Yo-kai Watch 4: second trailer revealed

Yo-kai Watch 4 was first announced many months ago, and was first playable at the Tokyo Game Show back in September. And this month, the game is once again playable at the World Hobby Fair ’19 Winter, which is taking place in 3 different cities across Japan. It’s for this event that Level-5 revealed a second trailer for the game, and unlike the one revealed at the TGS, we won’t have to wait weeks before its official upload on YouTube because it’s already available!

Here’s the second trailer for Yo-kai Watch 4:

This second trailer not only shows major improvements compare to the first one (no more iffy framerate), but it also allows us to see a lot more of the game. For example, we get to see Keita / Nate going through the portal to Natsume’s world. We also get to see a new game mechanic: the Naviwan (pun on Navigation + Wan, “woof” in Japanese), a spectral dog that allows you to find your way through the world. No getting lost on the way to the next story event!

The trailer also shows more of the battle system, where both human characters and Yo-kai get to take part in battle (and as revealed earlier this week, you can control both, and switch from human to Yo-kai characters, and vice-versa). Finally, New Sakura Town / Springdale is also shown, along with various story and gameplay segments. The 4th world is once again hinted at near the end of the video.

Yo-kai Watch 4 (Switch) comes out this Spring in Japan.

Source: Level-5


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