Yo-kai Watch 4: a few more details and pictures from official website (worlds cross-over, character change)

Today, Level-5 once again updated the official website for Yo-kai Watch 4 with some additional details and pictures, as it does every month when the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine is released (which is where the new details and pictures are published originally). Unfortunately, this month again, there isn’t much new for us to discover.

This month’s update features a brand new illustration, that shows various Shadowside Yo-kai “invading” Keita / Nate’s world (one of the 4 worlds in the game), which confirms it’s not just the player who gets to go from one world to another, but also Yo-kai (and characters, presumably). It looks like Keita will even get to battle a boss called Mitsumatanozuchi, that those of you watching the anime series will recognise as the Shadowside form of Michi.

What’s more, the mysterious 4th world is once again teased, but we still don’t know what it is exactly just yet. It’s most likely the Yo-kai world, but it’s not confirmed at the moment. The other 3 worlds are Natsume’s world, Keita’s world, and Shin’s world.

The website for Yo-kai Watch 4 also confirms that you will be able to switch which character you’re controlling at any time. But that change isn’t just for show: depending on which character you’re controlling, you will be able to enter specific places, that the others cannot enter. And that’s not all: as some of you watching the anime already know, each character have their own Yo-kai Watch, which do not all work the same way. Switching characters allows you to change which Yo-kai Watch you get to use.

Of course, you also get to control different characters in battle, which expands the possibilities gameplay-wise. The game lets you play as both a human character and as one of the Yo-kai from your party. And yes, you can switch between the human characters and Yo-kai during battle, allowing you to choose whichever is most effective and get the upper hand.

Finally, here’s the latest set of pictures for Yo-kai Watch 4:

Yo-kai Watch 4 (Switch) comes out this Spring in Japan.



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