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[N-Direct] RPG Maker Fes: some footage

Announced a few days ago in Famitsu, RPG Maker Fes is the Nintendo 3DS entry of the famous software, that allows pretty much anyone to create their very own RPG…. no development knowledge required! The game was showcased on Thursday, during the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation.

We finally got to see some gameplay footage for the game, which really does seem easy to use. You can easily and quickly place elements in the world, change their size and/or shape, set up various parameters, and much more.

Nintendo also mentioned you can share your creations with other players, via the internet. And thanks to RPG Maker Fes Player (that will be available for free from the Nintendo eShop), that we talked about a few days ago, you can download and play games created by other players without having to buy the full game. Finally, it was announced that the game would get downloadable content.

Here’s the recording from Thursday’s Nintendo 3DS Direct:

RPG Maker Fes (3DS) will be released on November 24th in Japan, and will be available at retail and on the Nintendo eShop.
RPG Maker Fes Play (3DS eShop) will also be released on November 24th in Japan, and will be available for free.


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