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Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Switch): Software updates (latest: Crimson Moon update)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Starlink: Battle for Atlas on Nintendo Switch (originally released on October 16th 2018 in Europe and North America, and April 25th 2019 in Japan)

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Crimson Moon

  • Release date: April 30th 2019 (Europe, North America) / May 7th 2019
  • File size: 8.96GB
  • Patch notes:


New World: Crimson Moon
New Faction activities
Paint Jobs
New “Star” difficulty level/Enemy scaling
New Enemy Units
New Mechanics
Weekly Challenges
Fully Re-mappable controls on PC | Hyperdrive/Boost controls swap on consoles
New Pilots, Ships and Weapons
Team Star Fox Missions
Bug Fixes


The Crimson Moon has decloaked in Atlas!
Discover this new location upon the completion of the ship modding tutorial in Act 2.


The Coliseum (Outlaw Faction Story)
Enter the Outlaw arena and face waves of enemies in the Crimson Coliseum! In order to access this activity, you need to complete the ship modding tutorial in Act 2. Visit the Fortune’s Rest outpost on the Crimson Moon and interact with the hologram billboard of Fortune, selecting the “Champion of the Outlaws”.

The Outlaws challenge you to compete in the Crimson Coliseum:
• Brawl mode
• Laserdrome mode
• Champion Battle mode
• Gauntlet mode (not for the faint of heart)

Atlas Most Wanted (Prospector Faction Story)
Hunt down the most wanted Outlaw criminals and claim their bounties by checking in with the Prospectors! This activity is unlocked after completing the “Building Blocks” objective in Act 3. Visit the Fortune’s Rest outpost on the Crimson Moon, interact with the hologram billboard and select “Atlas’s Most Wanted” to unlock Bounty Hunting.

The Forge of Atlas (Expedition Faction Story)
Investigate the secrets of Atlas by solving ancient puzzles and discover the location of the Celestial Anvil in a series of Expedition activities! It unlocks upon completion of the ship modding tutorial in Act 2. Interact with the hologram billboard of the Fortune and select “The Forge of Atlas” to begin the Expedition Story.

Visit the Fortune’s Rest outpost on the Crimson Moon, interact with the hologram billboard and select “Racing” from the “Crimson Moon Missions” to compete against the most dangerous pilots in the star system! Make sure to complete the ship modding tutorial in Act 2 in order to unlock this activity.
There are four racetracks to test your speed and handling:
• Phantasm Chasm
• Paradise
• Wardens’ Pilgrimage
• Foundry of Kings

Customize your starship with paint jobs, obtainable after completing activities in the Crimson Moon update!
Paint jobs can be applied through the Ships Mods screen.
There are over 100 Paint Jobs to collect – can you find them all?

Prepare to face new outlaw enemies! Unlocked in Act 3, these enemies will occasionally spawn from the outlaw turrets at the shipwrecks.
• Wanted Outlaws have escaped imprisonment
• Outlaw Sloop Tanks have been wreaking havoc on the Expedition across Atlas
• Outlaw Battle-Mechs have been destroying Prospector settlements across Atlas

We are introducing a new difficulty level which will display stars instead of the enemy level. Enemies will be scaled according to the equipped pilot’s level.

• Unlock the Grappler to capture Wanted Outlaws
• Decipher Electral energy rifts to learn about the history of Atlas
• Use Shield Ram to knock enemies into next week

• Collect the Outlaw currency Cogs to purchase exclusive items on the Crimson Moon
• Cogs can be acquired by defeating Outlaws and completing Crimson Moon activities
• Collect Trophies by completing activities throughout Atlas
• Trophies can be turned in on the Crimson Moon in exchange for various rewards

Set your best score and compare it with other players with the online Leaderboards! In order to access the Leaderboards, sign in to Ubisoft Club and check the Social Tab in the main menu. You can find the Global and Friends Leaderboards, which are available for races and Crimson Coliseum modes.

Complete a series of weekly challenges and earn a variety of rewards, including time-limited trials of different digital weapons! Make sure to sign in to Ubisoft Club, navigate the Social Tab and accept the three weekly challenges!

One of the most requested features from the Community, we’re pleased to announce you can fully customize controls on PC.
On console, players will be able to swap controls for Boost and Hyperdrive from the options menu.


New Pilots:
– Galla
– Fern
– Rankor
– Haywire
– Startail
– Peppy *Nintendo Switch Exclusive*
– Falco *Nintendo Switch Exclusive*
– Slippy *Nintendo Switch Exclusive*

New Ships:
– Vigilance (Galla’s ship)
– Vantage (Fern’s ship)
– Skullscream (Rankor’s Ship)

New Weapons:
– Jaunt
– Tidal Wave
– Ice Mine
– Fury Cannon
– Volcano MK.2
– Imploder MK.2
– Levitator MK.2
– Nullifier MK.2

Play as Falco, Peppy and Slippy in a series of missions to hunt down Star Wolf’s lieutenants Andrew, Pigma and Leon, after completing the main Star Fox story missions. Go to Fortune’s Rest outpost on the Crimson Moon, interact with the hologram billboard of Fortune and select “A Star Fox Reunion” in order to start!

• [Switch] Fixed Cargo Shuttle wreckage not appearing in game but shown on map.
• [All Consoles] New Imp Hives will spawn even if the player has destroyed all the imp hives at 100% exploration on every planet.
• [All Consoles] Various other bug & crash fixes.

  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Ubisoft

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Holiday Gift

  • Release date: December 21st 2018 (Europe, North America)
  • File size: 2.98GB
  • Patch notes:

• New enemy units
• New fauna and flora
• New electrum sources
• New mission type
• Photo Mode
• Bug fixes

• Imp hives have been beefing up their defenses with Obelisks
• The Legion has deployed a previously unknown unit: the Sentinel & the Gravity Orbs that support them

• Prickle Burrs have been tripping up travelers on Haven
• Snowcatches have been slowing down adventurers on Tundria
• Bile Bombs have been exploding all over the pools of Vylus
• Gloom Gobs have been weighing down unlucky souls on Necrom
• Sandworms have been spotted on Kirite
• Ashworms have been attacking travelers in the pools of Ashar

• Electrum Asteroids have been found in space in the Atlas system
• Spirits of Electrum have been spotted near Electrum veins across Atlas

• Outlaws setup fortifications around Shipwrecks, help the prospectors liberate them

• Photo Mode is here for all of your beauty shots.

• Fixed crash after collecting too many mods
• Fixed player getting stuck inside asteroid when using Hyperdrive near planets Sonatus, Vylus
• Fixed Rock N’ Roll ability not depleting when used to destroy Extractors
• Fixed Infinite Prime Cores being obtainable from a specific location after completing “The Plan Revealed”
• Fixed Electrum Globes having placeholder text when brought back to be sold

  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Ubisoft

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Technical Update

  • Release date: November 20th 2018 (Europe, North America)
  • File size: 1.93GB
  • Patch notes:


• Colorblind Support
• Quality of Life improvements
• Bug Fixes


In order to improve our accessibility features, we are implementing Colorblind modes which will include support for deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, protanomaly, protanopia, tritanomaly and tritanopia.


We are introducing the “already scanned” tags on creatures that have been scanned previously and useful hotlinks to the database that will unlock when a new entry is discovered.



• Fixed an issue where crashed drakes missions reset after completion and fully clearing the planet.
• Fixed an issue where the elemental offence grants Non-Allied Units the use of Elemental Weapons after an Equinox Upgrade.
• Fixed an issue where towable objects acquired from outposts during help missions are disappearing or getting destroyed at various random locations in the game.
• Fixed an issue where Crush Giants are not reacting to player’s actions if the giants are spawned from certain types of Extractor.
• Fixed an issue where gold rush ruins don’t become allied if players destroy all the present enemies using pilot Razor’s fully upgraded ability on any planet.
• Fixed an issue where players are unable to accept the Equinox mission if they complete a delivery side mission to any outposts and then immediately request an Equinox mission.
• Fixed an issue where players are unable to achieve 100% alliance on the planet even after destroying the Prime and building a Starlink tower.
• Fixed an issue where dead extractors damage the player and the core cannot be plucked (even if a button prompt appears).
• Fixed an issue where the objective text displays “Deliver the Core” after delivering the core if the player exits to the title screen when the core is mid-air, after plucking it and then following the story objective.
• Fixed an issue where players get stuck inside wall structures near any warden puzzle on any planet.
• Fixed an issue where Prime deployment countdown is reset if the player exits to the title and reloads into the same save in any Act after Act 3.

User Interface

• Fixed an issue where players are not able to reach 100% planet completion even after discovering every Spire/Ruin/Wreck/Wonder/species/site and gathering every sample.
• Fixed an issue where players are not able to accept any new mission from an outpost and they can only see “Downloading Mission Data”.
• Fixed an issue where the Debug text is displayed when the player builds an Observatory/Workshop/Armory on any planet.
• Fixed an issue where the map marker doesn’t appear on the prime core if the player drops it on any planet while roaming.
• Fixed an issue where Shipwrecks present in space are shown as not looted if players loot a shipwreck and save/reload the same save.
• Fixed an issue where the Mission successful banner does not appear after completing the Equinox mission “Stronghold Strike.”
• Changed the Deflection Armor mod icon to make it more visually distinct.

Technical Issues

• Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash after reconnecting to a network.

  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Ubisoft

How to download updates for Starlink: Battle for Atlas for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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