Nintendo news (June 16) – Paper Mario: The Origami King / Jump Rope Challenge

Today’s Nintendo news: latest set of details and pictures for Paper Mario: The Origami King, but also…

  • Jump Rope Challenge
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Nintendo have shared some new details for Paper Mario: The Origami King, along with a few screenshots:

King Olly has moved Peach’s Castle in his devious plot to fold the world! Luckily, Mario’s ability to wield mighty paper techniques will put a crinkle in those plans. Mario’s journey to untie the massive streamers binding the castle will lead him through vast regions full of surprises. He’ll visit underground sewers, raging rapids, an ancient ruin, a ninja-filled mansion and a lively desert oasis that will quench anyone’s thirst for excitement.

A cast of off-the-wall characters adds an extra dimension to the expedition, too. There’s a Bob-omb who’s lost his memory, the Toad professor of ancient history, and Kamek, the Magikoopa who’s always got something up his sleeve. Mario will find assistance along the way from friends like Olivia, the good-natured sister of King Olly, and even Bowser himself. Some of these unlikely allies might help out in a battle when needed!

Paper Mario: The Origami King delivers new ring-based battles that require strategy and quick thinking to line up enemies and execute well-timed attacks to maximize damage. It’ll take a sharp mind to determine when to stomp enemies with Mario’s boots, when to whack ‘em with a hammer and when to strategically use items to heal or attack.

An audience of cheering Toads are ready to pitch in with a variety of helpful battle aids, just in case Mario starts to fold under pressure. Mario will also face some of his most intimidating foes in showdowns against the Legion of Stationery, bosses themed around stationery like colored pencils, sticky tape and rubber bands. These enemies may look innocent, but take note: They can really supply a challenge, so be sure to take care of business!

When Mario’s not duking it out in the ring, he can investigate suspicious spots to uncover hidden items, toss confetti to repair holes in the landscape, discover loads of Toads hiding in the scenery, play mini-games to earn in-game rewards, and revel in an abundance of secrets and treasures.

Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) comes out on July 17th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo PR

Jump Rope Challenge

These past few weeks/months, it’s been fairly hard for people to exercise, due to the many “stay at home” orders issues in countries around the world. To encourage people to take exercise breaks at home, a small group of Nitnendo developers went and developed a small game called Jump Rope Challenge.

Here’s some details and some screenshots:

Take an active break in your day with Jump Rope Challenge, free for Nintendo Switch! Hold both Joy-Con controllers in your hands and jump while moving your arms, as if you’re exercising with a skipping rope! The on-screen rabbit will reflect your movements, allowing your jumps to be counted, and you can also record how many times you’ve jumped each day. By moving your hands and jumping at the right time, your score will increase.

A daily total of 100 jumps is the goal – and that’s where the ‘challenge’ part comes in, as each player’s scores can be saved and challenged again and again. You can also pass a Joy-Con to someone else and jump together, where the total score counts both players’ successful jumps!

If you’re concerned about making too much noise, simply just bending your knees or moving your arms are also available ways to jump rope and get your body moving.

The best part? The game is available for free (check out this page for download links), though only until September 30th.

Source: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Here’s the livestream recordings for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – NA Online Open May 2020:

Fire Emblem Heroes

Here’s some character artworks for the latest Summoning Focus in Fire Emblem Heroes, Summer Passing, which goes live on June 18th:

And here’s the latest videos for the game, including the preview video for Summer Passing, and the latest FEH Channel video presentation:

Source: 4Gamer

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Here’s the preview video for the latest Fortune Cookie and set of related Stamp Trade rewards in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Butch’s candlelit cookie, now available until September 14th:


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