Xenoblade Chronicles X: first update available (Ver. 1.0.1), Accolades Trailer

Xenoblade Chronicles XXenoblade Chronicles X – Ver. 1.0.1

Xenoblade Chronicles X came out yesterday in Europe and North America, and it received a Day 1 Patch. This update brings the game to Ver. 1.0.1, and shouldn’t take very long to download. It doesn’t brings any notable changes, just the usual “enhancements” to improve the gameplay experience. In other words, some very minor bugs and various typos have been fixed!

Here’s the “changelog” for Ver. 1.0.1:

  • Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment

To download this update, you have two options:

  • lets the Wii U do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated. You should have the latest version installed the next time you launch the game;
  • if you don’t have automatic downloads activated, you simply have to launch the game from the Home Menu (not the Quick Start Menu) while being connected to the internet. The update will then be downloaded and installed.

By the way, this update is different from Ver. 1.0.1 for Japan (as indicated by the letter after the version number in Europe and North America), as the changes/fixes from Ver. 1.0.1J and Ver. 1.0.2J are already included in the base game.

Accolades Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X, highlighting the praise it received from various reviewers:

Source: Nintendo


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