Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Wonder World Vol. 2: Characters

In the wake of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Nintendo started sharing some more details about the game via a series of “Topics” posts called Wonder World. Most of it is a recap of information shown during the Nintendo Direct, but it does feature some additional details and screenshots.

Vol. 1: click here!
Vol. 2: you’re reading it!

In Vol. 2, the focus is on Mario and the other characters.

This time around, there’s no less than 12 different playable characters (a record for the series):

  • Mario: works as a plumber with his brother, Luigi.
  • Luigi: he’s taller than Mario, despite being his twin brother.
  • Peach: Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She wishes everyone nothing but happiness.
  • Daisy: Princess of Sarasaland. Always cheerful and full of energy.
  • Toad (Yellow): a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. No, they’re not wearing a hat!
  • Toad (Blue): //
  • Toadette: a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. She always sports her trademark pink pigtails.
  • Yoshi (Green): rather laid-back. They carry Mario and co. on their back.
  • Yoshi (Red): //
  • Yoshi (Blue): //
  • Yoshi (Yellow): //
  • Nabbit: a mysterious individual who seems to be gauging Mario and co.

One thing to note about those characters is that Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette all play the same, which means you can just pick up your favourite character without worrying about their abilities! But if you do want to change their abilities, you can do so using Badges. By the way, you don’t have to play the whole game with the same character: you can change between levels if you want.

But Yoshi and Nabbit are different: they do not take damage from enemies or obstacles, making them perfect for players who aren’t too good at action games, and allowing them to enjoy Super Mario Bros. Wonder at their own pace. Also, Yoshi can perform some extra actions such as Flutter Jumps, eating enemies, and more.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the developers went above and beyond when bringing all those characters to life: they now sport a wide variety of facial expressions. You can see them laugh, being surprised, etc.

As for enemies, Super Mario Bros. Wonder features many familiar faces (like Koopas, Goombas, Boos, Lakitus, and more), but also some newcomers. And just like the playable characters, their facial expressions and animations are much more detailed than in past games!

Here’s some of the new enemies you will encounter when exploring the Flower Kingdom:

  • Skedaddler: they love to steal items;
  • Bulrush: they charge at the players in a straight line;
  • Angry (official English name TBC!): they swallow everything with their large, gaping mouth;
  • Hoppycat: they imitate you, the player, and jump when you jump;
  • Oshidashi (official English name TBC!): they use brute force to push players away;
  • Condarts: they launch themselves at the ground at full speed.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) comes out on October 20th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo


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