Xenoblade Chronicles 3: all the details, pictures, videos from the official Twitter account

Announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation on February 9th/10th, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released on July 29th on Nintendo Switch. Just like they did for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Monolith Soft. are planning to share some details, pictures, and videos on the official Twitter account.

And on this page, you will find everything they share in one place! Naturally, we will keep updating this page as soon as something new is shared, so make sure to keep checking back!

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos in one place:

July 1st

Today’s update shares some details and footage about Chain Attacks.

Like in previous Xenoblade Chronicles games, before you can launch a Chain Attack, you first need to fill up the Chain Gauge. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, this is done by performing actions that match your Battle Role (Attacker, Defender, Healer), chaining combos, and cancelling attacks. Once the gauge is full, you can launch a special (and extremely powerful) series of moves in collaboration with the other party members!

Once you’ve triggered a Chain Attack, you need to select the characters that will take part in the attack. Here’s how it goes:

  • first, you need to select a strategy (called Chain Order), with 3 possible options
  • then, you select a character
  • and finally, you select an Art to use

You then keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until the Chain Attack is over.

A key element of Chain Attacks: Tactical Points (or TP for short). When you select a character during a Chain Attack, their TP is added to the total (top right corner of the screen), and if that total reaches/exceeds 100% (100 TP), then the Order will be completed and you will be able to use powerful Chain Arts.

Not all Orders are equal: each one has its own rating, and naturally, the higher the percentage, the more effective it will be.

And in case you’re wondering: yes, Ouroboros can take part in Chain Attacks too. Sometimes, an Order including an Ouroboros will appear when you trigger a Chain Attack: if you select it and complete it, you will be able to use moves even more powerful than those offered by the other Orders. Make sure to try out different things to make an Ouroboros Order appear during a Chain Attack!

June 30th

Today’s update introduces a new, unnamed character: a mysterious woman who does not belong to either Keves sor Agnus. Don’t be fooled by her small stature: she sure knows how to fight. Watch out for those fists of hers!

This mysterious woman is described as a very brave person who isn’t afraid of huge enemies, and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “losing.” She’s always accompanied by a pair of guards who call her “Miss”.

June 29th

Today’s update provides some additional details about Heroes.

Heroes are special characters that join your party to give you a hand during your adventure. But before they join you, you need to befriend them: this is done by completing special quests known as Hero Quests, which allow you to deepen your bond with them. Travelling around the world in search of new Heroes sure sounds like fun!

You can have one Hero join your party during battles. You can choose which one will fight alongside you from the Hero menu, where you will find all the Heroes you have befriended. You can also ask them to help according to the battle strategy you’ve set up.

By befriending Heroes, Noah and the others gain access to their respective classes. And so, not only do Heroes fight alongside you as the 7th party member, they also expand the range of Arts at your disposal. They sure are a reliable bunch!

And speaking of Heroes, today’s update happens to introduce one first revealed during the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct: Fiona. She’s voiced by Aoi Yuuki in Japanese.

She’s a special Healer who can give random buffs to allies. Her class is Signifer, and her Arts allow you to power up the entire party with potent buffs. She hails from Agnus, and she waves a large flag-like blade around to boost the moral of her allies.

Fiona is said to be an extremely kind and gentle person, and people at her home Colony affectionately call her “Fifi”. She’s very friendly, and probably far too kind for a soldier.

In the following cutscene, we can see that Fiona is pretty close to her fellow colonists. They’re fighting the enemy as one!

June 28th

Today’s update provides some footage and details for the mourning of the departed and Ouroboros Talent Arts. It also shines a light on a new feature: the Soul Tree!

While exploring the world, you will sometimes come across the body of soldiers who have fallen in battle. Since they’re Off-Seers, you can have Noah and Mio play the flute to mourn those poor people, and when you do so, you will get some affinity points from the people of their home colony.

Also, today’s update confirms that Noah and the others also have Talent Arts in their Ouroboros form. To use those powerful moves, you first need to fill up the Talent Art gauge by cancelling attacks!

Ouroboros are extremely powerful from the start, but you can further improve their abilities thanks to a feature called Soul Tree. In battle, you can gain points by performing various actions: those are called Soul Points. You can then use those SP on the Soul Tree to enhance the abilities of each Ouroboros.

For example, you can boost up their attack power, or extend the duration of the Interlink (allowing you stay in Ouroboros form longer). But what happens when you complete the Soul Tree of an Ouroboros?

June 27th

Today’s update shares some more details about two of the Consuls.

The mysterious giant being who suddenly appears in front of Noah, Mio, and the others, is a Consul known as D. He’s not really one for talking, and simply decides to attack them in his Meobius form. However, when Noah and the others suddenly transform into Ouroboros, he chooses to retreat.

The second Consul is rather mysterious, and looks quite different than their peers.

June 24th

Today’s update shares some additional details about the Ouroboros. When two characters Interlink, they turn into an Ouroboros. Only one character can control the Ouroboros at a given time, but you can choose which one is in control during Interlink: that’s called Ouroboros Switch.

When you make the switch, the Ouroboros’ appearance changes, including its colour (from black to white, and vice-versa). Each form has its own strengths and weaknesses, so make sure to switch depending on the situation!

Here’s the new Ouroboros forms revealed during the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct:

  • Ouroboros Mio is the form the Ouroboros takes when Mio and Noah Interlink and Mio takes control. In that form, you will be able to easily dodge enemy attacks, but also use powerful Arts that can confuse enemies. Naturally, you can switch to Ouroboros Noah (a form that specialises in Attack) if you want.
  • Ouroboros Sena is the form the Ouroboros takes when Sena and Lanz Interlink and Sena takes control. This forms can hit enemies with powerful blows that bypass their defenses. Naturally, you can switch to Ouroboros Lanz if you want to focus on Defense, but don’t forget: Sena also wants to play an active role in battle!
  • Ouroboros Taion is the form the Ouroboros takes when Taion and Eunie Interlink and Taion takes control. This form is perfect when it comes to messing up with enemies by putting them to sleep or inflicting negative statuses. Whenever you need to use recovery Arts, you can switch to Ouroboros Eunie!

June 23rd

Nintendo shared the 6th Xenoblade Note blog post today: check out this post for all the details!

But that’s not all: Monolith Soft. also shared some additional details via Twitter, starting with the Consuls. It appears that those mysterious individuals, who happen to control both Keves and Agnus, are responsible for Noah and his companions being targeted by both countries.

Noah and his companions set out on a journey to a mysterious city located somewhere in Swordsmarch, the land pierced by a giant sword, in order to uncover the truth about their twisted world.

The people from Keves and Agnus only get to live 10 years. People are born to fight, and are trained as soldiers from childhood. They get to fight against enemies who also live only 10 years. Soldiers who manage to survive and live through their 10 years of service take part in a Homecoming Ceremony in front of their Queen, which is said to be the greatest honor.

When exhausted soldiers fall in battle, they turn into red particles which are then absorbed by the Flame Clocks of enemy Iron Giants. If the Flame Clock of an Iron Giant ever runs out of “energy”, the people of that Colony die. For soldiers, defeating the enemy is a matter of life and death… in more ways than one.

As Off-Seers, Noah and Mio get to take part in the Homecoming Ceremony, and they also mourn their fellow soldiers who have fallen on the battlefield. When Off-Seers start playing their flutes, particles of light rise from the lifeless body of their fellow soldiers, whose life was absorbed by the Flame Clock of enemy Iron Giants, before disappearing into the sky.

Soldiers from Keves have something embedded in their right eye (for soldiers from Agnus, it’s in their left eye): it shows them how much “energy” there’s left in the Flame Clock of their respective Iron Giant. It also displays various informations related to combat, and even offers a feature to communicate with allies!

The people of Keves and Agnus all have a mark somewhere on their bodies. At birth, that mark is red, but its colour gradually turn black as they get older. You can easily tell how long someone has to live by looking at their mark.

The Consuls who govern both Keves and Agnus can usually be found at the castle of the Queens of each country, though they do gt to travel to colonies all around Aionios. The Commander of each Colony answers to the Consuls, and follows their orders.

The Consuls always wear a mask to hide their face, though you can see a glowing red symbol on their eyes. They usually stay in the same form, but in battle, they transform into giant beings (over 5 metres tall!) called Moebius. In this form, their appearance is strikingly similar to that of Noah, Mio, and the others when they turn into Ouroboros.

Finally, Monolith Soft. shared a graphic showing the relationships between the various characters featured in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct:

June 22nd

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct is now live. Check out this post for the presentation, the latest trailer, new details, tons of screenshots, and even some new footage. You can also check out details about the Expansion Pass on this page!

June 20th

Nintendo have announced that a Nintendo Direct presentation entirely dedicated to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will take place on Wednesday (June 22nd). It will offer 20 minutes of details and footage for the game.

June 17th

Today’s update goes over another staple of Xenoblade Chronicles games: Chain Attacks. By chaining combos and performing actions that correspond to your Battle Role, you fill up the Chain Attack gauge. When it’s filled up, you get to team up with the other party members to unleash a powerful special move. Make sure to use it often!

Also, today’s update introduces another music track: Keves Battle. As the title indicates, it’s one of the battle themes. The flutes at the beginning sound like they’re signalling the start of battle!

June 16th

Today, a new Xenoblade Note blog post was shared: check out this post for two new music tracks, as well as details about Heroes, Cooking, and Gem Crafting!

As for the usual Twitter update, it provides some more details about Arts.

First, we have Master Arts. If you keep using the same Class for a long time, you will be able to master it. When you do, you will get the ability to keep using Arts specific to that Class even if you switch to a different Class. For example, if you switch Noah to Tactician (Taion’s Class) and allows him to master that Class, he will be able to keep using Arts that only Tacticians can use even if you switch back to Swordsfighter!

Next: Fusion Arts. Once you’ve gained some Master Arts, you will be able to “fuse” them with the regular Arts of your current Class, allowing you to activate the effects of both at the same time. And so, unless you really want to pass on such powerful and handy Arts, make sure to avoid switching Classes too often so as to give time for your characters to master their respective Classes.

[Check out the video called “Fusion Arts” in the playlist above!]

Finally, today’s update introduces a new music track: The Weight of Life (Japanese title: Inochi o Seotte). The quiet melody of this track quickly gives way to a more tense, up-tempo tune. You can really feel the emotions of the 6 party members as they fight, each harboring their own thoughts and feelings.

June 15th

Today’s update introduces another Hero (special characters that join your party as the 7th party member once you’ve recruited them). Her name is Juniper (Yuzuriha in Japanese), and she’s voiced by Rie Kugimiya in Japanese. She’s an Attacker who can hit enemies’ blind spots with her bow, dealing massive damage. She can safely hunt enemies by hiding her presence.

While Juniper appears to be from Agnus, she usually lives a quiet life in the forest. She’s a friendly person who has earned the trust of the inhabitants of her colony.

Juniper is pretty agile and can swiftly move across trees and thin ropes with relative ease — she’s really at home in the forest!

[Check out the video called “Juniper cutscene” in the playlist above!]

June 14th

Today’s update provides some more details about Taion. His class is Tactician (a Healer), and he’s quite skilled when it comes to confusing and weakening enemies, but also supporting his allies. For example, his Arts allow him to put enemies to sleep, make it easier for allies to dodge enemy attacks, and reduce damage received from enemies.

As a Tactician, Taion is someone the other party members can definitely rely on. He can even analyze the terrain using a handy and impressive function that projects a map directly into everyone’s eyes. You can count on him to find the way to the Land Where the Giant Sword Lies!

[Check out the video called “Taion cutscene” in the playlist above!]

June 13th

Today’s update introduces another Hero (special characters that join your party as the 7th party member once you’ve recruited them). His name is Zeon, and he’s voiced by Ryouta Ousaka in Japanese. His Class is Guardian Commander (a Defender), and he uses his sword and shield to fight and protect his allies.

Zeon hails from Keves, and he seems to have known Noah and the others for a long time. He’s described as a reliable ally who can hold his ground against strong enemies, what with his abilities being enhanced in tough situations (against enemies that are stronger than him).

It appears that food shortages have become a major issue for Zeon’s Colony back in Keves. Every day is a struggle for him, and he’s always thinking about the lives of his friends.

Today’s update also shows part of a cutscene featuring Zeon. As mentioned above, he seems to know Noah and the others from Keves. He’s not lacking in the coolness department with his shining sword and shield!

[Check out the video called “Zeon cutscene” in the playlist above!]

June 10th

Today’s update shares some more details about Eunie. Her Class is Medic Gunner (a Healer), and her Arts allow her to cast healing circles that can heal and/or strengthen any ally that steps into them. Be careful, though: the more you heal and support your allies, the more likely enemies are to target Eunie!

Eunie is a childhood friend of both Noah and Lanz, which would explain why she seems to trust the two of them so much. She may seem a bit brusque at first glance, but deep down, she’s a sensitive person with a rather cute hobby (collecting 4 leaf clovers)!

[Check out the video called “Euni’s introduction” in the playlist above!]

June 9th

Today’s update shares some more details about Arts.

There are two different ways for you to refill the Art gauge, depending on where the Class of the character you’re controlling is from:

  • Classes from Keves: the gauge refills automatically over time
  • Classes from Agnus: the gauge refills each time you land an auto-attack

[Check out the video called “Refilling the Art gauges” in the playlist above!]

Each Class can have up to 5 Arts, but you can only equip 3 of them at a given time. It’s important to choose Arts that fit the characteristics of the enemies you’re about to face!

Finally, Monolith Soft. introduce one of the music tracks: A Life Sent On (Japanese title: Okurareru Inochi). It’s music played by Off-seers like Noah and Mio. The sound of the flutes creates a gentle but sad atmosphere.

June 8th

Today’s update shares some more details about Sena. Her Class is Ogre (her battle role is Attacker), and she literally crushes enemies with her super heavy hammer. She’s a power type who deals some really powerful blows, and can even break enemies’ defenses with one of her Arts. Unfortunately, her high attack power does have a drawback: enemies are more likely to target her!

What does Sena have in common with Lanz? They share the same hobby: muscle building! It looks like the two of them like to train together even during their breaks!

[Check out the video called “Sena’s introduction” in the playlist above!]

June 7th

Today’s update introduces another Hero (special characters that join your party as the 7th party member once you’ve recruited them). His name is Valdi (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi in Japanese), and he specialises in support. He can use Arts to heal the other party members, but also boost their abilities. As a War Medic (Healer), he can use an Art that heals all allies at once.

Valdi hails from Keves, and he’s a mechanic who excels at developing and maintaining weapons. His love for weapons is without equal… so much so that he gives a name to each and every weapon he puts his hands on. Maybe that love is the very reason he’s so skilled at developing quality weapons!

Today’s video shows part of a cutscene featuring Valdi. We see him attacking Noah and his companions for their being able to transform into Ouroboros. It looks like conflict is inevitable… But then, the situation takes an unexpected turn thanks to Manana!

[Check out the video called “Valdi cutscene” in the playlist above!]

June 6th

Today’s update shares some more details about Lanz. His class is Heavy Guard (in other words, a Defender). They can protect their allies with their large, shield-like weapon, and they’re also good at attracting the attention of enemies — in fact, Lanz has lots of different ways to do so. He will be a powerful shield to your party!

Lanz’s hobby? Muscle building! But listening in class isn’t really his forte… He’s a strong and reliable person with the strength to protect his friends!

[Check out the video called “Lanz cutscene” in the playlist above!]

June 3rd

Today’s update shares some details about an important feature in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Class Change. Once you’ve met certain conditions, you will be able to switch the class of the various party members. For example, you can have a Swordfighter become a Zephyr, therefore turning an Attacker into a Defender. You can switch classes at any time, so it’s recommended you try various setups!

Also, today’s update provides some details about another feature of the battle system: Cancelling.

When one of your attacks lands, you can immediately follow up with another Attack. If your timing is right, this will “cancel” the previous action, allowing you to chain attacks smoothly. You can easily tell if you’re successful, for the character you’re controlling will be surrounded by a circle of light if you did it right. Cancelling is pretty important as it makes it far easier for you to fill up the Chain Attack gauge, so make sure to Cancel attacks often!

[Check out the video called “Cancelling” in the playlist above!]

June 2nd

No update today, but instead, we got Vol. 4 of the Xenoblade Note blog posts. Click here to learn more about Arts (including Fusion Arts), Classes and Class Change, Chain Attacks, and more!

June 1st

Today’s update shares some details about another class: Zephyr (Defender). As a Zephyr, Mio can toy with enemies: her swift movements allow her to easily dodge attacks while counter-attacking with her twin rings weapon. As a Defender, she can make it so her allies are not targeted by enemies and don’t get incapacitated.

Mio is Agnus’ off-seer. She has a serious but gentle personality. It appears that she’s one year older than the other members of Noah’s group, which is why everyone seems to rely on her a lot. Her hobby? Keeping a diary!

[Check out the video called “Mio’s introduction” in the playlist above!]

May 31st

Starting today, Monolith Soft. will be sharing some more details about the key characters and their classes.

Each class has its own set of Arts. Noah is a Swordfighter, and an Attacker who specialises in offense. He’s a fairly balanced character, and truly shines against bosses and other powerful, unique monsters. Just make sure that enemies don’t target him too much, so that he can deal lots of damage.

Noah is a soldier who mourns his fellow soldiers who fell on the battlefield. His life has made him a very compassionate person, and even though there’s a risk he will sympathize with the enemy, his teammates consider him a trusted and reliable leader.

[Check out the video called “Noah cutscene” in the playlist above!]

May 30th

Today’s update shares some details about a returning feature from the original Xenoblade Chronicles game: Gems. They are powerful pieces of equipment that can boost your attack power, improve the recovery rate of your characters, and provide various boosts in battle. Each character can equip their own set of Gems.

Gems can be crafted from items found during your travels or obtained from enemies as drops after defeating them. To craft some Gems, talk to Riku at a Rest Spot. If you want to gain the upper hand in battle, make sure to craft and equip as many Gems as you can!

Also, today’s update gives us a look at another Talent Art: Gemini Strike, used by characters that belong to the Zephyr class (like Mio). This powerful Art is perfect when it comes to protecting the other party members, as it allows you to attract the enemy’s attention while evading their attacks.

[Check out the video called “Talent Art: Gemini Strike (Zephyr class)” in the playlist above!]

May 27th

Today’s update shares some more details about Cooking, and reveals that not all Rest Spots have a cooking area. Also, Manana may occasionally have some flashes of inspiration, and come up with ideas for new dishes. Taking a break from exploring Aionios in order to explore the culinary world sure sounds like fun!

Also, today’s update gives us a look at one of the Talent Arts: Overclock Buster. Used by characters belonging to the Swordfighter class, Overclock Buster allows you to stun enemies with a powerful blow. While an enemy is stunned, this Art will deal a lot more damage than usual, so make sure to always coordinate your attacks with the other party members who also have Arts that can stun enemies!

[Check out the video called “Talent Art: Overclock Buster (Swordfighter class)” in the playlist above!]

May 26th

Today’s update shares details about another returning feature from Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country: cooking!

It’s important to take breaks during your adventure, so make sure to make frequent stops at one of the Rest Spots. If you do, Manana will cook some delicious dishes for you… provided you bring her the required ingredients. Cooking is pretty important, as it can grant temporary bonuses like extra EXP or rewards at the end of battles depending on the dish you picked up.

And just like in real life, make sure to have a varied and balanced diet!

Also, today’s update shares some details about Talent Arts. They’re special Arts that are even more powerful than regular Arts, and unlike those, they do not charge automatically. In order to be able to use Talent Arts, you need to perform actions that correspond to your character’s Battle Role. For example, if the party member you’re controlling is an Attacker, attacking enemies from their flanks or their back will allow you to quickly fill up the Talent Arts gauges.

May 25th

Today’s update showcases another staple of Xenoblade Chronicles games: combos. Even powerful enemies can be defeated easily if you cooperate with the other party members, and connect the right Arts. Start with Break to break through their defenses, then Topple to make them fall down, and finally, finish with Daze to stun them.

[Check out the video called “Combos” in the playlist above!]

Next, we get some details about a returning feature from Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country: Rest Spots. Once you’ve discovered one, you can skip travel to it at any time, just like any other Landmark. Therefore, before you go and explore an area, it’s recommended to find a Rest Spot first.

May 24th

Today’s update shows us a cutscene featuring Isurd. This skilled strategist used to be Taion’s mentor, back when the two of them lived in the same Colony. They even used to trust each other…

[Check out the video called “Isurd cutscene” in the playlist above!]

May 23rd

Today’s update gives us a look at some of Mio’s Arts:

  • Butterfly Edge: a technique that allows you to have the enemy focus its attention on Mio. Mio is quite reliable as a Defender, since she can easily dodge enemy attacks with her swift movements.
  • Air Fang: this Art works best in combination with Butterfly Edge, as it greatly increases Mio’s attack power when she’s being targeted.

[Check out the video called “Mio’s Arts” in the playlist above!]

Also, today’s update mentions the Field Skills. There are some places in Aionios that can only be reached by walking on tightropes or by climbing walls. In order to perform those special actions, you need to learn Field Skills from specific characters. The more people you meet, the more Fields Skills you will be able to learn, and more of the world you will be able to explore!

May 20th

Today’s update shares some details about two of Noah’s Arts. His class is Swordfighter, and his Arts are quite effective when hitting enemies from the sides or the back:

  • Sword Strike: deal lots of damage when hitting an enemy from the sides
  • Edge Thrust: deal lots of damage when hitting an enemy from the back

[Check out the video called “Noah’s Arts” in the playlist above!]

Today’s update also shares details about a returning feature: Landmarks. You will find lots of them all around Aionos, and once you’ve discovered one, you can skip travel to it. There’s also some rare landmarks called “Secret Area”, and it’s up to you to find out what kind of places they are!

May 18th

Today’s update introduces two more regions of Aionios:

  • Great Cotte Falls: a region with a massive waterfall, and deep waters for you to swim in. You can see the Iron Giant of Colony Lamba (led by Isurd). The smell of imminent conflict hangs in the air…
  • Maktha Wildwood: a region covered in lush forests, with massive trees. The fruits you can harvest there are quite simply scrumptious! It may be a good idea for you to keep an eye out for ingredients during your travels.

May 17th

Today’s update introduces another key character: Isurd (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese), the commander of Colony Lambda and one of Agnus’ finest strategists. A straightforward man who has earned the respect of his subordinates. He is haunted by a certain event of his past — an event he feels guilty about.

In the past, Taion used to be his subordinate. Isurd had a lot of respect for him as fellow strategist, and so he taught him all he knew about tactics and the likes. So why is he now attacking his former protégé?

May 16th

Today’s update shares some details about additional party members.

As you progress through the story, you will encounter some special characters called “Heroes”. Those Heroes will join you party, and if they end up joining for good (which implies you have to “recruit” them first), they will fight alongside Noah and the others in battle as the 7th party member.

Here’s two of them:

  • Riku (voiced by Sayaka Senbongi in Japanese), a Nopon from Colony 9 in Keves (like Noah and his friends), who sports some rather thick eyebrows. Back at the colony, he’s a mechanic in charge of both item crafting and the maintenance of the Iron Giant. He’s a keen Nopon who always keeps his cool, no matter the situation, and the advice he provides Noah and the others is well worth heeding. Weapons need some maintenance? Riku is your man Nopon!
  • Manana (voiced by Aya Suzaki in Japanese), a Nopon who hails from Agnus and a companion of Mio and the others’. If her chef toque wasn’t clear enough, her specialty is cooking. Her skills are without pair, which is why it’s no big surprise she was in charge of cooking back at her former colony. Manana is literally obsessed with food, so if you come across something that could be used as an ingredient during your adventures, make sure to give it to Manana so that she can whip up one mouth-watering dish! Manana is bound to brighten your travels with her cheerful personality.

[Check out the video called “Riku and Manana’s introductions” in the playlist above!]

Riku and Manana take part in battle as a pair. Their battle role is Attacker, and they use their attacks to weaken enemies and change the flow of battle.

May 13th

Today’s update gives us a good look at two regions of the game:

  • Millick Meadows: vast, sprawling grasslands traversed by a river. Be careful, as many monsters can be found near that river, including some ferocious plant-like monsters that attack on sight! All that nature is a balm to the soul…
  • Eagus Wilderness: a desert area subjected to sandstorms. Unlike the Millick Meadows and their boundless nature, this is a harsh region for Noah and his friends, which is why you might want to spend some time at the oasis. It appears that a giant mechanical finger can be found somewhere in this region.

May 12th

Today’s update has more details about the battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

First, we have Arts. They’re significantly more powerful than auto-attacks, but once you’ve used them, you need to wait for the gauge to refill before you can use them again. Knowing when to use your various Arts is key!

Next, we have an extremely important feature for players who don’t want to be wrecked by a mob of angry monsters (especially when trying to defeat a Unique monster): Luring. Instead of charging ahead without thinking, it’s recommended you lure enemies away, so you can defeat them one by one.

[Check out the video called “Luring enemies” in the playlist above!]

May 11th

Today’s update is about enemy types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. There are 4 of them:

  • Normal
  • Elite: stronger than normal monsters
  • Unique: even stronger monsters, who have their own surname (like everyone’s favourite from Xenoblade Chronicles: Territorial Rotbart)
  • Lucky: they are more or less the same as Normal monsters (same strength, for example), but you’re more likely to get good drops by defeating them. Make sure to defeat any Lucky monster you come across!

You can tell at a glance the type of an enemy you’re facing by looking at the symbol to the left of its name (when targeting it).

May 10th

Today’s update introduces another character: Cammuravi (voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in Japanese). He’s the commander of Agnus’ Colony Delta.

His weapon of choice is a long, fiery spear. On the battlefield, he’s known as “Smolderin” due to his inferno-like ferocity. Cammuravi is a hot-headed man with the mindset and behaviour of a true warrior. He always fights battles honorably, and respects his enemies from Keves.

May 9th

Today’s update has some more details about the battle system, and more precisely target switch. Just like in past Xenoblade Chronicles games, the characters you’re not controlling will attack enemies on their own, automatically. When you’re fighting a lot of enemies at once, it’s recommended to switch targets and take enemies down one by one.

[Check out the video called “Target switch” in the playlist above!]

May 6th

Today’s update is about character switch. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will be able to switch characters on the fly while exploring the world, without having to head to any menu.

We also get some more details about Ethel. In the past, she went and saved Noah and his friends (who were child soldiers of Keves at the time) from an Agnus attack. Since that day, Noah and his friends have looked up to her. But then, why is she now treating them as enemies?

[Check out the video called “Character switch and Ethel cutscene” in the playlist above!]

May 2nd

Today’s update is about the Healing Circle. Eunie is a Medic Gunner, which means she can use that handy Art that allows you to heal allies from a distance. Any character standing inside that circle will recover HP gradually. Make sure to have an Attacker move inside the Healing Circle if their HP are running low!

Next: Revive. Healers can revive allies that have fallen in battle by moving next to them, and pressing + holding the A button. Only Healers can revive characters, so make sure they’re not the first to be incapacitated!

Finally, today’s update details a new element called Quick Move. It allows an Attacker to quickly jump to the side, which is pretty handy when you need to reposition them or when an ally needs some help. However, there’s a catch: this technique requires the Attacker to sheathe their Blade, preventing them from attacking for a few moments. Make sure to use this technique judiciously!

[Check out the video called “Revive and Quick Move” in the playlist above!]

April 28th

Today, another character is introduced: Ethel (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki in Japanese), who serves as the Military Commander of Keves’s Colony 4. She wields two slender swords. Stories are told of her subduing three colonies at once with just 100 soldiers. There isn’t anyone in Keves who hasn’t heard of “Silvercoat Ethel” (“Shirogane no Ethel” in Japanese).

Ethel is a woman of strong convitions, known for her intelligence. She has won the trust of many of her subordinates. Despite them being from Keves, she attacks Noah and his allies, going as far as calling them monsters.

April 26th and 27th

The latest Twitter updates are about the battle roles. Broadly speaking, there are 3 distinct roles, and naturally, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to keep those in mind in order to gain the upper hand in battle.

  • Attacker: their strength lies in attack. They can deal lots of damage by attacking enemies from their flanks or their back. They are at the very heart of your team’s offense, but their high attack power makes them highly likely to be targeted by enemies (making it harder for them to hit weak points). Attackers need to be able to avoid attacks in order to hit enemies from an advantageous position.
  • Defender: their strength lies in guarding and evading enemy attacks, but also in attracting the attention of enemies. They take enemy attacks head on, so that they don’t reach their allies. Attackers and Healers are likely to be targeted by enemies, which is why a Defender is a key member of the team as they can take heat off their allies!
  • Healer: they support the team by using skills to recover HP and boost the attack and defense of allies. They even revive allies that have run out of HP. Enemy attacks can chip away at your team’s HP real fast, which is why the Healer role is a crucial one!

[Check out the video called “Battle roles: Attacker, Defender, Healer” in the playlist above!]

In battle, when an enemy is targeting a character, a line called “Target Line” shows up on the screen. That line can be of two colours:

  • Red: if an Attacker or Healer (who are not as good at defense as Defenders) is being targeted, then the Target Line turns red. If that’s the case, you need to be careful!
  • Blue: if a Defender is being targeted, then the Target Line turns blue. That’s a good thing, as it means the enemy is targeting the characters with the best defense.

Attacker can deal lots of damage to enemies by attacking from their flanks or their back. If an Attacker is being targeted by an enemy, they might get in trouble, so you need to have a Defender step in to protect them as soon as possible. In order to gain the upper hand in battle, you really need to keep in mind the strengths and weakness of each battle role, and reposition your characters accordingly depending on the flow of battle.

April 25th

The latest Twitter update shares details about two characters:

  • a mysterious enemy seen in the second trailer. As Noah, Mio, and the others were fighting each others on the battlefield, this giant suddenly attacked them all. Just who is this extremely powerful enemy who belongs to neither Keves nor Agnus?
  • Guernica Vandham (voiced by Tesshou Genda in Japanese): an equally mysterious man who suddenly appears in front of Noah and the others as they’re fighting each others on the battlefield. He tells the group that their real enemy isn’t Keves or Agnus, and urges them to reach for “The Land Where the Giant Sword Lies.”

April 22nd

The latest Twitter update shares some details about the weapons soldiers of Keves and Agnus use in battle: Blades. Soldiers can materialise their own weapon at will. They can take various forms depending on their personal characteristics: swords, guns, shields, hammers, and more.

Aionios is home to a large number of monsters, and just like in past Xenoblade Chronicles games, it’s up to you to decide whether to battle them or not. To start the battle, simple take our your Blade! But you need to be careful: some enemies may be far too strong for you, and if that’s the case, it’s highly recommended you flee right away. Knowing which enemies you can take on and when to flee is key to survival!

Here’s the footage shared along with this update: [Check out the video called “Blades and Battles” in the playlist above!]

April 21st

The latest Twitter update gives us another look at the various Ouroboros you will be able to control in battle:

  • Noah and Mio’s Ouroboros wields a large and rather impressive sword
  • Lanz and Sena’s Ouroboros sports large shields on its arms, allowing it to fight while defending allies
  • Taion and Eunie’s Ouroboros can use powerful healing arts that can revive allies that have run out of HP.

Also, Monolith Soft. specifies that only specific pairs can Interlink and turn into an Ouroboros.

April 20th

The latest Twitter update shares details about what can be seen in the second trailer for the game.

In this trailer, we get to see Noah and Mio: they used to be enemies, but they suddenly find themselves targeted by the world. The six characters (Noah, Mio, Lanz, Sena, Eunie, and Taion) targeted by both Keves and Agnus decide to join forces in order to uncover the truth about their world, Aionios.

The trailer also showcases a new feature called Interlink, which allows two characters to fuse and turn into a giant form called Ouroboros. When they do, their strength increases dramatically, and they can use special techniques. You can trigger this fusion at any time during battle, but you can only hold it for a certain amount of time before you overheat (which cancels the fusion). Noah and Mio can fuse together, just like Lanz and Sena, and Eunie and Taion.

Finally, Monoltih Soft. shared an infographic showing the relationships between the various characters that appear in the trailer:

February 18th

The latest Twitter update introduces some more characters:

  • a mysterious man who, in the trailer, tells Noah, Mio, and the others that they are not enemies. He certainly looks familiar… And just what is that land where the giant sword stands?
  • the Nopon are back in Xenoblade Chronicles 3! There’s Riki and his brushy eyebrows, Manana and her chef toque, and others. What do those two look like in this game?

February 17th

The latest Twitter update shares details about Aionios, the world you will get to explore in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’s home to two hostile nations: Keves and Agnus. Just like in past games, there’s vast areas to explore with fields, oceans, and more… not to mention the usual giant creatures populating them. Players will be able to swim in the sea, but it looks like they will also be able to make use of some boat-like vehicle. It looks like you can even glide on tightropes to get around the world!

The armies of Keves and Agnus are both centered around huge mobile weapons called “Iron Giants”. There’s dozens of them in each country, and each own has its own regiment and living quarters.

The Iron Titans, where soldiers live, is called a Colony. Each colony is numbered, and has its own specific role such as manufacturing weapons instead of simply fighting.

February 16th

The third Twitter update introduces two more characters:

  • Eunie (voiced by Megumi Han in Japanese): an 18 years old soldier from Keves, who wields a gun-shaped staff called Gunrod in battle. A childhood friend of Noah and Lanz whose specialty lies in healing during battles. Those wings on her head sure feel familiar… Eunie is rather outspoken. She’s the rudest member of the group, but also a quick learner. She respects Noah, and she gets on well with Lanz because she can speaks her mind with him. She has a strong sense of responsibility towards her friends.
  • Taion (voiced by Ryouhei Kimura in Japanese): an 18 years old soldier from Agnus who wields a mysterious origami-like weapon called Katashiro. He loves it so much, he’s actually given it a nickname: Mondo! He’s a level-headed tactician who excels at providing support. The black glasses and the orange scarf he wears are his trademark. Tyon is an ally of Mio and Sena, who fully trust his insight and tactics. He can also be rather cautious, and tends to get blunt when his patience runs short.

February 15th

The second Twitter update introduces two more characters:

  • Lanz (voiced by Kousuke Tanabe in Japanese): an 18 years old soldier from Keves, just like Noah. His large physique is a definite plus in battle, especially when it comes to swinging around that huge sword of his (which can also be used as a shield). He’s a reliable ally who fights while protecting his friends. Lanz is a childhood friend of Noah, and due to a certain incident in their past, he’s vowed to protect his friend at all costs. Because of that vow, he often tends not to worry too much about his own life, and often acts rather recklessly.
  • Sena (voiced by Miyuki Satou in Japanese): an 18 years old soldier from Agnus, who wields a massive hammer in battle. She’s an ally of Mio. Her hair and parts of her body have a mysterious blue glow. Sena has spent a lot of time together with Mio, and she looks up to her like an older sister (she’s 1 year younger than her). Her hobby? Muscal training! She’s rather proud of her strength, and while she’s usually cheerful and full of energy, she’s rather shy and suffers from a lack of confidence.

February 14th

The first Twitter update introduces two key characters:

  • Noah (voiced by Ryouhei Arai in Japanese): an 18 years old soldier from Keves, whose bright red weapon will certainly feel familiar to fans of the Xenoblade Chronicles series. He’s not exactly the beefy type, but nonetheless, his physical strength truly is nothing to scoff at. The way he holds his weapon sort of makes him look like a Samurai. Noah is Keves’s off-seer, an individual who mourns for soldiers who have lost their lives on the battlefield. He has seen many friends die on that very battlefield, which is why he’s fighting against this world where the only way to survive lies in taking the lives of other people.
  • Mio (voiced by Minami Tsuda in Japanese): an 19 years old soldier from Agnus, who wields twin rings as weapons. Her speed is without pair, which is why dodging attacks is her specialty. She has a pair of really distinctive ears. Just like Noah, she’s an off-seer. She’s a sincere and kind person, well-liked by her peers, but she does have the tendency to keep her problems to herself.

In this world where people live to fight, and fight to live, you never really know when you or your friends will lose their lives. The sound of Noah and Mio’s flutes is both beautiful and sad, and has sent off countless souls.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch) comes out on July 29th worldwide.

Source: Monolith Soft. (Twitter)



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