South Korea: Fortnite and Legendary Fishing rated for Nintendo Switch

Today, a couple of pretty interesting ratings went up on the Game Rating and Administration Committee website in South Korea. They’re for a game that (almost) everyone knows about: Fortnite; and for one that nobody had heard of until today: Legendary Fishing.

In the past few months, there’s been a fair number of rumours and ramblings about Fortnite being headed to the Nintendo Switch, but this rating seals the deal: the game is indeed coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we know for now: it’s not clear when the game will be released, if there will be exclusive content on Nintendo Switch, if there will be cross-play with other platforms, etc.

As for Legendary Fishing, we don’t know anything about it other than it’s a game from Ubisoft. Considering the game is also headed to the PlayStation 4, and will seemingly be revealed at E3, it may not be some random shovelware (like anyone would expect on popular console, like we the Wii and Nintendo DS).

With E3 taking place in less than two weeks, it’s pretty clear that both games are most definitely going to be announced there. Fortnite could very well be featured in Nintendo’s video presentation, while Legendary Fishing should be properly announced and showcased during Ubisoft’s annual press conference.

Source: GRAC / GRAC


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