Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – 14th Fishing Tourney (Monochromatic Cat)

As announced a few weeks ago, the 14th Fishing Tourney is now live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! It takes place in Salt Water Shores this time around, but the goal is still to catch as many tourney fish as you can, before bringing them to Chip in order to earn in-game trophies and prizes (including pitchplumes) based on the number and size of the fish.

This 14th Fishing Tourney event runs from May 24th to May 29th. If you earn a trophy during the event, you can pick it up between May 29th and May 30th from your mailbox (you will get to see the tophy-award scene then. NB: the trophy pick-up period now lasts only 24h). You can pick up your trophy from your mailbox after the tourney has ended, but then there will be no award scene.

This event is part of the Feather Fury Seasonal Event.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Fishing Tourney: How to play

As mentioned above, the goal of this event is to catch as many little fishies as you can. But there’s a “catch”: only tourney fish will count, and those are only found in Saltwater Shores.

Here’s the various types of tourney fish:

  • atlantic mackerel
  • pacific saury
  • sea bass

Fortunately, those are pretty easy to spot: they have a sparkling shadow in the water. Using those fish, you can complete tasks, and then earn various rewards. The fish respawn every 3 hours, and there’s nothing you can do to make them respawn faster (no, using the Golden Fishing Rod doesn’t do anything). You can catch them up to 6-9 times per spawn.

Once you’ve caught some fish, you can bring them to Chip, who will measure them for you. If you reach a total-size goal (ie: total size of all the fish caught during the event), then you will be able to earn some sweet rewards. You also get a special conversation with Chip if you reach the gold rank for your trophy! And if you keep catching fish after that, you can get a special reward: the black-cat costume (but also reissue material and reissue material maps)!

There’s also various Chip Challenges for you to tackle, and completing those will allow you to get some more sweet rewards! To claim them, simply press the Claim button next to them in the Chip Challenges list (available from the fishing tourney menu, that you can find by talking to Chip).

By the way, you can sometimes catch not one, but two tourney fish with the regular fishing rod (regular fish is still one at a time).

But if you go talk to Chip, and are willing to part with a few Leaf Tickets, you can rent the gold rod: this allows you to catch 2 tourney fish at once every time, but only if there’s some available in the area (again, this does not work for regular fish). You can rent it until the very end of the tourney, but you first need to catch a tourney fish by yourself. Of course, after the event has ended, you get your regular fishing rod back.

If you really want to catch lots of fish at once, you have to use the tourney throw net (NB: they now carry over to the next event). There’s two types:

  • tourney throw net (available as reward for completing Chip Challenges and various other tasks)
  • lg. tourney throw net (requires Leaf Tickets)

Once the fishing tourney is over, all players will get a trophy as long as they have turned in at least one tourney fish. The size of the trophy changes depending on the total size of all the fish caught during the event. You have to pick it up between May 29th and May 30th, from your mailbox. It will then stay in your mailbox even after the pick-up period has ended, but if you wait too long, your records may not be recorded properly on it.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Fishing Tourney: Rewards

Here’s the various types of rewards available during the event (awarded randomly):

Chip Challenge Prizes (can only be collected while the event is live!)

Fishing Tourney Trophies

  • wood fish trophy: 10 to 399.9cm
  • bronze fish trophy: 400 to 1 849.9cm
  • silver fish trophy: 1 850 to 6 499.9cm
  • gold fish trophy: over 6 500cm

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Fishing Tourney: additional notes

Some quick notes about the event:

  • as you can imagine, tourney fish can only be caught during fishing tournaments
  • remaining tourney fish not given to Chip before the end of the event will simply disappear
  • the following will no longer be available once the event is over: tourney throw net, golden rod (has to be rented at each fishing tourney), fish caught during the tourney (NB: if you still have fish in your inventory during the trophy pick-up period, it will be automatically measured and reflected in your total-size record. If turning those fish would have earned you some rewards, they will be automatically sent to your mailbox)

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