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Splatoon: Hero Mode footage (Nintendo Minute), download card and more

Nintendo Minute

On Friday, Nintendo uploaded the weekly episode of Nintendo Minute (which is entirely dedicated to Splatoon this month), as usual… but then the video was taken down. And yesterday, Nintendo finally reuploaded it, adding the missing gameplay.

This week, Kit and Krysta take a look at the Hero Mode (Single Player), in Splatoon. They show one level (already seen in the Japanese livestream, on Saturday), but also a battle against a rather cubic boss.

Hi, sorry about the mess up on the first upload. We blame the Octarians for deleting footage of us beating their boss. ;) Here is the updated video without any missing game play. We hope you still enjoy a look at Splatoon’s single player mode even though we are a few days late. Thanks for watching!

-Kit & Krysta

Here’s the May 8th episode of Nintendo Minute:


Nintendo also reuploaded the livestream recording from Saturday, but without the waiting screen at the start!


Next: some news from Japan!

From May 23rd to May 31st, Splatoon will be playable at various stores in Tokyo. If you happen to live there (or if you’re on vacations in Japan), you can go check out more details about on the official page. Players who go check out the game will even receive a Splatoon Clear File:

And if you take the Yamanote Line (one of the most famous train lines in the country), you might see some advertisement for the game. The official Splatoon account on Twitter even posted a pic of one!

If you visit some game stores, you might even find a download card for the game!

Finally, here’s two pictures for the Splatfests (revealed during the Splatoon Direct last week), posted by the Squid Research Lab on Twitter:

Source: DCharlie / Splatoon


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