Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: two new Rare Blades releasing today (inc. Elma), more Torna ~ The Golden Country footage

Surprise! The latest DLC Pack for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is releasing today, and it adds two new Rare Blades… including Elma, from Xenoblade Chronicles X. There’s also some more footage for Torna ~The Golden Country to check out!

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Daily Briefs (Mar. 15): Nintendo – FY Earnings Release / Xenoblade Chronicles X Model Kit

Today’s Daily Briefs: date for Nintendo’s Fiscal Year Earnings Release, the Xenoblade Chronicles X Model Kit now available on Play-Asia, and much more!

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Daily Briefs (March 8) – Xenoblade Chronicles X: 1/48 Formula Plastic Model

Today’s Daily Briefs: 1/48 Formula Plastic Model for Xenoblade Chronicles X, an interview for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and more!

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