NES Classic / NES Mini / Famicom Mini: Nintendo to resume production next year (shipments in Summer)

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition was also released in Japan, as the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer (or Famicom Mini). And if you’re wondering whether the console was as hard to find as in Europe and North America, the answer is… yes. Japanese players had to face the same shortages as anywhere.

And a few months ago, Nintendo announced that the NES Mini / NES Classic / Famicom Mini was discontinued worldwide, despite demand not being met (not by a wide margin… a real boon for scalpers). But the wording from Nintendo in Japan implied that production could potentially resume at a later date, and it looks like it will… next year!

Today, Nintendo announced that production for the Famicom Mini would start again next year, with more details to follow soon. The company also sent a press release to announce the same thing for the NES Classic / NES Mini in Europe and North America.

In the United States and Europe specifically, the console will return in stores in Summer, though the exact date or even month remains to be determined. We can safely expect Japan and other regions to get the additional shipments at the same time.

As for the SNES Classic / SNES Mini / Super Famicom Mini, Nintendo have announced that they would continue shipping the console into 2018 (worlwide), and not until the end of this year as initially announced. And if you could not secure a pre-order, there’s nothing to worry about: more units will be shipped for launch day in the US than NES Classic all last year! In other words: don’t waste your money on scalpers.

Finally, in Japan, pre-orders for the Super Famicom Mini will start on September 16th.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition comes out on September 29th in Japan.
The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom will be released on October 5th in Japan.

Source: Nintendo PR / Nintendo



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