eShop news (March 29): Demon Turf / Katana Zero

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Demon Turf announced for the Nintendo Switch, even more content for the Katana Zero DLC (free), some screenshots for Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, release window for Sky: The Children of the Sky, and G-Mode Archives Majou Musume Princess and Secret Neighbor announced for the Nintendo Switch!

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Indie World (August 19): all the announcements

During the first Indie World presentation in English, Nintendo showcased quite a lot of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch within the next few months!

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Daily Briefs (June 8, Round 2): R.B.I. Baseball 18 / Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Today’s Daily Briefs (Round 2): release dates for R.B.I. Baseball 18, E3 2018 trailer for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, plenty of screenshots for God Wars: The Complete Legend, latest trailer for V-Rally 4, TV Commercial for Pro Yakyuu Famista Evolution, Limited Run Games release for Slime-san, possible reprint for Cave Story+, latest set of screenshots for Dragon Quest X, and latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video!

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BitSummit Vol. 6: line-up of Nintendo Switch games (inc. previously unannounced games)

On this page, you will find the list of Nintendo Switch games that will be playable at BitSummit Vol. 6 next month in Japan (on May 12th and May 13th), including many unannounced games!

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eShop news (Feb. 12): SteamWorld Dig 2 / The Takeover / Fe / Save me Mr Tako / Slime-san

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: SteamWorld Dig 2 releasing on Nintendo 3DS next week, completed intro for The Takeover, latest devblog posts for Fe and Save me Mr Tako, free DLC for Slime-san, more details and screenshots for Shelter Generations on Nintendo Switch, latest video clips for Yoku’s Island Express, Feudal Alloy, Xeodrifter, and Hyper Sentinel, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom getting a retail release in North America, retail release cancelled for Worms W.M.D., and screenshots for the latest Order Land update and DLC!

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