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Japan: screenshots for upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games

In this post, you will find screenshots for several Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games coming soon to Japan. This time around, there’s quite a few games, on both platforms (though the only retail title is for the Nintendo 3DS, unsurprisingly).

Wii U (Nintendo eShop)

  • Ittle Dew no Densetsu: Ushinawareta Reta Shima to Nazo no Shiro (Rainy Frog): 800 Yen – October 14th

  • Minna de Uchuu Tour Charisou DX 2 / Bike Rider DX 2 (Spicesoft): 980 Yen (490 Yen until October 25th) – October 14th

Nintendo 3DS

  • PriPara: Mezase! Idol Grand Prix No. 1! (Takara Tomy Arts): 5 832 Yen (retail) / 5 292 Yen (eShop) – October 22nd

Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo eShop)

  • Elminage Ibun: Ame no Mihashira Kai (Mobius): 1 500 Yen – October 14th

  • Elminage Gothic 3D Remix: Urumu Zakiiru to Yami no Gishiki (Mobius): 2 500 Yen – October 14th

  • Dragon Ball (Colour) – Majin Buu Arc (Book 1 to 7) (Librica): 3 500 Yen – October 14th
  • To LOVEru – Trouble (Colour) (Book 1 to 9) (Librica): 4 500 Yen – October 14th
  • To LOVEru – Trouble (Colour) (Book 10 to 18) (Librica): 4 500 Yen – October 14th

Source: Nintendo (Wii U / Nintendo 3DS)


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