Jools Watsham/Atooi reveals Chicken Wiggle for the Nintendo 3DS

On Monday, we learned that Renegade Kid was no more, but that its co-founders (Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove) would keep making game at their own companies. And today, Jools Watsham revealed its first Nintendo 3DS Made in Atooi: Chicken Wiggle. It’s a Nintendo 3DS platformer, which will be released “soon” via the Nintendo eShop.

The game stars a young chicken and his best buddy (a wiggly worm), who have to jump, peck, and worm-grapple across many levels in order to save their friends, kidnapped by a wicked witch (who was considerable enough to bring them… at the top of her sky towers). Naturally, it will not be a walk in the park: the levels are filled with tricky hazards, and sneaky foes, but also fun gadgets.

But that’s not all: Chicken Wiggle will feature a level-editor, described as user-friendly by Jools Watsham. But user-friendly does not mean basic: it will also offer players the option to choose among different gameplay rules, and art themes. It will also provide custom hints, tips, and search tags. Levels are then shared online via the community portal.

User-made levels can be downloaded and played (for free), and of course, you can rate them if you want. There will be several categories for levels:

  • Atooi official
  • popular
  • latest
  • etc.

To find levels to play, you will also be able to use your own search tag, or enter a specific level ID (if you want to play the level a friend made).

Here’s a teaser video and some screenshots from the WIP build (which will be playable at PAX West this week-end!):

Chicken Wiggle (3DS eShop) will be released “soon”. It has been added to our Upcoming Releases page!

Source: Atooi


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