Daily Briefs (Oct. 17): Famitsu previews / Super Mario Odyssey / Tiny Metal / Rogue Trooper Redux

Today’s Daily Briefs: latest batch of Famitsu previews, but also…

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Tiny Metal
  • Rogue Trooper Redux
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
  • Splatoon 2
  • River City: Rival Showdown
  • Blade Strangers
  • Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax
  • Kid Tripp
  • Nintendo Switch


This week, the following games will be showcased in Famitsu magazine:

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine will be available on Thursday in Japan (Wednesday afternoon/evening for Europe and North America).

Super Mario Odyssey

Here’s a second French commercial for Super Mario Odyssey, which is a short version of the musical trailer revealed last week:

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) comes out on October 27th worldwide.

Tiny Metal

Today, Sonic Music Entertainment announced that they would publish Tiny Metal (at least in Japan), as part of their new “Unites” label, and that it would be released on November 24th (again, only in Japan for now).

The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Famitsu

Rogue Trooper Redux

Here’s the launch trailer for Rogue Trooper Redux, releasing today on Nintendo Switch (worldwide):

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Here’s the Rabbid Peach Accolade Trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which is getting some DLC today!

Splatoon 2

Here’s pictures of Splatoon 2 strap toys (included in gum boxes), now available in convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan:

Source: Squid Research Lab (Twitter)

River City: Rival Showdown

Here’s the latest screenshot for River City: Rival Showdown on Nintendo 3DS:

River City: Rival Showdown (3DS) comes out in November in Europe and North America.

Source: Natsume (Twitter)

Blade Strangers

Here’s some pictures for Blade Strangers, and more precisely the Arcade version:

Blade Strangers (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Gamer

Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax

Here’s the latest commercial for Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax, on Nintendo 3DS:

Kid Tripp

Yesterday, Four Horses announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Kid Tripp had been sent to Nintendo for lotcheck. It looks like we could be getting a release date pretty soon, if everything goes well!

Source: Four Horses (Twitter)

Nintendo Switch

Here’s pictures of pretty cute accessories for the Nintendo Switch, to give your console a pretty feline touch!

Source: Gamer


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