Microïds announces 5 games for the Nintendo Switch (Syberia 1 & 2, Blacksad, more)

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was revealed (in October 2016), and especially after the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 (in January), there hasn’t been a week without indie developers and/or publishers announcing games for the platforms, explaining that they really loved it. And it looks like Microïds really, really love the Nintendo Switch, as yesterday, they announced not one, not two… but 5 games at once!

Here’s the details about each one:

Gear.Club (release window: Q4 2017)

Developed by Eden Games, Gear. Club is a racing simulation game where you get to drive the best cars in the world. The game features no less than 30 legendary cars from 20 existing and world-renowned car manufacturers.

But what’s really impressive is the number of races (over 400) and tracks (200 unique tracks). As for multiplayer, the game offers splitscreen mode for League Play, Events, and Unlimited Races, along with online play. The developers promise over 30h of gameplay… not counting the multiplayer!

Blacksad (release window: Q4 2018)

Developed by Pendulo Studios and Ys Interactive, Blacksad is a full 3D adventure-mystery game based on the Blacksad graphic novel series. You get to play as the one and only John Blacksad, a charismatic black cat and private detective.

Here’s what the story is all about:

It’s the early 50s, and corruption, money and fame are poisoning the sports world, in particular boxing. The owner of a boxing club is found dead, and his star boxer, soon to be taking to the ring in an important bout, has disappeared. To solve the case, John Blacksad must once again poke through the seedy entrails of New York City…

Syberia 1 (release window: Q3 2017)

Developed by Koalabs Studio, Syberia 1 is the very first entry in the Syberia trilogy. A logical announcement, since Syberia 3 was announced for the Nintendo Switch several months ago. Now, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to discover the popular adventure game series from the very beginning!

Here’s what the story is all about:

Kate Walker, a young New York attorney, has been sent to Europe to deal with the sale of an old automaton factory tucked away the French Alps. She never once thought that this job, which sounded so straightforward, would change her life forever. Soon she is embarked on a journey to the farthest reaches of Eastern Europe, accompanied by a rather particular automaton named Oscar. Together they discover incredible places, before they finally encounter Hans Voralberg. The genius inventor, who had set forth in search of the last mammoths on the legendary island of Syberia.

Syberia 2 (release window: Q4 2017)

Developed by Koalabs Studio, Syberia 2 is the second entry in the Syberia trilogy. Since Syberia 1 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, it makes sense that Microïds would also bring Syberia 2 to the platform. It will be released several months after the original entry, leading up to the release of Syberia 3 in Q1 2018.

Here’s what the story is all about:

After completing her assignment – getting Hans Voralberg to sign the papers to conclude the sale of the factory – Kate decides to abandon her perfect life in New York to help the old man realize his childhood dream. Kate, the eccentric Hans, and the automaton, Oscar, make for a most unusual team, but together they set off on a brand-new journey. They are in search of the last legendary mammoths of Syberia, in the heart of a forgotten world.

Flashback – Remastered Edition (release window: Q4 2017)

Originally developed by Paul Cuisset and Delphine Software, and released in 1992, Flashback is a legendary action adventure game. For this remaster, Paul Cuisset himself helmed the development process, in order to make sure it stayed faithful to the original.

Here’s what the story is all about, for those of you who never heard of the game before:

The year is 2142. After fleeing a space ship, the eminent scientist Conrad B. Hart awakens, having lost his memory, on Titan, a colonized satellite. His enemies and kidnapers are snapping at his heels and he has to find a way back to Earth to answer the simple question: Who am I?

Finally, here’s a screenshot for each game Microïds is bringing to the Nintendo Switch:

Source: Microïds



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