Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Wonder World Vol. 3: Power-Ups + new video

In the wake of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Nintendo started sharing some more details about the game via a series of “Topics” posts called Wonder World. Most of it is a recap of information shown during the Nintendo Direct, but it does feature some additional details and screenshots.

Vol. 1: click here!
Vol. 2 (Characters): click here!
Vol. 3 (Power-Ups): you’re reading it!

Today, Nintendo shared Vol. 3 of its Wonder World series of blog posts for the game. But before that, here’s the latest video for the game, showcasing some of the many wonders you will encounter in Super Mario Bros. Wonder:

In Wonder World Vol. 3, the focus is on Power-Ups.

Just like in past 2D titles, Mario and friends can use various Power-Ups to gain special abilities. Super Mario Bros. Wonder features several new and returning Power-Ups, such as:

Super Mario

First introduced in the very first Super Mario Bros. game, Super Mushrooms turn Small Mario into Super Mario. This Power-Up allows you to break brick blocks that cannot be destroyed as Small Mario, which is done by either jumping into them or by using a Ground Pound. And in order to further power up, you need to keep Super Mario until you can get your hands on a more powerful Power-Up.

Elephant Mario

When you get your hands on an Elephant Fruit, you can turn into Elephant Mario. This Power-Up allows you to hit enemies by flinging your trunk around, break multiple blocks at once, or dash across levels while waving your trunk around (sending flying anything on your path). Also, you can suck water and store it inside your trunk in order spray it in various places (try it on Talking Flowers!).

Also, because of his size, Elephant Mario can dash across gaps that are two-blocks wide, but no need to worry: you can still use Pipes!

Bubble Mario

Grab a Bubble Flower to turn into Bubble Mario. With this Power-Up, you can blow bubbles that float around the stage and trap enemies. Alternatively, you can use them as footholds to jump even higher and reach tall places.

Those bubbles are quite handy, and can be used to defeat enemies you normally wouldn’t be able to (including those hiding behind walls!). Also, believe it or not, those bubbles have a faint tracking feature, and will home in on nearby enemies when unleashed.

Drill Mario

Want to turn into Drill Mario? A Drill Mushroom is what you need! While using this Power-Up, your character wears a drill helmet, protecting you from enemies that attack from above (be careful, as you’re still vulnerable from the sides!). Also, you can use the drill to dig through breakable blocks in one hit, and move around the ground and ceiling like a mole.

Fire Mario

Another Power-Up that first appeared in the original Super Mario Bros. game: Fire Mario. Grab a Fire Flower, and you will be able to throw fireballs to defeat enemies. You can do so while crouching or spin-jumping, too! You can throw up to two fireballs in a row, so you need to think carefully about when to throw them.

Invicible Mario

Just like in past games, Mario and friends can become invicible for a short period of time by grabbing a Super Star. While invicible, you can defeat enemies simply by touching them!

And in multiplayer (local mulitplayer or online play), you can spread invincibility around by touching other players while invicible.

Speaking of Power-Ups, you can store items and use them whenever you want. That way, you can save up a Power-Up and use it in a specific spot, switch between Power-Ups, etc. For example, imagine you come across a POW block located behind a block you cannot break as Fire Mario. Instead of ranting at those unbreakable blocks, you can simply use the Elephant Flower you saved up and switch to Elephant Mario in order to use your trunk and hit the POW block!

And naturally, it’s not just Mario that can use those Power-Ups: all the regular playable characters can (Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette)! Also, just like Mario, the appearance of these characters changes when using a Power-Up. For example, Luigi’s dons light green overalls after grabbing a Bubble Flower, and Toadette’s head turn red with a Fire Flower!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) comes out on October 20th worldwide!

Source: Nintendo


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