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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed, the story expansion included in Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass, comes out on April 25th (North America) / April 26th (Europe, Japan). Just like they did for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Monolith Soft. are sharing some details, pictures, and videos via social media.

And on this page, you will find everything they shared in one place: new details, pictures, and videos! Naturally, we will keep updating this page as soon as something new is shared, so make sure to keep checking back!

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Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos for Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed (and Xenoblade Chronicles 3) in one place:

April 25th

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed, Matthew uses a device called “Ex-Device”* This device reacts when a City survivor is nearby, and signals its location with sound and light. Use those signals as guides to find and rescue survivors! Do so, and the people you rescue will help you in your journey.

When at a Rest Spot, you can ask Nikol to mod the Ex-Device using various materials. You can add features that will prove useful while exploring the world or in battle. Do note that the Ex-Device doesn’t just serve to locate and rescue survivors, it can also be used to get information about undiscovered areas, and analyse information about enemies.

Just like the main game, Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed features an Affinity Chart, and the various characters Matthew and co. meet during their journey are recorded in it. As a matter of fact, you earn Affinity Points when new characters are added to the Affinity Chart, so it’s highly recommended you talk to everyone you meet!

On the Affinity Chart, all the registered characters have their own profile card. Each card features a number of Affinity Challenges* (like clearing a certain quest, for example), and if you complete them all, your bond with that character will deepen, earning you even more Affinity Points. Try to make lots of friends and complete all their challenges!

And that’s not all! Future Redeemed also features “Affinity Views”*: special events that occur at specific spots in the world. You can enjoy a conversation with Matthew and the other characters while admiring the sceneries of Aionios. You also get some Affinity Points as bonus, so make sure to check them all!

Rinka* (voiced by Ryou Hirohashi in Japanese) is an intelligent soldier who fights alongside Rex. She’s cautious and sensitive. She has lots of respect for Rex, that she considers her teacher, but she often scolds him for acting recklessly.

Finally, some details about Rex’s class: Master Driver*. Weapon: Aegis Swords. Battle Role: Attacker. A class that allows you to unleash continuous slashes with two great swords, and crush enemies with powerful critical attacks. Talent Art: Infinity Blade*. A powerful attack that nullifies guard and deals damage that bypasses the enemy’s defense.

* official English names TBC.

April 24th

Chain Attacks are powerful attacks where all the party members get to chip in. During a Chain Attack, if the two characters that make up a Unity complete an Order, then you will be able to select a “Unity Order” next. Completing it will unleash a powerful special move that also puts an end to the Chain Attack.

Speaking of Chain Attacks, equipping certain accessories allows you to change the effects of Completion Bonuses and Heroic Chains. Those effects are stronger than the basic ones, so it’s highly recommended to equip those accessories!

While exploring the world, you will sometime come upon Enemy Bases. You can get rewards by attacking them and defeating all the monsters. Be careful though: you will be facing lots of enemies at once, so be prepared for a long and arduous fight!

Future Redeemed also a features a new type of enemies known as “Fog Rifts” (official English name TBC). The moment they spot you, those special enemies start summoning Fogbeasts one after the other, so be extra careful.

Next, we have details about another new character: Panacea (official English name TBC) (voiced by Akeno Watanabe in Japanese). A soldier who fights alongside Shulk. A strong-willed and honest woman. She seems to have lots of respect for Shulk, and calls him “Master”. In the video below, we can see her fighting against Glimmer.

Finally, some details about Shulk’s class: Grand Soldier. Weapon: Monado・R・EX/Kai (official English name TBC). Battle role: Defender. Their fighting style revolves around anticipating enemy attacks and evading them. A great class for attack and support. Talent Art: Monado Buster. Deals damage that bypasses an enemy’s defense, and deals extra damage when in an Awakened state.

April 21st

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed, there are two ways for you to grow your characters. Of course, there’s the usual Levels found in most RPGs, but also a brand new system called Affinity Goals. By performing various actions, like defeating specific enemies or collecting items, you will gain Affinity Points. You can then use those Points to make Matthew and co. stronger.

To do so, simply head to the Affinity Goals screen from the main menu. One thing to keep in mind about Affinity Points is that they’re shared between all party members (unlike EXP), so you have to think carefully about how you will spend those precious points!

One way to collect Affinity Points is by filling up the Collectopaedia. Items collected while exploring the world are catalogued in there, and you earn Affinity Points by collecting a certain number of each.

And if you think that collecting items is a bit too “passive” for you, you will definitely like the Enemypedia. The various enemies you defeat during your explorations are catalogued in there, and just like the Collectopaedia, you get points by filling it up (which is done by defeating specific enemies a certain number of times).

Next, we get details about two familiar characters:

  • N (voiced by Ryouhei Arai in Japanese) is a Moebius. He attacks the City, and points his blade at Ghondor. He does so on Z’s orders.
  • Z (voiced by Akio Ootsuka in Japanese) is the leader of the Moebius. He’s the one who pushes N to attack the City. Strangely enough, he’s seen fighting alongside Shulk and Rex in a cutscene. How could that be?
  • Riku (voiced by Ayaka Senbongi in Japanese) is a curious Nopon with thick eyebrows. He’s a member of the Liberators, just like Shulk and Rex. Wait a second, is that really the same Riku?… Just like in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Riku is a skilled mechanic — so skilled, in fact, that he’s the one who built Shulk’s prosthetic arm. Also, if you want to strengthen your weapons, Riku’s your man Nopon. Head to Riku’s workshop, give him the required money and materials and he will work his “magic.” Speaking of materials, you can obtain them from treasures chests and Unique monsters all over the world. Oh, and that hammer of his certainly feels familiar…

Finally, we get details about two more classes:

  • Machinist (Nikol). Weapon: Variable Backpack. Battle Role: Defender. Make full use of the Variable weapon, and activate various effects when attacking and guarding. Talent Art: Total Destruction. Not only does it deal damage that bypass the enemy’s defenses, it also reduces the amount of damage taken by the user while performing this Art.
  • Souenshi (Glimmer). Weapon: Cane. Battle Role: Healer. A healer who can play music to heal allies. Can make use of various effects depending on the melody played. When their Talent Art lands, all allies recover their HP.

April 20th

If you’ve already played Xenoblade Chronicles 3, then you’re familiar with the various battle roles: Attacker, Defender, and Healer. Those are back in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed, and play an equally central role in the battle system. And of course, you still get to use Arts: powerful techniques that grant various effects when used.

Future Connected also introduces Ouroboros Powers: those are stronger than regular Arts, and can be assigned to the directional buttons (left side of the screen). Ouroboros Powers can be “fused” with regular Arts in order to get additional effects. Which effects you get depend on the combination of Ouroboros Power and Art you go with. Also, such a fusion seems to trigger some sort of aura…

When two characters team up in battle, they can unleash powerful special moves known as “Unity Combos”. To do so, you first need to get in the Rising state, and then hit an enemy with a special move. Using regular Arts allows you to refill the gauge for special moves.

About Unity Combos: depending on the characters used, you will get different attacks dealing a different amount of damage and with a different range. Also, Unity Combos are quite handy when dealing with tough monsters, as they always deal Smash, Burst, or Blowdown. Finally, the two characters who trigger a Unity Combo will enter an Awakened state.

Next, we have details about another character: Ghondor (voiced by Bin Shimada). He’s Matthew and Na’el’s grandfather. He was a driving force behind the creation of the City, which is why everyone trust him. Ghondor took great care of his two grandchildren, and is more than ready to fight.

Next, some details about two classes:

  • Martial Artist (Matthew). Weapon: Ouroboros Knuckles. Battle role: Attacker. A class to crush the enemy with consecutive hits, without giving them a chance to fight back. Its Talent Art is Gigantic Beat, which grants 50% recharge for all Arts when it lands.
  • Monado Fencer (A). Weapon: Monado. Battle role: Healer. An offensive healer who hunts down enemies with sharp slashes. Its Talent Art is Vision, which prevents enemies from attacking the party for a certain amount of time. Also, while Vision is active, you can unleash “Vanishing End”, which hits all enemies at once!

Finally, the video below shows a “new” region that players will get to explore in Future Redeemed. It may be somewhere on Aionos, but which region could that be?

April 19th

Nintendo and Monolith Soft. have announced that Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which includes the Future Redeemed story expansion, will launch on April 25th (North America) / April 26th (Europe, Japan). Make sure to check out this post for a trailer, lots of details, some footage, a music track, and a couple of amiibo announcements!

Future Redeemed serves as a prequel to Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and features new protagonists. It’s a brand new story that connects all three main Xenoblade Chronicles games.

Here’s the main characters of this story expansion:

  • Matthew (voiced by Junya Enoki in Japanese) is a young man who belongs to the City, an organisation that opposes Moebius. A rather straightforward person with a caring personality who’s looking for his sister, Na’el, who has gone missing. His Blade is special: it was given to him by his grandfather, Ghondor. It has a special function: it can serve as an Ouroboros Stone, though it’s more limited than the real deal.
  • A (voiced by Rina Satou in Japanese) wields a slim red sword, and works with Matthew. She’s a rather composed person who always thinks things through carefully. She’s the perfect partner for Matthew, who tends to act first and think later! In fact, she often scolds him for rushing on ahead without thinking. They work surprisingly well together, don’t you think?
  • Nikol (voiced by Kisamu Ono in Japanese) is a soldier from Keves, and a great mechanic. A calm and reserved person who always get carried away whenever he starts talking about machines. He fights using not a Blade, but a set of mechanical arms. Despite hailing from Keves, Nikol doesn’t really like fighting at all…
  • Glimmer (voiced by Shino Shimoji in Japanese) is a soldier from Agnus, who fights using a cane. A strong-willed woman who can be pretty harsh with others. Unable to accept the truth of the world, she goes and act on her own… Glimmer leads a team of Agnian soldiers, and ends up confronting Nikol on the battlefield.
  • Shulk (voiced by Shintarou Asanuma in Japanese) is a kind-hearted man wielding a familiar red sword. He lost his right arm in some past battle, and replaced it with a prosthethic one. He can only use his left hand to wield his large sword. In the video below, we can see Shulk protecting Glimmer. Could he truly be THE Shulk?
  • Rex (voiced by Hiro Shimoni in Japanese) is an imposing man wielding not one, but two massive swords. He’s a lively and frank person, and together with Shulk, he’s at the head of an organisation called Liberator. He lost his left eye during a past battle. In the video below, we can see Rex jumping in to protect Nikol and the others. Rex sure grew up into a fine, cool man!
  • Na’el (voiced by Akari Kitou in Japanese) is Matthew’s little sister. A kind woman who takes care of the children of the City. She went missing following a certain event… As you can see in the video below, Na’el cares about the children more than anything else, and is exceedingly kind.
  • ???: a mysterious man who appears in front of Shulk and Rex. He certainly looks familiar, but who is he?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch) is now available worldwide!

Source: Monolith Soft.


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