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Devil’s Third will be published by Nintendo in North America, coming out in Q4

North American release

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Earlier this month, we got wind of rather interesting regarding Devil’s Third in North America, with Unseen64 claiming Nintendo had dropped all plans for a North American release for Tomonobu Itagaki’s latest game. A few hours later, Siliconera “confirmed” the rumour, and claimed that the game had been picked up by a publisher well-known by their readers (most likely XSEED).

And yesterday, Nintendo of America finally made an official statement: in a press release, the company confirmed that it would publish Devil’s Third in North America, but in Q4 2015. But that’s not all: we also learn that Valhalla Games will also release Devil’s Third Online on… PC. It’s actually a Free 2 Play version, without the Single Player (which is a Wii U-exclusive).

Unfortunately, we don’t know if players from both versions will be able to play together, or if the multiplayer will be segmented, with Wii U and PC players on their own, separate servers. Also, we most likely won’t know the whole truth behind the North American before a long while, and certainly not straight from Nintendo.

Source: Nintendo PR


On Facebook, Tomonobu Itagaki gave some ‘technical’ details about the game:

– 30FPS
– No Splitscreen (local or online)
– No Voice Chat (apparently because the game is using all the bandwidth with all 16 players in each match).
– Wii U Pro controller recommended
– USB keyboard recommended
– LAN Connection recommended

He also explained why he doesn’t recommend using the Wii U GamePad to play the game:

– the face buttons are positionned too close to each other, so you might accidently press the wrong one;
– the two control sticks are too far from each other;
– the GamePad is too heavy. According to Itagaki, Devil’s Third is meant to be played on long periods of time, which is why he advises players against using the GamePad (which is significantly heavier than the Wii U Pro Controller).

Devil’s Third (Wii U) comes out on August 4th in Japan, August 28th in Europe and in Q4 2015 in North America.

Source: Facebook


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