Dragon Ball Fusions now releasing on November 22nd in North America

Developed by Ganbarion, Dragon Ball Fusions is a RPG taking place in the Dragon Ball universe, and fusions are one of the central elements (hence the title). Released in August in Japan, the game was announced for North America and Europe back in September, with the former getting it on December 13th, and the latter having to wait until February 2017.

Well, it turns out Bandai-Namco have changed their plans regarding the North American release: Dragon Ball Fusions is now releasing on November 22nd in North America. You read that right: the game comes out in just a week in North America! Unfortunately, the European release remains unchanged: fans will have to wait until February.

Bandai-Namco didn’t explain why the North American release date was moved forward, but we can assume the company didn’t want to miss Black Friday (especially not with the $99 New Nintendo 3DS packs!).

Here’s the main features of the game, courtesy of Amazon.com [NB: affiliate link]


  • AVATAR – Create your own avatar and participate in a totally new experience in the Dragon Ball universe
  • FLY – Fly to the Dragon Ball flying island to progress through the story and discover new missions
  • FUSIONS – Gather the strongest fighters to fuse them together and get powerful new characters; hundreds of different combinations are possible
  • RPG – The gameplay is based on a “Rock-Scissors-Paper” RPG system getting deeper the more you progress into the story
  • PHOTO FUSIONS – Take pictures with your friends and fuse into a Dragon Ball character


Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS) comes out on November 22nd in North America, and February 2017 in Europe. Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Bandai-Namco


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