Super Robot Wars BX: details and scan for the protagonist and the heroine

This week, Super Robot Wars BX is featured in Famitsu magazine, which will reveal some major characters: the protagonist and the heroine. And as always, we don’t have to wait until the magazine is out before getting (some of) the details, thanks to the usual leaks.

Super Robot Wars BX

Here’s the two characters:

– Youta Hiiragi (the progonist, who is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka): a young man who is actually more grown-up than he looks. He has a lot of respect for the Super Robot and the Earth Federation Armies, who are both protecting the public order. Despite the fact that he’s a pretty normal person, without any special abilities, he still throws himself into battle in the name of justice.

He uses a mecha called Falsaber, which is voiced by Masaki Terasoma.

– Yuki Hiiragi (the heroine, who is voiced by Mai Nakahara): a young women living at Youta Hiiragi’s place for the past six months. For some reason, she has lost her memory, which is why she is struggling with the ways of the world and what is considered common knowledge. She’s a really bright and straightforward person, who has a keen interest in ruins and ancient civilisations.

Here’s the scan from Famitsu magazine:

Super Robot BX (3DS) comes out on August 20th in Japan.
Source: Famitsu
Via: Zaregoto / Gematsu


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