendship Tree
  • Hint button to join a music sheet someone else has started displays more reliably
  • While playing a non-stationary instrument (e.g. flute), tapping the keyboard no longer causes an avatar to jump
  • Improvements for guitar sound
  • For Sky kids who like to put their guitars on Eleven, instrument volume toggle can be increased beyond 100% (if sound becomes distorted, reducing volume to 100% or less will resolve it)
  • Added “Instruments” option to the controls menu to toggle whether to see notes played by others (in purple) in free play and joined sheet music modes.
  • Polish to keyboard UI and instrument animation
  • Music sheet menu is scrollable
  • Instruments such as piano are no longer invisible when playing if equipped after placing a chat table. However, please do not let this dampen your enthusiasm for playing air piano in real life.
General Fixes and Improvements:
  • Players leading others by the hand can now see the emotes of their group members
  • Sky kids can once again spam emotes with sustained poses, such as shiver, handstand or faint
  • Players no longer fall through the floating floor in Vault when teleporting home or using certain emotes
  • Light from large emitted objects (e.g. geyser) follows players from the same distance as Light from candles and burned Dark Plants
  • Pollution from Sanctuary Geyser erupts correctly
  • Players can now teleport to friends who are above the 8-person elevator in Daylight Prairie
  • Slightly increased the size of saplings to make them easier to find for Daily Quests
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a friend to warp to a player who was in their own Shared Space
  • Collision enabled for props placed down by others if the props were placed by a friend, OR if the props have seats and the player sits on them
  • Fix for issue causing race doors to appear to stay closed and without meditation circles for players who join the room after another person already initiated the sequence to open them
  • Resolutions for crash fixes and bugs blocking progress in various parts of Eye of Eden
  • A player teleporting to friends who are visiting with Oreo will now also be able to see Oreo to tell him what a good boy he is
  • Added haptics for damage and some attacks on devices with haptics enabled. Haptics added for landings on Switch.
  • Updates to Constellation Stone in Home, with space added between the two different Constellation icons to make them easier to select
  • Improvements for using Shared Spaces
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Light to still be collected despite long periods of inactivity, which prevented full implementation of the AFK timer
  • Emote Spirits that are also visiting as Traveling Spirits once again display the proper lens flare
  • Placeable props from others (such as tables) are hidden when a player is in a cutscene
  • Tea set animation fixes
  • Friend’s avatar does not remain in handhold offer pose after taking a player’s hand
  • When a player is leading someone by the hand and spins when calling or leaps when moving forward, the person holding their hand no longer appears to leap or spin a second time
  • Fixes for flickering terrain for Sanctuary cave area and floating islands, as well as a Dreams gondola station
  • Avatars have agreed to practice playground safety and face forward while using the seesaw and swing set
  • Swing and seesaw animate properly when being used by other players
  • Movements and menu input from players using dance or sparkler emotes can now be seen by others
  • Smoother entrance for players being led from Citadel to skating rink area in Valley of Triumph
  • Messages from boats and candles close more quickly after exiting
  • Fixed an issue causing message boat/candle UI to not display while reading them
  • Props are now grouped together in the closet menu
  • Added space between player name and text box display
  • Red dot no longer remains after accepting a friend invite
  • Fixed an issue causing some Season of the Little Prince credits to be outside of the screen in Japanese and Russian
  • Survey window will no longer close if the survey language is set to Korean or Japanese
  • UI polish and improvements
  • Performance optimizations for Golden Wasteland and Eye of Eden
  • Various other crash fixes
  • While napping in the hammock, the rock had a fanciful dream: They explored under the night sky with a brave child and a fox friend, talked to the stars, and played in a garden maze. Waking up and feeling full of inspiration, it was time to set off on a new adventure! But this time, the rock thought they might take more time to stop and appreciate the sunsets along the way.

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.14.5

  • Release date: August 10th 2021 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Season of the Little Prince
We’re halfway through the season, and players will soon be able to experience the last three seasonal quests in the story. Players can purchase the Fox prop and the Little Prince Scarf Cape from the in-game shop until the 7th seasonal quest begins on August 30 PDT (UTC -7).              After the 7th, final quest becomes available, players who complete all seasonal quests have the option of purchasing two new cosmetics: the Little Prince Asteroid Jacket cape and the Sword Suit. While wearing the Asteroid Jacket cape players can teleport to a special seasonal area and can bring friends with them while holding hands.
  • Little Prince Asteroid Jacket: $24.99
  • Prince Sword Suit: 200 candles (available from The Rose quest giver)
These items will be available until the season concludes on Sunday September 19 at 11:59pm PDT (UTC -7).              Days of Summer: August 12 through 25th
Relax and enjoy the lazy days of summer! From 00:00am August 12 through 11:59pm August 25th PDT (UTC -7), players will have an opportunity to gather Light in new ways and enjoy a variety of themed cosmetics and items to add some summer flair to their Sky kids and Shared Spaces.Home will set the scene with a beach to relax with friends. Add some Light to your candle meter by finding seashells, and a cozy bonfire provides a set amount of Light as well for players who gather around it. An event spirit will also pay a visit and offer these items in its Spirit Friendship Tree:
  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles
  • Double Deck Chairs: 16 Hearts
These items will also be added to the in-game shop:
  • Summer Umbrella: $19.99 (USD) (includes 35 seasonal candles)
  • Summer Shell Hair Pin: $0.99 (USD)
Beach Ball spells can also be obtained from the spell shop every day after the event begins for 5 candles each, and will remain available through October 3. The spell shop is also where players can find free spells to try out the umbrella and hair pin.              After the Days of Summer ends, the event spirit will leave and the bonfire will be banked to wait for another event coming later in September—Days of Summer Lights!Days of Summer Lights: September 20 through October 3
Gather with friends to share memories of summer days past and future with the return of the Days of Summer Lights event. The bonfire in Home will be lit again to emit more Light to collect, and message boat spells will be transformed into the shape of lotuses for the duration of the event. The Summer Lantern will be available for purchase, as well as a new hair accessory to add a bit of playfulness to the celebration:
  • Days of Summer Lights Lantern: $19.99 (includes 35 regular candles)
  • Summer Lights Accessory: $2.99
This event starts at 00:00am on September 20 and ends at 11:59pm on October 3 PDT (UTC -7).
Preorders Begin for the Next Season
Season of the Little Prince is still in full swing, but preorders for the next season’s Adventure Pass will begin at midnight (00:00 PDT) on Tuesday September 21. Preorders include 20 seasonal candles plus 10 bonus seasonal candles for those who purchase them. Seasons can be fully experienced without a pass, but pass holders have the option to receive extra season candles and additional rewards. (Pendants from preorders will initially appear with the symbol from the previous season, but will automatically change to the symbol for the upcoming season once it begins.)              Traveling Spirits Update
As you may have read in one of our previous blog posts, we’ve been working on ways to offer new props for Sky children to use throughout the game and in their Shared Spaces. Beginning from this patch, Traveling Spirits will now introduce props in their spirit trees. Each spirit will include one prop among the other collectibles players can unlock. We hope that this gradual introduction of new items to use will give folks something to look forward to even if Traveling Spirits no longer have anything new to offer a player who has already unlocked everything in their trees.More Locations for Shared Spaces
Starting in this patch, players can create additional unique designs in two new Shared Spaces, one in the Butterfly Fields of Daylight Prairie and another in the secret area accessible from Vault.iOS Users: Be Sure to Update to iOS 12
Starting from this patch, the minimum iOS for players on iPhone or iPad is iOS 12. Older Apple devices that can play Sky, including iPhone 5s, can run on iOS 12, so there is no change to devices that are compatible with Sky.
Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Players can now replay the final cutscenes in the seasonal Quest Giver Friendship Tree
  • Fixes for an error that appeared on Switch when a player typed 140 characters in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Russian
  • Updated daily quests to specify the levels spirits to relive are located in
  • Fixed idle animations like stretch interrupting during a cutscene or while using emotes
  • Tweaked star spacing on Prophet of Earth cape from the Season of Prophecy (spacing on other capes is intentional)
  • Updates to Guide feature and its hint messaging
  • Handhold no longer breaks if the leader moves while following player uses an emote
  • Restored camera control at message shrines after viewing another player’s note
  • Made icon to display text for message candles and boats easier to select
  • Updates for the instrument keyboard and music sheets
  • Improvements and polish for emote, closet, and other menus
  • Added volume slider bars to audio options
  • Candle count now displays while viewing menus for seasonal Quest Givers
  • All Spirit Friendship Trees now open from the bottom of the tree
  • Added ability to roll and flip when using a controller
  • Improvements for controllers used with Android devices
  • Improved mobility for certain areas of Eye of Eden
  • The Unjumpable Gap along the path in Eye of Eden is no longer unjumpable
  • Players using piggyback no longer disconnect when the carrier switches to glide mode, and can build piggyback towers again
  • Improved piggyback dismounting animation
  • The Season of Prophecy guide has been given no slip shoes so that they no longer fall out of frame after playing their drum when players complete a trial
  • Increased avatar cuteness by ensuring a Sky kid lying down in a hammock will remain lying down when going into AFK mode instead of sitting up
  • Prop spells can now be used without automatically replacing carried props that a player has already set (note: players can still place only one spell prop at a time)
  • Fixed chat from other props showing while using props that shouldn’t have chat
  • Cooldown for props placed from the emote menu adjusted to 10 seconds (cooldown in Shared Spaces is unchanged)
  • Visual improvements to props in Shared Spaces for more consistent color
  • Player no longer appears to be wearing a prop they have placed. However, for now the prop’s shadow still appears on the player’s cape
  • Emotes that emit particles should emit them more consistently
  • Fixed a bug causing errors when players on mobile tried to accept a QR invite from a player on Switch
  • Deleted QR invites can no longer be accepted
  • Fixed a bug preventing a player from sending a QR invite to someone after previously declining that person’s QR invite
  • Fixes for an error caused when sending an existing Sky friend a Nintendo Friend invite
  • You and I STAR pin can be unlinked in the same session it was linked
  • When two players use linked Soulmate STAR pins, the heart particle effect now displays properly
  • Crab STAR pin now reliably flips crabs
  • The Dark Dragon that was illegally attacking Sky Kids by coming through the ground in the Wasteland Graveyard was thoroughly scolded. They promise they have learned their lesson and won’t do that any more.
  • Though the Dark Dragons are not the brightest creatures in Sky, it was inevitable that they honed their skills to work in spite of menu tricks. These can no longer be used to prevent taking damage from Dark Dragons
  • Various crash fixes, including crashes when hit by a krill while using the fireworks prop
  • Fixed crash when changing levels while holding crabs. But try as you might you still can’t kidnap them to other levels
  • The “empty receipt” error message no longer displays on login for Switch users
  • Additional seasonal polish
  • Translation improvements

Sky: Children of the Light – Ver. 0.14.0

  • Release date: June 29th 2021 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Sky has launched on Nintendo Switch!
We’re excited to welcome Switch players to the wondrous world of Sky! Rescue spirits to learn how to communicate using their expressions, forge candles to gain new abilities, unlock cosmetics to express yourself, and make friends with other players to bring your light into the darkness. If you’re a returning player and notice someone who may be new, why not reach out and lend them a hand?              NOTE: If you already play on iOS or Android and want to play on Switch, please FIRST link your Sky account to a Nintendo account on your mobile device BEFORE opening the game on Switch. You will not be able to transfer your progress if you open the game on Switch before linking your Sky account. To learn how to link your account, you can watch this video tutorial, or read more on our website:
Starter Pack for Nintendo Switch
Players on the Nintendo Switch have the option to purchase a new Starter Pack to mark the occasion. This can only be purchased on the Switch. However, Switch players who also have their progress transferred to a mobile device can wear these items while playing on iOS or Android. The pack costs $29.99 (not including regional tax) and includes:
  • 2 themed capes
  • A hairstyle
  • A vessel flute
  • 75 candles
Please note: Candles purchased on Switch do not transfer to mobile devices. They must be used on the platform they were purchased on.
Pre-orders Available for Season of the Little Prince
We’ll soon be welcoming a royal visitor! Pre-order your adventure pass for the next season in the in-game shop and receive an extra bonus of 10 limited seasonal candles. This season is a special, one-time collaboration for players to experience the magic and heart of The Little Prince cast in the light of Sky.              Preorders are available until 23:59 PDT on Monday July 5th (UTC -7).Season of the Little Prince
Our tenth season begins on Tuesday July 6th at midnight PDT! Guide the Prince through the realms of Sky and discover which connections are important. The new spirits introduced in this season will eventually return as traveling spirits, as usual, but the unique nature of a collaboration means that some other things will be different from a typical season experience.
  • Some themed items will be available outside of the seasonal spirit constellations. They will also be available for different durations of the season (prices for in-app purchase items vary depending on region):
    • Little Prince Scarf cape: $14.99 (Available until 7th seasonal quest begins)
    • Little Prince Fox decorative prop: $9.99 (Available until 7th seasonal quest begins)
    • Little Prince Asteroid jacket: $24.99 (Available after completing all seasonal quests)
    • Sword Outfit: 200 candles (Available after completing all seasonal quests)
  • Please note that these items are not planned to return through Traveling Spirits.

Past Seasonal Spirits

Past seasonal spirits will now exist in the world so that all players can enjoy more of the expressions and lore the game has to offer! They will be visible to players who have completed all realms in the game. Those who missed out on previous seasons can now obtain the first level of these seasonal spirits’ expressions. Please note: Additional expression levels and items from seasonal spirit trees can only be obtained through Traveling Spirits.

Coming Soon: Guide Feature

Offering help and teaming up is a fundamental element of Sky. In the weeks after this update, we will introduce a Guide feature to make it easier for newer players to ask for help—and for more experienced players to offer it.              Once this feature is enabled, a player who wants extra help to find a Spirit can tap a special button in their emote menu. Experienced players who are close by will then see icons showing the locations of Spirits that the newer player is unfamiliar with, and lead the newer player towards them. After completing a Spirit quest together, players will be informed of their success, and the Guide experience will come to an end. Players can then choose to repeat the process, socialize, or go their separate ways.This is only the first iteration of this feature, and we aim to keep improving it based on player feedback. Be sure to visit our Discord server and share your thoughts in our feedback channel!
Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spacing for instrument keyboard layout
  • Improvements for songsheet UI
  • Enabled movement when playing instruments on touchscreens
  • Candles no longer display as being deducted twice when unlocking most interactions from friend trees
  • Relationship menu once again opens at the bottom of the relationship tree
  • Heart icon for message boats and shrines now displays properly
  • Fireworks staff can now throw the full 5-shot fireworks party
  • Star beacon properly displays to hint spirit location during spirit quests
  • Potential resolution for bugs causing Traveling Spirits to disappear a half hour before each daily reset for some users
  • Resolved issue causing emote levels to be usable before unlocking them
  • Fixed issue causing Dark Dragons to rapidly switch between search and lock-on modes
  • Dark Dragons that were silently locking on to and attacking players emit sound again
  • Resolved issue causing some sound effects to still play after sound effects were toggled off
  • Fixed issue causing a player teleporting to friend on the 2nd level of Vault to disconnect them from their friend and put them on the 1st level instead
  • Additional fixes to resolve issues relating to currency after Eye of Eden
  • UI improvements and polish
  • Crash fixes
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • After the crisp air and excitement of the ice skating rink, the rock decided to explore the nearby forest. While wandering amidst the tall trees, they stumbled upon the remains of what appeared to be an old treehouse! Sky kids were running around everywhere, honking at each other and creating fun item arrangements to bring joy back to the long-neglected space. The rock found a comfy hammock and decided that maybe it was time to take a short nap…

How to download updates for Sky: Children of the Light for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Sky: Children of the Light, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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