PokéNews (June 9): Pokémon distro (Japan) / Magikarp Jump / Pokémon merchandise

Today’s Pokémon new: another Pokémon distribution announcement for Japan, but also…

  • Magikarp Jump
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon (anime)
  • Pokémon merchandise
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon (TCG)

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Today, a new Pokémon distribution for Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan was announced. This Summer, the Pokémon Fair 2017 will be held at various Aeon stores across the country, and that’s where the distribution will take place.

Here’s the Pokémon to be distributed there (via serial codes):

  • June 17th to June 25th: Steenee (based on Mallow’s Steenee)
  • June 26th to July 4th: Turtonator (based on Kiawe’s Turtonator)
  • July 5th to July 14th: Alolan Vulprix (based on Lillie’s Alolan Vulpix).

The list of Pokémon distributions for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been updated!

Source: The Pokémon Company
Via: Serebii

Magikarp Jump

Today, a new update for Magikarp Jump was released. You can find the patch notes for this update on this page!

Pokémon Sun and Moon (anime)

Here’s the preview for the next episode of the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series, airing on June 15th in Japan:


Pokémon merchandise

Here’s some pictures of various Pokémon plushies releasing before the end of the month, including several of Pikachu wearing Ash / Satoshi’s cap:

Next, here’s one lone picture of the Red figma, which will be available for pre-order from June 13th:

And here’s pictures of the Lillie x Cosmog figure by Kotobukiya, available for pre-order from June 17th at the Pokémon Center stores across Japan:

Pokémon Sun and Moon – TCG

Here’s the latest commercial for the Pokémon Sun and Moon Trading Card Game in Japan:


Source: Famitsu / The Pokémon Company (1 / 2)


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