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Xenoblade Chronicles X: first update available (Ver. 1.0.1)

Xenoblade X

Xenoblade Chronicles X came out back on April 29th, but it’s only today that Nintendo and Monolith Software released the first update for the game. What’s new for this version 1.0.1 of the game? Unfortunately, not much, as the developers simply fixed a bunch of things, and didn’t add anything.

Here’s the list of changes for this version 1.0.1 of Xenoblade Chronicles X:

– sorting for Dolls / Skells was adjusted, so that the feature is easier to use;
– the calculation method for Union Grams was adjusted, so that they’re not influenced by the amount of players in a given union;
– various fixes meant to improve the gameplay experience, but as usual, the developers didn’t give any more details about those.

To update Xenoblade Chronicles X to version 1.0.1, you have two options:

– let the Wii U do its thing: if you have automatic downloads activated, you should have the latest version the next time you launch the game;
– launch the game from the Wii U Menu (not the Quick Start Menu): it will launch the update process, and all you have to do is a wait a few moment for the update to be downloaded and installed.

To check out that you have the latest version of the game, all you need to do is launch Xenoblade Chronicles X. You should see the following at the center of the screen:

Xenoblade Chronicles X 101

Also, Nintendo warns that this update is mandatory for using the online features of the game.

Source: Nintendo
Thanks Parakeetman for the help with translation.


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