Super Mario Bros. Wonder: 3 commercials, 7-Eleven campaign, and Ichiban Kuji lottery in Japan

Players looking forward to play Super Mario Bros. Wonder (the first brand new 2D Mario platformer in over a decade) still have 3 weeks to wait (more or less patiently). But when it comes to advertising the game, Nintendo is certainly not waiting for launch day!

Today, the company revealed not one, but three commercials for the game (and the new Mario Red Edition OLED) in Japan:

Still in Japan, Nintendo has announced a special campaign with 7-Eleven (following the one with Lawson for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom earlier this year). Starting next month, various special offers will be available at the many 7-Eleven stores across Japan.

Here’s the various offers:

  • Starting October 5th, every time you buy 3 snacks from a selection of eligible snacks, you will receive one of 6 key rings (Wonder Flower, Talking Flower, Super Mushroom, Super Star, ? Block, and Fire Flower);
  • Starting October 12th, Mario and Luigi tumblers will be available for purchase at 7-Eleven and Nintendo Tokyo / Osaka (price: 2 959 Yen each). Those will keep your drinks warm and cold, and you won’t have to deal with condensation (making them perfect to use on your desk!);
  • Starting October 16th, Super Mario magnets will be available for purchase at 7-Eleven and Nintendo Tokyo / Osaka (price: 275 Yen each).
  • Until October 29th, if you buy a Download Card for Super Mario Bros. Wonder at 7-Eleven, you will be able to enter a lottery in order to try and win one of 100 Yoshi plushies. You will also get a special bag as bonus, even if you do not enter the lottery!
  • From October 5th to October 25th, Nintendo Account holders will be able to claim exclusive wallpapers via the GPS Check-in feature of the My Nintendo app.

Also, the latest Ichiban Kuji lottery will run from October 13th at 7-Eleven stores and the official Nintendo stores in Tokyo and Osaka. A ticket costs 700 Yen and with it, you can win of the following prizes:

  • A Prize: Wall clock (with sounds). At the top of every hour, a familiar jingle plays (to be precise, the one that plays when you get a Super Star). And since the 12th hour has an illustration of Mario holding onto the flag pole, the course clearing jingle plays when 12 o’clock strikes! Naturally, you can disable the sounds if you like your clocks silent.
  • B Prize: Piggy bank (with sounds). Every time you insert a coin, the piggy bank plays the “coin get” sound effect, as well as the sound effect of entring a pipe.
  • C Prize: Blooper soy sauce dispenser
  • D Prize: Calendar
  • E Prize: ceramic tableware (6 types)
  • F Prize: towels (6 types)
  • G Prize: rubber figures (6 types)
  • “Last One” Prize: Piggy bank (with sounds). Same as B Prize, but with a different design.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) comes out on October 20th worldwide!

Source: Nintendo


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