Nintendo Investor Briefing (Oct. 2017) – SNES Classic / SNES Mini: over 2 million units sold

Yesterday, Nintendo did not share any data for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition / Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom (SNES Classic / SNES Mini / Famicom Mini, in short) in the various documents from their latest financial results. Fortunately for us, Tatsumi Kimishima did share a number during the usual Nintendo Investor Briefing.

During that meeting, he revealed that total sales for the SNES Classic / SNES Mini / Famicom Mini have topped 2 million units worldwide, as of the “latest tallies”.

Yesterday, during a press conference, Nintendo revealed that shipments for Europe and North America had topped 1.7 million units as of September 31st. Since we already know that the Famicom Mini sold well over 300 000 units during its opening week-end in Japan, and that the SNES Mini / SNES Classic have been selling out in Europe and North America, total sales for the console are most likely well over 2 million units already.

Nintendo’s expectations for the SNES Classic / SNES Mini is that people who haven’t had the opportunity to play video games in a long while (or never at all) end up being attracted to the Nintendo Switch.

Moving forward, Nintendo will keep shipping more SNES Classic / SNES Mini to satisfy demand. And as mentioned a few months ago, Nintendo will also resume production for the NES Classic / NES Mini next year.

Source: Nintendo Investor Briefing (October 2017)



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