Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Wonder World Vol. 4: Wonder Effect + new commercials, Mario Movie theatrical re-run, and more merchandise

In the wake of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Nintendo started sharing some more details about the game via a series of “Topics” posts called Wonder World. Most of it is a recap of information shown during the Nintendo Direct, but it does feature some additional details and screenshots.

Vol. 1: click here!
Vol. 2 (Characters): click here!
Vol. 3 (Power-Ups): click here!
Vol. 4 (Wonder Effects): you’re reading it!

In Wonder World Vol. 4, the focus is on the Wonder Effects.

While exploring the Flower Kingdom, you will come across Wonder Flowers. Those mysterious flowers possess some equally mysterious powers. They tap on the energy of the land in order to grow, unleashing their magical powers as they do so. Due to this, they bloom in different colours depending on the region they grew in.

Unsurprisingly, Bowser takes an interest in those flowers (or rather, in their mystical powers!), and so crashes the party Mario and co. were invited to in order to steal them. Upon touching one, he merges with the Flower Kingdom’s castle. Then, using his newfound powers, he wreaks havoc throughout the Kingdom, causing mysterious phenomenons to occur.

When exploring a course, touching a Wonder Flower will cause a Wonder Effect to occur: pipes start moving like inchworms; rainbow Bullet Bills rain down from the sky; players are sent skydiving; King Boo shows up and starts chasing Mario and co.; the course fills up with bright, colourful bubbles; the perspectives changes (walls become the floor, etc.); hordes of enemies show up, the very terrain changes, and more.

The mysterious powers of Wonder Flowers can completely change a level: its layout, its atmosphere, and even its enemies. But that’s not all: the Wonder Effect can also affect Mario and co, causing them to transform! For example, they can be inflated like human balloons (causing them to float in the air), turned into spiked balls, transformed into Goombas, elongated, and more.

When a Wonder Effect is triggered, your goal is to keep moving through the course and reach the Wonder Seed. Grabbing it will cause the course to return to normal. However, the Wonder Effect may end before you get your hand on the Wonder Seed, in which case you will have to try again because collecting them is pretty important.

Indeed, you will need to collect a certain number of Wonder Seeds in order to progress through the game. For example, some courses may only be unlocked using the power of those Wonder Seeds.

Poplin is the name of the people who inhabit the Flower Kingdom. Their head blooms when they’re happy! They operate Poplin Shops that can be found throughout the Flower Kingdom. They occasionally sell Wonder Seeds, and you can buy them if you ever find yourself short of seeds (to open up the next level for example). Naturally, quantities are limited!

And speaking of Poplin Shops, the only currency they accept is Flower Coins!

And alongside this new Wonder World post, Nintendo has shared three more commercials for the game. Unlike those revealed last week, those are live-action commercials (though they do share a fair amount of gameplay footage!):

And to celebrate the upcoming launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Toho have announced that the Super Mario Bros. Movie is getting a limited theatrical re-run in Japan.

The movie is already available on Blu-Ray + DVD and streaming/digital, but from October 13th to October 19th, theatres across the country will offer 4D screenings (and only 4D screenings!). The list of participating theatres can be found on this page.

Anyone who goes to one of these screening will receive an exclusive clear file:

And here’s a video message from Mamoru Miyano (who voices Mario in Japanese):

And finally, Nintendo has revealed more merchandise from the 7-Eleven campaign:

  • Mario and Luigi hat bottle caps: one cap given to people buying participating drinks in stores
  • A4 Clear Files (4 types): one clear file given to people buying two participating ice creams
  • Stickers (4 types): one sticker to people buying two onigiri

Nintendo also revealed some collab. goodies:

  • Fire Mario Spicy Tomato Noodles (246 Yen); includes 1 sticker (12 types)
  • Yoshi’s Green Veggie Potato Noodles (203 Yen); includes 1 sticker (12 types)
  • Yoshi Egg Canned Crunch Chocolate (950 Yen); contain 3 green crunch chocolate (melon flavoured) and 2 pink crunch chocolate (strawberry flavoured). Available in green and pink egg tin.
  • Princess Peach Biscuit Sandwich Strawberry Shortcake Flavour (159 Yen)
  • Spicy Bowser’s shell-shaped crackers (194 Yen)
  • Boo-shaped ramune candies (159 Yen)
  • Hi-Chew Premum Mario Red Apple Flavour (173 Yen)

And from October 12th to October 25th, people who present the 7-Eleven app and make a purchase of 700 Yen (or more) will be able to enter a lottery and try to win some exclusive goodies:

  • Stainless Bottle (requires 3 purchases)
  • ? Block Stool (requires 5 purchases)

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) comes out on October 20th worldwide.

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