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Mighty No. 9: sound creator profiles


On Friday, the developers of Mighty No. 9 posted another update for the game on the official blog. This time, they introduced the various composers who worked on the soundtrack: there’s four of them, and fans of (Japanese) video games definitely know (some of) them pretty well.

Manami Matsumae


– Lead composer
– Song supervision/creation
– BGM for the main theme, opening stage, No. 2 stage, No. 3 stage, No. 5 stage, No. 8 stage, the Call stage, the penultimate stage, the epilogue, etc.

Ippo Yamada

– Sound production
– Supervising voice recording
– BGM for No. 1 stage, No. 6 stage, the last stage, stage select screen, boss battles, last boss, etc.

Takashi Tateishi

– No. 7 stage BGM

Masahiro Aoki, aka. Godspeed

– No. 4 stage BGM
– Other guitar arrangements

If you head over to the game’s official blog, you can read more about those composers, including a message from each of them!

There’s also a new video, with a preview of a track by each of the composers:

They also posted a short preview of the ending theme a few days ago: you’ll find it on the official blog!

There’s also a couple of additional screenshots:

Finally, here’s a look Golden Beck, the reward for fans who pledged at least 60$ on Kickstarter during the funding campaign:

Mighty No. 9 (Wii U) comes out on September 15th in North America, and September 18th in Europe. The Nintendo 3DS version will come out at a later date.


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